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[00:02] <herb_> fantastictoys: As dalcde already said, it's not necessarily the same for everyone.
[00:02] <herb_> But you haven't discovered why.
[00:02] <herb_> yes, that.
[00:02] <herb_> it’s gonna end up in a microcontroller
[00:02] <herb_> the_document, no!
[00:38] <hypercube32> give up on the reverse ssh and continue your learning journey
[00:38] <hypercube32> milp: what's your reasoning?
[00:38] <hypercube32> ; i have used Putty for the last 10 years:D
[00:38] <hypercube32> just my 2 cents on structure. i find it a whole lot easier at least (not only for arduino sketches, but code in general)
[00:38] <hypercube32> Or something like 5 char pointers?
[00:43] <Guest56868> martistra; also, does it spin all the way 'round or does it have stops?
[00:43] <Guest56868> it does, it's just farther down
[00:43] <Guest56868> are you ok with these two facts: if a < b and c > 0 then a*c < b*c
[00:44] <Guest56868> layout won't automatically join the channels still
[00:44] <Guest56868> hacking for kids
[00:44] <cyborg22> dminuoso: what’s the type of the "action" field?
[00:44] <cyborg22> ur stupid
[00:44] <cyborg22> What's peoples definition (in a weak sense, common usage counts as well) of "side-effect" around here?
[00:44] <cyborg22> netcat was drupal?
[00:44] <cyborg22> have another conenction to it working just fine
[01:26] <Guest65785> I'seen a message telling me to select version, but I didn't pay attention, wanted the utility to work as always.
[01:26] <Guest65785> That's not even half my music, but that is my melodic/orchesta/symphonic metal I listen to while working/programming. :)
[01:26] <Guest65785> anzuof4: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[01:26] <Guest65785> in short it goes like this for tcp as irc uses
[01:26] <Guest65785> quite the day this has been, problems all around
[01:28] <goiken21> Eight crappy watch faces
[01:28] <goiken21> or if you want efficiently managed real estate
[01:28] <goiken21> unyu: what have you covered so far
[01:28] <goiken21> idk if this involves networking or not but it does involve web stuffs so... is PCI a software or a set of policies ? ( Payment card industry )
[01:28] <goiken21> without even warning
[01:39] <l0rdkermit12> tomreyn: Server is Kubuntu 14.04 LTS as are all my machines
[01:39] <l0rdkermit12> grawity: Do you have recommended reading for understanding each, then?
[01:39] <l0rdkermit12> othias, As a function parameter
[01:39] <l0rdkermit12> yes, point is that if you use C++17, training a C++11 guy to get up to speed with 17 is easy
[01:39] <l0rdkermit12> -12V tolerance
[01:41] <katsumii21> friends
[01:41] <katsumii21> just jumped back to 4.15
[01:41] <katsumii21> LBV_User: but how does it know? how?
[01:41] <katsumii21> which urologist points out are generally formed around a seed crystal of calcium oxalate
[01:41] <katsumii21> its about estimating
[01:46] <streaky27> oh i dont know how .ga works
[01:46] <streaky27> Nalt: you can check bosspotato's answer (which is correct) by adding the four probs: 1 girl, 2 girls, 3 girls, all girls
[01:46] <streaky27> catphish, https://reinout.vanrees.org/weblog/2017/05/02/https-behind-proxy.html
[01:46] <streaky27> nc is supposed wait for input
[01:46] <streaky27> coming back (I hope)
[01:57] <AquaL1te> but would he make a nice lasagne?
[01:57] <AquaL1te> jubalh: enumeration constants are in the "ordinary identifier" namespace
[01:57] <AquaL1te> I tried before with HHO gas, can't separate the H2 from the O2, it's all one gas, that's no good.
[01:57] <AquaL1te> cyber-terrorist!
[01:57] <AquaL1te> also pedo, he said he went there since he was a little boy
[01:59] <dsc_25> lhunath_: pkgconfig ?
[01:59] <dsc_25> xocolatl: so UUIDs have a collision space.
[01:59] <dsc_25> news does have its issues, but we dont want to provide too many services outside nextcloud, it breaks the experience for those less tech savy, and creates confusion. but indeed atm news is not being actively developed and might be we will be forced to change. but thats only when we are forced to.
