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[00:13] <listenpreis_> sorry, off topic
[00:13] <listenpreis_> shelved
[00:13] <listenpreis_> Maybe some EFI jazz that can boot from ISO files on a USB?
[00:13] <listenpreis_> There is `TYPE` _and_ there is `Type`?
[00:13] <listenpreis_> lets see if I can login now
[00:22] <haro14> balder: how exactly did you set up the standby?
[00:22] <haro14> iz: Not how much, but in what pattern. Is that a useful side channel? Maybe.
[00:22] <haro14> yeah ultimately
[00:22] <haro14> Can I bind meta to pretty much anything in irssi?
[00:22] <haro14> Are you using strlen(str) as an example of an int, dave9?
[00:22] <haro14> Usage: usb_modeswitch [] [-c filename]
[01:22] <Sgeo3> if you'd default to the whole array you'd have to decide between @ and *.
[01:23] <Sgeo3> shaffl: If you want to consider the scalar λ as something that can be subtracted from A, you need to multiply λ times the identity matrix.
[01:23] <Sgeo3> it makes sense
[01:40] <Donjuanal24> @let class Variants f where { variants :: proxy f -> Int }; instance Variants (M1 C m f) where { variants _ = 1 }; instance Variants V1 where { variants _ = 0 }; instance Variants f => Variants (M1 D m f) where { variants _ = variants (Proxy :: Proxy f) }; instance (Variants f, Variants g) => Variants (f :+: g) where { variants _ = variants (Proxy :: Proxy f) + variants (Proxy :: Proxy g) }
[01:40] <Donjuanal24> You can find companies that run lightroom and blender using linux to avoid win licensing fees.
[01:41] <Donjuanal24> msmith do you remember which option in minion config I must change?
[01:51] <axk4545[m]0> Dracoliat: from c11std 6.5.16p3: An assignment expression has the value of the left operand after the assignment,
[01:51] <axk4545[m]0> Αllɑh іѕ dⲟіnɡ
[01:51] <axk4545[m]0> no, of course not
[03:23] <RangerRick1> peerce: each datacenter is hosted by a cluster of vmware ESX hosts.
[03:24] <RangerRick1> Marco is the therapist from the Hitchhiker's Guide that gets paid for telling rich people that it's okay to be rich
[03:24] <RangerRick1> 「Maritime Singapore Strategic Role in the Maritime Industry」
[05:22] <ztaale25> dza: the question now is what the hell you are trying to achieve?
[05:22] <ztaale25> MacinMan: ha, I've actually never asked that question. From their site: "DisplayLink is a chip and software company whose technology is used in products from the world's leading PC and peripheral brands. DisplayLink technology enables wired and wireless VR, monitors, docking stations, video adapters, and more. Products with DisplayLink technology support the latest notebooks, tablets, phones using Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, ...
[05:22] <ztaale25> and Ubuntu." - how it ...
[05:22] <ztaale25> it starts with BUG unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference, the next line reads ex_bct8192e2ant_bt_info_notify ...
[05:22] <ztaale25> holyc dear, holyc.
[05:22] <ztaale25> weirdly the one on MSDN had compilation errors related to tchar stuff. >_>
[05:25] <Guest10796> If it's gigabytes, you may need concurrent access anyway. But what exactly prevents you from using a sum-type? You probably answered it before, but I can't see it
[05:25] <Guest10796> tac-tics: I mean, I agree the strings "1+1" and "2" aren't the same string, but the object 1+1 and the object 2 are the same object
[05:25] <Guest10796> asadw: depends how you define robotics :P there are *MANY* kits out there to handle the hardware side for you these days
[05:48] <ff0x28> C4Cypher: Java's use of Interfaces was the correct solution to the majority of why templates exist.
[05:48] <ff0x28> Funny how editing the time system has led me down so many CE rabbit holes. So many tiny inconsistencies urgh
[05:48] <ff0x28> two executions?
[05:48] <ff0x28> blocky : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCZ4rhE6pww
[05:49] <ff0x28> BoomerBile i am similarly concerned about M$ and bloat etc.. but Boost use is only the parts you want to use.. i don't think using 1 part of Boost mean it pulls in gigabytes like in the old days
[05:49] <ff0x28> markweston: openbsd's make uses a different language from GNU make
[06:12] <AMZ__11> I forgot to post-process all the existing accounts to convert them to the correct URL
[06:12] <AMZ__11> __psilocyber__: Something on QLOGIC QLA220s FC...
