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[00:07] <stellar-slack> not that it really matters. I don't see this in the old code base anywhere. Maybe it was never fully implemented? I don't see any config to control it. I know that in Bitcoin the information is encoded in the account ID.
[00:07] <stellar-slack> there are quite a few easter eggs in the old code base, so I would not be surprised of seeing half implemented features like that :)
[00:10] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-lib/blob/62c6ec467bf86555e21e9f643250874b9b526f6f/src/js/ripple/transaction.js#L368
[00:11] <stellar-slack> I don’t think that `testnet` was ever set to true… I know in stellar-client we never did.
[00:14] <stellar-slack> Should I read “easter eggs” as things no one understands what they are there for until things start breaking?
[00:20] <stellar-slack> I really meant half implemented features, but yes there are other things that could be think of as easter eggs for future generations :)
[00:22] <stellar-slack> sounds like a big day
[00:24] <stellar-slack> maybe just put a tag on all the git's so I know what and when to pull them
[00:24] <stellar-slack> yeah we're going to start tagging releases, we were waiting for this change
[00:27] <stellar-slack> thanks, just so I know what is runing on testnet and horizon and what matches on libs
[00:35] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: It’s a solid improvement, so I’m all for it. User-configurable network prefixes = teh win!!1!
[00:35] <stellar-slack> what is the prefix 1 leter?
[00:37] <stellar-slack> you prefix the signature hash input string
[00:37] <stellar-slack> adding what?
[00:39] <stellar-slack> a network ID
[00:39] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-base/commit/ce40b718019226005373e2dae24f7b14ddc9f7ac
[00:39] <stellar-slack> in the talks it sounded like add 20 bits or have two a short and a long address cool I'll look
[00:40] <stellar-slack> oh yes I read that so it has no visual change just the numbers change between networks
[00:41] <stellar-slack> my coffee hasn't kicked in yet
[01:10] <stellar-slack> alright, testnet is getting reset now. it will be down for a bit
[01:11] <stellar-slack> will report back here when it and horizon are up and running again
[01:39] <stellar-slack> Alright, the test network has been reset and is synced… horizon, horizon-importer, and friendbot are next
[01:47] <stellar-slack> I just fetched stellar-core and fail to see any tags as to what might be presently used on horizon, should we assume 62b505004ef8c9db4cdfc7d9fc42ac1ea34b98a1 ?
[01:48] <stellar-slack> yes
[01:49] <stellar-slack> ok at least I can tag it localy for myself
[01:50] <stellar-slack> I don’t think we’ll be using git tags, if that is what you are referring to, to document what versions of horizon are compatible with what versions of stellar-core. I’m not even sure how that would work… seems better for us to publish a matrix that provides that data for all the protocol-dependent projects
[01:51] <stellar-slack> I just want to know what it is presently linked to, wether you publish with tags or other maters not
[01:52] <stellar-slack> tags can be used as a simple reference
[01:54] <stellar-slack> kk. I was mostly just re-iterating that we’re planning on figuring out how to best communicate that compatibility info when we spin up the network for real… we’re still completely pre-release at this point :)
[02:00] <stellar-slack> well my local name for this one is horizon3 as this is the third linked stellar-core version that I've marked so I can regress later if needed
[02:01] <stellar-slack> it has nothing to do with version for me it's just a reference
[02:05] <stellar-slack> looks like I am going to have to reset testnet again. Something isn’t configure right with the new passphrase stuff. Will report back here as I learn more
[02:05] <stellar-slack> ok
[02:10] <stellar-slack> alright, found the problem, fixing now.
[02:13] <stellar-slack> I lied, that’s not the problem
[02:14] <stellar-slack> ha ha
[02:29] <stellar-slack> well buhrmi I'm pointing my multi-sign-server at your network to continue testing today to see if it also works there
[02:30] <stellar-slack> and so changes on stellar will no longer effect me today
[02:49] <stellar-slack> Alright, stellar-core and horizon should be up and running. core-testnet-003 is currently catching up
[02:49] <stellar-slack> friendbot is reset, so I think everything should be good to go now
[02:54] <stellar-slack> ok so I show horizon-importer at: 832efbcc392bb358da8370b72abd10147b0780bc
[02:55] <stellar-slack> horizon at: b3c47162540c238c78e6f01c4963b771639d41f7
[02:57] <stellar-slack> I see no changes to ruby-stellar-base so does that still work?
