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[02:16] <flying_sausages4> p
[02:16] <flying_sausages4>
[02:16] <flying_sausages4> k
[02:16] <flying_sausages4> gB
[02:16] <flying_sausages4> n.
[02:40] <LeMike_22>
[02:40] <LeMike_22>
[02:40] <LeMike_22> Wf55
[02:40] <LeMike_22> 
[02:40] <LeMike_22>
[03:40] <ronny[mx]>
[03:40] <ronny[mx]>
[03:41] <ronny[mx]>
[03:41] <ronny[mx]> 
[03:41] <ronny[mx]> +
[06:06] <Blub26> g]Dn
[06:06] <Blub26> }h++
[06:06] <Blub26> x9
[06:06] <Blub26>
[06:06] <Blub26> 
[07:18] <sigquit-> XG
[07:18] <sigquit-> 6
[07:18] <sigquit->
[07:18] <sigquit-> Z
[07:19] <sigquit-> g{]
[08:59] <CryingCyclops2> H
[08:59] <CryingCyclops2>
[08:59] <CryingCyclops2>
[08:59] <CryingCyclops2> 0{i
[08:59] <CryingCyclops2> B
[09:35] <jac494> /(%
[09:35] <jac494>
[09:35] <jac494>
[09:35] <jac494>
[09:35] <jac494> -LM
[10:34] <kyledrake19>
[10:34] <kyledrake19> e%
[10:34] <kyledrake19> |
[10:34] <kyledrake19> v
[10:34] <kyledrake19> l"
[12:06] <Necrosand10> Q
[14:10] <Guest88235> R
[14:10] <Guest88235> ά
[14:10] <Guest88235> 8:>Y
[14:11] <Guest88235> BD
[14:11] <Guest88235> wd
[14:18] <NobodyCam14> p
[16:25] <webframp7> U
[16:25] <webframp7> s
[16:26] <ullbeking15> 
[16:26] <ullbeking15> QB
[16:26] <ullbeking15>
[17:25] <MonoMonkey11> 9
[17:25] <MonoMonkey11>
[17:25] <MonoMonkey11> 
[17:25] <MonoMonkey11> 3
[20:17] <veeti24> told you
[20:17] <veeti24> google it hahaha
[20:17] <veeti24> is [^] part of glob?
[20:17] <veeti24> knotwurk: try it yourself, open a file in vim, press , change to another directory (not $HOME), and the bring vim back up with 'fg'. check the current cwd with :pwd
[20:17] <veeti24> Since RoR likely
[20:28] <Bonn33317> efsnable: thats deeply disturbing :)
[20:28] <Bonn33317> something that requires both a physical key of some type and passphrase is a good start
[20:28] <Bonn33317> it's a bad resource?
[20:28] <Bonn33317> X
[20:28] <Bonn33317> hah I will stick with Soma FM then
[20:42] <tacocat4> https://github.com/att/ast/blob/master/src/cmd/ksh93/bltins/read.c#L84
[20:42] <tacocat4> oh mathlab
[20:42] <tacocat4> as I said. I will not pay marketters to be in my home. that's some next-level idiocy right there.
[20:42] <tacocat4> ah, it's loading a serialized QFont from the config plist indeed
[20:42] <tacocat4> also check that there is no overflow/out of bounds access
[20:53] <dinfuehr_> so competition is what dooms capitalism?
[20:53] <dinfuehr_> so use malloc()
[20:53] <dinfuehr_> it's one of those times where it's time to hug each other's bellies to show friendship and not anger ;)
[20:53] <dinfuehr_> wrrr :c
[20:53] <dinfuehr_> agreed jsoft
[21:43] <Emmanuel_Chanel2> http://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/7cab0e91d9556775
[21:43] <Emmanuel_Chanel2> Simon1234: A ton of people hate them, including me
[21:44] <Emmanuel_Chanel2> i know that `return` puts it inside a monad, and `pure` puts it inside an applicative
[21:44] <Emmanuel_Chanel2> steaming turd emoji
[21:44] <Emmanuel_Chanel2> What abut updates?
[21:52] <semiosis> bounty: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[21:52] <semiosis> it only lasts for 2 hours.
[21:52] <semiosis> it's virtually identical
[21:52] <semiosis> Hi, can someone explain me what does the extension FlexibleInstances mean?
[21:52] <semiosis> odysseynz: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[21:53] <patteh25> n^2 = 9k^2 + 12k + 4 = 3*(3k^2 + 6k + 1) + 1?
[21:53] <patteh25> Monero price in USD = $92.96
[21:53] <patteh25> but now when starting the switch, it's giving all alarms, fan alarm, temperature alarm (123-125C on the motherboard and mac) and voltage alarms
[21:53] <patteh25> mancha: fair enough
[21:53] <patteh25> fugly: the good thing about having nuclear power is nobody fucks with you, not even the US, you dont have to use them you just hold them and let everyone know
[22:07] <eiosifidis16> BCMM: i figured, got it open now
[22:07] <eiosifidis16> un poquito bajita que yo
[22:07] <eiosifidis16> that wasn't my question tho
[22:07] <eiosifidis16> ZFS is pretty great, but it's also fundamentally flawed in that pools can't be shrunk, and a lot of common disk operations are impossible
[22:07] <eiosifidis16> could come in handy some day
[22:27] <jlarocco5> The math “community” is more defined by the theoretical and passionate crowd that the applies..
[22:27] <jlarocco5> Then I installed i3 and LXDM.
[22:27] <jlarocco5> nothing bad can happen really, if he's wrong he's wrong
[22:27] <jlarocco5> as in the nick of the person you are sending to
[22:27] <jlarocco5> both are similar in principle and operations, but are different in the way they are created
[23:00] <wolflarson0> UncleDrax, for now lol
[23:00] <wolflarson0> does arXiv accept formal proofs+?
[23:00] <wolflarson0> 4
[23:00] <wolflarson0> rio: Ah, I wasn't use that environment, but perhaps I should be. Thanks
[23:00] <wolflarson0> language, someone will actually use it to cause damage, either unwittingly or willingly.
[23:06] <j7k63> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UUID :: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/datatype-uuid.html
[23:06] <j7k63> btw. a "window" is something different than a "buffer" in weechat. therefore a /window close will close a window
[23:21] <veremitz10> each server gives 350hs
[23:21] <veremitz10> so.. do i just leave it plugged in for a long time and boom the update should eventually come through?
[23:21] <veremitz10> ntpd is running and a valid pool is supplied, yet the date is days off
[23:21] <veremitz10> u can flush root password
[23:21] <veremitz10> try to boot with nomodeset
[23:28] <]BFG[25> dnivra: So, you've probably got a *lot* of files that are potentially just sitting around.
[23:28] <]BFG[25> so even 512MB is a lot
[23:28] <]BFG[25> what're you serving out? isn't rstp multicast / simulcast?
[23:28] <]BFG[25> well if you boot up legacy boot on an mbr-schemed partition table I mean...what is happening?!
[23:28] <]BFG[25> https://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2018/09/10/designing-firmware-for-an-open-world
[23:51] <Wizek22> Urchin[emacs]: yep
[23:51] <Wizek22> they also have a separate irc channel on a separate irc network, `ani`
[23:51] <Wizek22> ??? 120mm is standard pc fan size????
[23:51] <Wizek22> where can i customize the "Open in ...." options in Nautilus?
[23:51] <Wizek22> > error: Failed to do InspectContainer call: {"command":"close","channel":"2:1!19"}
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