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[02:12] <stellar-slack> anyone can help on the 500 response on horizon above?
[02:15] <stellar-slack> does that account already exist?
[02:16] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi:
[02:17] <stellar-slack> yeah it's when i try to send you currency to your acocunt
[02:17] <stellar-slack> also I note the quantity is high. where did the native come from?
[02:17] <stellar-slack> they only give you 1000
[02:17] <stellar-slack> friendbot
[02:18] <stellar-slack> currency is denoted in millionth afaik
[02:18] <stellar-slack> ok
[02:18] <stellar-slack> I'll look up the account and see if it's active
[02:18] <stellar-slack> and check it's ballance
[02:25] <stellar-slack> your account GDXXC.... looks good
[02:27] <stellar-slack> both accounts seem okay
[02:28] <stellar-slack> yup they both check out. I could verify your seed
[02:30] <stellar-slack> what command line or other are you using to run it?
[02:31] <stellar-slack> what platform?
[02:33] <stellar-slack> why does that matter ... it's node on ubuntu
[02:34] <stellar-slack> for resons I don't know they use mocha
[02:34] <stellar-slack> like I said I'm not a java guy but I touched it one time a bit to decode some errors
[02:35] <stellar-slack> mocha is test/mockup lib, how is that relevant here
[02:35] <stellar-slack> it's javascript, not java
[02:35] <stellar-slack> ah, i se
[02:35] <stellar-slack> gonna set up horizon locally to debug
[02:35] <stellar-slack> derp derp
[02:35] <stellar-slack> maybe a terminology error on my part
[02:37] <stellar-slack> yes I think fredolafritte had a working horizon running on his due to the problems he had on stellars horizon
[02:38] <stellar-slack> open-core !! :)
[02:38] <stellar-slack> ??
[02:38] <stellar-slack> ... ah, just going back to my idea
[02:38] <stellar-slack> oh ya
[02:39] <stellar-slack> best get this one running to some point before you branch
[02:39] <stellar-slack> some base to start from
[02:39] <stellar-slack> yeah, well, the SDF is working on that, right? ^_^
[02:39] <stellar-slack> they got the funding LOL
[02:40] <stellar-slack> I guess not enuf
[02:43] <stellar-slack> *cuts more trees*, *makes more paper*, *prints more money*
[02:44] <stellar-slack> but with stellar anyone can print money just become a gateway and create an asset
[02:44] <stellar-slack> yeah but only if u have native currency
[02:45] <stellar-slack> only a little to transact it, I can print 100B CHP and only spend 4 cents doing it
[02:45] <stellar-slack> "a little" is still more than "nothing"
[02:46] <stellar-slack> or "free"
[02:46] <stellar-slack> well I do for nothing on testnet so that my cheap poker players don't have to pay even 4 cents
[02:47] <stellar-slack> but I still print 100B CHP or mayby only 10 CHP and make them rare and valuable
[02:47] <stellar-slack> on open-core, poker would look different
[02:47] <stellar-slack> your players wouldn't need to get chips, they could just put in their own assets
[02:48] <stellar-slack> well how would you keep score if anyone could print assets?
[02:48] <stellar-slack> well, they keep score by themselves
[02:48] <stellar-slack> you would need to base the asset on something to keep track of who was winning or loosing
[02:49] <stellar-slack> why? traditional currency isn't based on anything either
[02:49] <stellar-slack> i mean, it was in the past
[02:49] <stellar-slack> but these days...
