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[03:43] <stellar-slack> submitting this tx to stellar-core gives the response {"exception": "xvector overflow"}.. can somebody help me figure out what's wrong with it?
[03:44] <stellar-slack> it's supposed to be a simple payment with native
[06:13] <stellar-slack> [default] ERROR Can't have FAILURE_SAFETY=0 unless you also set UNSAFE_QUORUM=true. Be sure you know what you are doing! <--- lol i dont even know where i am
[06:13] <stellar-slack> i've got an OK approximation
[06:28] <stellar-slack> so is that was caused your problem above then?
[06:28] <stellar-slack> I don't know of anything in my code that's changed that would prevent being able to make offers so I'm about to try regress to the older version of stellar-core that I know it was working on
[06:30] <stellar-slack> i don't know i think i didn't add a sequence number to the tx, don't know what to put in there
[06:30] <stellar-slack> you put the sequence number of the account that doing the transaction
[06:31] <stellar-slack> opps you put the seqnum+1
[06:32] <stellar-slack> so you must be working from your js-base code then?
[06:37] <stellar-slack> i compiled stellar-core from master, i think it's incompatible with testnet ....
[06:41] <stellar-slack> I think that's posible. I'm going to try back at least to what we ran before scott's last change
[06:42] <stellar-slack> the only other thing is maybe is the last changes to ruby-stellar-base but I don't think so
[06:44] <stellar-slack> and the also more probable is another brain fart on my side
[08:23] <stellar-slack> I just noted that the stellar-core I'm now running is still the older one that horizon ran before at: b179493a328955f8927d367c712bf0dd7341f3e7
[08:24] <stellar-slack> I'm going to go back one more stable branch and run it standalone to see what happens
[08:27] <stellar-slack> I"m going all the way back to the fredolafritte branch Aug 5 0c4c858124e0bb32efda1e26fae7c9bc5b396f6d that originaly worked for me standalone
[08:27] <stellar-slack> haha
[08:28] <stellar-slack> my fork seems to be working
[08:28] <stellar-slack> oh cool good to hear
[08:28] <stellar-slack> like I said it's probly a brain fart on my side
[08:28] <stellar-slack> on my fork accounts don't need to get funded with native currency to do transactions
[08:29] <stellar-slack> so you can just send transactions with source accounts that don't even exist. they are created on the fly
[08:29] <stellar-slack> oh that might help at least one of my bugs that failed with error about min fee not set
[08:29] <stellar-slack> good bye friendbot... nobody needs you :P
[08:30] <stellar-slack> do you have a horizon running on it yet?
[08:31] <stellar-slack> no but you can send base64 transactions to http://open-core.org/tx?blob=XXXX
[08:31] <stellar-slack> that won't work if we don't have sequence numbers
[08:32] <stellar-slack> right... need to get my web app working... will provide sequence numbers soon
[08:32] <stellar-slack> it could work for you being in access to the postgresql files
[08:32] <stellar-slack> I can provide assistenc in setup of just the ruby horizon that privides minimal transactions
[08:33] <stellar-slack> it's not too hard now that I found all the dependacies
[08:34] <stellar-slack> did you have to do anything other than set the fee's to zero in config for your branch?
[08:35] <stellar-slack> yeah ... quite some source code changes ... to create accounts on the fly
[08:35] <stellar-slack> usually they are created with the createaccountTx ... but that's not needed anymore on my fork
[08:35] <stellar-slack> very good and did you publish it?
[08:36] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/buhrmi/stellar-core
[08:36] <stellar-slack> cool I might have to give it a try, then I could be your horizon
[08:36] <stellar-slack> yeah sounds cool :)
[08:37] <stellar-slack> maybe we can get a two-nodes testnet running
[08:37] <stellar-slack> I might still have some bugs with my postgres change so until I'm sure that is worked out we will see
[08:37] <stellar-slack> basically, on my fork, there is no native currency anymore
[08:38] <stellar-slack> it's still in the code but nobody can send any native currency because no accounts get funded. ever.
[08:38] <stellar-slack> yes I basicly understand. what about issued trust then?
