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[02:43] <mynameisdebian> Is this a real cryptocurrency or some kind of scam? I invested in some of these coins a while back and I have over 9,000 STR in an online account. I try to upgrade to the wallet, but instead of immediately upgrading the account like the upgrade page SAYS IT WILL, it redirects me to a page asking for a confirmation code that was e-mailed to me. Of course, no code was ever e-mailed to me. All I ever received was an e-mail
[02:44] <mynameisdebian> titled "Welcome to Stellar.org" containing no information relevant to my upgrade request. Is this even a real company?
[02:44] <mynameisdebian> I don't understand why they would send me a Welcome e-mail when I request the confirmation code. Clearly I can receive e-mails from stellar
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