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[01:50] <jinblack-> yeah if it's an older seagate it's probably toast
[01:51] <jinblack-> nai, Then what would you suggest?
[01:54] <pico0> darkmeson: yup
[01:54] <pico0> you have a different nic
[01:54] <pico0> now characterize their equality and invent the projective line
[01:54] <pico0> until the scripting in the OS and pyobjc libs are ported to 3
[01:54] <pico0> mandatory access control
[01:57] <n0p[cc]_> it doesn't have to be better
[01:58] <n0p[cc]_> Psi-Jack, where should my shred parameter in your call command? inside the brackets or before them?
[01:58] <n0p[cc]_> bipul, what are you looking for?
[02:41] <dmaphy13> In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!
[02:41] <dmaphy13> I see one cause of problems: some commits don't have the right parent when I log tings with -x 'git --no-pager log -n1 --format="%h %p %d %s"'
[02:41] <dmaphy13> Impeach Trump! Heh
[04:27] <Elec_A> Psi-Jack, also look into "preseeding" for that
[04:27] <Elec_A> jim, not I am trying to shrink the extended partition?
[04:28] <Elec_A> pastebinit <( dmesg | tail -n 50 )
[04:28] <Elec_A> who would of thought. better input = better output
[04:28] <Elec_A> change it to $HOME
[07:30] <mbriza21> let's start over. what is the question?
[07:30] <mbriza21> You can also run multiple versions of php as needed for portability and upgrade paths.
[07:47] <Caspan|Vacation> whats freenode-connect?
[07:47] <Caspan|Vacation> the weird thing is we sorta use both, but they don't teach us imperial at all
[07:47] <Caspan|Vacation> madnight: newtype is somewhat different in how you use it.
[07:48] <Caspan|Vacation> I've been doing some informal reviews too in other open review requests; these are listed in the link above
[07:48] <Caspan|Vacation> it's been more or less unmaintained other than the bare minimum to use new apis for years
[08:08] <tarelovma4> indeed, and we're free to boot concern trolls from #archlinux
[08:08] <tarelovma4> wouldn't it be better if there are very few distros that are bettered rigorously and replace windows entirely?
[08:08] <tarelovma4> are there free dns servers online?
[08:39] <addshore5> be briefly flattered that you were worth their time
[08:39] <addshore5> winsoff: The MacBook Pro 2013's "Display Assembly" is a sealed unit, everything from the hinges upwards is a single part.
[08:39] <addshore5> i know with older laptops they would show up from time to time in the refurb store
[08:39] <addshore5> ringting: your registrations look very much like spambot registrations, so they are blocked by our anti-spam measures
[08:39] <addshore5> lopid didn't get it right either, so I dunno
[08:49] <GraNNy-_> and these sets are open in R, but are not "balls"
[08:49] <GraNNy-_> krabador sorry that's not complete, it needs to be appended to your current config
[08:49] <GraNNy-_> i only see the error message pic
[09:08] <youtah> what is a parameter in this context?
[09:08] <youtah> thats the service file that is started by dbus, but isnt a systemd style dbus service file, so systemd is unaware of it & it cant be stop disable masked
[09:21] <jonasschnelliAM> geordi: struct T { T(int X, int Y):x(X), y(Y) {} int x; int y;}; std::map m = {{1, {4, 5} }};
[09:21] <jonasschnelliAM> its possible this way. but faster for example for boolean options is alt+space
[09:21] <jonasschnelliAM> so how can the list be constructed?
[09:21] <jonasschnelliAM> ctags works well for you all? I work on a huge node app.... it doesn't seem to be able to index the whole thing
[09:21] <jonasschnelliAM> yeah, try moving the chip to the other socket and leave the other one unpopulated if you haven't tried already
[10:02] <epicmv> hstl: I don't know exactly how your disk encryption works, but normally, a few copies of the superblock are stored
[10:02] <epicmv> ash_worksi: run 'stat' against it
[10:02] <epicmv> _ikke_, we are closing.. i got about 5 mins before i get kicked out, can we pick this up tomorrow ? (thanks for the help =)
[10:03] <epicmv> I think animals are way smarter than we usually think, they just dont care and stay in an animalistic zen because it's .. eco-friendly
[10:13] <Al_lACG> How you got me.
[10:13] <Al_lACG> # echo foo > bar; wc -l bar; wc -l < bar
[10:14] <Al_lACG> also the UBlock Origin for Safari project seems kinda abandoned on GitHub
[10:24] <joe_zyd> not augmenting
[10:24] <joe_zyd> One difference I edit some commit. e.g. 'e 2342343'
[13:17] <subsignal> SoniEx2: The passphrase isn't stored, it's used to decrypt something which by its nature is random.
[13:18] <subsignal> that is a consumer side
[13:18] <subsignal> kmc, idk
[13:18] <subsignal> over 100% may be too much for your headphones
[13:18] <subsignal> ...no
[13:18] <subsignal> In the early apple intel years, all the PC manufacturers were still using old-style 5150-compatible phoenix bioses
[13:37] <halbbaldaDP> but the consequence is the same
[13:37] <halbbaldaDP> mapping , too is a very bad idea
[13:37] <halbbaldaDP> maybe augeas?
