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[01:36] <stellar-slack> @scott: will do as suggested. Will run it past you before I post it in git
[04:02] <stellar-slack> what is the RUN_STANDALONE=true mode suposed to do? when I tried setting it to true on commit 69ec10e5aa0da004d8f3f047f0dcfb60ddb2c107, I note that stellar-core no longer listens on any ports. So I put it back to RUN_STANDALONE=false to get it to listen again.
[04:05] <stellar-slack> it wont listen on the peer port
[04:05] <stellar-slack> should still on the http port
[04:06] <stellar-slack> it shuts both down
[04:06] <stellar-slack> so I guess that's why we were setting THRESHOLD=1 was that was the only working way at present to run a standalone system
[04:13] <stellar-slack> yeah it looks like it is blocking it. I made an issue
[04:13] <stellar-slack> but I want to check with people before fixing it
[04:13] <stellar-slack> cool thanks
[04:20] <stellar-slack> is there a utility in stellarbase to decode a txbody to a json string? so I can decode this: AAAAALMgie+jwmYSUlBzCsqNJnJSx38YyZ3XTKMoCVhuZLr2AAAACgAABpYAAAARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAA00QQywROdnkVaUjK9PG+waFCvMVjigelIccg1AUjXqgAAAAAAAAAAAL68IAAAAAAAAAAAW5kuvYAAABA/5EBKIR2v7qGnCIWL0WPwnxZ2r4N0/ye04hhgtPUs0R8rlBxDJZQ5G7XUo6WWx0BR3Xgzsl40tQoLpfSDy8HAA==
[04:21] <stellar-slack> this might help me figure out why I can't add the trustlines I'm attempting to add
[04:24] <stellar-slack> on step two of the api guide and I'm getting internal server error
[04:25] <stellar-slack> ya I think the demo api is still set at base58 and they now run base32
[04:27] <stellar-slack> I've mentioned that here before @alex3000 , not sure when they will get around to fixing i
[04:27] <stellar-slack> it
[04:28] <stellar-slack> oh, do you know how to generate stellars or lumens or whatever the internal currency is called? I am going to be build my own stellar network while I work through the paper in more detail.
[04:29] <stellar-slack> yes I also run a standalone stellar-core to allow working around the present development
[04:30] <stellar-slack> if you want to try that method I can try to help you set it up
[04:31] <stellar-slack> that would be great
[04:32] <stellar-slack> we can try the present origin master on stellar-core and see how that works for you. if that fails we can try move down to what I now run that is older
[04:33] <stellar-slack> my first build failed (on the tip of master) .. Stopping at 'lib/libsodium'
[04:33] <stellar-slack> what commit are you on?
[04:33] <stellar-slack> ok well that's due to you not having libsodium installed
[04:34] <stellar-slack> what platform system are you running on
[04:35] <stellar-slack> oops fedora 20... It downloaded something into lib/libsodium.
[04:35] <stellar-slack> anyway i installed the package...trying again
[04:35] <stellar-slack> ok
[04:39] <stellar-slack> sorry for the delay, i am on gcc 4.8 and it wants 4.9
[04:39] <stellar-slack> gonna try building it on my server
[04:40] <stellar-slack> by the way @fredolafritte as your the only one I know that has had success as of late with trustlines, what commit of stellar-core are you running?
[04:41] <stellar-slack> ok @alex3000 and what language of development do you plan to use with stellar?
[04:47] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: tend to write most of my stuff in java/python/scala/clojure ...and javascript ofc
[04:48] <stellar-slack> good since we have more support for java or nodejs. but I mostly write ruby
[04:56] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: okie dokie thats building now
[05:06] <stellar-slack> getting stuck at: g++: error: xdrc/scan.cc: No such file or directory (http://pastie.org/10345258)
[05:06] <stellar-slack> pretty sure all my duck deps are in a row
[05:16] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: i have tried a few random commits and none of them are building. what commit are you on?
[05:44] <stellar-slack> @alex3000: I presently run commit 69ec10e5aa0da004d8f3f047f0dcfb60ddb2c107
[05:45] <stellar-slack> I run it on Mint 17 a dirivitive of Ubuntu
[05:48] <stellar-slack> cool, i'll "check it out". your proj looks interesting btw
[06:26] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: thats all built now
[06:27] <stellar-slack> sorry for the delays, i had to resize my cloud vm
[06:28] <stellar-slack> so the origin master won't build but my commit 69ec... does?
[06:31] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: i havent tested origin master recently. i think g++ was running out of memory at one stage, hence the vm resize.
[06:32] <stellar-slack> ok
[06:32] <stellar-slack> the original error message i got though (if it was caused by that) was pretty opaque...see the pastie above
[06:32] <stellar-slack> yes I looked but haven't seen that before
[06:33] <stellar-slack> are stellars and lumens the same thing?
[06:48] <stellar-slack> well I guess on the new network they will be lumens, they do much the same thing with them
[06:49] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: how do I make my stellar standalone & generate lumens
[06:49] <stellar-slack> ?
