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[01:11] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson how can I trade in my 3 beer credits for real beer?
[01:11] <stellar-slack> Go to thailand?
[01:27] <stellar-slack> @scott don't know about that trades feature. Biggest confusion around horizon for new devs stems from the fact that there are 2 horizons in two languages
[01:28] <stellar-slack> That's why I'm currently making big steps around it
[01:36] <stellar-slack> yes buhrmi to collect your deposit in native BEER you would have to pick it up in person here at the Pattaya office. Sorry we don't deliver. maybe we can get a satalite office in your country or we can setup a trusted affiliate there on your side.
[01:38] <stellar-slack> hope we get the phone app working soon so that I can take delivery on the beach of the direct deposits that I can drink on the spot to keep them safe. when you need the deposit back... well I'm working on that
[01:42] <stellar-slack> hahaha
[03:10] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: I just noted that the sequence number doesn't change even after at transaction on the open-core
[03:25] <stellar-slack> Mhh that's weird. Gonna look into that
[03:26] <stellar-slack> Other data in the accounts row like lastmodified changes correctly?
[03:27] <stellar-slack> I didn't look at that yet
[03:28] <stellar-slack> I can also run my createaccount as long as I have fee's set to zero so I can at least run my same code on both networks without taking out createaccount
[03:28] <stellar-slack> I'm trying to make my test set also run on your network with minimal changes
[03:28] <stellar-slack> What's the technical reason behind having a sequence number anyways
[03:30] <stellar-slack> well I guess with string transactions you need to know the sequence when you combine them into a single transaction bundle
[03:31] <stellar-slack> I have so far failed in my attempts to do that yet so I'm not totaly sure
[03:32] <stellar-slack> I was stock on changing fee's that I only just figured out last night
[05:28] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: so you can’t replay transactions
[05:29] <stellar-slack> right
[05:29] <stellar-slack> he could if he ran horizon hooked to it
[05:37] <stellar-slack> or if anyone hooked horizon to his network then you would I guess have replay transactions to view past crossed now closed orders
[05:38] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: i fixed the bug that would not increase seq number. also ... if a fee is set on a tx it should now be ignored by the core
[05:39] <stellar-slack> so you should be able to use exactly the same code for open core and stellar core
[05:40] <stellar-slack> very good so does that mean I need to recompile my present running open-core?
[05:40] <stellar-slack> yeah
[05:40] <stellar-slack> ok will do
[05:42] <stellar-slack> they might have also fixed the bug were it crashes everytime my ip address changes as I would think it should have changed by now and it's still running with sync now
[05:42] <stellar-slack> we will be more sure in 48 hours
[05:48] <stellar-slack> so your going with open-core commit e396ebeecbbbf65d2300e7b8f19cedd072c8b661 that I'll tag as try3
[05:54] <stellar-slack> yeah
[05:55] <stellar-slack> I think I found a new dependancy you now need for your build
[05:56] <stellar-slack> that's weird, nothing changed except for bugfix
[05:58] <stellar-slack> it seems to be compiling fine now after sudo apt-get install libpq-dev
[06:00] <stellar-slack> lol... weird
[06:00] <stellar-slack> ok now started new version ETA: 289 seconds
[06:01] <stellar-slack> :+1::skin-tone-6:
[06:01] <stellar-slack> :beers:
[06:02] <stellar-slack> I hope your adding all the dependancies in your readme
[06:24] <stellar-slack> i don't understand the difference between the manageOffer tx and createPassiveOffer tx ..
[07:41] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: I've never tried passive offer never researched it
[08:13] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: i made an offer to exchange sacarlson/beer into sacarlson/BEER
[08:14] <stellar-slack> if you make a counter offer, it should be automatically resolved, right?
