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[12:11] <aido179> Hi, got a few questions re the build challenge.
[12:12] <aido179> Anybody know what prizes were awarded for specific projects? I'd like to build something
[12:13] <aido179> but to do it properly, I'd need to budget for it.
[12:15] <guyleumi> Hello guys
[12:15] <aido179> Hey
[12:16] <guyleumi> I'm about to start a project based on stellar network
[12:16] <aido179> Me too. What are you thinking of?
[12:17] <guyleumi> the purpose is to build apps for micro payments for under developed countries like india
[12:18] <guyleumi> Is it a similar think that you have in mind?
[12:20] <aido179> I have a few ideas. 1) micropayments to help feed homeless. 2) App to pay your children a small allowance.
[12:21] <guyleumi> That's really interesting
[12:21] <aido179> I want to start with something small though. To get familiar with the API and stuff.
[12:22] <guyleumi> That's exactly what I'm doing now
[12:22] <guyleumi> Are you an App developer?
[12:22] <aido179> Yes.
[12:23] <aido179> Well, I build web apps really. Not native.
[12:23] <guyleumi> Cool
[12:23] <guyleumi> Are you familiar with React-native
[12:24] <aido179> I am familiar with react. And will give react native a go soon (probably for this project).
[12:24] <aido179> And you? What is your experience?
[12:24] <guyleumi> I'm a big data developer
[12:25] <guyleumi> Just getting into React-Native
[12:25] <aido179> Have you used react before?
[12:26] <guyleumi> No I'm still learning
[12:26] <guyleumi> React-native
[12:27] <aido179> I'm enjoying it, but I was using Meteor (JS app framework) before, which used blazejs as the view layer. React, in comparison, seems cumbersome.
[12:27] <aido179> (Meteor uses react now instead of blaze, but when I started with Meteor, blaze was the only option.)
[12:28] <guyleumi> I've been doing this for few weeks now and I love it
[12:30] <guyleumi> Have you been able to successfully setup bridge server, compliance server and federation server on stellar network?
[12:32] <aido179> Not yet. I have only started researching the technology today
[12:32] <guyleumi> One of the thing I really want to implement is an end-to-end setup using those different servers
[12:32] <aido179> I have an Ethereum project 90% finished that I want to complete first. Then I will start implementing stuff
[12:32] <aido179> You?
[12:35] <guyleumi> I've written some basic JS code without interface to test the stellar network, like issuing asset, send custom asset from between accounts
[12:35] <guyleumi> So far so good
[12:36] <guyleumi> I check balance of those accounts
[12:37] <guyleumi> where are you based?
[12:37] <aido179> Good start!
[12:37] <aido179> I'm in Ireland.
[12:38] <guyleumi> I'm in London
[12:39] <guyleumi> If you don't mind we can team up to work together
[12:39] <aido179> What have you got in mind?
[12:40] <guyleumi> Working together on a Project like micro payments app
[12:42] <aido179> I'm up for that.
[12:42] <guyleumi> Cool
[12:42] <guyleumi> I can share my email with you
[12:43] <guyleumi> and we continue this in private is that okay
[12:43] <aido179> yeah.
[12:43] <aido179> just sent you a dm
[12:43] <guyleumi> guy.leumi@yahoo.com
[12:45] <guyleumi> just send over some test email I'll answer back
[15:46] <Trenal> Question: Horizon requires Postgres but Core can use SQLite or Postgres?
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