[02:49] <stellar-slack> keep score themselves? that's what they do now already. I'm trying to add permanent score keeping
[02:50] <stellar-slack> today your right they just print money but they still have to control it's distribution to give it some value
[02:50] <stellar-slack> exactly ... on open-core, everybody can make their own assets and control the distribution
[02:50] <stellar-slack> like stellar is controlling distribution of STR
[02:51] <stellar-slack> best chat about this in #general but not that I care, just so the dev's can glance and see related events better I guess
[02:52] <stellar-slack> yeah, well ... maybe get horizon running first ^^
[02:52] <stellar-slack> :+1:
[02:54] <stellar-slack> “Lost all you money playing poker? Don’t worry, with the press of a button you’re a billionaire again” — Open-core, We create more billionaires than Robert Mugabe
[02:54] <stellar-slack> ha ha
[02:54] <stellar-slack> hehe
[02:54] <stellar-slack> Well, you could make yourself a billionaire easily, it's just that nobody would care about your currency
[02:55] <stellar-slack> I'm a trillionaire in buhrmi-coin
[02:55] <stellar-slack> it's just that nobody gives a fuck
[02:55] <stellar-slack> edit that f** or eva will jump on you
[02:57] <stellar-slack> yes the secret is some how make people think it's worth something. I first tried to create beertokens 4 years ago with multicoin
[02:58] <stellar-slack> but to me it's just a game score keeper
[02:58] <stellar-slack> even in reality that much of what it is. how can anyone spend 1 Billion dollars in a single life time
[02:59] <stellar-slack> Oh man, the stuff we’re going to be able to do with tokens/assets..
[03:03] <stellar-slack> For personal spending, it’d be bloody hard, but put it into a venture of some kind, and watch them dwindle away :)
[03:03] <stellar-slack> haha
[03:04] <stellar-slack> is that what you've been doing with all your money dzham?
[03:04] <stellar-slack> "[21:23:44] sacarlson just traded 34 dzham-beer-coin for 22 buhrmi-massage-hours with tiny_love_XX"
[03:05] <stellar-slack> what is that?
[03:05] <stellar-slack> an example of an open-core transaction ^^
[03:06] <stellar-slack> Well, I put all my money into the Toronto Venture Exchange, so yeah :)
[03:06] <stellar-slack> oh is that your new user interface?
[03:06] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: it doesn't exit yet, i justed typed that... but yeah i want it to be part of the user interface
[03:08] <stellar-slack> it should be you just shake your phone 3 times and the other guy shakes his phone 3 times, you speak the quantity into the mike and you say confirm. it's sent
[03:08] <stellar-slack> I’d like to point out that tiny_love_XX didn’t do her KYC, so that tx would fail.. At dzham-berr-coin we have standards
[03:08] <stellar-slack> hahaha
[03:08] <stellar-slack> what's KYC
[03:09] <stellar-slack> know-your-customer? giving up your passport info and address, so big brother can keep you in check
[03:09] <stellar-slack> ah
[03:11] <stellar-slack> In this case, you wouldn’t want minors to drink beer.
[03:11] <stellar-slack> Uhmm, or do massages.
[03:12] <stellar-slack> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=9493.0 based currency on Leo Beer prices
[03:12] <stellar-slack> to be sure we had stable price of beer
[03:12] <stellar-slack> oh, that’s cool
[03:15] <stellar-slack> hehe i think u should implement sacarlson-beer-token on here once it's ready
[03:16] <stellar-slack> I will leave that you you
[03:16] <stellar-slack> to you
[03:19] <stellar-slack> is the http://horizon-testnet.stellar.org|horizon-testnet.stellar.org ruby-horizon or go-horizon?
[03:23] <stellar-slack> it was ruby but I just saw them say they had go working, I'm not sure what they have now running on it
[03:34] <stellar-slack> I just took a look at the api and don't see any way to determine what is running on horizon. I think a good thing to add would be an api feature to determine what version of horizon is running and what steller-core version it is controling
[03:35] <stellar-slack> as it seems you need to sync what versions of other parts to work with different stellar-core and horizon
[04:20] <stellar-slack> just added as an issue: https://github.com/stellar/go-horizon/issues/73
[04:21] <stellar-slack> good one jed
[04:25] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: it's both. Go proxies to ruby to keep all the endpoints available while they're ported over
[04:27] <stellar-slack> 01122be3aa2cf50 for ruby and 15a824394 for go is what's currently deployed to testnet (at least according to dpkg)
[04:27] <stellar-slack> oh then I guess you would want in the api to see the commit of all three parts in this case
[04:27] <stellar-slack> go-horizon should probably surface the version from ruby as well yeah
[04:28] <stellar-slack> it'd make constructing that answer I just gave easier too. As it is now I need to trace back through the build number in the internal jenkins
[04:31] <stellar-slack> and what about the commit of the steller-core it's running now?
