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[06:25] <Kkiro> guiverc no erros there
[06:25] <Kkiro> ok i misunderstood
[06:26] <Kkiro> how do you connect via ssl and what are the benefics?
[11:48] <l4m8d4> zgrep HFS /proc/config.gz or similar
[11:49] <l4m8d4> if it's a container containing const Ts, then const T
[11:49] <l4m8d4> lingeeal: In fact, the -> in lambda's isn't even an operator, since it's a syntax error without
[15:32] <ljarvis> same with fedora
[15:33] <ljarvis> Windows XP...? -facepalms-
[15:33] <ljarvis> Your root commit, Initial commit: is empty f1d5883dd53c2551578ab35864a4cc64c5609dcd
[15:33] <ljarvis> even on the streets of san francisco
[17:05] <hatp> Ubuntu keeps crashing when I run software update. Is there another way to upgrade from 17.04=>18.10?
[17:05] <hatp> Eightynine: You did not.
[17:05] <hatp> I installed this modem just so I wouldn't have to carry a phone around
[17:05] <hatp> a rew drops of methyl akahaul warms the bodu
[17:05] <hatp> Edane: the circuit breaker; GFI outlets operate on 5 mA and this couldn't be a ground fault circuit because it only has two wires
[18:56] <iter> i wonder what the longest chain of md5 hashes is all alphanumeric
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