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[00:01] <heirecka21> Like I think 2080 Ti is basically what I want but also like $100-200 over what it should cost
[00:01] <heirecka21> if you disconnect gnd then you have a nice antenna, but that is not the case here
[00:01] <heirecka21> because full logging is so ludicrously verbose as to stress my poor abused disk
[00:01] <heirecka21> sudo apt-get install git
[00:49] <senate> gchristensen: No, but dute to the waring, the kernel seem no suitable
[00:49] <senate> /ns ghost nickname password
[00:49] <senate> where can I find the screenshot made with Ctrl+S ?
[00:49] <senate> wiebel :let @@=@a
[00:49] <senate> stevendale, having said that... is there any simple tool that came out of the linux/unix world that you also like?
[00:49] <senate> asymptotically i think tren ^^
[00:56] <jdsn21> But PowerPC Macs are still available for second hand purchase
[00:56] <jdsn21> for some reason I don't like mounting inside my user's home dir
[00:56] <jdsn21> chron0 sorry for delay, had to finish the dinner and stuff...
[00:56] <jdsn21> s/eveyone/everyone/
[01:00] <Eryn_1983_FL11> If you said Flames of War you are correct, but if you said Sunrise, Incinerator, or The Flameseeker Prophecies you should call your parents and complain.
[01:00] <Eryn_1983_FL11> I forgot to bring my IWC shirt to XOXO...
[01:00] <Eryn_1983_FL11> Far less than 10 seconds. :p
[01:00] <Eryn_1983_FL11> Siecje: Run as non-root, it's popular to forward root's email to the admin's (only) user account
[01:16] <skade15> if you refuse to learn anything from text in manuals, do you honestly feel like you're going to learn anything text on an irc channel?
[01:16] <skade15> an array of char pointers with an dynamic size hence blank []
[01:16] <skade15> thaks tawr :)
[01:16] <skade15> Not explicitly ubuntu related, but if I ssh into a computer from work, they can see that I'm ssh-ing but not what is being sent over ssh correct?
[01:16] <skade15> If someotheruser has no password, it will be hard to su to that other user.
[01:16] <skade15> ronox: we know a good deal about remote sensing of planets because we've started doing it in the past few years (decades). We can estimate what is and isn't possible for us to detect; and infer what aliens could do from where they might be.
[01:21] <goez15> Psi-Jack: got a recommended alternative?
[01:21] <goez15> I'm trouleshooting a SSD with probable data corruption, i've reinstalled Linux Mint just for this purpose and created a 70GB file
[01:21] <goez15> http://www.puppetmodule.info/github/simp/puppetlabs-stdlib/puppet_functions_ruby3x/ensure_resource
[01:21] <goez15> armu: while IFS=' ' read -r bits hex ; do printf '%s %dn' "$bits" "$hex" ; done < your-file
[01:21] <goez15> i misread, *again*
[01:21] <goez15> Only by permission of Allah!
[01:22] <plasmid> the impedance of the sine wave is not particularly high, so its drive should overwhelm EMI quite easily I believe
[01:22] <plasmid> azulakina: you know vscode isn't an ide, right?
[01:22] <plasmid> but you're not very good at it
[01:22] <plasmid> so replays during that time are possible, yes
[02:31] <Gerlo3> then you're a terrible admin and deserve whatever happens to you
[02:31] <Gerlo3> xs ++ ys is linear time and spaces in xs, constant time and space in ys
[02:31] <Gerlo3> there is an advantage to have an Applicative but not a Monad
[02:31] <Gerlo3> btw passive aggressive just means youre too afraid to say what you really mean
[02:31] <Gerlo3> oh, interesting, didn't know about this one. Thanks!
[02:32] <zampano11> they can be fucking anything
[02:32] <zampano11> lilkuz2005: That's.... Bluetooth specific issues.
[02:32] <zampano11> so maybe this will be better
[02:32] <zampano11> Hi humanoids! I'm trying to understand Tasty/hunit, for writing unit testing.
[02:32] <zampano11> my latest pc has a real serial port
[02:43] <grokdesigns18> (as in 2015 15" gpu vs 2018 13" gpu)... well integrated gpu
[02:43] <grokdesigns18> fromBeyond, 1 second per poll.
