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[02:21] <stellar-slack> looks like this new stellar-core has the same problem with "state" : "Joining SCP" after my ip address changes
[02:21] <stellar-slack> I guess is meant for only static address users
[02:24] <stellar-slack> it was working find with my ip at but now my ip is so it's droped me
[02:26] <stellar-slack> I can normaly just restart the stellar-core to get it going again but the other day that also didn't work unless I wait 10 hours or so.
[05:00] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: able to repro on testnet https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/750
[05:03] <stellar-slack> I issued this one today https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/749
[05:04] <stellar-slack> so I beat you by one
[05:06] <stellar-slack> I think I failed to add that I beleave that @lab might have seen the same issue with loss of sync. do you run stellar-core from your home ADSL network @lab? with changing IP address also?
[10:51] <stellar-slack> sounds like @lab has a differnet problem as he runs on vps that I assume are static address. so I don't know any others that run non static dynamic IP that run stellar-core to verify or confirm
[11:37] <stellar-slack> can you only add one signer to an account per each transaction? I would think I could add an array of signers on a single transaction or I'm hoping I can
[11:46] <stellar-slack> it's looking like the only way I might be able to add more than one signer added on an account in only a single transaction is to merge transactions. I've never got merge transactions to work yet so I might be stuck again.
[11:48] <stellar-slack> yup, just add more operations to it
[11:49] <stellar-slack> have you been able to merge transaction dzham ? last I tried I got some error about fee's
[11:50] <stellar-slack> I’m just using the javascript sdk for now, so it’s pretty easy.
[11:50] <stellar-slack> I"ve been doing it the slow way that requires waiting after each transaction to do the next
[11:51] <stellar-slack> any examples in javascript?
[11:52] <stellar-slack> does it cost more to do merged transactions?
[11:53] <stellar-slack> ``` server.loadAccount(process.env.ACCOUNT) .then(function (account) { var transaction = new stellar.TransactionBuilder(account) .addOperation(stellar.Operation.setOptions({ signer: { address: process.env.SIGNING_ACCOUNT, weight: 1 } })) .addOperation(stellar.Operation.setOptions({ masterWeight: 1, lowThreshold: 1, medThreshold: 2, highThreshold: 2 })) .addSigner(userKey)
[11:53] <stellar-slack> server.submitTransaction(transaction); }) ```
[11:53] <stellar-slack> It costs more, but there are tonnes of benefits with it
[11:54] <stellar-slack> cool thanks
[11:54] <stellar-slack> I think the problem I have is not know how to allow the cost
[11:56] <stellar-slack> Oh, I haven’t even though about that.. Does it still works like in stellard, that you have to put the fee into the transaction?
[11:59] <stellar-slack> OK, it does. Well, that complicated stuff :) Hopefully it’s just based on the number of ops
[12:00] <stellar-slack> oh you saying this is untested to do more than one transaction?
[12:02] <stellar-slack> I guess I will just do trail and error on a simple merge until I get that. once that works everything should fall into place
[12:08] <stellar-slack> I’m doing multiple ops all the time, but fees are handled by the sdk
[12:08] <stellar-slack> ok
[12:10] <stellar-slack> I think in base you also have to manualy know what sequence each merge step will be
[12:10] <stellar-slack> or can you have more than one seqnum change in a single stellar cycle?