[03:45] <stellar-slack> I note with gem my last version of ruby-stellar-base was 0.1.4 so I should assume with that it's broken. not sure if if I gem update or with bundle install if it will pull in the present 0.3.0 or not but we will see
[04:45] <stellar-slack> wow guys, the introduction of pass phrases 100% goes against what I was hoping the project would become
[04:46] <stellar-slack> now i have to fork all the libs too cause they gonna be incompatible
[04:47] <stellar-slack> well you can't stop progress ha ha
[04:47] <stellar-slack> seems like step back tho
[04:47] <stellar-slack> from openness to isolation
[04:49] <stellar-slack> maybe the libs will continue to produce the correct signatures if no pass phrase is configured
[04:49] <stellar-slack> but i don't know...
[04:50] <stellar-slack> I'm not sure but I think if you merge there last changes to your mods the libs might still work. just the address and seed won't move between networks
[04:50] <stellar-slack> well the pass phrase would need to be configured in the libs too, no?
[04:51] <stellar-slack> ah man
[04:51] <stellar-slack> hardcoded? I'm not sure
[04:57] <stellar-slack> no, configurable
[04:58] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: it’s just a network ID. no biggie.
[04:58] <stellar-slack> yeah but you guys basically decided to instead of providing "the one network", providing "just some network"
[04:59] <stellar-slack> they should have done that already with testnet and live
[05:00] <stellar-slack> yup we could never use the same keys and address on bitcoin testnet and live
[05:00] <stellar-slack> i disagree ... testnet and live should live on the same network. the user can configure which network to use by specifying the quorum he trusts
[05:00] <stellar-slack> either trust the testnet (lying) quorum ... or the real quorum
[05:01] <stellar-slack> I think keys/addresses should be the same, and I guess they still are. Only the envelope hash is different
[05:01] <stellar-slack> they say the signatures changed
[05:01] <stellar-slack> oh I didn't know that the keys seed could still be the same
[05:02] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: yes, because the hash function input is prefixed with the network ID now
[05:02] <stellar-slack> ya I saw they add like 4 bytes to the signature in the envelope as a mark
[05:03] <stellar-slack> umm, no?
[05:03] <stellar-slack> ah, okay ... so if no network id is specified, everything is still the same?
[05:05] <stellar-slack> there’s a default value
[05:05] <stellar-slack> you could just set that to ''
[05:05] <stellar-slack> expect(subject.signature_base[32...36]).to eql("x00x00x00x02")
[05:06] <stellar-slack> blarg ... i think i gonna fork the libs to into a github organisation
[05:18] <stellar-slack> there ... https://github.com/open-core
[06:05] <stellar-slack> anyone got 0.4.0 work? js-stellar-sdk wasn’t updates and f me if I ever will understand the piece of crap that npm is
[06:16] <stellar-slack> cute https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/main/Config.cpp#L28
[06:17] <stellar-slack> As much as banks need to die, npm needs to die too.
[06:17] <stellar-slack> so how do i configure the passphrase in the js lib ...?
[06:20] <stellar-slack> js-stellar-base? network.js
[06:21] <stellar-slack> I give up for today. StellarSdk isn’t working, not wasting any more time on this.
[06:23] <stellar-slack> stupid networkID........
[06:39] <stellar-slack> tihihi https://github.com/open-core/network/commit/f7c50de8f
[06:51] <stellar-slack> huh? database/Database.o: In function `stellar::Database::initialize()': /stellar/stellar-core/src/database/Database.cpp:158: undefined reference to `stellar::ExternalQueue::dropAll(stellar::Database&)'
[08:26] <stellar-slack> ok I'm up from my nap, I'm going to see if I can get this new one to work, start with compile a new stellar core
[08:42] <stellar-slack> I'm getting a new error when I compile stellar-core, I ran without clean
[08:43] <stellar-slack> this might be due to me installing the newer version of postgres
[08:43] <stellar-slack> you have to do all the steps
[08:43] <stellar-slack> ./autogen.sh
[08:43] <stellar-slack> and configure
[08:43] <stellar-slack> no its not postgres
[08:43] <stellar-slack> I already ran those steps before
[08:43] <stellar-slack> so your saying make clean
[08:47] <stellar-slack> I did a make clean; make see if that works
[08:51] <stellar-slack> i pushed a new version of the gem... gem 'open-core', :require => 'stellar-base'
[08:59] <stellar-slack> looks like make clean didn't fix the problem, I'll try your idea with ./autogen...