[02:43] <grokdesigns18> http://open-std.org/JTC1/SC22/WG21/docs/papers/2014/n4251.html
[02:43] <grokdesigns18> yeah, local files=( $(find ...) ) is broken
[02:46] <Guest45857> fission6: ec2 T instances have burst credits on CPU usage... you get to use more CPU until you spend all your credits [which accumulate over time when you're not using them]
[02:46] <Guest45857> well, we know one of the factors is positive and one is negative
[02:46] <Guest45857> you can buy a hundred for a few dollars
[02:46] <Guest45857> Simonious: that sounds like it could cause this
[02:46] <Guest45857> Anaphylaxis: Probably depends on exactly what you're doing
[02:46] <Guest45857> one of the best in my class some semesters i got the best averages they placed me in a special class at college with the high achievers then i got the internet
[03:15] <VegetarianFalcon> damned
[03:15] <VegetarianFalcon> *most* of the energy losses are through heat dissipation
[03:15] <VegetarianFalcon> where is the lie?
[03:15] <VegetarianFalcon> but just one and it goes for quite a lot.
[03:15] <VegetarianFalcon> i thought this was the 34" samsung
[05:31] <dgpratt1> mega: What insult do you see?
[05:31] <dgpratt1> .c 30*.2657
[05:31] <dgpratt1> CoolerZ: is x* the transpose of x?
[05:31] <dgpratt1> Xatenev: "linked" in which sense?
[05:31] <dgpratt1> swine_: you have equipment that you can install on the side of your rack that's similar. Some racks have it build it. It all depends on the width of your rack on what your options are
[05:40] <Xavierdarkness20> nod, thanks
[05:40] <Xavierdarkness20> The grammar is reverse engineered from the usage. Not the other way around.
[05:40] <Xavierdarkness20> arooni: also test with `curl'
[05:40] <Xavierdarkness20> Metraf: it's not that bad. it gives you the option for dropping in diff random number generators
[05:41] <Xavierdarkness20> waterdrop: no, the claim you referenced was just slightly overbroad
[06:01] <Dragnslcr26> yay! found a working method for all packages: download package (aptitude download pkgname), extract template (apt-extracttemplates -t ./ pkgfullname.deb) , the read template to get preseed usable parameters (egrep "^Template|^Type" *.template*)
[06:01] <Dragnslcr26> yeah.. unyu where you take two (ordered) set and get a set of pairs
[06:01] <Dragnslcr26> oh but this is a learning exercise
[06:54] <scrim18> I believe the only forbidden characters are / and NUL.
[06:54] <scrim18> It's magical; instances are created on demand
[06:54] <scrim18> Just saw that, thanks.
[06:57] <yanek14> silver strain and summer of haze are two other good choices for witch house
[06:57] <yanek14> Bacteria: My video card is integrated in the cpu
[06:57] <yanek14> lol what
[06:57] <yanek14> the answer is the dongle... they give you USB-C, you supply the dongle, at least that's the idea
[06:57] <yanek14> Let me rephrase that, is a tuple better for an argument to a function or should the function pass in N arguments?
[07:06] <jblz> the elusions, obviously
[07:06] <jblz> like i don't even know how to do that if i wanted to
[07:06] <jblz> and they all SHOULD only being using UUID not just /boot
[07:22] <Osleg29> pastebin: ls mkspecs/devices/
[07:23] <Osleg29> OK, I have "id id id" in Polish notation. Do I mean "(id id) id" or do I mean "id (id id)"?
[07:23] <Osleg29> Karlton: because people like to use those in variable names
[07:40] <ammar29> I don't remember seeing such a thing before. Although it's an m.2, so perhaps a bit different than the usual sata controlled devices
[07:40] <ammar29> jotton: it's used to search for domains that aren't fully qualified (not sure if it's the right term...). ie. if you try to go to "www", it will automatically try www.blinkt.de
[07:40] <ammar29> ...and north america /snark
[07:40] <ammar29> (for debian networking)
[07:40] <ammar29> Choudary getting out soon :/
[07:40] <ammar29> m2_teknix: I understand. Just do that, then. Don't muck about renaming files for no reason.
[07:53] <zapotah15> ,cc int x = 0.75 && printf; /* would make no sense if && yielded one of its operands */
[07:53] <zapotah15> something like that. if the goal is generation of commands for testing
[07:53] <zapotah15> Headline22: Yes, but there is still 1 root simple.
[07:53] <zapotah15> varesa: can i show you my nginx config
[08:01] <quaestor27> "why is the os telling the user to save the changes they don't want or literally lose the entire file? :)"
[08:01] <quaestor27> nice, thans!