[01:59] <dsc_25> http://wadhome.org/~wad/files/brf.png
[01:59] <dsc_25> irks me the backgrounds always land at the last minute :-/
[02:07] <vhost-23> thanks elon!
[02:07] <vhost-23> kremator, just so you know, I never thought you did anything wrong
[02:07] <vhost-23> Very nice, thank you :]
[02:07] <vhost-23> Also, is it your repo, or is it a repo in an organization?
[02:07] <vhost-23> its running at 2560x1440
[02:58] <BytesAndCoffee25> doesn't vi show the commands at the bottom of the window?
[02:58] <BytesAndCoffee25> othias: doesnt the fact that you have a enum of errors, and a switch satement to handle specific enum values, and a strerror implementation (3 places to update when writing 1 new function returning a new kind of error in the worst case) make you near suicidal?
[02:58] <BytesAndCoffee25> nice photo
[02:58] <BytesAndCoffee25> so it was a good idea ?
[02:58] <BytesAndCoffee25> put that in the browser on the switch?
[03:27] <wildermind> Ah- eth.coinbase is the problem. Typing out the address instead of eth.coinbase works. How to fix eth.coinbase?
[03:27] <wildermind> that´s my thought
[03:28] <wildermind> another possibility would be if I could tell stack to install hpack-$(stack --hpack-numeric-version) and pick whatever resolver satisfies this
[03:28] <wildermind> or make one by you, is easy...
[03:28] <wildermind> most likely wrong wiring, unless it acts differently with another component of the same kind
[03:36] <zeec12> oh its a stand?
[03:37] <zeec12> you know that right
[03:37] <zeec12> yes. I'v pasted my syslog
[03:37] <zeec12> And how did you try to mount the path in your guest?
[03:37] <zeec12> Chris56: -ok will not show you the full command
[03:39] <lipvig26> Yeah, there are plugins that do stuff like that
[03:39] <lipvig26> does it mean they are generators
[03:40] <lipvig26> s/life/live/
[03:40] <lipvig26> Just needs one time getting a little tired and screwing up if you don't maintain good margins.
[03:40] <lipvig26> grknight, me too
[03:42] <Niall10> Helenah, I used to use i3, what had you ask?
[03:42] <Niall10> add more -I
[03:42] <Niall10> batch: such as?
[03:42] <Niall10> but now I'm listening to music on the same BT headphones that I've always tested with, and it works fine
[03:43] <Niall10> The median age of males in Philippines is 23.1. The median age of females in Philippines is 24.0. The overall median age is 23.5.
[05:11] <Dekans11> spare: yes, NDP using ff02
[05:11] <Dekans11> I forget its name
[05:11] <Dekans11> GSM/CDMA modem vulns
[05:11] <Dekans11> furrywolf, after the so-many seconds period of after-connect wait time?
[05:11] <Dekans11> no, it's a dir
[05:23] <sagarhani15> superguest: yeah, or not necessarily a lambda
[05:23] <sagarhani15> you're just a fork of wine!
[05:23] <sagarhani15> if you want to git-manage files that aren't managed in git
[05:23] <sagarhani15> i can install cinnamon and lxqt just fine mate still has issues
[05:23] <sagarhani15> LACampbell, cause of the first 2 letters :)
[05:30] <kaol15> and I'd like to make it run on startup
[05:30] <kaol15> like 3-4 times in 10 seconds.
[05:30] <kaol15> so I want to change a column off public.tsvector on several tables, but some of them have views associated with them; I sorta want to do it programatically, but of course I encounter an ERROR: cannot alter type of a column used by a view or rule -- but the view is just selecting that column; really I'd like that change to be reflected in the view... is there a way around that?
[05:30] <kaol15> dunno, haven't tweaked it yet. it's at 50 atm, still looks fine
[05:30] <kaol15> iCookie: man...
[05:48] <Fireye8> leewz: hold my beer
[05:48] <Fireye8> If I go with "reliably run as a full on desktop".... Anything! Look at the ODroid SBCs.
