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[00:36] <stellar-slack> i am busy tunning
[00:36] <stellar-slack> what your guitar?
[00:36] <stellar-slack> broken..
[01:19] <stellar-slack> with the new version 0.4.0 of ruby-stellar-base it looks like I can only do native transactions in int. you can't send 1.123 native as far as I can tell
[01:20] <stellar-slack> did u try converting the float to a string?
[01:20] <stellar-slack> oh no i didn't
[01:23] <stellar-slack> ya that works. so if you send float it must be a float in string format
[01:23] <stellar-slack> but int works also
[01:23] <stellar-slack> I'll just fix it on my side to convert all numbers to string
[01:25] <stellar-slack> I'll enter it as an issue
[01:37] <stellar-slack> should I assume that currency is the same that I need to convert that to string also?
[01:38] <stellar-slack> as that also isn't working today with this 0.4.0 base
[01:47] <stellar-slack> oh my add trust fails due to what I had set as max is too high I think. so what is the new big number I can use for max trust?
[01:48] <stellar-slack> and must that also be in string format?
[01:49] <stellar-slack> I better keep it bellow 3bilion
[02:08] <stellar-slack> after I tried 3bil it works but I see someone else has it up to 922bil so I'm setting mine to limit=900000000000 900bil
[02:09] <stellar-slack> there’s a default value if you don’t provide it yourself
[02:10] <stellar-slack> oh I could try that
[02:11] <stellar-slack> and it defaults to max, to that’s probably where the 922 billion comes from
[02:11] <stellar-slack> yes makes sence, but I think I'll leave my default to 900bil just so my accounts are easy to find
[03:11] <stellar-slack> I can't seem to get add_signer to work in ruby-stellar-base. I can do transactions on the same account like domain_home change and native and non-native transactions work
[03:12] <stellar-slack> maybe some new added flag or something?
[07:46] <stellar-slack> What is sequence_number in StellarSdk.Account(adr, sequence_number) ? the sequence_number found when querying account's details ?
[07:49] <stellar-slack> yup
[07:53] <stellar-slack> Thanks. Before I can send a non-native asset to another account, this account have to trust me for this assets before ?
[07:54] <stellar-slack> yes trustlines need to be set before you send non-native assets
[07:57] <stellar-slack> I learned something about how to decode the stellar database txbody into a more human readable format, but I can' t figure out how to decode the txresult format. what structure does it use?
[07:58] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: ok. Thanks.
[08:07] <stellar-slack> TransactionResultPair
[08:08] <stellar-slack> oh cool didn't try that one yet
[08:09] <stellar-slack> this is what is seen in txresult in stellar db?
[08:09] <stellar-slack> yeah i think
[08:09] <stellar-slack> well worth a try
[08:16] <stellar-slack> ya it looks like it works
[08:17] <stellar-slack> maybe now I can find out why my transactions fail
[08:17] <stellar-slack> so what does the txmeta db colum contain?
[09:38] <stellar-slack> does this mean I don't have enuf native? SetOptionsResultCode.set_options_low_reserve(-1)
[09:40] <stellar-slack> just to do a add_signer? I have a balance of 24999930 for acc: GC7GTGRYC6A3D5ONHA43IH4JESXVHM2H42GIP4RVI6TPR75PUXO7NDL6
[09:44] <stellar-slack> SET_OPTIONS_LOW_RESERVE = -1, // not enough funds to add a signer
[09:51] <stellar-slack> that was it I just needed to add more money ha ha I'm just too cheap
[11:04] <stellar-slack> haha if there's a problem, consider throwing money at it until it goes away
[11:07] <stellar-slack> I forgot this rule you need a bigger balance depending on signers but I never woried about it I always had like 1000+
[11:08] <stellar-slack> I still don't remember the exact number. I also found my other problem was fee that I found I can set to 20 and it works, but again I'm not sure what the exact number should be
[11:08] <stellar-slack> for now every merged tx I add to an envelope I will add 10 to the fee
[11:10] <stellar-slack> one other thing learned is you DO have increment the sequence number for each added transaction in an envelope. I'll make a function do it so I can forget it
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