[08:01] <quaestor27> maybe 3%
[08:01] <quaestor27> up to a 30 second clip
[09:19] <dp_> you're probably going to need to write the table, then use chkdsk to fix the MFT
[09:19] <dp_> you should sample gamersnexus this case
[09:19] <dp_> third party support from non open source vendors
[09:22] <derohero> actually checking APL repos on GH now..
[09:22] <derohero> In fact, it's not easy to choose because they seems very similar
[09:22] <derohero> for each column, look up the type output info
[09:26] <fbred0> It doesn't verify, afaict.
[09:26] <fbred0> i mean, it seems like those connections wouldn't be active anymore.. :p
[09:26] <fbred0> tsaka__: if you want to import a data constructor you need to use Type(Constructor) or Type(..) to import all constructors of Type
[09:26] <fbred0> can I match on the fly in /^F or similar?
[09:26] <fbred0> they have the sole power to mutate git repos
[09:26] <fbred0> XsMax?
[09:36] <Xphome_> nicolas17: help armu
[09:36] <Xphome_> when you're poor you can usually only afford junk and have to get inventive to make it work how you want
[09:36] <Xphome_> I see
[09:36] <Xphome_> I thought that was the case too chron0
[09:36] <Xphome_> maybe I should google it first
[10:07] <deneb_alpha> aleios, if something bothers you just say it, it's the best structure found....
[10:07] <deneb_alpha> % :set DoTheThingIWant
[10:07] <deneb_alpha> Thuryn, the local puppet agent needs root privileges to execute, but the master-agent connection doesn't use SSH at al afaik
[10:07] <deneb_alpha> i need to get the C book
[10:13] <rapt0r24> yo ##linux
[10:13] <rapt0r24> and the reason I recommended just disabling the start of the QMYSQL server
[10:13] <rapt0r24> with +q is quiet, nobody can talk, right?
[10:17] <auviga25> you can even move calls between devices
[10:17] <auviga25> Raxelbrof: so you think they are out for good, or we going to get real Pro HW by the end of 2019
[10:17] <auviga25> heftig: hmm.... but it first draws the empty line and then writes PS1 and then RPS1 (without drawing the spaces). Does it maybe need the spaces to move the cursor to the right side afterwards?
[10:17] <auviga25> ye tagal na
[10:17] <Argon]26> I like your whatever-that-is, deshipu.
[10:17] <Argon]26> 8266?
[10:17] <auviga25> mjburgess: that's just a convention. I once had to work with an annoying book in the AMS Russian translation series that had taken vectors as rows, had multiplication by matrices from the right etc
[10:17] <Argon]26> And remember you're also competing for users with other browsers
[10:42] <hage> isn't this the same for linux container? they have the libs there as well
[10:42] <hage> RaphGro: owner: salimma; commit: fabiand, elad, zeenix
[10:42] <hage> and re-reg it somewhere
[11:15] <lxpz19> technically you could use those ranges in multiple "sites" within a large enterprise, but by then you'd hope you were dealing with someone who could make that mental leap anyway.
[11:15] <lxpz19> if we are dealing with varieties, that is
[11:15] <lxpz19> and what is the source of power?
[11:15] <lxpz19> else you gonna be rekt waiting for another kit
[11:15] <lxpz19> dropping wrappers in /usr/local/bin, ~/bin, etc, that invokes the usual /usr/bin program via trickle tends to be the easiest way to do it transparently
[11:18] <mrus10> Oh! You're asking for something that can actually invoke menus that can't be invoked from the keyboard? Yeah, that's much harder.
[11:18] <mrus10> in rhel the "cannot run in framebuffer mode" check is just straight up deleted, because the bus probe logic is not (shall we say) logical about how it decides these things
[12:10] <wheder10> I mean, numerically pathological. Theoretically they are perfectly fine.
[12:10] <wheder10> just rsync your filesystem to gmail-fs
[12:10] <wheder10> but I miss having my desktop lol, I've been using a nuc w/ some i7 mobile HQ cpu
[12:10] <wheder10> .tr yo ayudarte con ayuda me
[12:11] <wheder10> s/i!/hi!/ :)
[12:11] <wheder10> I know it also supports emulation modes
[12:31] <tachoknight26> need it fast.. and that's why i'm confused between rdp and vnc
[12:31] <tachoknight26> dollfan: if you're trying to compile some random package, and failing, you should talk to the author
[12:31] <tachoknight26> por mi?