[08:15] <stellar-slack> unless you set it to passive
[08:22] <stellar-slack> let's see ^^
[08:24] <stellar-slack> I think I've added the needed function of multi-sign to my stellar_utility.rb. I have yet to test it to see if it works or how it even works yet
[08:26] <stellar-slack> i don't think you need multi sign to have an offer completed
[08:26] <stellar-slack> just need to make a counter offer
[08:26] <stellar-slack> and for buhrmi I should assume I can counter with login to my account on your site
[08:26] <stellar-slack> can u try?
[08:27] <stellar-slack> no my multi-sign is unrelated to your offer. it's just in preparation for adding it to my pokerthacc
[08:29] <stellar-slack> I'm thinking a simple front end that auto calculates Weight parts, you just stick in the number of accounts and it should do the rest
[08:31] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: I guess your site no longer has my other user name that I thought was just sacarlson
[08:31] <stellar-slack> did I use an email?
[08:31] <stellar-slack> i wiped it
[08:32] <stellar-slack> oh ha ha so does it have to be a real email?
[08:32] <stellar-slack> yeah real email
[08:32] <stellar-slack> has to be verified then?
[08:32] <stellar-slack> not atm
[08:38] <stellar-slack> it looks good, I've added 1 account so far
[08:38] <stellar-slack> but this account has no assets so might as well test to see if I can move funds from one account to another with your setup
[08:39] <stellar-slack> it would be cool if I could see another accounts trustlines on your site at some point
[08:40] <stellar-slack> or maybe I could already
[08:40] <stellar-slack> I mean account that are not mine
[08:42] <stellar-slack> yeah... later
[08:44] <stellar-slack> but I found the info I need as the issuer your using for the offer GBZH6Z74OWID6ZP67KYNF7T5ES4APLZSISYO7GZGXW7PJNMFL4XNV3PT
[08:44] <stellar-slack> so I'll add that account you your site so that we can issuer more stuf when needed
[09:03] <stellar-slack> cool I was able to add a trustlines with your site but it failed to let me know it did anything after hitting th tx botton
[09:03] <stellar-slack> but looking in the db I see it worked
[09:07] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: is there any way to send funds on your website? I would think you would set that up before offer
[09:10] <stellar-slack> what if you reload the site? still nothing?
[09:12] <stellar-slack> I note a change in that I can now cancel trust that was added but nothing seen to send funds
[09:12] <stellar-slack> gonna add that
[09:13] <stellar-slack> should be first as you can't setup offers without funds can you?
[09:13] <stellar-slack> but your doing very good in any case
[09:14] <stellar-slack> yeah i think it's not possible
[09:14] <stellar-slack> I'll wait for you to fix that and get back to my multi-sign
[09:15] <stellar-slack> that will be cool when you add multi-sign to your site. then it will be seen by all, not just nerds like us
[09:27] <stellar-slack> woohoo.. it works.. i just made a payment to your for 1 beer credit and it reduced the balance on the trustline
[09:28] <stellar-slack> you da man
[09:28] <stellar-slack> let me check
[09:28] <stellar-slack> wait, deploying
[09:29] <stellar-slack> ok done
[09:31] <stellar-slack> I'm not sure I only see 2 beers total in the inventory of all of us now. didn't we have 3 beers?
[09:32] <stellar-slack> what did you do drink one?
[09:32] <stellar-slack> no, if i send a credit back to you it is as if it was never issued
[09:32] <stellar-slack> oh you should have sent to to my other account then
[09:33] <stellar-slack> that's cool I never tried that you can send back to the issuer to burn assets
[09:33] <stellar-slack> ah, okay whats your other account?
[09:33] <stellar-slack> does your other account already have a trustline to your beer-gateway?