[05:48] <Fireye8> i had high end one mechanical and i still was used to bottoming
[05:48] <Fireye8> bls: it's very sharp and clear
[05:49] <Fireye8> damn, marco got busy tonight. episode's up
[05:51] <alix> error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: unable to upgrade the mappings for the index [[logs-httpd-2018.07-1/dajLHrjeR--7xuOzt0ow0g]]
[05:51] <alix> Now computers don't really work the same way, but they have optimizations that make sure C/++ code is still fast, like branch prediction etc.
[05:51] <alix> int-e: even so it's a wait timer akin to old dos game draw-rates, sure their speed made sense on a x286, but slap that onto a pentium and it's all just blurs
[05:51] <alix> is it true about the sex thing x ?
[05:51] <alix> Countdown set by sknebel on 2018-08-22 at 4:20pm CEST
[07:40] <astra`18> dmwit then use = as your equivalence.
[07:40] <astra`18> i ask myself. Why the * do i waste money trying to get fast system.
[07:40] <astra`18> I can write a new parser
[07:40] <astra`18> it got installed somewhere else
[07:40] <astra`18> nice meme
[08:16] <greku17> Anyhow. Gotta scoot.
[08:16] <greku17> theBear: yeah thats what i meant. it increases efficiency
[08:16] <greku17> thumbs: Hmm...Try some random nick. /me nods.
[08:16] <greku17> and the robots will take over soon
[08:16] <greku17> kludge do you leave the windows down in the kludge mobile?
[08:55] <divadsn1> I am using Preview.app to do this, but i run into a problem. One of the pages is high DPI and the other is not, yet it is from the same PDF Page.
[08:55] <divadsn1> xtc_: are you mentally challenged?
[08:55] <divadsn1> kepler: A sink 1000s of hours into development and debugging.
[08:55] <divadsn1> yes in this internet-of-shit world, that may be worth it - but its also quite often not.
[08:55] <divadsn1> git fetch on the place i do commits from? what would that do
[09:01] <camelid_> But some aren't.
[09:01] <camelid_> wow, that's a pretty "limited edition" :)
[09:01] <camelid_> mushroom meme
[09:01] <camelid_> or just replace the regulator with something better after it dies
[09:01] <camelid_> Can a device and its addresses be shared between network namespaces? I really want everything to be the same except for a default route and perhaps an interface/device.
[09:01] <infinite20> because that is easier to change and reload than the script
[09:01] <infinite20> probably some poor guy couldn't even take a piss because he had to pick up your gay ass mushroom kit
[09:02] <infinite20> daniel-s: What is its type?
[09:02] <infinite20> i'm accessing in ipv6
[09:02] <infinite20> garyzeasshole x said can't compile in mips
[09:09] <hgrsd> wendico: a liveusb is meant for testing purposes, if you like ubuntu we reccomend to install it physically
[09:09] <hgrsd> Glorfindel: Not an exact quivalent, but for packages already installed "dpkg -S libcurl.so.4" and for packages available in the repos but not installed "apt-file search libcurl.so.4" .
[09:10] <hgrsd> the CVE might add privilege escalation to root
[09:10] <hgrsd> matsurago: raw, non-smart pointers? maybe for demonstration / explanation purposes?
[09:10] <hgrsd> Yeah that’s strange
[09:30] <mika16> The cloud shell is an ephemeral instance and nothing persists
[09:30] <mika16> So you want to write an .xinitrc or .xsession file that does that for you. OK, do that.
[09:30] <mika16> ⅿеdicinе іs nοt doing Allaһ is dοiᥒg
[10:36] <Guest63383> ncurses pairs are program-defined
[10:36] <Guest63383> 18:15 | Plugins loaded:
[10:36] <Guest63383> a keysec isn't a letter
[10:36] <Guest63383> i'm a bit offended by it's widespread usage
[11:05] <christiandr18> did you do notmuch ?
[11:05] <christiandr18> Wait is lua similar to C?
[11:05] <christiandr18> computer2000: you use a pixel format that supports it, presumably yuv444p
[11:05] <christiandr18> beat me to it...
[11:05] <christiandr18> That's exactly what I'm wondering actually. In what sorts of situations is it useful to let that integral be undefined?
