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[00:12] <stellar-slack> The next Stellar developer meetup is September 9th - if you're in SF, would love to see you in person! http://www.meetup.com/Stellar-Developers-Space-Camp/photos/23816792/397783072/
[00:12] <stellar-slack> If not, there's a livestream you can follow, and you can ask questions here
[02:58] <stellar-slack> ok some progress on bundler setup with totaly new errors now seen
[03:00] <stellar-slack> weird I didn't get anything out from redirect oh maybe need to redirect that includes errors
[03:08] <stellar-slack> ok I got a better redirected version of the above that starts with /home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/json-1.8.3/lib/json/common.rb:67: [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x00000000000018
[03:17] <stellar-slack> is there something already out there that matches stellar addresses with metadata, eg a profile pic? similar to gravatar for email addresses..
[03:21] <stellar-slack> I guess in a way you can use gravatar with stellar as you can link your email to an address
[03:26] <stellar-slack> or the other more likely method would be like QR code like bitcoins and also I think I see on the stellar android app
[03:29] <stellar-slack> eww that's so 2014
[04:16] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: I personaly setup a very simple private network to converts nicknames to stellar address that is used for my p2p poker system so real names or emails are needed
[04:16] <stellar-slack> are NOT needed
[04:19] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: an ordinary federation server or something of your own?
[04:19] <stellar-slack> dzham: yes
[04:21] <stellar-slack> for example this one http://stellar.ddns.net/
[04:22] <stellar-slack> it also includes the present balance that these players presently have in the asset we play
[04:35] <stellar-slack> that's cool
[04:36] <stellar-slack> so your app also stores the private keys for the users so it can do transactions on their behalf ?
[04:36] <stellar-slack> no just the public key is needed to see balance, we never have private keys
[05:28] <stellar-slack> I'm also having my problem above with ruby 2.1.4 as seen here /home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/json-1.8.3/lib/json/common.rb:67: [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x00000000000018 ruby 2.1.4p265 (2014-10-27 revision 48166) [x86_64-linux]
[05:28] <stellar-slack> oh wait forgot to bundle update
[05:31] <stellar-slack> same problem after bundle update also
[05:50] <stellar-slack> if i set up a box with stellar-core on it, can i configure it to participate in the official stellar test network?
[05:52] <stellar-slack> how many "stellar cores" are out there?
[05:58] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: core-testnet reports 4 peers though two are not routable, so probably just the 3 public SDF. Any local nodes should at least communicate with testnet though pretty sure testnet would have to be set to trust your node to actually be able to validate anything
[06:01] <stellar-slack> k
[06:01] <stellar-slack> this shit is like the best thing ever
[06:03] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: Have you tried sliced bread? That shit is supposed to be pretty amazing
[06:13] <stellar-slack> can't put sliced bread in a docker container
[06:14] <stellar-slack> also, it's really hard to find good bread in Japan
[06:16] <stellar-slack> I love what they do with bread here. Toppings, shapes, etc. Would be nice to see more variety in the bread itself though
[06:17] <stellar-slack> I miss whole grain bread... the healthy kind of bread
[06:18] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: are you based in japan too?
[06:18] <stellar-slack> yeah, gifu
[08:21] <stellar-slack> we need a 3rd party service for it
[08:33] <Ladang[Galau]> hi?
[08:34] <stellar-slack> http://gostellar.org|gostellar.org is not used anymore, right? can i have it? lol
[08:35] <stellar-slack> Ladang[Galau] hi ^^
[08:36] <Ladang[Galau]> I want to ask
[08:39] <stellar-slack> ask what? ^^
[08:41] <Ladang[Galau]> please see my tweets https://twitter.com/Jawad_ID/status/633921328886616064
[09:08] <stellar-slack> when building and trying to run stellar core with the example conf i get FATAL Got an exception: invalid seed [main.cpp:405]
[09:11] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: I started writing a document that I wrote while seting up my core. It's far from done but I can provide a copy of what I now have. I'm presenlty running fred's branch
[09:12] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: it may just be a problem with your config so you might post that here for us to see
[09:16] <stellar-slack> buhrmi: also provide us with the sha commit number your working from
[09:27] <stellar-slack> latest from github, this is the config https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/stellar-core_example.cfg
[09:27] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: yeah would like to read that doc
[09:31] <stellar-slack> ok this is just what I recorded and not tested in any way. it refereces install on mint 17 or equiv ubuntu 14.04
[09:32] <stellar-slack> oh and I note that now I see an error at the point of ./configure make as that's scons not make
[09:34] <stellar-slack> the config settings at the bottom are for a standalone system that is no longer the way I have mine configured
[09:37] <stellar-slack> I think the present build instructions you find on present github release are better than mine are.
[09:43] <stellar-slack> how can i make my seed valid, lol?
[09:43] <stellar-slack> I think you can remove it, if it's not there it will be auto gened
[09:43] <stellar-slack> but you can also recreate one
[09:44] <stellar-slack> are you running standalone?