[09:04] <stellar-slack> did the full thing this time make clean; ./autogen; ./configure; make ; see if this works
[09:16] <stellar-slack> yup that did the trick, built worked that time
[09:18] <stellar-slack> I see a new line in the example cfg: NETWORK_PASSPHRASE="Test SDF Network ; September 2015"
[09:23] <stellar-slack> yeah but thats ignored
[09:23] <stellar-slack> dont use that config file
[09:23] <stellar-slack> ah wait..
[09:23] <stellar-slack> this is on stellar-core
[09:23] <stellar-slack> I just added that to my present stellar-core cfg file
[09:24] <stellar-slack> I did full stellar-core reset and it's coming up now
[09:24] <stellar-slack> ah... okay... my build does not work anymore with the stellar-provided nodes, though
[09:24] <stellar-slack> i made a new config file https://github.com/open-core/network/blob/master/docs/open-core.cfg
[09:25] <stellar-slack> it's now running and "state" : "Synced!"
[09:26] <stellar-slack> I'm now going to see what's required to get the new version of ruby-stellar-base to install with gem or path if required
[09:26] <stellar-slack> interesting...
[09:31] <stellar-slack> bundle update I see has installed new base: Installing stellar-base 0.3.0 (was 0.1.4)
[09:36] <stellar-slack> it's weird that it says "synced"
[09:36] <stellar-slack> opencore nodes and stellarcore nodes are not compatible anymore
[09:36] <stellar-slack> so i don't know what's going on there
[09:46] <stellar-slack> I'm running a stellar-core node, first failed attempt with create account over horizon return!': 404 Resource Not Found (RestClient::ResourceNotFound)
[09:46] <stellar-slack> I'll try the path to my local stellar-core
[09:49] <stellar-slack> oh I see why, it's due to me using the master account for funds that no longer exists
[09:50] <stellar-slack> new master account: GBRPYHIL2CI3FNQ4BXLFMNDLFJUNPU2HY3ZMFSHONUCEOASW7QC7OX2H
[09:56] <stellar-slack> ok and this: "Test SDF Network ; September 2015" doesn't work for this: Stellar::KeyPair.from_raw_seed("Test SDF Network ; September 2015") to get master funds so I will have to use friendbot like I used to do before
[10:00] <stellar-slack> dam I haven't used friendbot in so long that I can't find it. where did they put it?
[10:07] <stellar-slack> ok I found it and got "balance": "100.0000000" new balance; didn't they used to give me 1000? ha ha
[10:16] <stellar-slack> ok some progress but now get `return!': 500 Internal Server Error from horizon when try to create new account
[10:23] <stellar-slack> when I point it direct to my local stellar-core I get this error when I try to create an accout: {"status"=>"ERROR", "error"=>"AAAAAAAAAAD////6AAAAAA=="}
[10:23] <stellar-slack> @dzham: I’ve just updated js sdk to 0.2.0. it’s using updated stellar-base.
[10:24] <stellar-slack> I'm using ruby-stellar-base version 3.0.0
[10:25] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: it was a reply to: > anyone got 0.4.0 to work? js-stellar-sdk wasn’t updated and f me if I ever will understand the piece of crap that npm is
[10:25] <stellar-slack> did you try to decode this error?
[10:25] <stellar-slack> no not yet
[10:25] <stellar-slack> @bartek: awesome!
[10:53] <stellar-slack> I figured out how to decode the error it's: Stellar::TransactionResultCode.tx_bad_auth(-6)
[10:54] <stellar-slack> now what does that mean?
[10:56] <stellar-slack> not enough signatures?
[10:56] <stellar-slack> it's just a standard acount creation
[10:56] <stellar-slack> not sure, I checked out error messages yesterday, and though I saw that one
[10:57] <stellar-slack> where are you sending the transaction to?
[10:57] <stellar-slack> I send them to my local stellar-core
[10:57] <stellar-slack> did you build it from my fork?
