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[00:06] <lloydbraun_> Is there an API for the exchange so I can change the way they look?
[00:08] <lloydbraun_> "they" being the markets
[00:12] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: I think the best is to send the logs in debug when the instance stays in that mode. I updated the instructions in https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/admin.md#running (config sample is https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/stellar-core_example.cfg#L60 )
[00:22] <stellar-slack> log is 2.8Mb you want me to send it ere has a file?
[00:22] <stellar-slack> I'll also attach the config file
[00:27] <stellar-slack> seems 2.8mb is too big for slack , I'll put it on google drive
[00:32] <stellar-slack> you can PM me the link too. I'll probably look tomorrow as we're doing the dev meetup thing tonight
[00:32] <stellar-slack> ok
[01:39] <stellar-slack> I've never seen this youtube live thing before I wonder if it will work here in thailand
[01:48] <stellar-slack> It’l work
[01:48] <stellar-slack> I see nothing. isn't it started yet?
[01:49] <stellar-slack> they said 6:30pm san fran
[01:49] <stellar-slack> the live feed says 12 minutes?
[01:50] <stellar-slack> nothing ever works in thailand you should know that ha ha
[01:50] <stellar-slack> or the philipeens
[01:52] <stellar-slack> I trued watching the last one, the walkthrough David did on the consensus. Feed was OK, sound was not, so I gave up.
[01:53] <stellar-slack> they said they would have the sound fixed on this one
[01:54] <stellar-slack> don't really know why you need video conferencing when chat conference is better anyway
[01:58] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: have you put some thoughts into general multi-signature UX, or it’s mainly in the context of your poker app?
[01:58] <stellar-slack> UX? is that user interface?
[01:59] <stellar-slack> oh, well, user experience… :)
[01:59] <stellar-slack> I wrote up a paper that I gave to buhrmi of the boxes needed to setup a user interface on a website
[02:00] <stellar-slack> it's already behind in what I've now have put together in the API
[02:00] <stellar-slack> gotcha… there’s just so much you can so with multi-sig
[02:01] <stellar-slack> well I only look at it as payment but you can submit any b64 packaged envelope transaction into it
[02:02] <stellar-slack> I only see it used in the background of apps like my P2P poker
[02:02] <stellar-slack> it's too complicated for humans to have to think about it
[02:02] <stellar-slack> it gets complicated really fast
[02:03] <stellar-slack> I'm trying to simplify it with minimal input with defaults that can later be changed
[02:03] <stellar-slack> so at least I can understand it
[02:03] <stellar-slack> :)
[02:04] <stellar-slack> I've already published it but failed to fully test it with the broken net at present
[02:05] <stellar-slack> and it has no documentation yet https://github.com/sacarlson/stellar_utility/tree/master/multi-sign-server
[02:07] <stellar-slack> I'm now seting up on buhrmi open-core to continue testing it there until stellar is working again
[02:22] <stellar-slack> https://bluejeans.com/490939694/?src=htmlEmail&g=mv3gcqdtorswy3dboixg64th
[02:22] <stellar-slack> livestream is on!
[02:29] <stellar-slack> i am in
[02:29] <stellar-slack> :thumbsup:
[02:29] <stellar-slack> let me know if you have any trouble hearing
[02:35] <stellar-slack> it's clear and fluent, even in china. :)
[02:36] <stellar-slack> we have big problem in connecting outside recently.
[02:36] <stellar-slack> wow, that's really fantastic! Might be worth the cpu it takes up if it's so clear...
[02:54] <stellar-slack> You have been disconnected because of network connectivity issues. We are trying to reconnect you.
[02:55] <stellar-slack> :(
[02:56] <stellar-slack> in
[02:57] <stellar-slack> noooo :(
[02:57] <stellar-slack> is it connecting for you again?
[02:57] <stellar-slack> looks like it's still up...
[02:58] <stellar-slack> good Q about sequence numbers
[02:59] <stellar-slack> i appreciate the optional source account in operation very much. brilliant designg.
[03:00] <stellar-slack> what's the question?
[03:00] <stellar-slack> same thing with the fee, only the source account of the tx envelope pays for the transaction. Even if you have multiple source accounts in the operations
[03:01] <stellar-slack> for real, it's really cool
[03:02] <stellar-slack> what's the q about seqn?