[04:31] <stellar-slack> it is against master
[04:34] <stellar-slack> if that was the case it was last updated yestarday and is at 8a1bc71cc2de7064502d53ed94df530ba2860b37 for stellar-core
[04:35] <stellar-slack> b179493 is what's reported from /peers
[04:35] <stellar-slack> ok
[04:40] <stellar-slack> so if want to debug and find out why i'm getting a 500 i would have to set up both go-horizon and ruby-horizon
[04:41] <stellar-slack> I guess to get a full simulation you would but you could just start with ruby-horizon that has everything I think and if that worked you could add g-horizon
[04:42] <stellar-slack> right
[04:42] <stellar-slack> and now you have the numbers for all the parts
[04:42] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: if you wanna try now I could see if there's anything in the logs for you
[04:43] <stellar-slack> k trying now
[04:43] <stellar-slack> 500
[04:44] <stellar-slack> from the ruby logs at 2015-08-21 04:43:27 +0000 ``` XDR::EnumValueError (Unknown Stellar::CryptoKeyType member: -749914925): app/models/transaction_submission.rb:101:in `parsed_envelope' app/models/transaction_submission.rb:86:in `malformed?' app/models/transaction_submission.rb:47:in `process' lib/instrumentation.rb:62:in `block (2 levels) in create_instrumented_method' lib/instrumentation.rb
[04:44] <stellar-slack> create_instrumented_method' app/controllers/transactions_controller.rb:63:in `create' lib/request_metrics.rb:16:in `call' ```
[04:45] <stellar-slack> sorta sounds like the XDR structure in your transaction is wrong, but would have to spelunk the code to be sure
[04:46] <stellar-slack> perhaps there's been an XDR change that the js lib has but the deployed version doesn't
[04:46] <stellar-slack> like wrong base code?
[04:46] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: that's probably it ... i just build the jslib from scratch locally
[04:46] <stellar-slack> not entirely sure if the JS stuff tries to speak XDR or not
[04:47] <stellar-slack> another possibility is that there's an XDR mismatch between the testnet horizon & stellar-core. Definitely have been that happen
[05:01] <stellar-slack> k ... will go back to my actual work while this is sorted out ^^
[05:04] <stellar-slack> sorted out, as in: it becomes possible to send a transaction to testnet with the current jslib
[05:14] <stellar-slack> pretty late in SF, so might be awhile ;)
[05:19] <stellar-slack> haha
[05:19] <stellar-slack> the federation should have a tokyo office :P
[05:20] <stellar-slack> they have the Thailand Office >>me<<
[05:20] <stellar-slack> not really
[05:20] <stellar-slack> lol
[06:11] <stellar-slack> hey @matschaffer let's set up an office :)
[06:11] <stellar-slack> :)
[06:11] <stellar-slack> I have one. But it's in my house
[06:12] <stellar-slack> gifu is far from here lol
[06:37] <stellar-slack> I actually like the gifu->tokyo run on the nozomi. A little pricey but a nice ride
[06:41] <stellar-slack> how long does it take
[06:43] <stellar-slack> google suggests the 東海道山陽新幹線
[06:43] <stellar-slack> door to door is like 2 hours I'd say
[06:44] <stellar-slack> depends on where in tokyo
[06:44] <stellar-slack> 134 Minutes according to hyperdia
[06:44] <stellar-slack> that's from my local station to shinagawa
[06:46] <stellar-slack> we actually did a road trip to tokyo a few weeks back. Drove through nagano and yamanashi. Really beautiful drive
[06:46] <stellar-slack> sweet... don't get out of tokyo very often
[06:47] <stellar-slack> one of the service areas on the way had a hot spring. So awesome
[06:47] <stellar-slack> natural hot spring?
