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[01:54] <balli1> d/2 d/2
[01:55] <balli1> dunno how they do it
[02:02] <Chaser24> Gurkenglas: IORef a -> (a -> a) -> IO ()
[02:03] <Chaser24> btrfs fstab compress= for 100% hdd need only for / or and /home, /boot. / btrfs compress= ,defaults,subvol=@ 0 1
[02:03] <Chaser24> I don't know enough to compare cyrus and dovecot
[02:03] <Chaser24> MrElendig: the problem is the result of grep
[02:03] <Chaser24> in the way its being used, p :: Constraint. does that help?
[02:59] <enyc9> fujiwarat: now it all works; thanks again
[02:59] <enyc9> Gnome 3
[03:00] <enyc9> prsstnt: by oracle, I mean, do you have some way to check that the plaintext that you get from decryption is correct?
[03:22] <kirua> bbugyi201: so with ddg, you have to look through more pages sometimes
[03:22] <kirua> what I really really want to do is to be able to "sort" all my windows per server -> per name (without taking '#' or '##' in consideration)
[03:22] <kirua> pokmo: right, they don't do shit for brownout
[03:23] <kirua> floren, `/msg chanserv access #nginx list` will give you a list of people with special access to the channel, speak to someone who has "o" for operator in their flag list
[03:23] <kirua> don't see a need to
[03:23] <magnuse1> diverdude, opening serial at 115200, nothing but printing an incrementing number with println.
[03:23] <magnuse1> yes if its a .txt file
[03:24] <magnuse1> 2 layer like 15x25cm
[03:24] <magnuse1> In fact it would probably make the thing useless since it relies on the vibration to generate the "randomness"
[03:30] <tehlarsie19> and in fact the whole reason we use NAT is because that's how we *want* things to work, but we don't have enough v4 addresses to do it
[03:30] <tehlarsie19> not using an OpenVZ environment is the best solutoin
[03:30] <tehlarsie19> unyu: good luck going down the rabbit hole
[03:32] <LoneTech18> you can take any cheap shortwave radio, tune a wwvb signal and feed the audio into a soundcard
[03:32] <LoneTech18> depends on what is in $foo.
[03:32] <LoneTech18> nacc: i also need to sync?
[07:02] <musti7> And I've owned bitcoin since close to the beginning. I am not saying I have a lot though
[07:02] <musti7> pics or it didn't happen
[07:03] <musti7> beyond being hard it is boring and largely annoying too
[07:04] <jdlee20> OnkelTem: i think you may need to use pavucontrol (or similar) to select which device is being recorded
[07:04] <jdlee20> gdibass: Is this a recent install of Ubuntu... or one that you have had going for awhile?
[07:04] <jdlee20> huh i dunno actually
[07:04] <jdlee20> triceratux, all I'm asking is that IS THERE a workaround that will let me run anbox on 32bit opensuse?
[07:05] <jannic> [429498.425128] F2FS-fs (loop0): Found nat_bits in checkpoint
[07:05] <jannic> wa
[07:06] <jannic> I have an Ext4 1TB portable drive
[07:58] <ynyounuo-> for some reason gparted is not allowing me to do that
[07:58] <ynyounuo-> Which is OK because I know they're already included in b2 even though git can't figure that out any more?
[08:45] <Guest37393> Milesy: would it hurt to also post the source
[08:45] <Guest37393> So yes, I'd wonder how they got that too. Or wonder if it's actually the answer to a different problem.
[08:45] <Guest37393> crick_: I don't think "its because we cannot extract the a value out" is a good explanation of why.
[08:45] <Guest37393> yeah, i'm going for the big one
[08:46] <interface> and this wasn't my architecture, so what can I say
[08:46] <interface> you can think of it as
[08:46] <interface> bls, ho.. oh i guess it a PCMCIA card
[08:46] <interface> zenix_2k2: read the PCI-DSS standard. Updates, network segmentation, authentication procedures, 2FA, not retaining data you shouldn't be retaining, etc.
[08:46] <interface> will you die?
[09:36] <TecnoBrat21> he paid in xmr?
[09:36] <TecnoBrat21> 27 years
[09:38] <davor26> there is a difference between "renaming master/slave because words are scary", and there is "I might suck at dealing with people." Learning about interpersonal skills is not just a meme, and it takes a big person to understand their own shortcomings.
[09:38] <davor26> pretty nifty. I'd love to get my own robot arm, but the half-descent ones are like $1000
[09:38] <davor26> Psi-Jack: im use what im use, and i search help with that
[09:45] <orrc15> ^ link above, mov is turing complete :P
[09:46] <orrc15> heisenberg: "it works" is reserved for things which are well tested.... like some minutes, hours, with a lot of data ;)
[09:46] <orrc15> ??repmgr
[09:46] <orrc15> sdfijsdjfiajfisdf
[09:46] <orrc15> wut, why globalfoundries stopping 7nm production?
[10:01] <PtitGNU1> /sbin/iptables -I INPUT [small number] -p udp -m multiport --dports 67,68 -m multiport --sports 67,68 -s ![good server IP address] -j DROP
[10:01] <PtitGNU1> moving them to a less deep path is not actualy required, but probably makes the "copy to dom0" step less painful.
[10:01] <PtitGNU1> mhm =)
[10:28] <lluchs4> so i've got this strange issue and i'm looking for advice on how to debug it
[10:28] <lluchs4> phogg, Ubuntu ?
