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[02:54] <stellar-slack> @lab forked network on your standalone network or on testnet?
[03:03] <stellar-slack> a network with peers
[03:04] <stellar-slack> how many peers?
[03:04] <stellar-slack> four
[03:04] <stellar-slack> to be least "safe" :)
[03:05] <stellar-slack> so with 3 being bad the forth split?
[03:05] <stellar-slack> 66% is the number I think so that would be 75%
[03:06] <stellar-slack> forth will follow if the bad three are same
[03:06] <stellar-slack> ya that's what I was thinking so with IP count you win
[03:07] <stellar-slack> and i keep native asset :)
[03:07] <stellar-slack> stellar-core is awesome. I repaired my engines without halt
[03:08] <stellar-slack> upgraded to pr#752
[03:09] <stellar-slack> halt you mean halt linux system? or you just didn't have to do a full db reset
[03:27] <stellar-slack> system halt or db reset doesn't matter
[03:28] <stellar-slack> i mean the ledger keep advancing without halt while upgrading validators
[03:32] <stellar-slack> oh IC so you can upgrade one at a time and keep all the assets intact on all
[03:33] <stellar-slack> I'm trying to run all my stuf through horizon now so as long as that works I'm good to go
[03:35] <stellar-slack> because four nodes can support 1 failure_safty
[04:49] <stellar-slack> seems my stellar-core is not coming up today. might they have reset testnet ahead of schedual?
[05:16] <stellar-slack> another brainfart on my side with my present code branch I failed to bring in the updated -core cfg with NETWORK_PASSPHRASE="Test SDF Network ; September 2015" added ha ha
[06:55] <stellar-slack> the manageoffer tx is still buggy
[06:58] <stellar-slack> Offer Id 7 has been created... with the amount of 0.0000083 YEN (??). Payload used:
[07:01] <stellar-slack> not sure where that number could come from
[07:02] <stellar-slack> oh I guess your price is an int, did you try it as a string?
[08:03] <stellar-slack> it doesnt matter what i do since it's being split into an xdr price with price_n and price_d by the js lib before submission
[08:03] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-base/blob/master/src/operation.js#L253
[08:38] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/754
[10:28] <stellar-slack> is there such a function to allow deleting an already activated stellar account?
[10:28] <stellar-slack> I mean other than reseting all the db of the entire system. I mean on testnet
[10:29] <stellar-slack> mergeAccounts?
[10:29] <stellar-slack> oh maybe that's what merge accounts does ya
[10:30] <stellar-slack> I've never tried that function
[12:16] <stellar-slack> @jed: testnet already running with the manageoffer fixes? initiating a manageoffer on my node causes it to lose sync
[12:16] <stellar-slack> no it isn't on testnet yet
[12:17] <stellar-slack> ah ok that explains it
[13:32] <stellar-slack> I can't seem to delete a signer from an account on testnet. can someone try add and delete a signer to show me it can be done?
[13:33] <stellar-slack> or maybe the web interface can do this?
[13:42] <stellar-slack> I can't seem to get the web interface to do anything https://www.stellar.org/developers/tools/client/#/accountmanager other than create an account I failed to get federation to work and also add signer didn't work
[13:49] <stellar-slack> very strange one of the federations I did before has now apeared but I try to change it again and it won't change. tried from firefox and chrome
[13:59] <stellar-slack> oh I just found my stellar-core has lost sync so it's probly on my side
[14:08] <stellar-slack> but it seems I still have the problem with able to add signers but can't delete signer in my software or from the web developer tools https://www.stellar.org/developers/tools/client/#/accountmanager
[14:11] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: I'm working on fixes in js-stellar-base. you can add your issue to github so I will pick it after finishing current tasks. also, I'm not sure if client tool has been updated on our server - until new network launches, you should use it locally: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-tutorials
[14:12] <stellar-slack> my code is in ruby so I'm not even sure where to post it
[14:12] <stellar-slack> oh. so you should probably add an issue to https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base
[14:13] <stellar-slack> but it must be at the stellar-core level as it fails the same in both ruby-stellar-base and in js-
[14:14] <stellar-slack> if you are sure it's not client lib bug, then add an issue to https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core
[14:14] <stellar-slack> or a brainfart on my side is always posible
[14:25] <stellar-slack> I posted it in ruby-stellar-base for now https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base/issues/16
[15:02] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: can you please provide some more context for https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base/issues/15
[15:20] <stellar-slack> @scott I could provide a small ruby script that just creates and trys to delete a signer if you want. but it should be verifiable by just going to the dev site https://www.stellar.org/developers/tools/client/#/accountmanager and fill in the Set Options section with Address: and Secret: Add signer: Signer Address: Weight (0-255, 0 for delete) set to 1 then change to 0
[15:21] <stellar-slack> I’m actually referring to the issue you created over the weekend
[15:21] <stellar-slack> Regarding signers, I’ve just confirmed it’s a stellar-core bug
[15:22] <stellar-slack> oh ok then you can just close that one and move it
[15:22] <stellar-slack> haha sacarlson ... high five to us for doing free QA work
[15:22] <stellar-slack> will do
[15:26] <stellar-slack> oh sorry scott that was an older issuer 15, I'll provide more details on that one for you
[15:26] <stellar-slack> thanks!
[15:30] <stellar-slack> The signer removal bug: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/755
[15:32] <stellar-slack> y a that looks good
[16:02] <stellar-slack> @scott it seems even if I pull my older code I can't recreate the problem I saw with issue/15 so my best guess is that I might have been running the older ruby-stellar-base 0.3.0 instead of 0.4.0. maybe that might cause the problem I saw. so I would go ahead and close that one
[16:02] <stellar-slack> :+1: thanks for looking into it
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