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[09:52] <moos> https://thepasteb.in/p/AnhrLzvrPz1tv
[09:54] <moos> hey
[09:54] <MikeFair> ACTION looks.
[09:55] <moos> have a question regarding token offering on our plattform
[09:55] <moos> Regulation-compatible
[09:55] <moos> i am in germany
[09:55] <MikeFair> I read your page; but I can't speak to regulations
[09:55] <moos> and searching for a solution to bypass transactioncost
[09:55] <moos> ok
[09:56] <MikeFair> Bypass how so?
[09:56] <MikeFair> Credit cards?
[09:56] <moos> with intern tokens like in the gaming industry
[09:56] <MikeFair> or some other transactions costs like VAT
[09:57] <MikeFair> Stellar can definitely keep track of "Credits" that you've issued and allow people to trade those credits amongst themselves
[09:58] <MikeFair> but I'm not sure if that's what you were after
[09:58] <moos> yes
[09:59] <MikeFair> You mentioned a Video-On-Demand service
[09:59] <moos> yes
[09:59] <moos> uses buy videos from other users with this credits
[10:00] <moos> we will get a % of each sale
[10:00] <moos> users can sell those credits to us for real money
[10:00] <moos> fiat
[10:00] <moos> of crypto
[10:01] <MikeFair> How did they get credits to begin with (I'm asusming they bought them from you)
[10:01] <moos> yes
[10:01] <moos> there are so many games out there who are selling ingame tokens
[10:02] <moos> it should be possible to do this
[10:02] <MikeFair> So they come to you and purchase some credits; use the credits in the video on demand market; then the receivers of those credits (presumably the video producers) "cash out" with you
[10:02] <moos> yes
[10:02] <MikeFair> Yes, that sounds like exactly what Stellar was designed for
[10:03] <moos> perfect
[10:03] <MikeFair> I'm fairly new to the Stellar Universe, but this channel really doesn't have anyone else who speaks
[10:04] <moos> ok
[10:04] <MikeFair> I can't speak to the regulatory aspects; but technically this is very direct
[10:04] <moos> where should I ask regarding regulatory? any idea?
[10:05] <MikeFair> Probably the video game industry, your financial prosecutor/regulator (in the United States it's an organization called "FinCEN")
[10:06] <moos> ok thanks for your help!
[10:06] <moos> I will do this now
[10:06] <MikeFair> Although what's interesting is you might be able to bypass fiat
[10:06] <MikeFair> or create a relationship with an exchange
[10:07] <moos> yes that would perhaps nice ase well. Or I will become an exchange :)
[10:07] <MikeFair> You'd accept "XLM" (Lumens; which is the native currency of the platform) and send "VDC" (Video On Demand Currency)
[10:07] <moos> Yes
[10:08] <MikeFair> At some point you'd take back the VDC and could potentially just issue them back XLM
[10:08] <moos> I wish you a nice day and week :) I will come back if I have found a solution
[10:08] <moos> bye
[10:08] <MikeFair> bye
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