[06:50] <stellar-slack> at the bottom of that I added the config file that has mine setup as standalone
[06:52] <stellar-slack> you don't generate lumens, your build has the preminted money already in it, you just need to create an account using funds from master that has all the money that you now have the key for
[06:53] <stellar-slack> I've only gone as far as being able to create accounts and send lumens from master myself
[07:04] <stellar-slack> for stellar_utilities_local and other examples you can look at my files in slack. I haven't yet published them on github
[07:05] <stellar-slack> [stellar@f21-tester stellar-core]$ stellar-core ./stellar-core.cfg 2015-08-12T07:05:36.038 startup [140617019205696] [default] FATAL Got an exception: invalid quorum set, should be a group while parsing 'THRESHOLD_PERCENT' while parsing '1' while parsing '2' [main.cpp:405]
[07:06] <stellar-slack> that's pretty much the verbatim stellar-example.cfg
[07:06] <stellar-slack> did you use my config file? what commit are you running
[07:06] <stellar-slack> no i didnt. still on the commit you suggested.
[07:07] <stellar-slack> where is your cfg file?
[07:07] <stellar-slack> the config file can be anyplace but were you run it will be the location that all the db files will reside
[07:08] <stellar-slack> I mean did you paste yours in slack?
[07:08] <stellar-slack> yes the config file was pasted just above
[07:09] <stellar-slack> sry. i see what u did now
[07:09] <stellar-slack> it was apart of the "to build, ...." I paisted
[07:12] <stellar-slack> yay ive got it started at least :)
[07:13] <stellar-slack> :+1:
[07:13] <stellar-slack> ehehehe
[07:14] <stellar-slack> maybe we should bind ours together in a little network off testnet. not today, but once i know a bit more
[07:14] <stellar-slack> sure we can try that, remind you I've never done it
[07:17] <stellar-slack> could you elaborate on this comment: you don't generate lumens, your build has the preminted money already in it, you just need to create an account using funds from master that has all the money that you now have the key for I've only gone as far as being able to create accounts and send lumens from master myself
[07:17] <stellar-slack> what do you mean from master
[07:19] <stellar-slack> if you browse the sqlite database you will see at reset there is one first account that has like 1billion lumens in it. this is the master account they key is shown in the example ruby file above
[07:20] <stellar-slack> ahhh i c. thats great information ty
[07:24] <stellar-slack> @alex3000: so now with all that find out how to get trustlines to apear in the database. when you figure that out tell me.
[07:24] <stellar-slack> absolutely. thx for your help
[07:25] <stellar-slack> ( i don't know what trustlines are yet - I
[07:25] <stellar-slack> 'm assuming they are a datastructure related to the / a merkle tree?
[07:26] <stellar-slack> well they have to do with when you start sending and trading other currencies other than lumens
[07:26] <stellar-slack> with them being for example USD or EUR or YEN....
[07:27] <stellar-slack> okie dokie, hopefully i will know more as i get deeper into the publication.
[11:21] <stellar-slack> @fredolafritte: good news! I got my trustlines now working when I used your stellar-core commit 0c4c858124e0bb32efda1e26fae7c9bc5b396f6d, not sure why it wasn't working on my build
[12:18] <stellar-slack> also note that I can create 4 letter assets names like "ABCD" instead of just 3 like "USD" I guess that's what :alphanum4 mean? and with :alphanum12 I'm guessing you can have asset names with 12 letters?
[13:14] <stellar-slack> the asset name is padded with , 3+1 = 4
[13:16] <stellar-slack> I took the pad out and seems it allow 4 letter. as strings always end in I guess?
[13:23] <stellar-slack> in the C language yes, they end with
[13:26] <stellar-slack> so now I guess I can setup a gateway for nasdaq assets that normaly have 4 letters
[13:29] <stellar-slack> with 12 letters I guess you can combine all the different trading centers assets with nyse.IBM nasdaq.MSFT
[13:41] <stellar-slack> the magic number 12 comes from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Securities_Identification_Number
[13:45] <stellar-slack> ok so I wasn't far off then
[13:59] <stellar-slack> ok I can now send non native currency including "CHP" so tomaro I should have stellar-core integrated into pokerth_accounting, only thing left is to figure out multi-sign
[15:50] <stellar-slack> anyone got the trading working properly ? it partially work on my side, only when the price and quantity are set to 1
[15:51] <stellar-slack> no I haven't tried it yet but could give it a wak
[15:52] <stellar-slack> I'm having problems with transaction merge b64 = tx1.merge(tx2).to_envelope(account).to_xdr(:base64)
[15:53] <stellar-slack> I get this returned on attempt to send {"status"=>"ERROR", "error"=>"AAAAAAAAAAD////3AAAAAA=="}
[15:54] <stellar-slack> I think I'll give up on it but it would make some of my transactions faster I think as now I have to wait 11 secounds each time
[15:54] <stellar-slack> { "_attributes": { "feeCharged": { "low": 0, "high": 0, "unsigned": false }, "result": { "_switch": { "name": "txInsufficientFee", "value": -9 }, "_arm": {}, "_armType": {} }, "ext": { "_switch": 0, "_arm": {},
[15:55] <stellar-slack> txInsufficientFee cool! wonder how I set it up to pay?
[15:57] <stellar-slack> it was suposed to be combined to native send transactions
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