[03:03] <stellar-slack> i was disconnect from video... :punch: GFW
[03:03] <stellar-slack> @lab: as far as I remember it, it was: Do you still have sequence numbers? And Nico explained that they do, but it’s only incremented for the source account in a transaction envelope
[03:03] <stellar-slack> :thumbsup:
[03:03] <stellar-slack> also lab, he answered your question about flags - Nicolas says we do have them
[03:04] <stellar-slack> freeze flag, right?
[03:04] <stellar-slack> yes
[03:05] <stellar-slack> thanks. the frozen flag is useful for postpay scenario.
[03:07] <stellar-slack> @dzham, it means we need not seqn acturely?
[03:09] <stellar-slack> You can look at the "worker nodes" example for an example of decoupled sequence numbers between accounts https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/transactions/readme.md#operation-examples
[03:11] <stellar-slack> @lab: well, you’ll still need to track it for the source account for the transaction
[03:12] <stellar-slack> oh yes. i was thinking about a pure offline wallet
[03:12] <stellar-slack> we cann't turn around the seq query step.
[03:14] <stellar-slack> offline wallet you would have to create a key that you would only use for that wallet but to control a specific account. of course at some point, you need to get online to submit the tx, but you would never get out of sync from a sequence number point of view
[03:14] <stellar-slack> (or txs)
[03:15] <stellar-slack> the worker node example is kinda dealing with a similar problem, where the sequence number is managed locally by the worker node
[03:15] <stellar-slack> if same secure key deploy in different offline computers..
[03:15] <stellar-slack> yeah don't do that :)
[03:15] <stellar-slack> it's very cheap to add signers to accounts
[05:40] <stellar-slack> well I'm going to have to regress back to an older version of stellar-core to proceed to debug my multi-sign-server. as there seems to be a bug in ruby-stellar-base I guess due to problems asset amount changes in last upgrade
[05:42] <stellar-slack> the same problem is also seen in buhrmi's open-core that also has those changes incorportated
[05:48] <stellar-slack> which problem exactly
[05:48] <stellar-slack> which changes
[05:49] <stellar-slack> the details should be seen above but I'll capture them and put them in a google drive with all the files and details
[05:51] <stellar-slack> there are two problems on the stellar-core stoped syncing the other before that was an error in int value: /home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/xdr-0.1.0/lib/xdr/hyper.rb:6:in `write': val is not Integer (XDR::WriteError) from /home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/xdr-0.1.0/lib/xdr/struct.rb:31:in `block in write'
[05:52] <stellar-slack> the xdr problem is also seen on open-core
[05:53] <stellar-slack> i don't know what you're trying to do that produces the xdr error
[05:54] <stellar-slack> this was seen from createing an account
[05:55] <stellar-slack> what line of code produces that error
[05:56] <stellar-slack> more details can be seen back at 9:52 yestarday here on slack
[05:58] <stellar-slack> that tx=
[05:58] <stellar-slack> looks like you're passing a keypair into destination instead of an address...
[05:59] <stellar-slack> this always wanted keypairs, I convert from one or the other in this to suit that fuction
[06:00] <stellar-slack> what if you remove the starting balance option
[06:00] <stellar-slack> it is set to zero when we run it from your network
[06:00] <stellar-slack> but you must provide that on stellar
[06:01] <stellar-slack> the fee: is optional and is defaulted on stellar to 10
[06:02] <stellar-slack> 25 is default if no starting balance is added to the function call
[06:21] <stellar-slack> i've added the "new trustline" popup
[06:38] <stellar-slack> +1 on the BAD_AUTH thing, btw. js-stellar-sdk, latest version.
[06:40] <stellar-slack> ok. have to set network. bad API
[06:45] <stellar-slack> yo! Network isn’t exposed in js-stellar-sdk
[07:06] <stellar-slack> oh god… "npm install stellar-sdk —dev” has downloaded 800Mb of crap so far, and isn’t finished yet
[07:07] <stellar-slack> all so I can expose Network, and ‘gulp build'
[07:22] <stellar-slack> 1,12 GB
[07:22] <stellar-slack> This is just insane. And some people actually think npm is good.
