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[00:14] <redfish64QF> jim, i was continuing a running joke
[00:34] <AdrianTPCk> 254 source lines (says `sloc`)
[01:55] <corelaxXX> lemonade`: Update everything all the time instead of spending the time to make a sane original... Be it software for your car, phone, computer or standard or interface.
[01:55] <corelaxXX> R is some type of set A|B where A is the is the set of all possible cuts?
[01:55] <corelaxXX> 333
[02:39] <jrgilmanwV> do what to 7 segment displays?
[02:56] <KassandryyQ> its not that i dont want to hear....my point is i can still be concerned, have a smart phone and have a little bit of privacy or hope of having it. Maarten
[02:56] <KassandryyQ> cars will have modules called "convenience" (locking etc) and "comfort" (windows etc)
[03:37] <AliciaCCG> the cisco licensing portal changed in the last year since i had to use it next so i don't really know what buttons to click on
[03:37] <AliciaCCG> asymptotically I read it, do you think Russia is that really incompetent at the spy game? Orrr did they want to get caught?
[03:37] <AliciaCCG> I'm trying to play a ridiculous midi (black midi) and at some heavy parts I'm missing maybe 99.99% of the notes
[03:37] <AliciaCCG> Padawan-, also it matters what kind of symmetry you are asking for y-axis or origin
[03:37] <AliciaCCG> photorec is for what the name says, photos movies videos, for worksation programs games, lost of unique extensions fileformats it's just not going to do much
[05:15] <martin1_dC> tgeeky, so laying aside that that's super close, is your dielectric coefficient off, or your resistance measurement? 8)
[06:01] <hindrikto> I did the same, but not everything was on sunsite, so started using pkgsrc
[06:02] <hindrikto> synx508: the transformer is encased in a metal shield, the entire supply is encased in a grounded copper box
[06:02] <hindrikto> It is! At least when you have stuff you actually want to try out.
[06:51] <sandGorgon> Thermocouple?
[08:07] <GNUtoo> or just logical on the same ssd
[08:11] <dqx> if you have an infinite stream of digits, then it can be mapped to an equivalent in value computable real in a proper representation
[09:31] <Smasher816UC> c50a326: for a counter s would be the Int of the counter
[11:38] <holsta> OnTheC1ock: That's unfortunate. But you don't need such vulgarity to express that.
[11:57] <pi-Eh> 1GB is nuts though
[12:34] <brianxQR> jsubl2 + rfm: yes, that works perfectly! thank you very much!
[12:34] <brianxQR> I'm writing a bunch of numbers out in binary, but I still want to save spaces that separate them as well as newlines. Is that a nonsensical thing to do? would it be better to just write it out in text mode?
[12:34] <brianxQR> Adolf fact 8: Hitler also liked black people
[12:34] <brianxQR> technically correct: the best kind of correct
[13:06] <jonasschnelliyF> nunllk: does the exercise specify these functions or is this just how YOU planned things out for yourself?
[13:07] <jonasschnelliyF> no the make also calls another build script
[13:32] <mkb|sdlD> Croves: So we have y = 10^100 as you said. Now you want a number x such that y^x = 2.
[13:32] <mkb|sdlD> no its shut the fuck up and read the manual.
[13:39] <r_hectorGo> Check to be sure
[13:40] <r_hectorGo> maybe Marco is just bad at app design
[13:40] <r_hectorGo> https://lpaste.net/3771118132135985152
[13:40] <r_hectorGo> I've been in situations where people really should have been to the ER, a guy who'd had brian surgery and had serious seizures, and he refused to go because of what it'd cost.
[13:42] <webframpHa> what does this pattern provide?
[13:42] <webframpHa> I feel like the battery in my laptop was crap at very beginning.
[13:42] <webframpHa> thats why i'm saying, you want a coop, and you would like us to maintain it. sure thing. no problem. but you need to draft proposals etc and get people involve.
[13:42] <webframpHa> pragmaticenigma: what you are referring to?
[13:42] <webframpHa> phogg: well the site title doesn't anymore
[13:42] <webframpHa> when we see its the latest, we will continue
[15:42] <jmarion> put a UPS in front of your gear...much better protection
[16:17] <WPBot872> chip not ship
[16:18] <WPBot872> Wtf are you talking about
[16:18] <WPBot872> But both of those options have complications it seems.
[16:18] <WPBot872> i'm not using gdm, but i'd bet it has logs as well
[16:18] <WPBot872> madLyfe: also please dont cross post here and ##Linux, it takes 'too many chefs' to a whole new level :)
[16:22] <root_____HK> if you want pm me what did you follow to end up there, and better try your luck in #Symphony and not in #nginx channel ;p
[16:33] <fraenkikL> super + space didn't work
[16:33] <fraenkikL> that video would be shown around the world up and down...
[16:57] <phageqB> [9106162675347844341,-5782012937088350469,3531325756418318423,-5618565702727...
[17:18] <jayjo_> I'll probably just end up making a toggle to turn of syntax and current line highlighting like someone suggested
[17:21] <joastxP> i dont dislike xher for being trans, or because they're fat n ugly
[17:21] <joastxP> i have my doubts but ok
[17:41] <Snuupyhy> it'd actually be quite hard to tell if it were encrypted, chunked, and inserted into whole collections
[17:41] <Snuupyhy> I don't use cussing out a customer as an example, because that is entirely different
[17:41] <Snuupyhy> /input jump_previously_visited_buffer
[17:42] <Snuupyhy> Silly question, is it possible for a location, say /boop/ to only match /boop/? and it's /boop/ only to not do anything?
[17:42] <Snuupyhy> Kamilion: I love the language. But so many of those people are in the mindset of "We're awaiting the revolution where Windows and all other popular software will be rewritten in Common Lisp"
[17:42] <Snuupyhy> Hi, how can you specify --with-* options with an input file instead of running ./configure --with-* ?
[18:24] <suppahsrvqQ> ⅿouᥒtaiᥒs ɑrе not dⲟing Allɑh ⅰs dⲟіng
[18:47] <Loki42Jw> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/oAnh3PkX/gucci.png
[21:42] <k_j> also is it UB when I call std::exit from a construtor from an obect of static duration?
[21:42] <k_j> this is hard :/
[21:55] <VigdisnZ> i got my rpi3 working with bluetooth at last i installed the OS to a usb instead of a sdcard
[21:56] <VigdisnZ> TJ-: so you suspect a recovery boot would work? did you see https://i.imgur.com/15dbx8h.jpg ?
[22:03] <aseidlDe> Thanks everyone for the help
[22:58] <mojo_xqb> humans are like insects
[23:13] <TeneCK> The expanded synonyms only show up in error messages iirc
[23:13] <TeneCK> i'm a grown man; they made me cry
[23:14] <TeneCK> if i have two docs open in kate and do split view(vertical) shouldnt it give me one doc in each pane? for me its duplicating one doc twice..
[23:14] <TeneCK> not lately though because well.."Linux 4.14.65-gentoo x86_64"
[23:14] <TeneCK> Nek: IRC, summer, sunday - needs some patience ;)
[23:42] <marroldZR> sweet jesus
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