[10:58] <stellar-slack> my fork does not use passphrases. that means if you use a lib that uses passphrases, it won't work
[10:58] <stellar-slack> no I'm running stellar code not open-core
[10:58] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/5182572c7cbe76a76ef444682e7213e6e273c7e1/src/xdr/Stellar-transaction.x#L640
[11:00] <stellar-slack> oh ok ya txBAD_AUTH = -6, // not enough signatures to perform transaction
[11:00] <stellar-slack> so that must mean there is a problem with the signature generation in ruby-stellar-core 3.0.0 or ??
[11:02] <stellar-slack> so I will need help from the experts on this one. I'll await Scott or others to help me out here
[11:02] <stellar-slack> can you make a gist with your code?
[11:03] <stellar-slack> oh ok
[11:05] <stellar-slack> oh you will need more
[11:08] <stellar-slack> I need `create_account` function body
[11:10] <stellar-slack> fee I assume is still set at 10 oh maybe this is the problem is fee in the new amount format?
[11:10] <stellar-slack> in my configs it's set at 10.0 or just 10
[11:11] <stellar-slack> `result = create_account(destination, master, starting_balance)` <— none of the functions you pasted aren’t `create_account`
[11:12] <stellar-slack> sorry yes it will run the local but I'll also paist it
[11:14] <stellar-slack> this includes the create_account(destination, master, starting_balance) that is redirected to create_account_local in the mode I'm now running
[11:15] <stellar-slack> what happens when you try to send this transaction to testnet?
[11:17] <stellar-slack> you mean to horizon? it gets error 500
[11:18] <stellar-slack> they both hook to testnet
[11:18] <stellar-slack> return!': 500 Internal Server Error from horizon
[11:20] <stellar-slack> can you post transaction b64 here?
[11:20] <stellar-slack> yes give me a moment
[11:23] <stellar-slack> is that any good?
[11:26] <stellar-slack> ok, transactions seems to be signed correctly. isn’t your account multi-sig locally?
[11:27] <stellar-slack> multi-sign? I'm working on that in a different part, this is code before I even started multi sign
[11:28] <stellar-slack> this should be just a standard account with a single signer
[11:28] <stellar-slack> but is it? can you check in stellar-core db?
[11:28] <stellar-slack> oh maybe
[11:29] <stellar-slack> it would explain the error. I though that maybe there's something wrong with base lib but the most obvious reason seems to be a multi-sig account.
[11:30] <stellar-slack> thresholds on my master account AQAAAA== no signers on this database yet
[11:30] <stellar-slack> have you checked signers table?
[11:31] <stellar-slack> yes signer table is completly empty
[11:31] <stellar-slack> this is testnet and I am synced
[11:32] <stellar-slack> ok, I thought you’re runing your local network
[11:32] <stellar-slack> yes I running through my local that is synced with stellar-core testnet
[11:33] <stellar-slack> but I did try horizon as I said that was working before this last update
[11:39] <stellar-slack> ok time for a beer. send me any info when you find anything
[11:41] <stellar-slack> can i haz beer? GC4NMBNICOOCIYM3FXZYPYYF3AYV6IRT54YEYQTB5S5U7FV5WIJQWVX2, okthxbye
[12:09] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: ok, I know the solution. you need to tell StellarBase you are using testnet (default is public). in JS: `StellarBase.Network.useTestNet();`
[12:09] <stellar-slack> @dzham: sure, set up a trustline and i shall send u some GCEZWKCA5VLDNRLN3RPRJMRZOX3Z6G5CHCGSNFHEYVXM3XOJMDS674JZ
[12:10] <stellar-slack> the error message is misleading. I will ask if we can create a new error for a transaction prepared to a different network.
[12:11] <stellar-slack> you guys and your passphrases
[13:19] <stellar-slack> oh very good bartek thanks. I have yet to figure out how to implement that but we are not far off now
[13:29] <stellar-slack> yes I can see in the code that it defaults to @default_network || Stellar::Networks::PUBLIC
[14:04] <stellar-slack> only example of what I found so far that changes network is:
[14:05] <stellar-slack> have you checked adding: ``` Stellar.default_network = Stellar::Networks::TESTNET ``` in top of your file?