[10:28] <lluchs4> vedranm are you talking about the latest kernel? I haven't rebooted yet and I'm on a ryzen system
[10:28] <lluchs4> pragmaticenigma: No
[10:28] <lluchs4> s/me//
[11:51] <woffs9> 59 seems legiot
[11:51] <woffs9> let me ask a general question... if was not using github, is it possible to fork and do PRs?
[11:59] <mute5> if they just queried all the authoritative name servers... they would *become* recursive resolvers
[11:59] <mute5> rio: you're not supposed to. i was asking everyone else.
[11:59] <mute5> tdammers: In industry, you see a lot of "strange things" that you have to follow just cos so there is a consistent code base
[11:59] <mute5> got disconnected
[12:00] <mute5> my point is that "[&] by default" is a dangerous first step and that "[] by default" would be more sensible
[12:13] <mattcen4> because he was talking about 2 registers and what not ... but you dont decide that
[12:13] <mattcen4> I haven't learned about arc cos yet I don't know what that is
[12:14] <mattcen4> I wonder what dictates the speed of the electro-plating.
[12:14] <mattcen4> that happened when tail packing still seemed like a good idea
[12:16] <LuMint8> in any case... older versions of plasma also have the same button
[12:16] <LuMint8> You mean it's not a reliable solution, not ethical or what?
[12:16] <LuMint8> raycist
[12:17] <LuMint8> rnmhdn: there are other lines too where he hides the line.
[12:17] <LuMint8> it's a VPS, not sure what stack
[12:17] <LuMint8> Paste 19 was moved to http://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/d5585386557de500 Tecan, please avoid paste sites that can't even compile your code.
[12:49] <Guest55546> I need some help.
[12:49] <Guest55546> tawr: I'm guessing that longboi DIP
[12:49] <Guest55546> I understand now it probably just means it's now drawing all power from the AC adapter
[12:52] <calebj23> fyi for those that arent ops: http://paste.the-compiler.org/view/256967e8 ;)
[12:52] <calebj23> if you wanted the "q:" experience
[12:52] <calebj23> Failed to find 'android' command in your 'PATH'. Try update your 'PATH' to include path to valid SDK directory.
[13:27] <adriaan_> oh excuse me. They were "PUPs". pft.
[14:31] <qbsd26> ye brass is no good at getting oxide gunk off the tip
[14:31] <qbsd26> Bajax: Yeah, I have done that counltess times too.
[14:31] <qbsd26> pragmaticenigma: ack, thx
[14:31] <qbsd26> ubuntu was not a gnome distro though
[14:32] <qbsd26> its a huge hassle
[14:32] <qbsd26> WiseMonk: i would go for the bug, helping yourself & the community for your chipset
[15:07] <chrfle24> peetaur2: cool
[15:07] <chrfle24> hmm, well its from Control.Alternative
[16:18] <armdale7> debdrup: linux was originally conceived as a free unix-like OS for AT clones. it wasn't meant to be portable originally.
[16:18] <armdale7> I mean bpdguard is for spt right?
[16:18] <armdale7> And there is a server rack under the stairs.
[16:18] <armdale7> You forgot to quote "${args[@]}"
[16:30] <plars1> You made it?
[16:30] <plars1> mellowmaroon, umask is a bash builtin on my Fedora system.
[16:30] <plars1> I know, It's... eh don't worry I got it
[16:30] <plars1> phogg: no you increase unemployment which puts people on state benefits which requires others to pay more tax
[16:30] <plars1> I have smart of a HDD that has problems writing stuff
[16:36] <dfused19> Branes if the ssd fails, the whole MB fails
[16:36] <dfused19> rather spritely for it's age, to tell you the truth.
[16:53] <Jim_Cast12> yeah, our mockito is outdated
[16:53] <Jim_Cast12> stop spreading tranny propaganda
[17:14] <tim241> it's just a limitation of the git log command.
[17:14] <tim241> tolarz: Eh, imagine a circle passing through 0 and 2 of radius 2
[17:14] <tim241> Its up to the reader to implement the "read only" functionality none of them do.
[17:14] <tim241> t4mbo anything from building a house out of dirt to making a quad core computer of fusion reactor
[17:14] <tim241> treᥱs ɑre ᥒot doіᥒɡ Allɑh iѕ ԁоinɡ
[19:26] <dTd28> it's working
[19:26] <dTd28> -> % rsync -n /media/guite/Stockage/Backup/ guite@
[20:04] <FRidh> particularly with maths, where the more advanced you go, the more prerequisite knowledge is assumed
[20:04] <FRidh> I have tried making a script that will start and stop at boot and shutdown. But not sure why it's not working? Does anyone here familiar with Unit file? http://pastebin.centos.org/1270381/raw/
[20:04] <FRidh> gehn: have you tested vim-sandwitch
[20:04] <FRidh> i'n not suggesting we "chase" the network effect; i'm observing that the network effect has some value in communication;
[20:28] <webframp14> KDE devs love rushing out new features instead of fixing old bugs
[20:28] <webframp14> nils_2, an idea for text_item: separate suboptions for every item instead of trying to encode everything about an item into one string
[20:44] <Milliways26> october 18th will be nice
[20:44] <Milliways26> I could try that
[20:44] <Milliways26> he's trying to be by scooping up your doge
[20:44] <Milliways26> osoba_, yes, use the CLT
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