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[03:16] <MikeFair> o/! Hi all :) -- Question; is there a way to make it so only a single Account can credit another account (or said in reverse, a way to make it so an account will only accept credit from a specific account)
[03:16] <MikeFair> ?
[05:15] <MikeFair> ping? Can anyone point me to the algorithm used to transform a random string provided by the user to a RawSeed for creating a keypair?
[05:16] <MikeFair> I only see the functions "KeyPair.FromRawSeed(string)" and "KeyPair.Random()"
[05:17] <MikeFair> err not FromRawSeed(string) -- but FromRawSeed([32]byte)
[06:26] <MikeFair> ok, figured it out; in go you can create a [32]byte array, then copy the string into it
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