[14:06] <stellar-slack> but I fails figure out how to implement that in my code
[14:06] <stellar-slack> no I didn't try that but I did try
[14:07] <stellar-slack> rs = Stellar::Network.current_network puts "current_network = #{rs}"
[14:08] <stellar-slack> you need to change it to TESTNET
[14:09] <stellar-slack> your ran with no error at least the line did let me see if it makes anything work
[14:10] <stellar-slack> oh and maybe I spelled it wrong as Network instead of Networks
[14:11] <stellar-slack> after adding this line your transaction should be submitted with no errors
[14:12] <stellar-slack> ok I'll try it
[14:15] <stellar-slack> well new error seen
[14:20] <stellar-slack> can I see your code?
[14:20] <stellar-slack> it's the same code with your added line on the top
[14:20] <stellar-slack> but I do see this now if I add rs = Stellar.current_network puts "current_network = #{rs}"
[14:21] <stellar-slack> it returns current_network = Test SDF Network ; September 2015
[14:21] <stellar-slack> I'll take your line out and see if it changes
[14:23] <stellar-slack> and taking your line out I now get current_network = Public Global Stellar Network ; September 2015
[14:23] <stellar-slack> so it does change it
[14:43] <stellar-slack> well I'm stuck here. I'm running this on ruby 1.9.3p484 (2013-11-22 revision 43786) [x86_64-linux]
[14:45] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: unfortunatelly you have to wait for sc.ott. with my limited knowledge of ruby I can’t help more. I was able to successfully submit a transaction using js lib.
[14:47] <stellar-slack> that's ok bartek thankyou for the attempt and I see @scott is lighting up so maybe he can shed some light on it for us
[14:50] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: where did you get “SCGMPTPTZEKZFTZNJ6UQUNNTYETY4ZUPC7SQXZTFUQKKUGKLR5HUDTJU” and why do you think that is the master seed?
[14:52] <stellar-slack> One of the changes that happened with this latest round is that the “Network ID” (that is, the SHA256’d network passphrase) becomes the “raw seed” used to derive the master keypair.
[14:52] <stellar-slack> it's from the friendbot with funds of 100.00
[14:52] <stellar-slack> okay, cool
[14:53] <stellar-slack> let me check out the rest of the script
[14:53] <stellar-slack> thanks
[14:55] <stellar-slack> anything I failed to provide should be seen here: https://github.com/sacarlson/stellar_utility I just updated it with what I have now
[14:56] <stellar-slack> and we are just focused on this to work https://github.com/sacarlson/stellar_utility/blob/master/create_account_save.rb
[14:57] <stellar-slack> I think if that works the rest should be easy
[14:58] <stellar-slack> the errors I see are posted at 9:15
[14:59] <stellar-slack> thanks
[15:10] <stellar-slack> so, looks like it’s a bug with interpreting amounts in stellar-base. Try changing starting balance to `25 * Stellar::ONE`
[15:11] <stellar-slack> I won’t be able to fix it properly today… I need to work on my presentation for the dev meetup tonight, but I’ll add an issue for tomorrow
[15:59] <stellar-slack> very good scott I'll give it a try
[16:10] <stellar-slack> nope tried it with 25 * Stellar::ONE , tried taking out :fee in tx but still same error destination /home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/xdr-0.1.0/lib/xdr/hyper.rb:6:in `write': val is not Integer (XDR::WriteError) from /home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/xdr-0.1.0/lib/xdr/struct.rb:31:in `block in write'
[16:10] <stellar-slack> maybe in the morning when I'm fresh I'll take another look
[16:41] <stellar-slack> seems my stellar-core no longer syncs also any more, I tried a full reset and it still see Out-of-order close during catchup, buffered to 11993 but network closed 12043
[16:41] <stellar-slack> maybe a split?
[16:44] <stellar-slack> I'm trying one more full reset but it looks to be stuck again
[16:47] <stellar-slack> ok I'm giving up on this one. shuting it down for today in hopes for some fixes later
[16:50] <stellar-slack> @graydon: https://github.com/open-core/network/commit/8b7c3ea08b6 :+1::skin-tone-3: :beers:
[16:51] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson - what do you mean by out of order close?
