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[04:36] <stellar-slack> Any idea when http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/#reference/default/account/account-details will be updated to be functional with base32?
[04:37] <stellar-slack> seems it's still in the base58 mode in the examples so what little was working before is not even working now.
[05:03] <stellardev> Hi there
[05:04] <stellardev> Need a help - how do I fund my stellar test account so that I can run static_path_find non intrusively
[05:05] <stellardev> what I'm looking is a test account funded with USD, EUR etc.
[05:05] <sacarlson> oh you want to check funding?
[05:06] <sacarlson> for that you would look at lines
[05:06] <stellardev> I want to run static_path_find but without having a fund that doesn't return correct result
[05:09] <sacarlson> I have some precreated accounts with funding in the old testnet stellard that I would assume would return results with static_path_find
[05:10] <sacarlson> you using the old or new network?
[05:14] <stellardev> I'm using the endpoint http://test.stellar.org:9002
[05:15] <sacarlson> these are some of the accounts with already open orders setup to return static_path_find gHVS8kkZVfhUcbv11hpRVGMB7r8gEwhzKm gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA they are both issued from gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE
[05:16] <sacarlson> might look at the books to verify that have not already been closed orders
[05:18] <stellardev> sure let me try
[05:19] <sacarlson> if you look at orders on that issuer you may find many more orders from other accounts
[05:23] <stellardev> Here is the result I get
[05:23] <stellardev> EUR::USD::14.00
[05:23] <stellardev> {
[05:23] <stellardev> "result": {
[05:23] <stellardev> "alternatives": [],
[05:23] <stellardev> "destination_account": "gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA",
[05:23] <stellardev> "destination_currencies": [
[05:23] <stellardev> "GPB",
[05:23] <stellardev> "JPN",
[05:23] <stellardev> "EUR",
[05:23] <stellardev> "USD",
[05:23] <stellardev> "AUS",
[05:23] <stellardev> "CHP",
[05:23] <stellardev> "STR"
[05:23] <stellardev> ],
[05:39] <stellardev> I have also verified the book_offers of gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE which returns null
[05:40] <sacarlson1> oh bummer I guess I'll have to create more then
[05:40] <sacarlson1> let me take a quick look
[05:40] <stellardev> sure please
[05:41] <stellardev> I need USD EUR at least
[05:41] <sacarlson1> it was originaly setup with 6 different currency
[05:43] <stellardev> that would be great!
[05:44] <sacarlson1> {"result"=>{"alternatives"=>[{"paths_computed"=>[[{"account"=>"gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "type"=>1}]], "source_amount"=>{"currency"=>"EUR", "issuer"=>"gHVS8kkZVfhUcbv11hpRVGMB7r8gEwhzKm", "value"=>"1"}}], "destination_account"=>"gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA", "destination_currencies"=>["GPB", "JPN", "EUR", "USD", "AUS", "CHP", "STR"], "status"=>"success"}}
[05:44] <sacarlson1> seems the orders are still in place
[05:45] <stellardev> which endpoint are you using ?
[05:45] <sacarlson1> usd to eur
[05:46] <sacarlson1> I think it was setup as 1 to 1 I don't remember but value = 1 so I guess that was it
[05:46] <stellardev> are you connecting to http://test.stellar.org:9002 ?
[05:46] <sacarlson1> I think so, I'll verify
[05:48] <sacarlson1> yes It's set at default so that is it
[05:48] <sacarlson1> https://test.stellar.org","server_port"=>"9002"
[05:48] <sacarlson1> not sure https makes any diff?
[05:50] <stellardev> I'm also using https
[05:51] <stellardev> are u getting result of static_path_find ?
[05:53] <sacarlson1> https://github.com/sacarlson/pokerth_accounting/blob/master/static_path_find.rb
[05:53] <sacarlson1> I get the results from that code
[06:32] <stellar-slack> has anyone every tried this woocommerce plugin? does it work? https://github.com/Prospress/woocommerce-stellar looks like it plugs Stellar in to work just like paypal with auto currency exchange and ???
[12:12] <stellar-slack> @stellardev, use issuer gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF
[12:12] <stellar-slack> you will get it
[12:22] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: are you online
[12:23] <stellar-slack> yup
[12:24] <stellar-slack> are you running core now?
[12:24] <stellar-slack> the new one?
[12:24] <stellar-slack> I have a compiled workable code yes but it's not running at this time
[12:24] <stellar-slack> OK
[12:25] <stellar-slack> I wanted to test my code against the new network
[12:25] <stellar-slack> OK, will wait
[12:25] <stellar-slack> can you send me the link to the IRC chat
[12:25] <stellar-slack> I somehow seem to have lost it
[12:26] <stellar-slack> you mean history? you can go back in this also
[12:26] <stellar-slack> Nope, not History
[12:26] <stellar-slack> just the IRC chat
[12:26] <stellar-slack> link
[12:27] <stellar-slack> maybe you mean https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/#pokerth
[15:55] <peponidas> Hi!
[15:57] <peponidas> One quick question, has anyone installed the js-stellar-lib? I try to install it using npm under OSX and linux and I receive some errors related with the ed25519 compilation. Even trying directly with the github repo I obtain the same errors.
