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[01:16] <OGFBi> ok i now i started seriously messing things up
[01:21] <reb0rnIp> In my experience, depends on the project really. But It kind of makes sense to the documentation to update in the same commit that changed the behaviour. But again, your mileage may vary.
[02:36] <SatinZW> phogg: but I did not, I'm too newbish for that:) I just started learning those things :)
[02:36] <SatinZW> tar czvf file.tar.gz -C /directory original-file
[02:36] <SatinZW> i haven't seen it in a channel, just query
[03:34] <Guest929> regdude, any tool to do so?
[03:34] <Guest929> ah thanks, i see that now
[03:34] <Guest929> good luck with those
[03:35] <Guest929> that hostmask is a dead giveaway -_-
[07:22] <cryptokid> my_mind: ffmpeg
[07:44] <yamboLg> t4mbo: I hope you do go to jail.
[07:44] <yamboLg> pricing sucks though
[07:44] <yamboLg> ah okay through sshfs
[07:49] <StianLgL> light: https://clbin.com/cW0MR
[08:22] <gmcharlteb> I find that I got my most brilliant ideas (lol) while on breaks :P
[08:22] <gmcharlteb> The following packages have been kept back:
[08:22] <gmcharlteb> I suppose you want me to repeat the above process for the 101 entry?
[08:22] <gmcharlteb> not sure if it is 2 or 3 though
[08:22] <gmcharlteb> i wonder if yum does that for you
[09:09] <yeti1> they eat everything
[09:09] <yeti1> J9, but I feel there's also less bullshit laws.
[09:09] <yeti1> deop e
[09:09] <yeti1> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PUiQ-OJLtM&t=15
[09:09] <yeti1> mindjuju12: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[09:37] <ricardoamaroXw> If you just stick to a simple type you won't have to jump through these hoops
[09:37] <ricardoamaroXw> so that is not "basic" enough?
[09:37] <ricardoamaroXw> il2cpp doesn't compile to dalvik, btw
[10:54] <WiseNooblz> rypervenche: In low-unemployment conditions, they'll ignore pretty much everyone without at least one cert
[11:22] <gendldL> it does matter
[11:23] <gendldL> uppercase are buffer-specific, so you can use them to jump between files
[11:23] <gendldL> gunnarx: :h 'formatoptions'
[13:28] <spikebikeqh> .seen pig
[13:28] <spikebikeqh> c_wraith: any ideas? something I can poke at?
[15:04] <ebol4ay> and https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/io/manip/ws text will mean either the site is wrong or clang + vs have an issue
[15:04] <ebol4ay> i'm adding the top and bottom card together mod 27 (black 1-13, red 14-26, jokers 0)
[15:04] <ebol4ay> "these boys are trapped in a dark cave, I know! let's lock them in a steel tank for 8 hours to rescue them!"
[15:41] <lhunath_ig> Yeah anytime
[15:41] <lhunath_ig> I guess you have to think of it not as lying, but telling the truth in the most flattering way
[15:41] <lhunath_ig> 14:04 < Jan-> _abc_: brabap? ::: noise made by GSM cell tower signals and GSM phones in audio gear
[15:41] <lhunath_ig> very funny if you're in a network where a lot of ESPs are doing OTA , your arduino ide will show a whole bunch of IPs in 'ports'
[15:42] <lhunath_ig> jim: the ideal editor would show exactly what you're thinking on the screen
[18:36] <noexcepttB> I get a good 20+ chips out of a 1.5g tube of IC7
[18:36] <noexcepttB> 0.299999999999999988897769753748
[19:23] <Connorhd> locustlord, well the general thing is to see who's opped on #freenode, and ping them
[22:25] <hero100> Foxfir3: why not just remove the exec?
[22:25] <hero100> Blondie101010: Again, I am open to suggestions
[22:25] <hero100> your and idiot.
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