[16:51] <stellar-slack> I'm just reading what I see scrolling in the text window of stellar-core
[16:51] <stellar-slack> when catching up it's normal for the instance to buffer network closes, if it's failing to replay that's an issue though
[16:52] <stellar-slack> it's not giving any eta
[16:53] <stellar-slack> want I try reset it again?
[16:53] <stellar-slack> Oh you're getting the error message that maps to ``` CLOG(INFO, "Ledger") << "Out-of-order close during catchup, buffered to " << mSyncingLedgers.back().mLedgerSeq << " but network closed " << ledgerData.mLedgerSeq; CLOG(WARNING, "Ledger") << "this round of catchup will fail."; ```
[16:54] <stellar-slack> I guess so
[16:55] <stellar-slack> Do you happen to also have "Lost track of consensus" in the logs before that?
[16:56] <stellar-slack> I would not reset it, just let it do its thing
[16:57] <stellar-slack> I didn't look and now I did a manual remove of all files and database to be sure nothing was left on restart
[16:57] <stellar-slack> OK
[16:59] <stellar-slack> but still stuck "state" : "Catching up"
[16:59] <stellar-slack> I'll look in the log
[17:00] <stellar-slack> 2015-09-09T23:59:17.593 ea26ce [140569727055744] [Herder] INFO Lost track of consensus 2015-09-09T23:59:17.602 ea26ce [140569727055744] [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=12339,
[17:01] <stellar-slack> ok I'll just let it run till morning and look again but it normaly starts much faster
[17:04] <stellar-slack> uhm....
[17:05] <stellar-slack> uhm what?
[17:05] <stellar-slack> sacarlson are you 100% certain ure not accidentally using my sources? u said u compiled them earlier
[17:05] <stellar-slack> I only compiled one of them and that was stellar-core
[17:06] <stellar-slack> but with the sources from the official stellar/stellar-core repo?
[17:06] <stellar-slack> "build" : "horizon3",
[17:07] <stellar-slack> 62b505004ef8c9db4cdfc7d9fc42ac1ea34b98a1
[17:07] <stellar-slack> commit
[17:08] <stellar-slack> lets glance and see if it changed and they reset it without telling as they have before
[17:10] <stellar-slack> the commit hash does not tell from what sources you compiled. that commit exists in both repos
[17:10] <stellar-slack> the question is, from where did you download the sources you compiled
[17:12] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core.git
[17:12] <stellar-slack> ok
[17:12] <stellar-slack> I do see one small change added after this release
[17:14] <stellar-slack> 3a6619887bac1dd87138b4bac796e1983155e0ac but all it does is allow zero base fee
[17:16] <stellar-slack> you would not be able to see testnet at all if you had the version with the hash code disabled
[17:17] <stellar-slack> it is also posible they are running an older version than what I'm running as I got no verification when I published what I thought they must have on horizon
[17:18] <stellar-slack> but it was syncing before early today
[17:19] <stellar-slack> and it still be stuck now. ok time for me to go to bed. you guys have a good one
[17:19] <stellar-slack> stellar-core testnet is on 62b5050
[17:19] <stellar-slack> that's the same as I'm running now
[17:20] <stellar-slack> ok - then let it run for now - maybe crank the logs to debug if you can before going to sleep
[17:20] <stellar-slack> crank the logs?
[17:21] <stellar-slack> what added config might that be?
[17:21] <stellar-slack> you can do it from the config or on a running instance
[17:22] <stellar-slack> /ll?level=DEBUG on the HTTP endpoint
[17:23] <stellar-slack> tryed it but just comes up with help screen
[17:24] <stellar-slack> debug lowercase
[17:24] <stellar-slack> did you do -newdb and everything?
[17:25] <stellar-slack> help is wrong
[17:25] <stellar-slack> nope still fails to set ok too late to figure that out
[17:25] <stellar-slack> nm, it's case insensitive, so it should work
[17:25] <stellar-slack> yeah sorry, it's probably something really dumb
[17:25] <stellar-slack> that's ok thanks for the effort
[17:26] <stellar-slack> did u try stellar-core -newdb ?
[17:26] <stellar-slack> probably yes...