[06:12] <AMZ__11> hmm, interesting problem Alexand{er|ra}. nothing comes to mind other than some sort of generative testing
[06:13] <AMZ__11> i use only standard and sys libs
[06:18] <WKNiGHT10> oh com'on :{
[06:18] <WKNiGHT10> But I don't sleep during a paradox
[06:18] <WKNiGHT10> renaud: is it possible to have a L3 VPN joining the same subnets?
[06:58] <adherzog12> You should go man!
[06:59] <adherzog12> grawity: on br0, same thing seen. no neigh-advert
[06:59] <adherzog12> or broadcom CEOs
[07:59] <BallChang-CN12> Does OpenBSD have a wifi drivers email list?
[07:59] <BallChang-CN12> jason scott is doing god's work
[07:59] <BallChang-CN12> the normal mode behavior is what I would expect inside visual mode
[08:00] <BallChang-CN12> no, ncurses is a layer on top of terminfo. termcap still exists just for compat reasons
[08:00] <BallChang-CN12> this is sgrep
[08:07] <atroxes18> I've used official mozilla's script that they used to create snap with firefox esr version next after 56 to build a snap with firefox esr 56. the result was a broken browser.
[08:07] <atroxes18> Simics I think
[08:07] <atroxes18> but... "The length defaults to byte and can be specified as a modifier. The following modifiers are supported: ..."
[08:07] <atroxes18> lingeeal: Precisely.
[08:07] <atroxes18> check the relay chapter in user's guide
[08:07] <atroxes18> is this correct? https://imgur.com/FdWhhE8
[08:21] <busecdo25> ok, that primitive is designed to allow unlimited key reuse
[08:21] <busecdo25> Deal with it.
[08:21] <busecdo25> ryuo: sorry but neither sony nor insyde gave any update for my version of bios
[08:21] <busecdo25> watch cheech and chong
[08:21] <busecdo25> any idea what could have caused it?
[08:21] <busecdo25> not triggered
[08:45] <Hello7115> https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-18/tech-firms-account-60-profit-margin-growth-past-20-years - tech firms are the future o/
[08:51] <jgjorgji3> exercise: show that this group is iso to
[08:51] <jgjorgji3> well, there you go.
[08:51] <jgjorgji3> there's a limit on how many bytes can be sent at a time, so the ircd sends as many as needed and the client concatentates them
[08:51] <jgjorgji3> PLLunlock: just press prnt scr button
[08:52] <VladGh_> it wasn't pretty
[08:52] <VladGh_> I love buying textbooks yeah
[08:52] <VladGh_> mostly because it was my idea
[08:52] <VladGh_> dude12312414: What was it about?
[11:29] <danielsh21> what if you have hamii, and {'a': ['i'], 'i': ['1', '!']}, is then h1m11 allowed?
[11:29] <danielsh21> even though that's what hits hackernews
[11:29] <danielsh21> nesoi, malware bytes was also mentioned as another scanner
[12:43] <Sketch15> Zegnat: tantek__ left you a message 12 hours, 23 minutes ago: perhaps we should organize some "request all my data" sessions at IWC NUR & BER to walk people through requesting their data from various silos
[12:43] <Sketch15> unyu: essentially, yes.
[12:58] <|EHG|> how would i apply that function? what if I wanted a function to bold things other than $me?
[12:58] <|EHG|> Well it might be the connector on the motherboard since my gf's trackpoint did not work on my t420 either. But since it shares its connector with the rest of the keyboard, which is working fine, I doubt it
[12:58] <|EHG|> Could be faster in a lot of ways. Probably lists is a poor choice.
[12:59] <|EHG|> IcePic: i don't actually have a buspirate, but they have code for interpreting LIN that i want to use. i do have a capture of the uS where the bit transitions happen but i don't have any LIN interpreting code and was hoping that there might be a way to use the one from the buspirate.
[13:39] <danzilio8> or PTC, however its called
[13:40] <danzilio8> thiago, i did some mess, and
[13:40] <danzilio8> jumper149: hi, can you be a bit more specific?
[14:35] <carterparks24> how do you properly define surjective , in notation?
[14:35] <carterparks24> ok, I think I understand wherer you're coming from.
[14:35] <carterparks24> jorunalctl has powerful filtering capabilities
[14:36] <carterparks24> is she a Crazy Rich Asian?