[06:47] <stellar-slack> try it some time, lots of great stuff out there. We'll be headed to yamanashi again in october
[06:47] <stellar-slack> yep
[06:47] <stellar-slack> never been to a natural one
[06:48] <stellar-slack> or maybe without knowing it
[06:48] <stellar-slack> forgot the name of the place tho
[06:50] <stellar-slack> if it said 温泉 it's at least gonna be water from a hotspring
[06:50] <stellar-slack> sometimes it's piped/trucked in though
[06:51] <stellar-slack> if the city/area has 温泉 in the name then it'd be local
[06:51] <stellar-slack> ah yeah, so then yes
[06:51] <stellar-slack> cool :)
[06:52] <stellar-slack> 銭湯 (sentou) would be just a regular bath house
[06:53] <stellar-slack> he
[06:53] <stellar-slack> some real stellar japanese lessons in here now :)
[06:54] <stellar-slack> :)
[06:55] <stellar-slack> btw, you know about the hackernews meetup in tokyo? You might wanna check it out if you're anywhere near roppongi hills
[06:56] <stellar-slack> there's one on wednesday, was gonna go but I think we're gonna do a Takayama jaunt instead
[06:57] <stellar-slack> yeah maybe it's worthwhile to go
[06:57] <stellar-slack> wanna talk stellar
[06:59] <stellar-slack> sais tuesday tho :P https://hntokyo.doorkeeper.jp/events/28541
[06:59] <stellar-slack> oh whoops, got my days mixed up
[06:59] <stellar-slack> maybe I will go then ;)
[07:00] <stellar-slack> ah, nm yeah it was something else on that day
[07:00] <stellar-slack> must be friday, my brain's checked out
[07:01] <stellar-slack> just signed up
[07:02] <stellar-slack> look for Jason Winder or Keith Perhac if you end up going. Good dudes
[07:05] <stellar-slack> mkay
[07:14] <stellar-slack> oh @buhrmi looks like you won't have to recompile to create your free-core after all as in present config DESIRED_BASE_FEE=10 and DESIRED_BASE_RESERVE=10000000 already exsist
[07:15] <stellar-slack> just set them to zero
[07:15] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi the 500 received is certainly due to the change of encoding from hex to base64. The problem is solved on my fork https://github.com/FredericHeem/js-stellar-base
[07:16] <stellar-slack> fredolafritte: maybe let him point his code at your horizon to verfity
[07:16] <stellar-slack> verify
[07:17] <stellar-slack> oh is that the code that runs on the client side then?
[07:19] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: sounds like a good idea
[07:24] <stellar-slack> oh no it's on your side buhrmi you will have to use fredolafritte branch of js-stellar-base that is used inside js-stellar-lib that you run
[07:25] <stellar-slack> someday we will have a matrix of what all works together
[07:32] <stellar-slack> i mean setting the config to zero is a good idea
[07:33] <stellar-slack> oh IC, I also note you can already set so that it would be free untill you hit max number of transactions per ledger default of 500
[07:34] <stellar-slack> so you might slow spam down when real party want to transact at a fee
[07:37] <stellar-slack> even looking at ripple ledger I normaly only see 1 to 5 transactions per ledger
[07:37] <stellar-slack> yeah i don't really care about spam
[07:38] <stellar-slack> I'm not sure you were around in the days of bitcoin when it would take hours to do a transaction due to spam
[07:39] <stellar-slack> my poker relies on realtime transactions
[07:39] <stellar-slack> i don't really care about your poker either, lol
[07:39] <stellar-slack> sorry XD
[07:39] <stellar-slack> ha ha ok
[07:40] <stellar-slack> but when I have a $100 pot hand I'll pay the .00001 cent to be sure to collect
[07:41] <stellar-slack> what if its not $100 but 100 sausage-coin?