[11:19] <Kryo25> you're trying to access data that doesn't belong to you
[11:19] <Kryo25> udev rules really are the cleanest way
[11:19] <Kryo25> clearly if (Exactly i) ~ (Exactly j) then i ~ j, then EqNat i j ~ True, then (If ... ~ Exactly i)
[11:19] <Kryo25> TBH I would give my soul for space-cadet
[12:26] <Ad1Tech8> I can stat the file though, anyone know what could be going on?
[12:26] <Ad1Tech8> !owner
[12:26] <Ad1Tech8> my apologies for the indirection.
[12:26] <Ad1Tech8> but thats how this code manages to do what it does
[12:26] <Ad1Tech8> I must be very tired
[13:18] <emily26> So, I'm guessing the fact that I didn't have a new dhparam file has nothing to do with the fact that my cert still isn't trusted, despite being signed by let's encrypt?
[13:18] <emily26> although I didn't touch the script colours
[13:18] <emily26> KASJKASJAKSJ
[13:18] <emily26> some apps try .config/whatever first (or some idiotically try /usr/share/), and fall back to places like /tmp and ~/
[13:18] <emily26> both sides
[13:19] <Sinny> uh, usually not a lot of hair?
[13:19] <Sinny> and combinations of those
[13:19] <Sinny> it's not an ide
[13:19] <Sinny> Scorpion2185: error 2 means that a file is missing, refer to those who provided you incomplete instructions
[13:30] <Speed`7> And it isn't what the person who reported that bug tried to do.
[13:30] <Speed`7> LTCD: -2 x is not "a half of" x
[13:30] <Speed`7> Yeah, given that UltraSparc, Solaris, and Java all come from Sun :P
[13:36] <pierre`26> ioria, looks a little broken there
[13:36] <pierre`26> Oxyd: ahh, thanks, I ended up just doing using CompressedTableEntry = std::array;
[14:04] <b10011> 「JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.01, aspect ratio, density 1x1, segment length 16, Exif Standard: [TIFF image data, big-endian, direntries=7, orientation=upper-left, xresolution=98, yresolution=106, resolutionunit=2, software=Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows), datetime=2018:09:17 17:46:50], progressive, precision 8, 1030x1455, frames 3」
[14:04] <b10011> nⲟbody caᥒ get aᥒgry at yo∪ without thе perⅿiѕѕⅰഠn оf aⅼlaһ
[14:35] <cwage1> Happyhobo, please watch your language.... that's two instances in one line
[14:35] <cwage1> if you flip 10, it won't be over 10.... but it will be more than 2
[14:35] <cwage1> m_ben: no, but they understand the generated html
[14:35] <cwage1> im using instructions of this recommended link https://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/ but i cant run in terminal on terminal as showed on the pictures, i dont get the pop up window to run in terminal
[15:01] <seebs17> lotus|NUC: I disabled Secure Boot and it solved the problem, at next boot ubuntu switched over to using the nvidia driver.
[15:01] <seebs17> need it to make a nice loud click
[15:01] <seebs17> tried it, i'm still on scp.. but to each their own.
[15:01] <seebs17> error: invalid cast of an rvalue expression of type 'int' to type 'int&'
[15:01] <seebs17> !sysrq | beta4
[15:04] <gtjoseph7> pokmo: describe you washmachine
[15:04] <gtjoseph7> thurin, nils_2: any easy way to convert stuff like :smile: <-> :-)
[15:04] <gtjoseph7> MacinMan: no, time machine uses hard links for the directories, apfs doesn't support it
[15:18] <n|nsei> hahainternet: they look like very weird bullet connectors for that "neck loop".
[15:18] <n|nsei> # n=4 i=23; printf %*d\n "$n" "$i"
[15:18] <n|nsei> cambió el tipo de grupo: Fans 100% de <3 <3 <3 Miraculous: Las aventuras de Ladybug <3 <3 <3 de "Equipos y proyectos" a "Personalizado".
[15:20] <joshproehl8> whats's the `argument` part of `su [options] [-] [user [argument...]]` ?? psasing a command causes an error.... `/bin/date: cannot execute binary file`
[15:20] <joshproehl8> Bah, no it's not. I don't know what I'm doing wrong
[15:20] <joshproehl8> nils_2: I checked that but missed the automatic part. Will read it again.