[09:34] <stellar-slack> my other account named sacarlson is GAJYPMJOWAAGCXMB7UYP63LIMTYPXMGIBMYGQRW7QBF5AVSO7S3IRKIP
[09:34] <stellar-slack> sending 1 credit ... now
[09:34] <stellar-slack> well I better issue you some more beer as your almost out ha ha
[09:34] <stellar-slack> txSuccess
[09:34] <stellar-slack> checking
[09:35] <stellar-slack> yes perfect I also see the balance at your site
[09:38] <stellar-slack> one strange thing is that I'm not sure how you can tell who sent you the funds
[09:38] <stellar-slack> so I was about to issue some back but failed to see your address that send me my last beer
[09:39] <stellar-slack> yeah
[09:39] <stellar-slack> even if I look at the db I'm not sure
[09:39] <stellar-slack> that's my address GD5GK7WBU27XXAGD6J75JOLF7WVFGH2RXEBLOQ6OCVJTIA2JZDJLXAJ3
[09:39] <stellar-slack> will work on UI
[09:39] <stellar-slack> ok I'll isuer you 100 beer
[09:41] <stellar-slack> I made sure to send you an even number of cases of beer as they come in boxes of 24
[09:41] <stellar-slack> so 144 beers
[09:42] <stellar-slack> nah
[09:42] <stellar-slack> already sent
[09:42] <stellar-slack> that means you owe me 100 beer
[09:42] <stellar-slack> ya on the books it does
[09:42] <stellar-slack> haha txFailed
[09:43] <stellar-slack> my line has a limit of 5 beers so u can't owe me more than 5
[09:43] <stellar-slack> oh ya I forgot
[09:43] <stellar-slack> you don't trust I'll come up with more than 5 beers smart
[09:43] <stellar-slack> hahaha
[09:44] <stellar-slack> I never cary more than 120 baht that will only buy 4 beers
[09:46] <stellar-slack> it does need some feedback as the status when you send something and status of who sent something. but at this point it's the first web user interface for stellar-core or open-core that I've seen to date that works
[10:02] <stellar-slack> yeah doing a UI overhaul
[10:05] <stellar-slack> I'm looking at this multi-sign and thinking maybe the signers don't even need to be funded even in stellar but I'm not sure
[10:05] <stellar-slack> I'll try both ways
[10:52] <stellar-slack> updates :)
[10:56] <stellar-slack> so you attempting to run horizon? the link to beer isn't comeing up
[10:56] <stellar-slack> http://open-core.meteor.com/account/GBZH6Z74OWID6ZP67KYNF7T5ES4APLZSISYO7GZGXW7PJNMFL4XNV3PT
[11:01] <stellar-slack> yeah that's not working yet
[11:02] <stellar-slack> so what's the plan for that, full horizon or just the ruby half?
[11:03] <stellar-slack> or something else
[11:03] <stellar-slack> i have no plan for horizon
[11:03] <stellar-slack> ok so it's something else just a coincidence you used there same format of input
[11:03] <stellar-slack> yeah
[11:05] <stellar-slack> I'm not sure but it seems create_account no longer works for me. at least on this account GD3DYNE54777BUJLMZVML53LBKG4FQX523NJYOEXFFCZKKXAQABUQPT4
[11:05] <stellar-slack> I have fee set to zero
[11:05] <stellar-slack> and set funding to zero
[11:06] <stellar-slack> maybe it never worked but accounts got created at some other point?
[11:08] <stellar-slack> I'm also failing to see my added signers show up in the db, so I'm going to switch back to stellar and see if I have the same problem
[11:09] <stellar-slack> my guess it they can't without already being created
[11:16] <stellar-slack> the create account transaction has no effect on my fork
[11:16] <stellar-slack> it's not neccesary
[11:31] <stellar-slack> cool i can store the accountname of the address in the homeDomain field...
[11:31] <stellar-slack> or is that reserved for other stuff?
[11:32] <stellar-slack> I guess anything if not too many letters
[11:52] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: will do another history wipe on open core
[11:58] <stellar-slack> ok done
[11:59] <stellar-slack> we need a launch data (would propose just after stellar core launch)
[12:14] <stellar-slack> what's needed on my side with the wipe @buhrmi ?