[08:38] <stellar-slack> that should work because it doesnt cost fees
[08:38] <stellar-slack> you have to setup trust before someone can send you funds
[08:39] <stellar-slack> no you still have to have trust to recieve funds on non native
[08:39] <stellar-slack> it has nothing to do with fee's
[08:39] <stellar-slack> yeah so it needs to be easy to create trust
[08:40] <stellar-slack> good UI
[08:40] <stellar-slack> "Click here to trust buhrmi with 10 USD"
[08:40] <stellar-slack> yes it's not hard but, oh yes a UI to make it easy. well with your names federated it can't be too hard
[08:41] <stellar-slack> yeah, that's the social network thingy i wanna build
[08:41] <stellar-slack> slowly comes together now
[08:41] <stellar-slack> perfect for my poker if it stays stable
[08:41] <stellar-slack> yes
[08:41] <stellar-slack> takes some work but we should get it into a stable state
[08:42] <stellar-slack> stable state is mostly dependent on at least a few man standing over time
[08:42] <stellar-slack> yeah
[08:42] <stellar-slack> not totaly dependanct on only software. people get bord and turn it off is the problem when there is no funds in it
[08:43] <stellar-slack> but if you can get something like google to run it for free forever it could work
[08:44] <stellar-slack> even many apps on google that you think will last forever over time end up getting shut down like the map app
[08:44] <stellar-slack> or tracking app
[08:46] <stellar-slack> yeah gonna try to keep it going forever
[08:46] <stellar-slack> how do you figure that is posible? your boss going to pay for it?
[08:46] <stellar-slack> i dunno ... not really thinking about it
[08:47] <stellar-slack> solar-powered nodes on weather ballons
[08:47] <stellar-slack> lol
[08:47] <stellar-slack> well if you come up with the solution to keep it going then I will put more effort into it myself
[08:48] <stellar-slack> i think if we manage to attract a small community, some people will set up their own nodes
[08:48] <stellar-slack> just to be part of it
[08:49] <stellar-slack> well weather ballons have a limited life expectancy with sun UV bringing them down in maybe less than 2 years. and there is also the problem who is going to buy these weather ballons in the first place? wouldn't it just be cheaper to spend $1 for a lifetime supply of XLM?
[08:50] <stellar-slack> it's definitly worth a try
[08:50] <stellar-slack> the thing is that XLM run on the stellar-core network. stellar-core has a root account which is the central authority since it holds all the funding
[08:50] <stellar-slack> (the friendbot)
[08:51] <stellar-slack> well over time if they distributed the funds then they would no loger be the central authority but yes at this time they are
[08:52] <stellar-slack> I guess I look at it like stock in a corporation to fund there development you can buy a part of the XLM corp.
[08:53] <stellar-slack> that's why i gonna run my app on my own core implementation
[08:53] <stellar-slack> well your app should be able to switch between your core and any other but I guess you look at your app as the whole package
[08:54] <stellar-slack> yeah, kinda ... i mean you can fork it and run on stellar-core instead open-core
[08:54] <stellar-slack> my poker has that option, it can be pointed at any core or even old stellar or ripple
[08:55] <stellar-slack> and I can help you put your core into an apt-get package like I was about to do with stellar in the near future so anyone can just doubleclick to install and run it
[08:56] <stellar-slack> deb package
[08:57] <stellar-slack> yeah that would be awesome. cause i have no idea how to do it. but need to do some testing first
[08:58] <stellar-slack> I just did the preliminary research and was already able to move the binary between two system so I now know how easy it is, and I've done it before with my poker and other apps with no problem
[08:59] <stellar-slack> problem is it's size is bigger than most apps at like 140megs
[08:59] <stellar-slack> not sure why that is
[08:59] <stellar-slack> must have a ton of static libs or something
[09:00] <stellar-slack> but it will still be easy to install
[09:05] <stellar-slack> yeah
[09:05] <stellar-slack> will work more on UI/UX and then put on hackernews / techcrunch or something
[09:06] <stellar-slack> maybe wait till your poker is ready too ^^
[09:07] <stellar-slack> my poker has been ready for some time, stable for weeks fully documented and tested
[09:07] <stellar-slack> not integrated with stellar-core yet but could have some time ago
[09:08] <stellar-slack> if I settled on having a localy running stellar-core running with it. but I'm still stuck not getting horizon interface to work. when that works I'll integrate stellar-core into pokerthacc
[09:09] <stellar-slack> what is UX stand for?