[07:40] <stellar-slack> i think it's good :P
[07:41] <stellar-slack> if you're careful what u depend on it's cool
[07:41] <stellar-slack> over 1 GB of dependencies is weird
[07:43] <stellar-slack> it’s shitty
[07:43] <stellar-slack> ```There are two ways to install npm packages: locally or globally. You choose which kind of installation to use based on how you want to use the package. If you want to depend on the package from your own module using something like Node's require, then you want to install locally. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a command line tool, something like the grunt CLI, then you want to install it glob
[07:44] <stellar-slack> why do I want to install everything locally? Isn’t that *my* decision?
[07:44] <stellar-slack> it’s retarded
[07:45] <stellar-slack> mhh i think it's just a weirdly phrased suggestion
[07:45] <stellar-slack> "you want to..." ...
[07:46] <stellar-slack> is it a suggesiton if everyone does it that way? I mean, try using angularjs with yeoman, without downloading 120+ MB of crap everytime you start a new project. It’s the same bloody files.
[07:47] <stellar-slack> haha i'm not using these tools ...
[07:47] <stellar-slack> yeoman, bower, gulp, ...
[07:47] <stellar-slack> Doens’t even work if you put the modules globally. Unless you symlink the node_modules directory
[07:50] <stellar-slack> Sorry for the ranting, but I just wanted fix a bug, but the toolchain got in the way
[08:21] <stellar-slack> Anyways.. stellar-sdk doesn’t expose the Network object, so it’s impossible to set the network.
[08:23] <stellar-slack> dont u set it thru stellar base?
[08:24] <stellar-slack> Yep, but I can’t get to stellar base. I can npm install that separately, but thank to npm, it’s a completely separate stellar base that gets called, and not the one that stellar-sdk is using
[08:26] <stellar-slack> BUAHAHA
[08:27] <stellar-slack> sorry
[09:01] <stellar-slack> ,:(
[09:42] <stellar-slack> when i send the js library to send an order, the "amount" always is saved as 1 ... is that a known bug?
[10:25] <stellar-slack> seems I found that my error is not related to the stellar-core version as regressed back to older stellar-core still gives me this same error
[10:27] <stellar-slack> and this is after I reloaded all my gem to pristine so I'm not sure were my problem even starts
[10:33] <stellar-slack> lol so i say offer amount: 50000000 in the tx but the database stores "197" O_o
[10:34] <stellar-slack> close enuf?
[10:38] <stellar-slack> looks like stellar core is limiting the amount i can offer but i dont know by what
[10:39] <stellar-slack> 64 bit interger?
[10:40] <stellar-slack> 32bit is like 4Billion
[10:40] <stellar-slack> slide 7 dec less than that maybe
[10:46] <stellar-slack> the value that the error is erroring on is 25.0 that is suposed to be an integer
[10:47] <stellar-slack> I'm not sure where this value came from but I could force it back into intiger state
[10:47] <stellar-slack> is offer amount and price also supposed to be sent in 10-million?
[10:47] <stellar-slack> lol
[10:47] <stellar-slack> yes all amounts
[10:49] <stellar-slack> weird .... i'm trying to make sense of their algorythm that uses sheeps and wheat ...
[10:54] <stellar-slack> That's why using a fixed 7 decimal place for all assets is a terrible design flaw
[10:55] <stellar-slack> i'm close to making a call that the "offer engine" (or whatever to call it) is buggy
[10:56] <stellar-slack> *checks testcases*
[11:03] <stellar-slack> can't locate the testcases for it :(
[11:33] <stellar-slack> I seem to have found my problem, it is due to the starting balance of an account can't be a floating number it must be an integer and I had forced default value as 25.0 that was considered a float
[11:34] <stellar-slack> so even in the new version of stellar you can't start any accounts with fractions of lumens
[11:39] <stellar-slack> so my workaround in my stellar_utilities I now force starting_balance.to_i so it can't happen again
[11:47] <stellar-slack> seems to send anything but float so maybe we will see the problem again
[12:02] <stellar-slack> another strange this is now today the new stellar-core is LM_SYNCED_STATE again
[12:02] <stellar-slack> I did nothing to it just didn't run it for 10 hours or so
[12:07] <stellar-slack> @dzham: stellar-sdk@0.2.1 is now exposing `Network`
[12:08] <stellar-slack> to use testnet: `StellarSdk.Network.useTestnet();`
[12:16] <stellar-slack> when i make a manageoffer tx for an existing offer to update price and amount, the amount gets updated (sometimes) but the price stays the same ...
