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[02:23] <warweasle> yung miner ko is xmr-stak
[02:24] <warweasle> sorry script :)
[02:53] <xoxys> zamza: Potato
[02:53] <xoxys> dyamon: do you find long text files tax your computer or vim?
[02:53] <xoxys> nimar: that doesnt appear to be what actually happens
[11:55] <stevepdp> Afaik it stands for on the go
[11:55] <stevepdp> Corvus`: huh funny, 120Ah battery, 10A charger, it's full in /exactly/ 12 hours
[11:55] <stevepdp> hahainternet: i'm jut considering a board to connect lithium packs togeter: https://i.imgur.com/nPofs5q.png
[16:14] <Guest16026> i tried pid but it somehow is not working
[16:14] <Guest16026> you will require certs also to provide for tls
[16:14] <Guest16026> i'm thinking about creating a new, UWC cross-platform ffmpeg GUI that is easy to maintain when new features are being added.
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