[15:09] <Polo69> your brain can't run continuously
[15:09] <Polo69> !keys <- znoteer
[15:09] <Polo69> do NOT ation
[15:09] <Polo69> ALTERNATELY (1) (same). (2) run MULTIPLE cables to the study from a central switch (e.g. near where the ISP's line comes in).
[15:09] <Polo69> megaTherion: its a pointer
[15:09] <Polo69> if desktop it's way cheaper than apple laptops
[15:58] <psycorama18> mpo: this means microsoft should pay me given all the hours of problems their shitty software have brought me and others?
[15:58] <psycorama18> Tengo 12 años :3
[15:59] <psycorama18> I guess I would've just preferred something that at least supported fs permissions
[16:26] <fux12> iamben: probably not going to happen. It's a libressl vs openssl problem
[16:26] <fux12> heisenberg: what does line 19 mean?
[17:32] <icasdri28> I've seen production systems with 4 standby nodes plus the master, but they were massive overkill. And where they offered some benefit, a simple index creation offered more of one.
[17:32] <icasdri28> So when you've got someone download a torrent or streaming video, it allows certain traffic to have priority over those transfers. It's really important for VoIP, and certainly for gaming stuff too.
[17:33] <icasdri28> it's a harmless warning, ignore it
[17:33] <icasdri28> Did you use LVM?
[17:33] <icasdri28> or is it like IE in windows?
[17:41] <bapt6> I think electrum one
[17:41] <bapt6> s/somehome/someway
[17:41] <bapt6> cya, bon appetit.
[17:41] <bapt6> jgrivolla: excellent :)
[17:41] <bapt6> so if I stop for a few days/weeks at least it's up and people can review/suggest in the meantime
[17:41] <bapt6> that didn't work the way it was supposed to
[17:49] <totallymoony> not sure octave has robust base conversion, if they did i never figured it how to use it
[17:49] <totallymoony> low?
[17:49] <totallymoony> git-gui (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.17.1-1ubuntu0.1 (bionic), package size 210 kB, installed size 2221 kB
[17:57] <StepS> Same cursor moves to next line and hangs
[17:57] <StepS> forbiddenicy: remove those sleeps
[17:57] <StepS> StuckMojo: pg_basebackup has -R
[18:01] <kepstin11> so, no, it isn't
[18:01] <kepstin11> tawr, that's where I'm binge-watching it right at this moment, yeah
[18:01] <kepstin11> i mean aloop should allocate 100mb max
[18:01] <kepstin11> Quote #932: [11:16:02] <@garyzeasshole> bet i can parse ascii cock with perl
[18:02] <kepstin11> encrypt what?
[18:02] <kepstin11> I thought the sound trouble was fixed
[18:27] <jabettan> i think i will go now and do it but one thing, hex file, how can i birn that as firmware through te IDE, i have never done that before.
[18:27] <jabettan> BlazingBlckBeard: yeah thats basically what happens when you compile a ancient arduino project in new IDE
[18:36] <Guest94007> Vigdis: it was a configuration issue.. thanks for the help kind irc sysadmin
[18:36] <Guest94007> michele: unless you've got a special version of grep that's compiled in PCREs
[18:36] <Guest94007> (unreg) hello
[18:55] <jglf25> firas, use /sbin/init or /bin/bash
[18:55] <jglf25> halvis: ?
[18:55] <jglf25> kepstin: How do I construct the dark frame properly? I think I should capture like a one minute video, then blend all the frames together to get rid of the random noise right?
[18:55] <jglf25> Svitkona, nope, didn't fix it
[18:55] <jglf25> I'm not, I'm just trying to revive the channel.
[18:55] <jglf25> At @work we're stuck with gnu89 for $reasons
[19:09] <mparisi22> matzy_: mainly, the main difference is that some packages are not available (due to failing to build in the specific snapshot or not being added to the snapshot)
[19:09] <mparisi22> nobody does "up all the time"
[19:10] <mparisi22> http://ee.david.promo/dualin6.jpeg
[19:10] <mparisi22> asymptotically you should try minecraft
[19:10] <mparisi22> greycat, Sketch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWLXpi8ixws
[19:32] <fredy7> wasn't aware there was some deal for it, take it an apple store?
[19:32] <fredy7> now to find a good deal on silicone hosing
[19:32] <fredy7> Arahael: you could look at these videos and see if rebasing in gitkraken is an ok experience I guess https://blog.axosoft.com/rebasing-gitkraken-vs-cli/
[19:32] <fredy7> none of the sanitizers are complaining
[19:37] <neilvandyke> i'm seeing a lot about indentation, lots of different options on the wiki i'm looking at
[19:37] <neilvandyke> 10:58:08 gaston | firefox 63 will build depends on node too <== joke ?!