[12:17] <stellar-slack> also the amount seems to have a maximum value depending on the price but i can't figure out how it is derived at all
[12:18] <stellar-slack> i don't know, but it kinda "feels buggy"
[12:18] <stellar-slack> it's a feature ha ha
[12:19] <stellar-slack> the buggy feeling feature that stellar is blessed with
[12:20] <stellar-slack> but it's okay it's a not-for-profit!
[12:20] <stellar-slack> scnr :P
[12:30] <stellar-slack> a nice new error today: Stellar::TransactionResultCode.tx_no_account(-8)
[12:33] <stellar-slack> seems my account disapeared since yestarday GCEZWKCA5VLDNRLN3RPRJMRZOX3Z6G5CHCGSNFHEYVXM3XOJMDS674JZ
[12:34] <stellar-slack> they must have reset again?
[12:34] <stellar-slack> maybe that's why my system is working again also
[12:38] <stellar-slack> opps it's me I'm using the old master seed
[12:52] <stellar-slack> everything is still in integer in ruby-stellar-base not float as I had originaly expected
[12:52] <stellar-slack> or at least native is
[12:53] <stellar-slack> first transaction on the this stellar-core that worked
[14:09] <stellar-slack> fredolafritte: "That's why using a fixed 7 decimal place for all assets is a terrible design flaw" why is that?
[14:13] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: the offer tests are in src/transactions/OfferTests.cpp
[14:14] <stellar-slack> If you can repro manage offer not working please make an issue
[14:15] <stellar-slack> is it expected that amount is a string but price is an int?
[14:20] <stellar-slack> bartek ^
[14:23] <stellar-slack> I think it can connected with https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-base/issues/26 which is still open. I will check if the method works in a minute.
[14:23] <stellar-slack> i don't wanna make a ticket if it's user error .... because it's actually really basic stuff that doesn't work so i might come out stupid at the end lol
[14:24] <stellar-slack> it's two issues... the simpler one being that when submitting a manageOffer tx with an ID and a changed price, the price does not update in the ledger DB
[14:24] <stellar-slack> i can repro it easily, but i might be doing something wrong
[14:25] <stellar-slack> can you share your code?
[14:25] <stellar-slack> sec
[14:25] <stellar-slack> and you address? are you submitting it to stellar-core or your fork?
[14:28] <stellar-slack> it's my fork. gonna try to repro it on testnet
[14:36] <stellar-slack> aaahhh... bad auth... bad auth...
[14:37] <stellar-slack> can anyone confirm that updating offer price of an existing offer through manageOffer tx is working on testnet?
[14:37] <stellar-slack> I’m checking it, one sec
[14:44] <stellar-slack> https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/accounts/GBCR5OVQ54S2EKHLBZMK6VYMTXZHXN3T45Y6PRX4PX4FXDMJJGY4FD42/operations
[14:46] <stellar-slack> *non-native :O
[14:46] <stellar-slack> sry :S
[14:52] <stellar-slack> i gonna set up my web app against testnet to have a easy UI to see and create transactions and test that stuff
[14:52] <stellar-slack> just need a server lol
[14:54] <stellar-slack> you can probly run it localy
[14:54] <stellar-slack> lol even these tools say bad auth https://www.stellar.org/developers/tools/client/
[14:55] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: you need to `StellarSdk.Network.useTestnet()` to use testnet
[14:59] <stellar-slack> ah whatever, gonna spin up two more server instances
[14:59] <stellar-slack> lol money
[15:12] <stellar-slack> yeah first i need to patch the base lib to make passphrases optional
[15:22] <stellar-slack> @jed please see my comments at https://github.com/stellar/stellar-protocol/issues/20 on why a fixed 7 decimal place is flawed
[16:02] <stellar-slack> re: amount in offers, it's actually computed based on what you can sell and how much you can get. What you can sell is: for non native it's the balance ; for lumens it's what you have above the reserve. What you can buy: non native it's (limit-balance) ; native has no restriction.
