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[03:00] <wh173> good evening
[03:01] <wh173> i'm looking for some help. I am taking a college course and have been given an assignment to develop a "Stellar" application. I was looking for some help or documents on how to stand up a testing environment
[03:48] <btibble> Interesting. Is everyone in the class dealing with Stellar, or did you narrow your choice of assignment from a more general requirement?
[04:22] <wh173> our assignment says we have to use stellar. how about you?
[05:01] <btibble> Just sorta interested in the concept. Seems sorta dead in here. You're the first person to say anything in days.
[05:01] <btibble> What's the class?
[05:01] <wh173> its a masters class - distributed systems and middleware
[05:05] <btibble> That sounds pretty interesting. Distributed systems are harder, but they prevent so much heartache by being resilient
[05:06] <wh173> true - up time is great!
[05:07] <wh173> have coded anything to interface with stellar at all?
[05:07] <wh173> *have you
[05:13] <btibble> I have not, sorry. Haven't set up the environment, either. I think they have a slack channel somewhere. You might find more life on it.
[05:13] <wh173> headed there...thanks man!
[05:13] <btibble> http://slack.stellar.org/
[05:14] <btibble> good luck with the project
[05:14] <wh173> thanks man
[05:18] <btibble> quite welcome
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