[15:20] <joshproehl8> there was NO webinterface i've seen that was keyboard driven.
[15:20] <joshproehl8> since I can see and ping other people in my apartment
[15:20] <baba__19> I've had it happen to me a few times
[15:20] <baba__19> ksh is different.
[15:21] <baba__19> Hello. That is a confusing nick.
[15:21] <baba__19> Helenah: yup
[15:21] <baba__19> bcmm: I'm trying to ,w hich is why I need sudo
[15:27] <erkko> to aсⅽept Iѕⅼam ѕaу tһat і bᥱar ᴡіtnеѕѕ tһat there іs no dеіtỿ ᴡorthy οf worshⅰр ехceрt Aⅼlah aᥒd Ϻuһaⅿmad peace be upoᥒ him іs hⅰs ѕⅼaⅴe ɑᥒⅾⅿеѕѕᥱᥒgеr
[15:31] <mad_enz1> sensor_humidity_relative sounds okay to me
[15:31] <mad_enz1> Since those are the points where things can fail.
[15:31] <mad_enz1> you can type pun with unions too but the standard is very esoteric regarding those and i am not comfortable saying i understand it
[15:31] <mad_enz1> ip is same as the one in the former output except for the last block
[15:56] <hayato26> pstef: Could you paste a code sample? ... followed by ... Code snippets that consist of a one-liner often lack context.
[15:56] <hayato26> awhowhh
[15:56] <hayato26> could it be because I upgrade moved to a different machine?
[15:56] <hayato26> but what benefits do constants give you, performance and memory wise?
[15:56] <hayato26> probably depends who you ask
[15:57] <Vaevictus15> i'm really done with this shit. but as one of my favourite polish punk bands used to sing "If you want to destroy racism, start form destroying it in yourself"
[15:57] <Vaevictus15> It was amusing a couple of times, back in 1995.
[15:57] <Vaevictus15> I've always wanted to try the max-blast sear on a steak
[15:57] <Vaevictus15> computeiro: I meant ^^
[15:57] <Vaevictus15> ffs I'm dead drunk
[16:07] <W--19> Hello, I'm looking for some networking expertise here... Anyone got any spare time?
[16:07] <W--19> I fear I'm being pointlessly pedantic.
[16:07] <W--19> Look at the savings!
[16:07] <W--19> PLA might be slightly better (it warps less), but i use PETG for most prints now, its great, as long as you can get the stringing under control
[16:07] <W--19> lacrymology: nice
[16:39] <agaffney1> backward compatibility ftw! ^^
[16:39] <agaffney1> q hacen
[16:39] <agaffney1> but I didn't see the grub menu
[16:39] <agaffney1> Thanks vague_
[16:39] <agaffney1> if you need text to speech then surely it works on your phone? lol
[16:39] <agaffney1> but nothing is working
[16:39] <shabo1> I envy his drive (sic) and junkyard
[16:39] <shabo1> well thats the only piece of electronics on the thing besides the contorl panel itself
[16:39] <shabo1> GB is ambigious
[16:40] <shabo1> I wanted to map it to :w
[16:40] <shabo1> any good alternative for draw.io ?
[16:40] <shabo1> that's why i buy apple cases
[16:41] <Draylor11> I want a USB camera
[16:41] <Draylor11> !ltsupgrade Griznah
[16:41] <Draylor11> maltese X chitzu
[16:41] <Draylor11> untrusted PPA ?
[16:41] <Draylor11> Hi, I am trying different themes from the link on irssi page, but the colors for the users remain monochromatic. For example, https://irssi-import.github.io/themes/kurja-round.png has different colors for each user, but my client doesn't get that, just sticks with one color. Could someone explain why am I facing this? It's hard to read using monochomatic user messages. I have tried this for other themes
[16:41] <Draylor11> as an argument I have to include -lm when I compile?
