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[00:54] <bablux> And I like good quality graphics :P
[00:55] <bablux> I noticed this line whilst reading the sudo source code: (void) tzset(); What would be the purpose of casting the return value of a function you're not using either way?
[00:55] <bablux> ok, dno :P i suggested it about 20 minutes ago
[00:55] <bablux> ikr... at least a chance to keep it up when something breaks i guess
[00:55] <bablux> after 12…
[00:59] <Thomas_oO> msg_private_query = {privmsgnick $[-9]0}$2
[00:59] <Thomas_oO> and the kumbaya community spirit, just ask ikonia ;) im very popular in the ubuntu namespace
[00:59] <Thomas_oO> step on your ball with a high-heel?
[00:59] <Thomas_oO> kmc: the really expensive Starretts.
[01:26] <badone> you can most likely correlate subjective measures of beauty with lots of criteria
[01:26] <badone> geekosaur: anybody "f**ked them up"?
[01:26] <badone> [@jasongreen] ↩️ https://indieweb.org It diverges from the usual DOOO when you set up web sign in (https://indieweb.org/How_to_set_up_web_sign-in_on_your_own_domain) See also https://www.boffosocko.com/2017/07/28/an-introduction-to-the-indieweb/ (Chris Aldrich) or http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2014/04/25/indiewebcamps_create_tools_for_a_new_internet.html (Dan Gillmor) (http://twtr.io/1iSMRkvNrwo)
[01:26] <badone> er wait I am also confused
[01:26] <badone> or is it better to install Windows first and then linux?
[02:56] <itchy> I just need to match this -asdf/
[02:56] <itchy> i'm now working on conversejs theme (still in mockup phase)
[02:56] <itchy> i have gl matrix enabled
[05:26] <ir8> like you know, banana peels and used condoms etc
[05:26] <ir8> x1bncwn: Oh noes, it doesn't adhere to a "published standard" that hasn't been around as long as it has
[05:26] <ir8> data Foo a f = Foo (f a)
[05:26] <ir8> you're welcome, but it's odd how american your english is
[05:32] <Bronsa> i'll be back with the results
[05:33] <Bronsa> peerce: it is data aggregation; not a B2C business
[08:04] <josef__k> but really, "collection", "family", and "set" are all the same
[08:05] <josef__k> timemage: someone anonymous sent one to our hackerspace
[08:05] <josef__k> hi guys, Im going to set up obs-studio, recording and broadcasting video, but I have a small problem, I have to turn the camera upside down, so I have to rotate the video somehow. The driver is uvcvideo it seems. Any good advice?
[08:05] <josef__k> farruinn, cool thanks
[08:05] <josef__k> [R]: ok google here i come
[08:17] <Guest58633> you need to do one of those two things really - you don't want to have to open ports on two routers
[08:17] <Guest58633> there's a lot that can go wrong trying to low level clone drives
[08:18] <Guest58633> sulfuric acid would do a lot more damange than HF
[11:03] <slackie> maybe they're migrating the downloads.arduino.cc data and its not done yet
[11:03] <slackie> it's a little confusing the first time you see it.
[11:04] <slackie> JacobTDC: unaffiliated, I assume?
[11:04] <slackie> did you fellers look at my complete solution?
[16:52] <Jarnomus> 7568.68
[16:53] <Jarnomus> poverty slam
[16:53] <Jarnomus> well, freebsd is not exactly a desktop thing
[18:11] <dutow> certainly it does
[18:11] <dutow> Is there a way to tell if its lead paint?
[18:11] <dutow> pragmaticenigma, leftyfb , any fix?
[20:54] <Guest24312> ducasse: delay startup
[20:54] <Guest24312> rmbeer: pero disculparte te honra, eso está bien
[20:58] <Etilas_> harisamin: 2Q is a good option, EDB is really more "their product" and as peerce said, PgExperts, CommandPrompt, ProPaas, OmniTI
[20:58] <Etilas_> quetzal2: It's very strange because almost all of the options for bar.buflist and bar.vi_cmd are exactly the same for me.
[20:58] <Etilas_> so for example, being meta2-19~
[20:58] <Etilas_> macjack: i.e. http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-arm64/current/images/netboot/ or http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/bionic/main/installer-armhf/current/images/
[20:58] <Etilas_> right after i asked the question
[20:58] <Etilas_> right, I get this much
[22:10] <burp_> i will pass thx
[22:10] <burp_> g0: which video?
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