[17:26] <stellar-slack> yes several times
[17:26] <stellar-slack> just asking to make sure
[17:26] <stellar-slack> :( weird
[17:26] <stellar-slack> nite
[17:27] <stellar-slack> nite nite
[17:28] <stellar-slack> i wonder if there's a chance that stellar-core would launch with 0 transaction fees
[17:36] <stellar-slack> I don't see a reason why it would not. You will still have to create accounts though
[17:36] <stellar-slack> yeah well
[17:39] <stellar-slack> the network can "vote" on raising the fees right? wasn't there a mechanic like that
[17:44] <stellar-slack> yes it's there
[17:44] <stellar-slack> it's not just raising, it's changing the fees to whatever
[17:50] <stellar-slack> mhhh don't fully understand it yet
[20:37] <stellar-slack> Hi everyone! Wanted to remind you all that tonight is the SF Stellar dev meetup, with a livestream for remote folks: http://www.meetup.com/Stellar-Developers-Space-Camp/events/224242568/
[20:37] <stellar-slack> I'll be monitoring this channel, so if people have any questions as you watch the livestream, put them here (and @ me ) so I can pass them on to the speakers.
[20:38] <stellar-slack> we should have a MUCH better audio situation this time, so hopefully remote folks will be able to fully understand the presentations!
[21:57] <lloydbraun_> Can IOUs from different issuers appear in the same market?
[21:57] <lloydbraun_> Am I using the right terminology for Stellar?
[22:01] <stellar-slack> lloydbraun_: Credits with the same currency code but with different issuers don’t show up in the same market. To the network software, they are completely different types of credit.
[22:01] <lloydbraun_> Can this be done by using STR as a bridge currency?
[22:03] <stellar-slack> Yeah, that’s one of the primary purposes of the native currency… Each respective credit would have a market of offers to trade that credit for the native currency, and accounts can then transact one currency to another by routing payments through the necessary order books
[22:04] <stellar-slack> It doesn’t need to go through the native currency though, you can route a payment through any order book that has enough available to fulfill the payment
[22:05] <stellar-slack> Two issuers, for example, could setup an agreement between themselves to trade their respective credits 1-to-1
[22:10] <lloydbraun_> scott: Is it possible to see a composite market of all credits with the same currency code (regardless of issuer) against another currency code (regardless of issuer), using STR as the bridge currency?
[22:27] <stellar-slack> the only currency code "without issuer" that would make sense is the one where the issuer is the central bank for that currency. So there is still an issuer :)
[23:35] <lloydbraun_> monsieurnicolas: I'm not sure what you're getting at. Are you saying the type of STR bridge currency composite market I described above can not be viewed in Stellar?
[23:35] <lloydbraun_> If not, would it be possible to construct such a view with the API?
[23:39] <stellar-slack> The data is there, what I was saying is that I am not sure that view is that useful as different people have different opinion (ie filters) on which issuer they're willing to trust
[23:39] <stellar-slack> You’d have to construct it yourself.
[23:40] <stellar-slack> Different issuers have different opinions about what their currency is also. Just because the assets code is ‘USD’ doesn’t mean it’s backed by US dollars.
[23:41] <stellar-slack> Right, my USDs happen to be pegged to monopoly :)
[23:42] <stellar-slack> Well, you never know, which is why you explicitly have to trust each (issuer, asset) individually, right?
[23:42] <stellar-slack> I think it would be useful to have a filtered view by issuer type though
[23:42] <stellar-slack> like brick & mortar banks, country, compliance level, etc
[23:44] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: that would definitely be cool. That'd be something built on top of the network, yeah? Or are you thinking it would be good to have that kind of view baked in in some way?
[23:46] <stellar-slack> no, this would be something to build pretty high up in the stack
[23:46] <stellar-slack> :thumbsup:
[23:47] <stellar-slack> How would they be able to define the different types though? I guess the person who built the view would have to define those levels and verify them?
[23:51] <stellar-slack> They are *different* markets though, so it might not always make sense to merge the order depths into one view. I.e., bid/asks could be at different levels, due to liquidity, or public trust in the issuer..
[23:55] <stellar-slack> ok my new stellar-core ran all night and still at "state" : "Catching up"
[23:56] <stellar-slack> anyone else having this problem since the last big change?
[23:57] <lloydbraun_> How big of a task would it be to construct that view?
[23:58] <stellar-slack> Shouldn't be that hard
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