[09:13] <stellar-slack> oh and I don't see any transactions on your new core yet, nor is the ledger-close time ticking
[09:26] <stellar-slack> should be up and runnign again
[09:26] <stellar-slack> it's now counting ledger sequence in top left corner too
[09:34] <stellar-slack> yup looking good
[09:35] <stellar-slack> UX = user experience
[09:59] <stellar-slack> looks like transactions are working :)
[10:02] <stellar-slack> transactions from accounts that have never received funding ^^
[10:07] <stellar-slack> man i'm so happy i got this stuff running.. now i can remove everything that deals with native currency from stellar-core
[10:23] <stellar-slack> ok I was able to create total fresh create offer on fred's branch of stellar-core, so I'm ready to try again on stellar-core version b179493a328955f8927d367c712bf0dd7341f3e7
[10:25] <stellar-slack> woah stellar core even detects duplicate txs
[10:26] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: when running a private network, the master key is in your control, so the first step is to create the friend bot account, which can then be used to create other account via the horizon api
[10:27] <stellar-slack> so there is no real need to modified the fee handling in stellar-core
[10:28] <stellar-slack> @fredolafritte: i'm neither using friendbot nor horizon
[10:28] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: sequence numbers are now shown too for your accounts
[10:29] <stellar-slack> horizon is still useful to get the sequence number
[10:30] <stellar-slack> don't need it tho... i can just do account.pg.seqnum
[10:30] <stellar-slack> it syncs automatically
[10:31] <stellar-slack> ok I got it working now with offers. yes my software has a mode to get the sequence number from horizon also
[10:32] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: that must fetch it from your local postgres
[10:32] <stellar-slack> no it's not being fetched, it's being pushed
[10:32] <stellar-slack> whenever the value in postgres changes, it gets pushed into my app
[10:33] <stellar-slack> just needs the initial connection to postgres
[10:33] <stellar-slack> do you speak of the ledger sequnece?
[10:33] <stellar-slack> both... account sequence and ledger sequence
[10:33] <stellar-slack> that's not the same as an accounts next sequence that is started from some random number
[10:34] <stellar-slack> not in my fork... in my fork it starts at 0
[10:35] <stellar-slack> even if they all start from 0 you still don't know what transaction it at unless you fetch the sequence from horizon or local db. I'm not sure of your branch
[10:36] <stellar-slack> not sure there is any advantage of starting all accounts sequence at zero would be
[10:36] <stellar-slack> yeah well it's just how to implement it... i've set it up the way that whenever it updates in postgres, postgres notifies my app with the new seq value
[10:36] <stellar-slack> so i don't have to fetch
[10:37] <stellar-slack> just for your account? each account is unque
[10:37] <stellar-slack> for all accounts saved in the app
[10:38] <stellar-slack> well they are all avalable on the db not sure why you need them on the app
[10:39] <stellar-slack> very small amount of code needed to pull for the stellar-core db for any account not just the ones you hold
[10:40] <stellar-slack> i don't "need" them on the app
[10:40] <stellar-slack> as you may need accounts nextseq also for those accounts you setup multi-sign with
[10:40] <stellar-slack> but it's nice to show to the user his current seqnum
[10:40] <stellar-slack> for a nice UX
[10:41] <stellar-slack> sure just to see it's up to date with what he thinks it should be
[10:41] <stellar-slack> yeah
[10:42] <stellar-slack> but the random start of seqnum must have been some added security thing that costs nothing to keep
[10:43] <stellar-slack> but in this case if started from zero you at least have a reference to how many transactions you have done to date
[10:44] <stellar-slack> yeah
[10:45] <stellar-slack> ok I guess now that my code works as good as before postgres I can now move on to try my local horizon
[10:49] <stellar-slack> sweet
[11:00] <stellar-slack> let me know when u have time to try to set up a second node for the fee-less network
[11:00] <stellar-slack> gonna update the configuration file
[11:01] <stellar-slack> I should assume you have a working copy of a config for networked in your github release? you will need to add the trusted node list being just you at this point
[11:02] <stellar-slack> you can test it on yourself ether running a home node or one on a virtualbox
[11:03] <stellar-slack> we can start working on it now if you want I can do my other thing alone later
[11:05] <stellar-slack> nah i gonna go home now
[11:05] <stellar-slack> i've updated the testnet config like this https://github.com/buhrmi/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/stellar-core_testnet.cfg
[11:06] <stellar-slack> I just cloned a copy and will see if it compiles
[11:12] <stellar-slack> configure: error: *** A compiler with support for C++11 language features is required.