[07:42] <stellar-slack> as long as I can get real sausages with them I would
[07:43] <stellar-slack> owning 100 buhrmi-sausage-coin .. means you get 100 real-life sausages from me
[07:43] <stellar-slack> ok I'll save them and bring my whole famaly to collect them
[07:43] <stellar-slack> k XD
[07:44] <stellar-slack> does that include shipping fee's?
[07:44] <stellar-slack> where is the local gateway?
[07:44] <stellar-slack> no. you have to acquire 3 DHL-shipping-coins for that
[07:45] <stellar-slack> ok got it
[07:45] <stellar-slack> everybody is the gateway
[07:45] <stellar-slack> how many STR do I have to trade to buy one buhrmi-sausage-coin?
[07:46] <stellar-slack> i don't know ^^
[07:46] <stellar-slack> well what currency do you trade or have trustlines on then?
[07:47] <stellar-slack> anything
[07:47] <stellar-slack> I have lots of CHP
[07:48] <stellar-slack> you can submit an offer for have: CHP, want: sausage-coin
[07:49] <stellar-slack> I can do when you publish the issuer of your sausage-coin I can post an offer
[07:49] <stellar-slack> haha
[07:50] <stellar-slack> let's
[07:50] <stellar-slack> yes it would be good practice
[07:51] <stellar-slack> remind you your asset name must be eather 3-4 leters or up to 12 letters long
[07:51] <stellar-slack> I think sausage-coin fits that
[07:51] <stellar-slack> mhh that seems a bit limiting tho
[07:52] <stellar-slack> well that's the international standard for asset names
[07:52] <stellar-slack> but you can always make a branch that allows 200 leter names
[07:53] <stellar-slack> to me 3 letters is easier to remember
[07:53] <stellar-slack> SSG
[07:53] <stellar-slack> hmm
[07:54] <stellar-slack> but I do like BEER
[07:54] <stellar-slack> as a currency name
[07:54] <stellar-slack> I'll issure some of those also
[08:00] <stellar-slack> cool i'll issue some sausage and then we can trade
[08:00] <stellar-slack> :+1:
[08:01] <stellar-slack> but COLDBEER will have more value than just plain BEER
[08:03] <stellar-slack> we don't know that for sure
[08:03] <stellar-slack> only the market will tell
[08:03] <stellar-slack> yes xD
[08:52] <stellar-slack> I verified that the base changes haven't been added to the stellar js-stellar-base, only changes noted were readme changes after july 24th, fredolafritte branch I see has already had implemented the base64 changes since Aug 1st plus a few more
[08:53] <stellar-slack> cool, is fredo branch running somewhere?
[08:54] <stellar-slack> you would be the one that runs it, it's a sub of js-stellar-lib
[08:54] <stellar-slack> ah, i thought horizon
[08:54] <stellar-slack> no I checked horizon as far as I can tell the base is already changed in that commit
[08:56] <stellar-slack> so at this point in time, the interoperability of the projects hosted on stellar isn't even stable -.-
[08:57] <stellar-slack> no not all branches that stellar has released are stable. they make changes in one part the breaks things in another
[08:58] <stellar-slack> is there a roadmap or timeline for when they are stable, at least concerning the interoperability of the respective master branches
[08:58] <stellar-slack> no nothing exact
[08:58] <stellar-slack> for example, that jsstellarlib master will always work with horizon master
[08:59] <stellar-slack> but I think this js-stellar-base might be the last part needed to have this branch presently working
[08:59] <stellar-slack> or maybe a stable branch that at least we know that if on stable on all parts then it should work
[09:00] <stellar-slack> so that you can work back to that point to know where something is broken
[09:01] <stellar-slack> well... "usually" the master branch is the release/"stable" branch and development happens on other branches
[09:01] <stellar-slack> I can collect all the parts when we have a working set and make a lable on each to mark it as stable at some point
