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[01:01] <stellar-slack> Hi
[01:02] <stellar-slack> I know this is the old network, but still worth asking
[01:02] <stellar-slack> When I sign & submit a payment, I get an error like invalid parms :)
[01:03] <stellar-slack> when I change the end point to just submit and include my secret key then it works as a doddle :)
[01:03] <stellar-slack> is this a bug with the old API?
[14:18] <stellar-slack> Given as asset pair, how can we get the order book ?
[15:30] <stellar-slack> on horizon or the old network @fredolafritte
[15:30] <stellar-slack> on the new one
[15:46] <stellar-slack> @fredolafritte: I don't seem to see anything about it in the http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/#reference/default/operation/all-transactions. maybe you could try take a direct look at the sqlite database file
[15:48] <stellar-slack> stellar=# select * from offers ; sellerid | offerid | sellingassettype | sellingassetcode | sellingissuer | buyingassettype | buyingassetcode | buyingissuer | amount | pricen | priced | price | flags ----------+---------+------------------+------------------+---------------+-----------------+-----------------+--------------+--------+--------+--------+-------+-------
[15:49] <stellar-slack> Work has to be done on go-horizon to grab these data and forward them to the web client
[15:50] <stellar-slack> I would think so
[15:50] <stellar-slack> scott should be online in a bit and he will be able to help you
[15:51] <stellar-slack> I'm still stuck on my trustline problem
[15:52] <stellar-slack> works for me
[15:52] <stellar-slack> :)
[15:52] <stellar-slack> trustline works? cool
[15:52] <stellar-slack> did you have to allow trust or something?
[15:53] <stellar-slack> the js-stellar-base lib is used on my side for all operations
[15:53] <stellar-slack> I don't get any error when I submit it but no trust line apears
[15:53] <stellar-slack> I'm using ruby-stellar-base on my side
[15:54] <stellar-slack> not a ruby fan, sorry
[15:54] <stellar-slack> and you go through horizon to do it then?
[15:55] <stellar-slack> check the txhistory table and het the tx result
[15:55] <stellar-slack> I did but I can't decord the results
[15:55] <stellar-slack> WQvVAlmvblK3ZFPMj3FhG2xAR1KYLdhGLxwutQ+srAYAAAAAAAAACv////8AAAABAAAAAAAAAAb////9AAAAAA==
[15:56] <stellar-slack> decode
[15:56] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/FredericHeem/js-stellar-base/blob/master/test/unit/operation_test.js#L210
[16:00] <stellar-slack> "result": { "_switch": { "name": "txFailed", "value": -1 }, "_arm": "results", "_armType": { "_maxLength": 2147483647 }, "_value": [ { "_switch": {
[16:00] <stellar-slack> "value": 0 }, "_arm": "tr", "_value": { "_switch": { "name": "changeTrust", "value": 6 }, "_arm": "changeTrustResult",
[16:00] <stellar-slack> "_switch": { "name": "changeTrustInvalidLimit", "value": -3 }, "_arm": {}, "_armType": {} } } } ]
[16:00] <stellar-slack> hope it helps
[16:01] <stellar-slack> oh cool so that's what it is, I was trying to read your code
[16:01] <stellar-slack> invalid limit -3?
[16:02] <stellar-slack> wonder were this -3 value comes from
[16:03] <stellar-slack> double check the ruby code lib, there were a bug in the js lib where the limit was not taken into account and was set to 0
[16:03] <stellar-slack> -3 is maybe just an error code
[16:05] <stellar-slack> oh you had mentioned you branched your js lib ok. well at least I know were to start looking thanks
[16:07] <stellar-slack> BTW, use changeTrust, not allowTrust
[16:08] <stellar-slack> I was using changetrust, I didn't see any examples with allowtrust and don't understand what it's for
[16:08] <stellar-slack> maybe so the gatway can disable your transactions on your account?
[16:30] <stellar-slack> I had limit: 1000000 now changed to limit: (2**63)-1 still doesn't work
[16:33] <stellar-slack> txresult: PZw6k2uLzwJaQsW3hfDXlilEYnQq3jvKX2C7DkZXh5gAAAAAAAAACgAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAA==
[16:33] <stellar-slack> maybe it's too big?
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