[11:12] <stellar-slack> I thought I had all the dependancies installed already. seems they have added more
[11:15] <stellar-slack> maybe i should add a button to paypal where ppl can trade in their real currency for 1-to-1 open-core assets haha
[11:16] <stellar-slack> 10 USD = 10 open-core/USD
[11:16] <stellar-slack> and then play poker with that
[11:17] <stellar-slack> you would still have a trusted entity on the other side in this case paypal?
[11:17] <stellar-slack> or trade 10 open-core/USD for sacarlson/CHP
[11:18] <stellar-slack> I got the compiler thing fixed was pointing at the wrong executable
[11:18] <stellar-slack> yeah i think paypal doesn't allow crypto currency
[11:18] <stellar-slack> but it's not crypto currency it's just trust haha
[11:18] <stellar-slack> started make that I know takes some time on this one
[11:19] <stellar-slack> and then i trade you open-core/USD for buhrmi/sausage
[11:19] <stellar-slack> I guess I can setup the config files and such, I'll set it up on sqlite as I now know that works fine
[11:20] <stellar-slack> aaanyway, heading home now
[11:20] <stellar-slack> cya :)
[11:20] <stellar-slack> ok tomaros another day, have a good one
[11:33] <stellar-slack> hay @buhrmi I see native transactions on your new network that I thought you said had no native funds?
[11:42] <stellar-slack> and also this is as far as you get in your present open-core config @buhrmi 2015-08-31T18:41:07.382 970f40 [140090398447488] [History] ERROR History archives misconfigured. [HistoryManagerImpl.cpp:170]
[12:09] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: yeah i haven't removed the code part yet that initializes a friendbot account when you do stellar-core -newdb
[12:10] <stellar-slack> feel free to make a PR haha
[12:48] <stellar-slack> mhh can't find it myself even
[12:49] <stellar-slack> when u do stellar-core -newdb , do you get one account with 1000++ native?
[12:49] <stellar-slack> ah, maybe it was from the old testnet and it didnt wipe the db? i dunnp... gonna reset again tomorrow
[13:34] <stellar-slack> does who get an account with 1000++ native? maybe you speak of the master account?
[15:04] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: yeah, the latest master of stellar-core is one step ahead of the latest master for horizon. Horizon will get updated today to be compatible
[15:25] <stellar-slack> I'm now running a local ruby horizon on my system and now get the same results 500 Internal Server Error (RestClient::InternalServerError) when I try to run my send_native.rb on it
[15:26] <stellar-slack> now that it's local might I find some logs that would give me more light as to what 500 internal is?
[15:27] <stellar-slack> I can perform account info with no problem on it now using this new local ruby horizon so it seems to working
[15:34] <stellar-slack> that's all I can find in the horizon logs that seems to tell me nothing
[15:36] <stellar-slack> what does send_native.rb look like?
[15:38] <stellar-slack> this runs fine if I point it direct to my stellar-core
[15:39] <stellar-slack> okay, so you can’t point a script that would work against stellar-core directly to horizon… they don’t have the same API
[15:39] <stellar-slack> so it can't even create an account when I send it
[15:40] <stellar-slack> yes I realize that but I go by the API docs that I guess are incorrect
[15:41] <stellar-slack> which "transaction create" doc are you using?