[12:16] <stellar-slack> stellar-core -newdb
[12:17] <stellar-slack> ok no compile
[12:17] <stellar-slack> no
[12:17] <stellar-slack> present state "state" : "Joining SCP"
[12:19] <stellar-slack> ETA: 339 seconds
[12:19] <stellar-slack> after full reset
[12:20] <stellar-slack> oh I was about to try stellar to test my muli-sign but I was distracted with a chat with my momy
[12:31] <stellar-slack> http://buhrmi.de|buhrmi.de
[12:31] <stellar-slack> :)
[12:40] <stellar-slack> I attempted to add domain to my account and get {"status"=>"ERROR", "error"=>"AAAAAAAAAAD/////AAAAAf////8AAAAA"}
[12:43] <stellar-slack> I'm on my phone now so I can't decode this txresult
[13:34] <stellar-slack> it sais txFailed, opBadAuth
[13:34] <stellar-slack> maybe wrong signature? i dont know
[13:34] <stellar-slack> hmm
[13:35] <stellar-slack> well I get the same on stellar so it's on my side
[13:37] <stellar-slack> can't get multi-sign to work on stellar also
[14:59] <Skeribo> can't seem to log in to my stellar account, my email isn't even working.. any idea of where I should turn to get this fixed?
[14:59] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: totally understand about the confusion between ruby-horizon and go-horizon. The first thing I’ll be doing after getting to feature complete on go-horizon is to finish removing ruby-horizon. What can we do better to communicate with developers about ruby-horizon’s deprecation besides the big note at the top of ruby-horizon’s README?
[15:04] <stellar-slack> @scott: im confused because it looks like ruby horizon is still receiving development of new features
[15:05] <stellar-slack> What are the reasons to rewrite horizon from ruby to go ?
[15:05] <stellar-slack> really? As in you no longer believe the not at the top of the README?
[15:07] <stellar-slack> @fredolafritte: the initial horizon was written in jruby, until we found that jruby doesn’t support streaming http responses (despite better concurrency support than MRI)
[15:08] <stellar-slack> The readme only says that horizon is deprecated, it does not explain the reason why it is supposed to be deprecated
[15:09] <stellar-slack> Ruby or jruby ?
[15:10] <stellar-slack> top of go-horizon readme.md " # Note this code is pre-alpha. It is definitely not ready yet for production." top of horizon readme.md "*NOTE: This project is being replaced by a port to the go language at http://github.com/stellar/go-horizon*"
[15:10] <stellar-slack> yeah well the commit history is rather active for a project that is to be replaced
[15:11] <stellar-slack> I'm running the ruby horizon standalone and it works to some degree for what I need it fore
[15:11] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: I don’t really know how to better communicate it is deprecated. Are you advocating that we take development out of the open?
[15:12] <stellar-slack> The fact is that we must continue ruby-horizon development because that is where the importer is currently living.
[15:12] <stellar-slack> Ruby does not support streaming http response ?
[15:13] <stellar-slack> so it's either alive or depricated....
[15:13] <stellar-slack> i don't think it's deprecated. deprecated means that something better already exists
[15:13] <stellar-slack> @fredolafritte: ruby does (but not well), jruby does not.
[15:13] <stellar-slack> but the "something better" is still indevelopment
[15:14] <stellar-slack> What do you think we should do?
[15:15] <stellar-slack> i don't know lol...
[15:15] <stellar-slack> Try to keep he number of framework as low as possible
[15:16] <stellar-slack> get to a state where the ruby repo is not neccessary anymore in order to run horizon
[15:16] <stellar-slack> Http streaming is the only reason to rewrite horizon ?
