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[12:27] <stellar-slack> how do I configure stellar_core_commander to control my already running localhost running stellar-core? what params where are set to do this? note my stellar-core runs with sqlite db if that makes any diff
[12:31] <stellar-slack> after reading over the stellar_core_commander code and understanding parts now, I note it looks like localhost can be controled, but I don't understand the @proccess in the code and how changes to that control the stellar-core, so fail to figure it all out.
[12:56] <stellar-slack> Is 0 a valid sequence number ? Could we assert on it ?
[12:56] <stellar-slack> yes in fact on one setup it did start from 0 instead of 1 and it seemed to run ok
[12:57] <stellar-slack> not sure why some first started stellar-core start at 0 and some at 1
[12:57] <stellar-slack> that was one of the first problems I had with ruby-stellar-base that manualy set the sequence
[12:59] <stellar-slack> sequence 0 had the master account
[13:20] <stellar-slack> Also what I think I might add if no one else hasn't already is to add to stellar_core_commander to also work through the Stellar horizon API interface so that can be tested and used also
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