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[04:00] <stellar-slack1> that I assume is due to this address pair creation: to_account = 'GDJUIEGLARHHM6IVNFEMV5HRX3A2CQV4YVRYUB5FEHDSBVAFENPKRHBA' to_pair = Stellar::KeyPair.from_address(to_account)
[04:16] <stellar-slack1> opps the from_pair I guess would be what it's from from_pair = Stellar::KeyPair.from_seed("SCPY5UQQH4HZSKS3NZGZVWS2C7FOSEKK65M5QWKFRR4JQ3Q2D6VAJJWC")
[04:17] <stellar-slack1> I'm not sure why I'm getting this error
[04:23] <stellar-slack1> opps brain fart on my side
[04:32] <stellar-slack1> ok now it's working, so now I can do native send on my local standalone stellar-core
[06:17] <stellar-slack1> well I'm stuck again now at the point of adding trustlines I get this txresult: WQvVAlmvblK3ZFPMj3FhG2xAR1KYLdhGLxwutQ+srAYAAAAAAAAACv////8AAAABAAAAAAAAAAb////9AAAAAA==
[06:17] <stellar-slack1> don't know how to decode that yet
[06:19] <stellar-slack1> and I don't see my trustlines appear in the db so it must not be good
[12:50] <stellar-slack1> I also don't understand allow_trust(account, trustor, code, authorize=true) ; and when it is needed?
[14:27] <stellar-slack1> when you need to control who can hold your assets
[14:28] <stellar-slack1> hi dshzm, I don't see it used in the examples on ruby-stellar-base on the non-native
[14:29] <stellar-slack1> I haven’t looked in a while, but the examples back then were really just the basics
[14:29] <stellar-slack1> I'm stuck not getting trustlines to apear
[14:30] <stellar-slack1> yes I'm also pulling from the stellar-comander other parts
[14:30] <stellar-slack1> I've added the main thing that was missing for me that was the next-sequence number function
[14:31] <stellar-slack1> I’ll probably wait till a full release, right now this whole thing is one step forward and two steps back
[14:31] <stellar-slack1> yes but it looks like dev is slowing so it was worth a try
[14:32] <stellar-slack1> i.e, knowing stellard is actually a liability right now, because nothing works the same
[14:32] <stellar-slack1> I've at least got native to send now
[14:33] <stellar-slack1> my system already works on stellard I'm seting up a port that I thought would work in less than 2 days
[14:35] <stellar-slack1> I also can't decode the errors that I assume I see in txresult, I tried some code I thought that would decode it but fails
[14:42] <stellar-slack1> I think when I get trust lines working that's all I will really need and I'll be done
[14:54] <stellar-slack1> opps sent wrong file can I delete that ha ha
[14:58] <stellar-slack1> ok time for me to have some beer, chat you all later
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