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[17:05] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: can u help me test address usernames on open-core?
[17:06] <stellar-slack> you should now be able to verify ownership of your stellar address via signature
[17:06] <stellar-slack> and then assign a username to your address
[17:06] <stellar-slack> if everything works, current offers should then show your username instead of raw address
[19:00] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: oh like login to your site ya no problem
[19:01] <stellar-slack> just provide me with minimal instruction and I'm up for it
[19:02] <stellar-slack> log in, click on "my core", insert public address & desired name, make signature to verify, click "add account"
[19:02] <stellar-slack> I was hoping not tonight as I just came home from drinking
[19:02] <stellar-slack> lol
[19:03] <stellar-slack> public address being my stellar payment address?
[19:03] <stellar-slack> yeah
[19:03] <stellar-slack> make sugnature? how is that done?
[19:04] <stellar-slack> you can use the the tool on the website for now
[19:04] <stellar-slack> or you can do it StellarBase.sign(text, privatekey)
[19:06] <stellar-slack> I guess I'm loged in
[19:07] <stellar-slack> huge success :P
[19:07] <stellar-slack> I guess for my account on testnet? I should give my gateway address
[19:07] <stellar-slack> yeah that would make sense
[19:07] <stellar-slack> not sure I'm sober enuf to find that
[19:07] <stellar-slack> lol
[19:11] <stellar-slack> of I found my address but stuck at the signature part
[19:11] <stellar-slack> copy and pasted it
[19:12] <stellar-slack> does it say signature not valid
[19:12] <stellar-slack> oh I think I need to also add the seed
[19:12] <stellar-slack> I'll have to look that up
[19:13] <stellar-slack> u need the seed to create the signature. u can do it on the website or on your console in case u don't trust the browser/website
[19:15] <stellar-slack> no the browser is fine it's just that the seed or key is in a yml file that has encoded in some way
[19:15] <stellar-slack> the normal key I would expect starts with an s...
[19:16] <stellar-slack> yaml file doesn't contain it directly
[19:19] <stellar-slack> undefined method `seed' for "GBPJR44JZVXBGRXRQ7PN34IUERQOJ64OG44UIF7ICOIUWLN7H5MALVIU":String (NoMethodError)
[19:19] <stellar-slack> must have forgot the code to extract seed from pair
[19:22] <stellar-slack> I found another pair and got a signature so what do I do with it?
[19:26] <stellar-slack> ok I think I filled in all the locations but the botton doesn't activate
[19:27] <stellar-slack> oh it says Signature is NOT valid!
[19:27] <stellar-slack> I must have typo'ed it. I'll look at it in the morning when I just a bit more sober not after 8 beers and 1 sato
[19:28] <stellar-slack> but it looks good looks like it should work
[19:29] <stellar-slack> maybe make a screen video so people will be sure to know how it's done
[19:29] <stellar-slack> but most should get it
[19:30] <stellar-slack> ok good night
[19:30] <stellar-slack> yeah the user interface is not very intuitive
[19:30] <stellar-slack> it's not perfect but not bad
[19:31] <stellar-slack> anyone that can read would probly get it just not me now
[19:31] <stellar-slack> keep up the good work
[20:30] <stellar-slack> any idea when the new stellar-core will be in production?
[20:30] <stellar-slack> is it in the roadmap? https://trello.com/b/Clb1VMP5/platform-roadmap?
[21:03] <stellar-slack> i think the roadmap to launch it is just before the global economic crash
[21:04] <stellar-slack> :)
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