[15:59] <peponidas> Plenty errors like:
[15:59] <peponidas> C(target) Release/obj.target/native/src/ed25519/fe_pow22523.o
[15:59] <peponidas> CC(target) Release/obj.target/native/src/ed25519/sc_reduce.o
[15:59] <peponidas> CC(target) Release/obj.target/native/src/ed25519/sc_muladd.o
[15:59] <peponidas> CXX(target) Release/obj.target/native/src/ed25519.o
[15:59] <peponidas> ../src/ed25519.cc:10:49: error: no member named 'New' in 'v8::String'
[15:59] <peponidas> return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New(msg)));
[15:59] <peponidas> ~~~~~~~~^
[15:59] <peponidas> ../src/ed25519.cc:18:33: error: unknown type name 'Arguments'; did you mean 'v8::internal::Arguments'?
[15:59] <peponidas> Handle MakeKeypair(const Arguments& args) {
[16:02] <stellar-slack> at the slack channel I’m pepe, I didn’t know that the irc channel was mirrored here.
[16:03] <stellar-slack> Anyone has observed the same error trying to installing or using the js-stellar-lib?
[16:03] <stellar-slack> thanks in advance
[18:07] <stellar-slack> Hi
[18:07] <stellar-slack> Whats your node version?
[18:08] <stellar-slack> v0.12.7
[18:08] <stellar-slack> Right now the ed25519 package only works with node v0.10. You can use nvm to switch to 0.10
[18:08] <stellar-slack> Hopefully we can fix it soon
[18:08] <stellar-slack> Ok, I’ll try on 0.10
[18:12] <stellar-slack> @irisli: I’m a bit confused about the current status of the stellar network, I left our research over one month ago before holidays and this morning starting to review again the stellar-lib, I found this message on the git repo: INACTIVE. JS library to facilitate talking to stellard. This repository is not in active development. It points to the stellard network, which is being replaced by stellar-core. Plea
[18:12] <stellar-slack> js-stellar-lib, which points to the stellar-core network.
[18:13] <stellar-slack> What does mean? that the stellar network is migrating towards the stellar-core and all the libs/api are being deprecated in behalf of new ones?
[18:15] <stellar-slack> yes
[18:16] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/
[18:16] <stellar-slack> As a startup that is planing to use the stellar what is the advice? Keep our development on the stellard with its libraries and move later to stellar-core?
[18:16] <stellar-slack> no you should move to stellar-core now
[18:20] <stellar-slack> Aha, ok, got it. However @jed, after digging a while, I find from my point of view, that the new api/libraries are, how to say, a bit undocumented, maybe is my ignorance, or I don’t know where to seek for it, but it’s really difficult to have a clear picture of how things are connected, the relation between the js-stellarlib and the horizon, and the stellar-core.
[18:20] <stellar-slack> yes we are working on the docs heavily right now. We should have something much better shortly
[18:21] <stellar-slack> these links should help somewhat till then:
[18:21] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/getting-started/ http://stellar.github.io/go-horizon/guide/intro/ http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/# https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-lib/tree/master/docs
[18:21] <stellar-slack> Fantastic news!
[18:23] <stellar-slack> Yes, I’ve been reading these sites during all the day trying to figure out what was going on ;) Anyway I’ll try to install the js library with the nodejs 0.10 and start to work on the test network.
[18:24] <stellar-slack> Another thing @jed, I don’t know if its normal or not, but I’ve been trying to use the https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/ “Get Started"
[18:26] <stellar-slack> and after creating a test account and sending some lumens to it, it seems that never are received. I don’t know if it’s a bug or is a problem of the website:
[18:26] <stellar-slack> It’s always like this, Account not found (waiting for consensus). Please try again in a few seconds.
[18:28] <stellar-slack> it is possible that horizon is down. I'll ping scott when he is back online
[18:31] <stellar-slack> Ok, thanks a lot for your support! I can’t wait for this new documentation ;) in the meantime I’ll try to guess how the new library and ecosystem works. Have a nice day ;)
[18:40] <stellar-slack> @pepe Scott told me yesterday that this friendbot issue will be fixed in the next few days or so
[18:44] <stellar-slack> Nice! Imagine my day after holidays, our project on hold, starting to review the docs, etc. And suddenly I start to see things that weren’t on my one month retina snapshots :) :) :), lumens, horizon, stellar-core, the js lib INACTIVE, ...
[18:48] <stellar-slack> Now it’s late over here and I’m stepping off the office for having dinner. I’ll try later the js library with the node 0.10 and start to play with it. I’ll be happy if I can start creating and funding accounts, trust lines and some transactions. I’ll report how I’m doing ;) Again thanks for your kind support. Take care!
[18:49] <stellar-slack> thanks for bearing with us as we develop the new network - hope to hear more from you soon @pepe!
[19:41] <stellar-slack> @pepe: sorry about the breakages! I’m presently working on fixing it, but it may be a few days yet. I’m presently on a vacation visiting family so my hours devoted to stellar have been much reduced while I’m away.
[22:55] <stellar-slack> Anyone know if you can terminate a table in TOML? foo=3 [blah] bar=4 dont_want_this_in_the_table=5
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