[15:17] <stellar-slack> yes, http streaming and (after initial launch) websockets are central to the API horizon will provide
[15:17] <stellar-slack> or make it two projects but not with the same name
[15:17] <stellar-slack> maybe "horizon rest server" and "horizon streaming server"
[15:17] <stellar-slack> or something
[15:17] <stellar-slack> that complement eachother
[15:18] <stellar-slack> yeah, we could rename horizon to “horizon-importer"
[15:19] <stellar-slack> yeah that would solve a lot of confusion i think
[15:19] <stellar-slack> I’ll run it by the others, but that seems reasonable
[15:21] <stellar-slack> the way it looks is they are adding layers of new features on the go-horizon that don't exist on ruby-horizon and never will. as it looks they will at some point rewrite what doesn't yet exist go-horizon and make it standalone. maybe you all realize that already but just feel others find it confusing
[15:23] <stellar-slack> yes, our strategy was to finish the horizon api so that people can develop against testnet with a feature complete api before we spend the time to rewrite the history importer and transaction submitter in go. The point was to get to an API that real products can be developed against more quickly
[15:23] <stellar-slack> most the features that it seems are active in creation in the new go-horizon are in the trading platform from what little I know
[15:23] <stellar-slack> understood, @scott
[15:24] <stellar-slack> I’ll work on a PR today to rename ruby-horizon and add some explanatory text to the README to try and reduce confusion
[15:24] <stellar-slack> thanks for bringing it up @buhrmi !
[15:25] <stellar-slack> yeah thanks for clearing it up
[15:25] <stellar-slack> back to my playstation :)
[15:25] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: yeah, the few remaining features are around trading and path finding
[15:25] <stellar-slack> :)
[15:25] <stellar-slack> You can see the remaining items here: https://github.com/stellar/go-horizon/issues/54
[15:26] <stellar-slack> since I havn't been involved yet in the trading aspects I haven't looked at it too deeply
[15:30] <stellar-slack> and scott maybe if you have time you can ether help me figure out the problems I'm having with set_options and or multi-sign. they may be the same problem
[15:30] <stellar-slack> i want a card like a banking card that stores my secret seed
[15:30] <stellar-slack> are there options for that?
[15:31] <stellar-slack> not that I know of, but I would love something like that as well
[15:31] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: what are the issues you are having?
[15:31] <stellar-slack> at this point I get txFailed, opBadAuth
[15:32] <stellar-slack> is that for multisign?
[15:32] <stellar-slack> I think it's for any set option like set_options(my_keypair,home_domain: "sacarlson")
[15:33] <stellar-slack> I pulled the code from your scc
[15:33] <stellar-slack> Do you have a repro script?
[15:34] <stellar-slack> oh I also haven't released the changes in stellar_utilities with your added functions
[15:35] <stellar-slack> no worries. what line are you failing on? 19?
[15:35] <stellar-slack> yes
[15:35] <stellar-slack> well at the point it sends it but that must be the line
[15:36] <stellar-slack> or maybe I format it wrong?
[15:37] <stellar-slack> let me check out the testnet db for the signer setup of that account
[15:37] <stellar-slack> oh cool
[15:37] <stellar-slack> I can run it again to be sure you see it
[15:40] <stellar-slack> Okay, so GC6NFQDTVH2YMVZSXJIVLCRHLFAOVOT32JMDFZJZ34QFSSVT7M5G2XFK has it’s “high” threshold set to 2, but the master key only has a weight of 1… that’s why you get a BAD_AUTH error on line 19
[15:40] <stellar-slack> yes
[15:40] <stellar-slack> `set_options` is a high security operation
[15:41] <stellar-slack> so what's needed to get needed security?
[15:41] <stellar-slack> I have the key set
[15:43] <stellar-slack> since you haven’t added any additional signers, there is currently no way for that account to perform a high security operation… you’re locked out
[15:43] <stellar-slack> higher fee's ha ha
[15:44] <stellar-slack> oh ok so with two keys signed then it can perform it. well but I also fail to add_sign with I'm guessing the same error
[15:45] <stellar-slack> later in the same code I add two signers but nether is added in the db that I can see
[15:47] <stellar-slack> I would start with a new account, and then add your new signers first (ensure the transactions succeed), then set thresholds
[15:47] <stellar-slack> I’ll add signer and threshold information to go-horizon today, so that the `/accounts/:id` endpoint returns that info
[15:48] <stellar-slack> I have the db here I can look at to get the results of the signer table. ok I'll give it another try
[15:49] <stellar-slack> :+1:
[15:53] <stellar-slack> oh I don't think my add_signer is ever getting sent. I thought the transaction being sent was what changed or added the signer but I must be wrong. it only changes something but I don't know what has to be sent to the server to activate the signing.