[17:07] <cloudnull11> oh.. well. i shouldn't have restarted :|
[17:08] <cloudnull11> It's telli
[17:08] <cloudnull11> 143 * 7
[17:08] <s1c0> Uhmmm weird I put `code` around those but I think the reply broke it
[17:08] <s1c0> support*
[17:08] <s1c0> like you're 2013 mac pro bought in 2016
[17:08] <cloudnull11> just gunking things up with crap
[17:08] <cloudnull11> romainl: what about something like going back to the orig window and :sb # ? except there's no buffer for the help, it seems
[17:28] <phadthai14> pnbeast: you mean asking others?
[17:28] <phadthai14> AAALLL: yeah same. my white sport band is all discoloured :/
[17:28] <phadthai14> hmm, right, STM can't be worse than REPEATABLE READ
[17:46] <Cracki1> Please, someone, ban all of these barbarians! ^^
[17:46] <Cracki1> Uhfaw: you said "iptables", not random abstractions
[17:46] <Cracki1> rf?
[17:51] <Inv1s1ble> like if you need a couple of mA flowing
[17:51] <Inv1s1ble> Instructions unclear, accidentally installed a 4-dimensional pipe. Send a topologist.
[17:51] <Inv1s1ble> Let's reboot into it and see about this install :D
[17:52] <Inv1s1ble> so close... so far away. :(
[17:53] <kincl8> V_4
[17:53] <kincl8> well gator was a netcom machine that you had to rsh to, in order to be able to get to the net
[17:53] <kincl8> it doesn't matter where you got the binary from, the same license applies
[17:53] <kincl8> I will akay in like 8 minutes
[17:53] <kincl8> ip -c a is pretty good
[17:57] <andirc808922> even the variable names are ridiculous
[17:57] <andirc808922> will that work in any OS X version ?
[17:57] <andirc808922> nHeck: In physical RAM? No, not generally. If the virtual addresses are contiguous? Yes
[17:57] <andirc808922> autopsy: ooh thats great
[17:57] <andirc808922> *colage
[18:02] <gluegadget9> yeah, n=10.
[18:02] <gluegadget9> What is the actual type of "it" in that context?
[18:02] <gluegadget9> han-solo: ah, so thats the canonical way to do it?
[18:02] <gluegadget9> dhess: I'm pretty sure it follows the old convention:
[18:03] <satazor20> b2coutts: It seems to me that category theory is “algebra meets topology”. You want to build something that is almost as nice to calculate with as algebraic objeccts, but has this feeling of being “more than just points” of topology.
[18:03] <satazor20> splud - no
[18:03] <satazor20> you use "they", when "he", or "she" doesn't seem appropriate.
[18:03] <satazor20> so i guess i have no enough permissions to compile it on the server
[18:03] <satazor20> the vatican makes people hand over money for nothing
[18:03] <satazor20> is there anything special about a table referencing itself?
[18:07] <bubonic15> *mode
[18:07] <bubonic15> You can put P3 images
[18:07] <bubonic15> or down, depends on the time
[18:08] <bubonic15> I made a program for analyzing bitcoin data
[18:14] <riex10> I'm making custom game controllers with arduino but port:read(1) doesn't read the correct amount of data, I got a lot of extra blank lines that I didn't expect, the messages shows correct in other serial monitors
[18:14] <riex10> It’s feels like a subecosystem.
[18:14] <riex10> you'd just be stuck using void when you know there's a result you want to throw away
[18:51] <Hasimir18> ab9rf: list monad is quite useless imo, but others may disagree
[18:51] <Hasimir18> you still have to run git submodule update ?
[18:51] <Hasimir18> all the interrupts and registers described and linked
[18:51] <Hasimir18> Yeah. Right now, my internet's not doing so well, 97Mbit down, 1.72Mbit up.
[18:51] <Hasimir18> Pr070cal: right, so dig into the log files to find out why. Sounds like possibly the login is being sent to an output that isn't on
[18:55] <pjm23> That way they can use Continuity with their personal iPhone, do backups, buy stuff off iTunes and the MAS (if permitted), but if they decide to go walkabouts the owning Apple ID can still track it, remote into it and lock it if necessary.
[18:55] <pjm23> jp: Not always.
[18:55] <pjm23> tgeeky just linked to www.youtube.com (PSW 2331 Exceeding Fusion Fuel Breakeven | The National Ignition Facility | Parney Albright - YouTube)
[19:53] <react-group21> brick?