[09:44] <stellar-slack> we would have a better picture if you published the config file
[09:46] <stellar-slack> i'm using this one, unmodified ... https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/stellar-core_example.cfg ... seems like the provided example config is invalid as it has some unrecognized entries
[09:47] <stellar-slack> pinging @jed is the example config outdated for current master?
[09:50] <stellar-slack> I would try just comment out the seed line as it might overlap an already running system or ??
[09:50] <stellar-slack> it's also not standalone I don't think
[09:51] <stellar-slack> comment out this line: PEER_SEED="SDVASBVCLTGCDXD2C3O3BDI4EYF22ZXCNOBSEKHWSQQLXA4AZF5VZUJI"
[09:51] <stellar-slack> it's the validation seed that's causing the error
[09:52] <stellar-slack> also "DESIRED_BASE_RESERVE" and "ARTIFICIALLY_PESSIMIZE_MERGES_FOR_TESTING" seem to be unrecognized
[09:52] <stellar-slack> oh ok maybe replace it with the one I use then or just replace the whole config with mine
[09:53] <stellar-slack> your seed works, but wanna have my own private seed, obviously
[09:54] <stellar-slack> how to generate a valid seed lol
[09:54] <stellar-slack> that line can also be commented out VALIDATION_SEED="SBI3CZU7XZEWVXU7OZLW5MMUQAP334JFOPXSLTPOH43IRTEQ2QYXU5RG"
[09:55] <stellar-slack> it will auto gen one
[09:55] <stellar-slack> I can look it up how to gen one but it's easier to just comment it out
[09:57] <stellar-slack> nah, i want one
[09:57] <stellar-slack> ok then stellar-core --genseed
[09:58] <stellar-slack> will create a seed that you can cut and paist into your config file
[09:58] <stellar-slack> secret seed is the validation seed?
[09:58] <stellar-slack> yes
[10:00] <stellar-slack> you can try the top one that I just created with stellar-core --genseed
[10:01] <stellar-slack> yeah that works
[10:01] <stellar-slack> so secret seed is the validation seed, what is the public seed?
[10:01] <stellar-slack> that used like an address that people send you money with
[10:02] <stellar-slack> you can also gen a secreet and public numbers when you just have the secreet number
[10:02] <stellar-slack> the stellar-core doesnt need to know the public seed?
[10:03] <stellar-slack> it can create it if it needs it
[10:03] <stellar-slack> k
[10:03] <stellar-slack> difficult to understand
[10:04] <stellar-slack> but thanks, it's running
[10:04] <stellar-slack> have you played at all with bitcoin? many similarities
[10:04] <stellar-slack> nah i dont like bitcoin
[10:04] <stellar-slack> why do you like this so much better?
[10:05] <stellar-slack> cause there's no mining involved
[10:06] <stellar-slack> funny since I was the first the branched bitcoin to multicoin that created preminted coins much like this
[10:07] <stellar-slack> I like this due to speed and less power required on a system to run
[10:07] <stellar-slack> yeah, bitcoin is not sustainable ...
[10:07] <stellar-slack> these cryptocurrencies all have a "proof of x" at is core... proof of stake, proof of work, etc
[10:08] <stellar-slack> in bitcoins case it's "proof that you wasted earths energy resources to generate useless hashes"
[10:09] <stellar-slack> yes I agree. I thought the next best bet was proof of stake but this consensus might work. we will see
[10:10] <stellar-slack> yeah ... i hope i can get some time off from my job to work on my idea
[10:11] <stellar-slack> what's your idea?
[10:11] <stellar-slack> deprecating facebooks open graph and make a social network based on trust and consensus... ^^
[10:12] <stellar-slack> basically a social network build on scp
[10:13] <stellar-slack> ok I guess a method to gain credit by people getting to know who or what you know I guess
[10:14] <stellar-slack> credit it that people will loan you assets
[10:15] <stellar-slack> yeah ... a site that visualises your trustees trustlines .. and instead of clicking "send friend request" you have something like "create trust"
[10:16] <stellar-slack> well we have that with stellar, but just not a good user interface to implement it yet
[10:16] <stellar-slack> exactly
[10:17] <stellar-slack> it's not hard, I'll show you how to do it
[10:18] <stellar-slack> create a trustline? i know how to do that ^^
[10:18] <stellar-slack> ok good then start working on your user interface then
[10:18] <stellar-slack> haha
[10:19] <stellar-slack> ok
[10:19] <stellar-slack> I more working on contracts with group trust
[10:19] <stellar-slack> multi sign like escrow
[10:19] <stellar-slack> I need it for my poker project
[10:19] <stellar-slack> (no idea what that means) :P
[10:20] <stellar-slack> sweet.. facebook and zynga started with poker too
[10:20] <stellar-slack> do you understand what an escrow is?