[15:55] <stellar-slack> never mind I think I see at least one of my mistakes
[16:15] <stellar-slack> ok I made some progress I got one out of two my signers added to the db with the secound I got an error {"status"=>"ERROR", "error"=>"AAAAAAAAAAD////7AAAAAA=="}
[16:17] <stellar-slack> badSeq
[16:18] <stellar-slack> wow how's that posible, I'm running it again with another set of random created accounts
[16:18] <stellar-slack> looks like u used a wrong sequence number :P
[16:19] <stellar-slack> ok it ran ok on the secound run I just increased the time window between
[16:19] <stellar-slack> I tried to speed it up with only 8 secounds but 11 secounds seems to be more reliable
[16:20] <stellar-slack> there code looks for something in a loop that I don't understand. waits for something to change in the db I guess
[16:23] <stellar-slack> oh maybe they reset testnet?
[16:23] <stellar-slack> now there is only 3 accounts
[16:25] <stellar-slack> oh I was looking at the wrong db this is now running on sqlite not postgres
[16:25] <stellar-slack> now everything is looking good
[18:03] <stellar-slack> Heads up: I’ll be renaming the “horizon” project to “horizon-importer” and “go-horizon” to “horizon” momentarily. Anyone who has clones of the repositories should update their remotes
[18:03] <stellar-slack> ok
[18:10] <stellar-slack> scott I now have an account with mutiple signers and set_thresholds, so now my question is what is it that each signer signs on a tx to make it authorized? I think it's the envelope but I see no examples of how to sign the envelope with more than one signer
[18:11] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: the `to_envelope` method (https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base/blob/master/lib/stellar/transaction.rb#L132) can take multiple keypairs as arguments
[18:11] <stellar-slack> it will sign the transaction with each one before returning the resulting envelope
[18:12] <stellar-slack> ok like b64 = tx.to_envelope(account,account2,account3).to_xdr(:base64)
[18:12] <stellar-slack> yep!
[18:12] <stellar-slack> cool
[18:23] <stellar-slack> I'm guessing I can also pass array of accounts as a single parameter as that's what they become later but I'm not sure
[18:29] <stellar-slack> nope guess you can't do that
[18:37] <stellar-slack> You can do that with ruby: tx.to_envelope(*[ac1, ac2])
[18:38] <stellar-slack> oh so what if f(account, tx) I can f(*[ac1,ac2],tx)
[18:39] <stellar-slack> read up on the ruby "splat operator"
[18:41] <stellar-slack> nope that didn't work options': wrong number of arguments (3 for 2)
[18:41] <stellar-slack> splat operator will do
[18:44] <stellar-slack> yeah, `(*[1,2], 3)` gets translated to `(1,2,3)`
[18:44] <stellar-slack> I was looking at all these function already writen that are setup for only a single argument but now I find we sometimes need more
[18:44] <stellar-slack> oh that's what I was hoping
[18:45] <stellar-slack> but why won't this envelope = set_options(*[signerA_keypair,signerB_keypair],home_domain: "sacarlson")
[18:46] <stellar-slack> The SetOptions operation doesn’t support mutating multiple signers within a single operation, and the stellar network level
[19:08] <stellar-slack> cool at least I got it to work, my first successful multi-sign transaction
[19:16] <stellar-slack> and thanks again @scott, time for some sleeping for me, you all have a good one
[19:46] <stellar-slack> :) happy to help!
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