[12:31] <tachoknight26> and the sad thing is you represent a whole generations of millenials just like that
[12:31] <tachoknight26> Oh, got it now
[12:31] <tachoknight26> its 2 SCR's crammed together... not transistors
[12:39] <hmnk8> surely you can run more if the screen supports it
[12:39] <hmnk8> ahh, with my samsung, I had to change the picture stretch mode
[12:39] <hmnk8> z1haze: the command 'fail' does not exist
[12:39] <hmnk8> Hey everyone. Trying to do some permission stuff for a shared VirtualBox folder. My user is part of vboxsf and the folders permissions give the group vboxsf permission, but I'm still getting permission denied. Any ideas?
[12:55] <eMBee7> for upgrades, as opposed to installs, it will look in /etc/installurl which contains last used
[12:55] <eMBee7> Least theres no shtspk going on Psi-Jack
[12:55] <eMBee7> if in doubt, shebang to /bin/sh
[12:55] <eMBee7> there is no reason why they wouldn't
[12:55] <eMBee7> What font do u recommend to see Japanese characters in tty?
[13:07] <Hestben15> have you tried pinging v6 addresses on your lan
[13:07] <Hestben15> how do I tell if my kernel has all the cpu exploit patches?
[13:07] <Hestben15> That was not a internet connection that was just internal business.
[13:08] <Hestben15> Mr_Fury, hey we make some strong beer in Munich.
[13:09] <KF5YFD22> tho its likely more efficient to do x&1
[13:09] <KF5YFD22> so how does potato work again? or does it not work? or does c just assign more space
[13:10] <KF5YFD22> theraspberry: is it the same gpg version?
[13:10] <KF5YFD22> Nothing there.
[13:10] <KF5YFD22> ... Hlycrp. When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he set to slashing projects and expenditures with a vengeance - we all know the ATG and the Newton got axed, but what wasn't well known is he closed the "Apple Research Library". Stanford rescued them from the dumpsters, and today they handed over four pallets of Apple internal records to Archive.org
[15:31] <fo028> Cause unlike Windows, paths are not locally executed first.
[15:31] <fo028> I couldn't find a haskell parser for it, so figured: Here's an opportunity! Plus, I actually wanted it for work, so double win.
[15:31] <fo028> qwebirc31610: Check out #vbox channel for more dedicated support for Virtual Box which will better provide you with support
[15:37] <squisher2> simbalion: I discourage you from inventing one.
[15:37] <squisher2> veek - NP. I found an "Audigy" PCI card that someone had thrown away in a box of old PC components back about 15 years ago. Once you've used even the lowly "Fraudigy" card there is no going back to onboard :)
[15:37] <squisher2> Or do I have to install them separately on each computer? That would suck.
[15:37] <squisher2> I know right!
[15:37] <squisher2> No trivia for you!
[16:15] <ard12> gentauro: ; :40:21: error: Not in scope: type constructor or class `Color'
[16:15] <ard12> i686-elf-gcc -c kernel.c -o kernel.o -std=gnu99 -ffreestanding -O2 -Wall -Wextra
[16:15] <ard12> jesus died :(
[16:15] <ard12> you need fmap (uncurry zip)
[16:15] <ard12> database_: what i'm trying to make happen is that you boot your system off the hard disk, as you would normally, but with the nomodeset option either addes or removed from the 'linux' line on the grub menu editor
[16:15] <xi-25> dont worry about it voting never solved anything
[16:15] <xi-25> when will the eth difficulty bomb hit?
[16:15] <xi-25> i think it is an xy problem..
[16:15] <xi-25> b3nt0: I don't know what pizero is
[16:16] <xi-25> it's just ping
[16:16] <xi-25> you'll have to open an account and probably load 15$ in though
[16:44] <drbean25> I am looking here ---> https://cabal.readthedocs.io/en/latest/nix-local-build-overview.html
[16:44] <drbean25> ;=
[16:44] <drbean25> on that note, fs just announced some pretty significant price drops for select 40/100G transceivers
[16:44] <drbean25> Is there a way to have that loaded automatically?
[17:04] <Dr0xSmartassE628> pedro3005: but then you're comparing the top one or two schools in germany or france or switzerland or england to the 2nd tier in the u.s.