[13:37] <halbbaldaDP> fromBeyond: No worries man
[14:54] <agopieB> plum, you can edit topic and topic_empty in your config and add $C to them to add the channel name
[14:54] <agopieB> did something happen to minexmr website?
[14:54] <agopieB> It just does not exist to vim
[14:54] <agopieB> Monero price in USD = $108.05
[14:55] <agopieB> fpat: naturally it's possible, but not until you get inside the system?
[15:54] <[DJ-DUST]> how do i read it?
[15:54] <[DJ-DUST]> Bazman, how did you do the usb pendrive ? with what software ?
[15:54] <[DJ-DUST]> mattchewie: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[15:54] <[DJ-DUST]> then again, you guys already have a github mirror...
[15:54] <[DJ-DUST]> used in things like docker, for instance
[15:56] <av6ar> eh I like stickers in telegram tbh, there's some great packs out there
[15:56] <av6ar> I upgraded to a 2400 Baud modem from one that did 1200/75
[15:57] <av6ar> It had access to a directory called 0.x which was its’ version of master and which only had commits corresponding to production releases
[15:57] <av6ar> Simonious: that's syslog and kern.log/dmesg. There may be a hardware/firmware problem - I suspect the link dropped
[16:41] <nytGk> *I became
[16:41] <nytGk> it's just the size in bytes of each type
[16:41] <nytGk> _rc: but i want to have my hiera for addin the data to the class
[16:42] <nytGk> you work too hard bomb-on
[16:52] <dminuoso> achillion: i'm just discussing.... But at first i just wanted to know if there is some KDE IM in development
[16:52] <dminuoso> maerwald: Probably true. I like hindent, though./
[16:52] <dminuoso> cga haxor screen
[16:52] <dminuoso> few yeah, everywhere
[16:53] <dminuoso> "unix _is_ friendly, it's just picky about it's friends"
[16:53] <dminuoso> Half-Shot: thanks
[17:03] <AebianUF> # bar='0] + baz[0' foo=(2) baz=(3); echo "$(( foo['$bar'] ))"
[17:03] <AebianUF> I bet the primary frequency would be.
[17:03] <AebianUF> KDE, MATE, XFCE...
[17:03] <AebianUF> It's more about the clipboard.
[17:03] <AebianUF> so then you're left with setting some flag when you find something, and do nothing when you're called and the flag is set
[17:03] <AebianUF> aclaivi: you'd have to write a tiny script for it
[17:46] <rom1504cU> error: passing ‘const TAtomic’ as ‘this’ argument of ‘void TAtomic::setOutPorts(int)’ discards qualifiers [-fpermissive]
[17:46] <rom1504cU> They ARE NOT PERMANENTLY JOINED.
[18:23] <Bico_Fino_> and then go harass liberals on the interweb
[18:23] <Bico_Fino_> it just comes with the format
[18:23] <Bico_Fino_> I'm not passing -lQt5Svg indeed
[18:23] <Bico_Fino_> ive installed linimobiledevices and gtp mps
[18:23] <Bico_Fino_> Dagmar: derp, there is a "server min protocol" and "server max protocol". thanks!
[18:23] <Bico_Fino_> so "should I upgrade to ubuntu 18.04.1"
[18:51] <mwilsonuT> "Hi, hope you are all OK. We are a Japanese news agency. Did you take this video? If so, could we use it in media orgs?" now even the japanese went "wtf happend last night in Sweden!?"
[18:51] <mwilsonuT> darkmeson, theres a giant cave in vietnam
[19:08] <CaiusqR> glacial: not really, morpion is the french translation of tic tac toc ;)
[19:08] <CaiusqR> regedit: if no ones' available to help with this, you can search launchpad.net for a bug report, or file a new one using "ubuntu-bug"
[19:11] <sshifflett> So why are you syncing to it?
[19:11] <sshifflett> well you'd think so, but it tends to delay the problem
[19:11] <sshifflett> (I used 'f')
[19:11] <sshifflett> han-solo: if your issue is with ext journaling did you ran fsck?
[19:11] <sshifflett> yeah `printf` vs `print -f` doesn't really matter to me, no difference
[19:51] <robawtwP> TJ-, no?
[19:51] <robawtwP> that only hands would satisfy!
[21:16] <timsen> I mean, it's the same mechanism
[21:16] <timsen> I don't really want to scroll, you see?
[21:16] <timsen> okay, so you can use the irc_color_decode_ansi modifier for going from ANSI->weechat, it seems
[21:16] <timsen> He probably is making additional assumptions, but he stated nothing of the sort.
[21:53] <eyemiruDf> thanks yous
[21:54] <eyemiruDf> Whoa, don't think I've seen stream.indieweb.org before
[21:54] <eyemiruDf> +cpu sucking vampire
[21:54] <eyemiruDf> https://github.com/pallets/click/blob/master/click/_winconsole.py#L164
[21:54] <eyemiruDf> as long as it can scrape them regularly, it's fine
[21:54] <eyemiruDf> platvoeten: probably you want "read -e" ?
[22:17] <almack> yeah, basically. a little bit each day, but i also worked on other things, too
[22:26] <ferossQe> I got the basics down but this is getting over my head
[22:26] <ferossQe> and do i have to remove tlp or associated pakcages
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