[15:43] <stellar-slack> this must be were the error is no?
[15:43] <stellar-slack> since I send this same or a working set of base64 to stellar-core and it works, the only diff is I send the base64 to this function
[15:44] <stellar-slack> I looked at the working js-lib code to get some idea of how it's sent and I thought this was looking close
[15:45] <stellar-slack> so, could you give me what doc you were working off of? I want to make sure it gets updated.
[15:47] <stellar-slack> http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/#reference/default/transaction/submitting-a-transaction
[15:47] <stellar-slack> but I've also looked at the only working code that I know of that is js-libs
[15:51] <stellar-slack> okay, so that document is correct, other than it’s showing hex instead of base64 (which things have been changed to and you have changed as well). You’ll notice the from param is `tx`, whereas youre sending the base64 of the transaction as the entire body of the request
[15:52] <stellar-slack> try, for line 9 in the snippet above: `response = http://RestClient.post|RestClient.post(@configs["url_horizon"]+"/transactions”, {tx: b64}, headers)`
[15:54] <stellar-slack> ok I'll try that but I think I found something in the logs that I failed to see
[15:54] <stellar-slack> Can't verify CSRF token authenticity?
[15:55] <stellar-slack> that doesn’t matter, but the line above shows your problem
[15:55] <stellar-slack> The body you’re sending is incorrect, it should look like
[15:55] <stellar-slack> and that says what ha ha
[15:55] <stellar-slack> Parameters: {“tx”=>"AAAAAImbKEDtVjbFbdxfFLI5dfefG6I4jSaU5MVuzd3JYOXvAAAACgAAAAAAAAAkAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAz7QHTB04zrudrWa4WtHLpg7f55mPBDr8u8GxS42eb9EAAAACVAvkAAAAAAAAAAAByWDl7wAAAEDMEhHCYrdQ6RaUM2xzdLOps5uy2J0VBndgVvqoCiPBsVRpOAoEIZ2sch2hAxSRwdsF9OH3aV9e CGwGqGSAmYN"}
[15:56] <stellar-slack> cool so your line above will fix it I'll try it now
[15:56] <stellar-slack> yes, it should fix it
[16:04] <stellar-slack> 500 Internal Server Error (RestClient::InternalServerError) still for me so I'll look again at my logs
[16:10] <stellar-slack> What’s the response you got back from the server? the body of the 500 response?
[16:11] <stellar-slack> that above was what has the last error I think with the "** [Raven] Event not sent due to excluded environment: development" might be the center of the problem?
[16:12] <stellar-slack> maybe some mode I'm in that won't send tx?
[16:13] <stellar-slack> oh wait and I think it sent it to wrong port
[16:13] <stellar-slack> what I mean… the 500 error your client script gets back has more information in the body. That’s important to know to diagnose what is going on
[16:13] <stellar-slack> you can get it from your script above by calling `response.body`
[16:14] <stellar-slack> no that's all the client see's "/home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/rest-client-1.8.0/lib/restclient/abstract_response.rb:74:in `return!': 500 Internal Server Error (RestClient::InternalServerError)"
[16:17] <stellar-slack> first error I see is this is wrong port for my present steller-core that now runs on 8080 I think so I'll eather change it to http://localhost:39132 or find where this is changed in horizon probly in exports some place
[16:18] <stellar-slack> not far now I think thanks
[16:37] <stellar-slack> yes I'll look at the a bit closer but I think I need to change this ENV STELLARD_URL
[16:37] <stellar-slack> unless that doesn't include the port
[17:08] <stellar-slack> it work!! I had to add this export STELLARD_URL="http://localhost:8080" to horizon ENV
[17:08] <stellar-slack> :+1: sweet!
[17:09] <stellar-slack> thanks for your help scott could have never figured that out
[17:09] <stellar-slack> of course. happy to help
[23:08] <stellar-slack> Updating and resetting the test net
[23:40] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: yeah the master account. getting rid of that
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