[12:11] <stellar-slack> I think we need the ruby dude
[12:12] <stellar-slack> :)
[12:12] <stellar-slack> You just need seqnum for the main account of a transaction
[12:13] <stellar-slack> And that’s the account that pays the fee
[12:14] <stellar-slack> this code looks like you need to add 1 to each merge tx
[12:15] <stellar-slack> but this code doesn't even work
[12:15] <stellar-slack> but it's the only example I've been able to find that has the word merge in it
[12:16] <stellar-slack> I can’t find any fees for operations in the xdr
[12:17] <stellar-slack> at high level code I'm sure they would just find out what the fee will be and make sure they pay it
[12:18] <stellar-slack> my guess is every increment of the sequence number will cost 10 things
[13:55] <stellar-slack> I can't even add one signer to a single account anymore. can someone try and see if it can still be done? I note that no accounts have any added signers in the database
[14:03] <stellar-slack> oh maybe the signers have to also be active accounts? That's what I've changed in this code so let me try that with all active signers
[14:23] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: how about GDNOHZEVJ2ORORW3AQWYX4CTIWYUBIU56XZDPA5NHRLL7JS3NQUXFKNA? I just added signers to it, and didn’t get any errors back
[14:26] <stellar-slack> yes cool I see 4 accounts now that have signers, but I did something wird and broke 3 accounts that now all have the same sequence numbers and when I try to transact it returns bad seq number error
[14:27] <stellar-slack> oh wait those aren't my accounts
[17:00] <stellar-slack> rfr: https://github.com/stellar/horizon-importer/pull/54
[17:00] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: signers don't need to be actual accounts in the ledger, just keys. Also the fee for k operations within a transaction is k*base_fee
[17:41] <bittrex-richie> hey guys how do i get access to the stellar-dev slack?
[17:42] <stellar-slack> ... you're here! but if you want to join through Slack itself, sign up here: http://slack.stellar.org/
[17:42] <stellar-slack> you can continue to chat on the mirrored IRC channel if you like though. Up to you. I personally prefer Slack.
[18:17] <bittrex-richie> tryign to get an invite
[18:17] <bittrex-richie> but nothings hapening
[18:17] <bittrex-richie> meh
[18:17] <stellar-slack> hmm, let me checkout the invite bot
[18:18] <bittrex-richie> yeah.. i'm not getting the email from the slack page
[18:18] <stellar-slack> I was able to get the invite pretty quickly bittrex-richie: did the email end up in spam?
[18:18] <bittrex-richie> nope.. checked that as well
[18:19] <bittrex-richie> wonder if its being blocked before it even gets me meh
[18:19] <stellar-slack> we can try it manually maybe?
[18:19] <bittrex-richie> that'd be great.. richie@bittrex.com
[18:20] <stellar-slack> it says that you're already a team member :S
[18:20] <stellar-slack> not sure that this will work, but you could try the "forgot password" flow https://stellar-public.slack.com/
[18:21] <stellar-slack> since it seems to think your email is already in the system
[18:21] <stellar-slack> and so i am...
[18:21] <stellar-slack> better ;)
[18:21] <stellar-slack> Yes!
[18:21] <stellar-slack> welcome :)
[18:22] <stellar-slack> thx.. ok.. now that i'm here.. ;)
[18:22] <stellar-slack> if you want some tips on using Slack, Vanessa and I made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQW60H50XNQ
[18:22] <stellar-slack> is there someone i can talk to about the upcoming changes?
[18:22] <stellar-slack> what would you like to know in particular?
[18:22] <stellar-slack> looks like i'm going to have to rework the entire workflow and its cmopletely differnt than XRP at this point?
[18:24] <stellar-slack> The codebase is entirely new - doesn't share a single line of code with stellard, as far as I understand it. We actually had a developer meetup the other night where Nicolas and Scott talked about how the new network works. I'm working on getting it up on Youtube. For now, you might want to start here: https://www.stellar.org/developers/
[18:26] <stellar-slack> i skimmed the docs... super confusing ... what happens to the old network? i dont see anything about transitioning from old to new networ
[18:28] <stellar-slack> We're going to be publishing a post fairly soon about the details of the upgrade - keep your eyes peeled :)
[18:29] <stellar-slack> how much time between that post and the transition?
[18:29] <stellar-slack> we need to prep for the change, and the email ig ot last night said you were going live by end of sept?
[23:04] <stellar-slack> So, in an effort to avoid our calls for code review getting lost in conversation, I’ve created an #rfr channel where we’ll post when new pull requests are ready to review. Join it if you want to join in.
[23:04] <stellar-slack> Can other folks post their code for review there too?
[23:04] <stellar-slack> yeah, totally
[23:04] <stellar-slack> awesome
[23:04] <stellar-slack> that’s a great idea
[23:11] <stellar-slack> btw to anyone else curious about the new network upgrade, we’re not talking specifics yet, but stay tuned
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