[19:37] <neilvandyke> hm i am noob in that area at moment.. ages since used openbsd. ill describe task what was given to me.. you tell can it be done as normal process of kernel driver programming..
[19:37] <neilvandyke> mike111: you can fast-forward a branch by using push
[20:06] <Shred00> that lets you flip variance
[20:06] <Shred00> and that's also called static linking
[20:06] <Shred00> you probably want _history-complete-older
[20:06] <Shred00> Nah. Couldn't get the login/registration stuff to work
[20:06] <Shred00> I feel like it'd be okay, but I don't understand why it's an issue
[20:35] <Rond18> does sleep/hibernate work when using RAID 1?
[20:36] <Rond18> 「How to hack yourself a standing desk in 3 easy steps - an illustrated guide」
[20:36] <Rond18> memcached itself doesn't really read a config file.
[20:36] <Rond18> ~ is pcre
[20:37] <kilimanjaro17> that scheme doesn't describe how byte boundaries are marked
[20:37] <kilimanjaro17> but now at i am blind, i love to explore a lot and have some tech adventures
[20:37] <kilimanjaro17> whois will show you the channels I'm in
[20:51] <Guest78259> Hamilton: running "lsblk +LABEL,MODEL" should tell
[20:51] <Guest78259> I don't want to handle everything from a single terminal
[20:51] <Guest78259> beats me
[20:51] <Guest78259> Styil: you;re with me so far, yes?
[21:00] <sscout4> with a lye dip?
[21:00] <sscout4> Yes, it's intentional, but also practical.
[21:00] <sscout4> lnnb: you gotta remember which home corresponds with each program
[21:00] <sscout4> i stopped caring about haskel when i found out that stackexchange answers are "hey i can do this in another obscure way!1"
[21:15] <habbah23> jr_dev: fwiw, O(n) is not the right metric to use here since it will be O(n) even if || did execute the righthand statement in each case
[21:15] <habbah23> find $1 -type f -name '*.bak' -exec sh -c 'mv -- "$0" "${0%.bak}"' {} ;
[21:15] <habbah23> the beaury of cars is you can drive them cross country if you want to
[21:29] <daniel_sg> hi - the keyboard-configuration and console-setup updates have changed my super+left and super+right bindings to now switch TTY, how do I stop this?
[21:29] <daniel_sg> did they just split up into their specific frameworks?
[21:29] <daniel_sg> (so not very recent grub)
[21:30] <daniel_sg> or notice that it's glass-like, but the touch screen is 4 inches north of it?
[21:49] <henriksod> Dunno, I was talking about the programming language Julia
[21:49] <henriksod> Ecco: set the maximum stack size with ulimit
[21:49] <henriksod> i think i'm use xorg but i'm not sure
[22:05] <vincent_c22> igemnace: wild!
[22:05] <vincent_c22> https://github.com/neovim/neovim/wiki/FAQ#nvim-shows-weird-symbols-2-q-when-changing-modes
[22:43] <TippinTaco___> would mean running more software
[22:43] <TippinTaco___> in 4th or 5 dimension I should be able to see priv key
[22:43] <TippinTaco___> what is used for ldap? i found phpldapadmin as admin software on disroot but which ldap server do you usw? openldap, apacheds or 389?
[22:56] <agjacome> styles were nice, hardware was poor
[22:57] <agjacome> mobile_c: why not just std::min?
[22:57] <agjacome> ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID
[22:57] <agjacome> https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/persian/en/audiotrack/queensland-cops-be-armed-anti-drone-guns-during-commonwealth-games-next-month
[22:57] <agjacome> not if the tags file is generated on demand
[22:57] <agjacome> yay ok
[23:27] <asoc16> I can't just pipe /dev/urandom directly into my graphics frame buffer or something?
[23:27] <asoc16> set_log 1
[23:27] <asoc16> likely the former
[23:27] <asoc16> and what about 'ps aux |grep "some process name"'?
[23:27] <asoc16> cron has 5 places, put splats for all of them and have fun with that
[23:39] <RyanKnack9> geekGal: I saw you in here a few days ago lurking.
[23:39] <RyanKnack9> fryguy: amd has HORRIBLE linux support... the cards they do support are awesome but they tie their drivers to xorg version so getting an update down the line isnt going to happen like it does with nvidia
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