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[08:10] <stellar-slack> looks like I have stellard aquiring ledger
[08:28] <stellar-slack> looks like the sqlite db is filling with CommitedObjects, now up to over 200,000 objects collected
[08:48] <stellar-slack> as I monitor my bandwidth usage I note it peaked at about 50kb/s and is now down to 35kb/s
[11:24] <stellar-slack> the stellar.db is now almost 800meg but the workingledger.db is mostly empty. maybe there is something I forgot to do?
[11:53] <stellar-slack> after stoping stellard seems I can't get it to start again. must be something I missed in the documentation
[15:43] <stellar-slack> I changed the database type=RocksDB from type=SQLite. with this setting I can at least stop and restart stellard. but I still don't see the workingledger.db file fill in with much of anything
[15:44] <stellar-slack> I'll let it run all night to see if anything fills in
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