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[01:46] <stellar-slack> definetly change on my side and I like you changed balances to my trust balances to give a clue
[01:46] <stellar-slack> but yen is still shown to be 0 balance on my core page
[01:48] <stellar-slack> oh but I think that's just due to not sending me any assets that I trust you with
[01:50] <stellar-slack> create trust seem to be working now also
[01:50] <stellar-slack> on the overview page
[01:52] <stellar-slack> oh ya now you get feedback when you change trust limits much better
[01:56] <stellar-slack> I had a thought that might be cool if you could drag issuer accounts into the issuer boxes. otherwise when I switch pages to get the number and come back the box I had already filled out is now empty
[01:58] <stellar-slack> I guess the work around is to be logged in on two browsers so you can cut and paste the accounts you need from on to the other
[05:13] <stellar-slack> it's weird that it shows 0 YEN for sure ... are you sure you are viewing as sacarlson and not zipperhead?
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