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[08:34] <stellar-slack> I've just published my first working set of ruby examples for stellar-core that I put here: https://github.com/sacarlson/stellar_utility
[08:37] <stellar-slack> I think it will become obsolete after I fully figure out how to use stellar_core_commander and document it. but until then this is what I have.
[13:31] <stellar-slack> seems I'm having a bit of a problem building stellard in compile I get /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lboost_date_time-mt
[13:31] <stellar-slack> seems I have all the libboost parts installed but must not be named the same in my distribution
[13:32] <stellar-slack> on mint 17 with libboost 1.55....
[14:00] <stellar-slack> That's why I have love/hate relationship with Linux. The easiest solution is to use the ubuntu 14.04 LTS
[14:01] <stellar-slack> mint 17 uses ubuntu 14.04 LTS repository
[14:01] <stellar-slack> I could try install ubuntu 14.04lts on virtualbox to verify
[14:02] <stellar-slack> I followed the instructions for ubuntu 14.04lts install with this result
[14:14] <stellar-slack> but with your input @fredolafritte I've also found a few things I haven't installed in the instructions, they are now installing but not sure they will fix anything
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