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[16:02] <stellar-slack> fredolafritte: are you working on / do you want to work on https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/702 or shall I fix it?
[16:03] <stellar-slack> I got a partial fix for that
[16:04] <stellar-slack> cool. anything I can help with or shall I just wait and review when you're done?
[16:07] <stellar-slack> one sec
[16:16] <stellar-slack> have a look at the partial fix at https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/pull/697
[16:26] <stellar-slack> ok, looks like it's pointing in the right direction. when you say "partial", which part do you think is missing?
[16:27] <stellar-slack> also, would you mind separating changes into different branches / separate PRs? I am happy to help with the git operations to do so, so you don't lose work.
[17:02] <stellar-slack> It's partial because after each run of the functional test, the numentry keeps increasing
[17:02] <stellar-slack> Sorry for the broken git log, it's a git rebase that went bad
[18:10] <stellar-slack> np
[21:57] <stellar-slack> go-horizon has been updated to 15a82439457cd37ba71fe36454e0da5f89309d3b, which should bring us back to compatibility with the latest stellar-core.
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