[09:02] <stellar-slack> well that's news to me, I normaly just have one branch of master. but I normaly work alone on projects so it almost always works ha ha
[09:02] <stellar-slack> http://danielkummer.github.io/git-flow-cheatsheet/
[09:02] <stellar-slack> "usually" according to the git-flow workflow ^^
[09:08] <stellar-slack> sounds good to me
[09:09] <stellar-slack> but at this point they have never really released it's all been in dev mode
[09:09] <stellar-slack> oh other than in the legacy version I guess
[09:10] <stellar-slack> they are working from the bottom up but have started parts at the top before the bottom was completed
[09:11] <stellar-slack> yeah
[09:12] <stellar-slack> I also don't fully understand why when they seem to have working code it isn't pulled, but I guess the focus is more on getting the bottom to work first
[09:12] <stellar-slack> make a pull request ^^
[09:13] <stellar-slack> oh I can pull request for fredolafritte code? I should learn that
[09:13] <stellar-slack> yeah
[09:13] <stellar-slack> you can make a pull request for forks you don't own :)
[09:14] <stellar-slack> what if fredolafritte already did? but I haven't fully tested it yet eather
[09:14] <stellar-slack> then it will tell you that there already is a PR for that branch
[09:21] <stellar-slack> I see fredolafritte has already put in a pull request 22 days ago but for another item if tests
[09:24] <stellar-slack> maybe u should open a PR then ^^
[09:24] <stellar-slack> only if you test it and I know it works
[09:24] <stellar-slack> k
[09:25] <stellar-slack> after i'm done with my current work
[09:25] <stellar-slack> ok
[10:11] <stellar-slack> where's the branch located
[10:12] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/FredericHeem/js-stellar-base
[10:15] <stellar-slack> I see js-stellar-lib has this line "stellar-base": "0.2.2", in package.json not sure how you point it to the new code
[10:22] <stellar-slack> have a look at *npm link*
[10:22] <stellar-slack> to use a local dependency
[10:30] <stellar-slack> so maybe like this in my case:
[10:38] <stellar-slack> "must provide an asset for a payment operation" ... how do it that :O
[10:39] <stellar-slack> for native?
[10:40] <stellar-slack> yeah
[10:41] <stellar-slack> in js I would assume currency: StellarLib.Currency.native(),
[10:42] <stellar-slack> yeah however, with fredos branch: Cannot call method 'native' of undefined
[10:43] <stellar-slack> ah, they changed it
[10:43] <stellar-slack> are you running from js-stellar-base?
[10:43] <stellar-slack> StellarLib.Asset.native()
[10:43] <stellar-slack> wonderful
[10:44] <stellar-slack> yes since they plan to trade more than just currency in the future I guess. we can now trade fish and beer
[10:44] <stellar-slack> *gulp build* need to be called to create the lib
[10:45] <stellar-slack> generated files has been removed from the repo
[10:46] <stellar-slack> Object #Transaction has no method 'addSignature'
[10:46] <stellar-slack> gggreessfdsdfsdfg
[10:47] <stellar-slack> ah, dont need to do that anymore
[10:48] <stellar-slack> still getting 500 with fredos stellar-base branch ;/
[10:48] <stellar-slack> damnit
[10:48] <stellar-slack> wait
[10:49] <stellar-slack> wow that sucks, then maybe now it's time to point it at his horizon
[10:51] <stellar-slack> nah, i think i just didn't link it correctly
[10:51] <stellar-slack> so how do i tell js-stellar-lib to use my local js-stellar-base
[10:51] <stellar-slack> npm link stellar-base path/to/js-stellar-lib ?
[10:54] <stellar-slack> hope your not asking me ha ha
[10:57] <stellar-slack> gonna head off
[10:57] <stellar-slack> cya guys
[10:57] <stellar-slack> laters been fun
[20:04] <stellar-slack> If anyone is interested in reviewing some go code: https://github.com/stellar/go-horizon/pull/74
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