[17:04] <Dr0xSmartassE628> gaⅼаⲭiᥱѕ arе ᥒot ԁοіnɡ Ꭺllаh іs ⅾoing
[17:04] <hashwagon> Berge: if is a pure text/string key-value thing, keep with hstore. Otherwise, go for jsonb (and pay the penalties of validation, etc.. etc. )
[17:04] <hashwagon> !quote add [12:47:27] <@ducats> I found 2 results. Here are a few options: Cement, MN, Zimbabwe - Cement, OK, USA
[17:04] <hashwagon> I used to work for a smallish organization that also has legacy apps
[17:04] <hashwagon> ncdu will tell yo uwerhe its being used
[17:04] <hashwagon> *blewie* ... most likely.
[17:04] <hashwagon> o…o...
[20:02] <RudyValencia0> well, in linux desktops its called a superkey, you can change it to something else, so thats why superkey
[20:02] <RudyValencia0> anyways, maybe someone can explain. because 4^-1 (mod 8^91+5) = 2^272+2^271+4, not 2^273+4
[20:02] <RudyValencia0> The current block height is 1,653,696. Difficulty is 64,184,977,895. Hashrate is 534.87 Mh/s.
[20:02] <RudyValencia0> because brazil has a voltage problem
[20:03] <popeycore> DMackey-: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[20:03] <popeycore> chenpan: do note that there are multiple things that could prevent Internet access but this will need to be troubleshooted one step at a time
[20:03] <popeycore> recursion was added in 2009
[20:03] <popeycore> revel, no
[20:03] <popeycore> https://usbkill.com/
[20:15] <AlainODea1> I have a very basic question again. I do understand we have these two 'output' streams there. But then I have a few questions, starting with this one: if we do `grep -r 'blah' .` and there are unreadable (by current user) files, we *do* see this error outputted right there, on the screen. Does it mean, that... by default, the stderror is redirected to stdout? In interactive shell? Or all shells? Is there a way I can find what is redirected
[20:15] <AlainODea1> Blondie101010: the VM is pretty much just a blank arch installation, so a kernel, systemd, and pulseaudio
[20:15] <AlainODea1> hey guys.i just had a thought. i know that this can be done with macros
[20:15] <AlainODea1> (number :: Integer) ->
[20:16] <AlainODea1> - yes, I can see text when I highlight w/ my mouse.
[20:16] <AlainODea1> greybot: basicall yes
[21:18] <prettymuchbryce4> This kind of grew from being a crazy thought to eventually me realizing that I got pretty much as much traffic when I had live sites as I do with localhost-only services.
[21:18] <prettymuchbryce4> bomb: New apps tend to use Qt Quick
[21:18] <prettymuchbryce4> where should I put my password manager db? usb stick, google drive, nextcloud, etc?
[21:18] <prettymuchbryce4> JIZHANHUANG: my feelng says there is no operator that fulfils your requirement
[21:18] <prettymuchbryce4> this is why you don't brag about your crimes on facebook Descartes
[21:39] <aseidl18> lnnb: i try do it again and its the same ending for the output
[21:40] <aseidl18> Actually, I don't even know how this schematic is supposed to work - you've got RESET commoned to SW1,2,3,TLS,SDA,SCL,(etc.)
[21:40] <aseidl18> which has become victimhood
[21:40] <aseidl18> probably the switch is limiting
[21:40] <aseidl18> Also there is a GUI for weechat
[21:54] <Dekans2> because that's how it's specified
[21:54] <Dekans2> I think, no, but I don't know why / why not.
[21:54] <Dekans2> what did they tell you the config was, exactly?
[21:56] <Ekho21> whitevan: i followed this.
[21:56] <Ekho21> try rebooting the whole system to see if it works then, else do a recoveryboot, mount root, disable systemd service to start sys-usb
[21:56] <Ekho21> ||JD||, lysol spray would have been more fitting
[21:59] <cjloader1> I'm nobodies victim
[21:59] <cjloader1> you guys are confused.
[22:00] <cjloader1> yeah exactly, like the hackerspace stuff i maintain is all in their github
[22:00] <cjloader1> but i am not likely to have a phone with that for years to come lol.
[22:00] <cjloader1> better not hard-code the number if you can get the value from the macro :P
[23:44] <gl24> do mouser/arrow/digikey not ship to your country?
[23:44] <gl24> was CALCULUS required for that
[23:44] <gl24> it hasn't come up, probably because not being on githib makes my visibility so low
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