[19:53] <react-group21> "follow a proper book" implies actually following it :)
[19:53] <react-group21> standard lubuntu (no changes to standard config)
[20:02] <BRKs5> did you forget -k by chance?
[20:02] <BRKs5> Hmm, then I'll be bored and I already ordered an adapter to use a USB keyboard with the PS2 connector
[20:02] <BRKs5> squ: yeah the snowden docs are funny when it comes to juniper and cisco
[20:27] <Guest62217> RichiH24: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[20:27] <Guest62217> http://jsslkeylog.sourceforge.net/
[20:27] <Guest62217> It will not do this if invoked as sh. The --norc option may be used to
[20:29] <computerquip29> What’s the word?
[20:29] <computerquip29> ah, MLCC, the unintentional microphone
[20:29] <computerquip29> if blkid shows UUIDs ... does that mean i should be able to use them?
[20:29] <computerquip29> should be doing audio to match highest abilit of the device
[20:54] <GLaDER_4> haskellernoob, stack exec -- ghc ...
[20:54] <GLaDER_4> i never had sex when drunk
[20:54] <GLaDER_4> damn...dpkg**
[20:54] <GLaDER_4> But those spammers would just *receive* e-mails, no?
[20:54] <GLaDER_4> can't beat that prefetcher
[20:54] <GLaDER_4> Same owner :)
[20:59] <Adagio6> I forgot to go to sleep
[20:59] <Adagio6> you're just linking or did extra steps to import plugins ?
[20:59] <Adagio6> but no load shedding
[20:59] <Adagio6> e36freak, that's why i ended up using awk
[20:59] <Adagio6> or combination of both?
[20:59] <Adagio6> the programmer's dilemma to administrative tasks, i guess
[21:17] <Zougloub16> create skynet?
[21:17] <Zougloub16> æçÁåhöWàΑo¾:Yä°>Ë(ò²뀎ÕWè>oêmjU‘ØA6‡OWn ëf
[21:32] <onculayn> and used the money to buy 60 forks for work
[21:32] <onculayn> Camusensei: 2 0
[21:48] <apus> but I am thinking of post just being tagged bite or human, I will post a draft set of rules later
[21:48] <apus> What he hell?
[21:48] <apus> You shouldn't laught about such serious matter
[21:48] <apus> the original partition was ~600GB I reduced it to ~200GB but still have ~400GB unalocated I want to move outside the extended partition
[22:19] <docwhat25> (the runtime needs to do tis in places)
[22:19] <docwhat25> just buy more acorns
[22:19] <docwhat25> Looks good now: Building with Perl support ....... : static (in irssi binary)
[22:21] <SanguineAnomaly2> there's a letter B and it labeled "stroke"
[22:21] <SanguineAnomaly2> ^7heo: The same
[22:21] <SanguineAnomaly2> A windows page file is the same as a linux swap file.
[22:39] <chrisyang_06607> alienated: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[22:39] <chrisyang_06607> because of the order you chose to evaluate your ambiguous operations.
[22:39] <chrisyang_06607> so, the voltage was probably higher
[23:20] <THE_GFR|W> i filled a tyre with woodglue years ago and it still hasn't gone soft... that's gotta be worth a few 1000psi points at least
[23:20] <THE_GFR|W> i have it for my dictionary as well now
[23:20] <THE_GFR|W> oh yeah, it gets pretty stupid if you have type errors too
[23:20] <THE_GFR|W> madnight: just compile ghc with ghcjs, simple ;)
[23:20] <THE_GFR|W> I remember reading an article about HISTFILESIZE and why its limited to 400000000, anyone know about that?
[23:22] <ircmaxell28> I'd have guessed not, but that bijection to Int is a bad smell
[23:22] <ircmaxell28> jk^: No, the channel has come to the same concensus as leftyfb ... the drive is dead. It's time to visit the computer store and buy a new one.
[23:22] <ircmaxell28> supposed to be 800h/s
[23:49] <bryceml23> depends how long it stays in sleep vs active :P
[23:49] <bryceml23> (x & 0xF0) >> 4
[23:50] <bryceml23> no... es broma
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