[16:08] <stellar-slack> re "what you can sell": I'm offering an asset that i issue myself
[16:17] <stellar-slack> then you're only limited by you can buy
[16:17] <stellar-slack> by what you can buy if it's not native
[16:32] <stellar-slack> mmhh that doesnt seem to work accurately
[16:33] <stellar-slack> i'm currently setting up my app to run on testnet... will try there in a bit
[16:36] <stellar-slack> RFR (Adds network support to go-stellar-base): https://github.com/stellar/go-stellar-base/pull/2
[17:32] <stellar-slack> hello word! http://test.stellar-core.org
[17:37] <stellar-slack> oh but this one will require funded accounts
[17:37] <stellar-slack> I assume you pointed it at stellar-core
[17:38] <stellar-slack> yeah... gotta fund your account manually before u can do TX
[17:39] <stellar-slack> man and they are so stingy with the friendbot now, hard to get much
[17:42] <stellar-slack> I didn't think it would be a limiting factor. Any suggestion on how to improve friendbot?
[17:42] <stellar-slack> 1000 was good, I just need like 10 accounts at a time to test my poker system
[17:43] <stellar-slack> 100 only provides me enuf for like 4 accounts
[17:43] <stellar-slack> it’s arbitary… I’m happy to up it to 1000 or even 10,000
[17:44] <stellar-slack> 10k is good I'll never need more than that ever by the time you reset it again ha ha
[17:44] <stellar-slack> :) I’ll push a change momentarily
[17:44] <stellar-slack> my man thanks
[17:56] <stellar-slack> could somebody kindly fund my acc GD5D4YIR52AVXL7KCEQBZINUEIT257LRKXILRMIFN46IUSJPPMPCFFRM
[17:57] <stellar-slack> ah wait...
[17:57] <stellar-slack> i need to do it myself right
[17:57] <stellar-slack> ya friendbot
[17:58] <stellar-slack> cool it seems to work
[17:59] <stellar-slack> it should it's the almost the same as your net
[18:01] <stellar-slack> now issuing water http://test.stellar-core.org/accounts/GCUQK7EITMRURUIHPSR6XWQPTNKPZYHJDCEKKT4EEOBFMB4O66W27JR6
[18:03] <stellar-slack> oh I think it fails to provide your native balance
[18:03] <stellar-slack> yeah...
[18:04] <stellar-slack> it's also not leting me add a trustline
[18:05] <stellar-slack> the box opens, I fill them and push button but nothing hapend
[18:05] <stellar-slack> checking
[18:06] <stellar-slack> works for me... refresh your browser
[18:07] <stellar-slack> oh I forgot don't work on firefox
[18:11] <stellar-slack> (works for me on firefox too)
[18:11] <stellar-slack> lol
[18:13] <stellar-slack> i sent u 1 beer
[18:14] <stellar-slack> no I traded 1 beer or I thouth I did
[18:14] <stellar-slack> oh you sent me a beer I try to setup trade
[18:14] <stellar-slack> horizon has now been updated, friendbot now spits out 10k lumens
[18:15] <stellar-slack> thanks scott
[18:15] <stellar-slack> np! thanks for bringing it up
[18:15] <stellar-slack> but now I have unlimited BEER that is even better than lumens
[18:15] <stellar-slack> unlimited beer is better than most things
[18:20] <stellar-slack> if I have 1 beer why is it I can't send it back buhrmi ?
[18:21] <stellar-slack> this one is warm
[18:21] <stellar-slack> I want a cold one
[18:21] <stellar-slack> hmmm... i haven't added an option yet to send assets back
[18:21] <stellar-slack> ok add that to the list
[18:22] <stellar-slack> warm beer is unacceptable
[18:33] <stellar-slack> RFR: https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base/pull/14
[18:43] <stellar-slack> i'll be heading to bed
[18:43] <stellar-slack> feel free to add native currency info and submit a PR haha
[18:43] <stellar-slack> updated the readme http://github.com/open-core/webapp
[18:45] <stellar-slack> ow ruby-stellar-base that for me!! what do I get
[18:47] <stellar-slack> I'll have to play with it tomaro as it's passed my bed time too
[18:47] <stellar-slack> night all
[21:34] <stellar-slack> RFR: https://github.com/stellar/horizon/pull/95
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