[10:20] <stellar-slack> yeah
[10:21] <stellar-slack> ok it's basicly the same thing but you can have more than the basic 3 needed for a standard escrow
[10:26] <stellar-slack> or you could just simulate a standard escrow with a 3rd party only needed when you have a dispute without the posibility that the 3rd party can run off with the funds
[10:30] <stellar-slack> lol .. if i'm worried that the other party might "run off" with the funds i'm not gonna establish a trustline in the first place
[10:31] <stellar-slack> that's that what's good about it you don't have to trust them and still be safe, you just need trust in the 3rd party or 10 party if you like
[10:32] <stellar-slack> yeah but stellar is all about trust
[10:32] <stellar-slack> stellar also has built in contracts where trust is not needed or is dependanct on others you do trust
[10:33] <stellar-slack> trust bridges
[10:33] <stellar-slack> k i haven't digged that deep yet
[10:41] <stellar-slack> need someone to keep paying my rent while i work on that thing :)
[10:42] <stellar-slack> move to a place where the rent is cheap
[10:47] <stellar-slack> under a bridge
[14:52] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: the new error you are seeing has (the segfault inside the json gem) has nothing to do with scc or stellar code. If you google around for that error message the consensus seems to be that it is indicative of a bad ruby installation. I’m betting rbenv is making an assumption about the configuration of your system and perhaps it’s trying to link against a version of the json gem that was built
[14:53] <stellar-slack> How do you install rbenv, and how did you build the rubies that are managed by it?
[14:56] <stellar-slack> my original install was apt-get install ruby-full
[14:56] <stellar-slack> from that what I sent you is the continuation of what I tried to do to move to rbenv.
[14:57] <stellar-slack> I'm sure your correct. it must be some sequence that cause it with some ruby gem already installed from the original system
[14:59] <stellar-slack> one thing to look into. I notice that many of the paths to ruby gems are not including the ruby version it was built against, which is unexpected to me. I’m not familiar with how mint linux packages ruby, so I can’t really advise on the cause. Let me give you an example from my installations to express the difference
[15:00] <stellar-slack> It’s strange that your gems are living in the `.bundle` folder in your home directory .
[15:01] <stellar-slack> So, here’s the path to my json gem: `/Users/nullstyle/.rbenv/versions/2.1.2/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.0/gems/json-1.8.3`
[15:02] <stellar-slack> notice the `.rbenv/versions/2.1.2`? that’s where I would expect any gem installed when rbenv is using ruby 2.1.2 to be.
[15:03] <stellar-slack> some of your gems are there, but others (such as the offending json gem) are not: `/home/sacarlson/.bundle/gems/json-1.8.3`
[15:04] <stellar-slack> I looked at deleting json-1.8.3 and reinstall with rbenv but see it has some link that I would loose that I wasn't sure what problems it would cuase. but I'm open for a full reinstall of ruby if I know the best sequence
[15:05] <stellar-slack> what version of ruby are you running ?
[15:05] <stellar-slack> just for stellar-core-commander I don't much care about the rest that seem to work with what I now have
[15:06] <stellar-slack> oh I think you have already stated it as your running ruby 2.1.2
[15:07] <stellar-slack> that wouldn't even compile at the install as far as I can remember
[15:07] <stellar-slack> I think I will just delete all my gems and reinstall ruby-full and see about installing the bundles from that point from ruby 2.1.2 to see what happens
[15:22] <stellar-slack> oh and @scott what platform are you running ruby 2.1.2 on?
[15:24] <stellar-slack> yeah, that’s what I’ve been running recently. I’ve also tested scc on ruby 2.1.0 as well. I would expect it to work on anything >= 2.1.0, but I have not confirmed personally
[18:13] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: you are installing ruby with ruby-build, right?
[18:31] <stellar-slack> my planed sequence is first install apt-get install ruby-full with no gems then continue from that point
[18:36] <stellar-slack> if u plan to use rbenv then this is the way to go https://github.com/sstephenson/ruby-build
[18:38] <stellar-slack> good idea I'll give it a try
[18:38] <stellar-slack> I'm just tied to apt-get thinking that's the only way and find later that it's not
[18:39] <stellar-slack> if ruby-build is installed as a plugin to rbenv, installing a version is a simple as `rbenv install 2.1.2`
[18:39] <stellar-slack> then `rbenv shell 2.1.2` to activate for that shell session
[18:40] <stellar-slack> ya I've already been using that feature but in some way it's failed for uknown reasons. but I think a full reset of my ruby will fix it
[18:40] <stellar-slack> fully remove my apt-get and gems and start a new
[18:41] <stellar-slack> in the past just ruby-full and gem's worked all the time, but things change
[18:55] <stellar-slack> man i'm dealing with this troll on reddit trying to convince me that stellar is useless technology
[18:59] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: it will be in 200 years or less but people will learn from it and make things even better
[19:00] <stellar-slack> 200 ... let's aim for 2
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