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[08:11] <ikaspero> Hey, I have one thing to understand, i'm writing for my testing purposes a web app as interface to stellar API, after I create an account on test.stellar.org:9002 using POST with { "method" : "create_keys" } the account gets created and I get the ID and seeds just fine; next if I query the account_info I get "Account not found" error UNTIL I fund some fake stellars to it, then after few seconds the account become "active" and I ca
[11:39] <stellar-slack> @ikaspero: the account doesn’t exist until it’s funded, that’s why your query can’t find it
[11:39] <sacarlson1> ikaspero: That sounds correct
[11:40] <sacarlson> yes as dzham says
[12:30] <ikaspero> ok, thanks guys
[13:04] <stellar-slack> ikaspero: you should probably be building on the new network though
[13:35] <ikaspero> jed: what do you mean by the new network? if you are saying about my separate stellard instance then yes, I'm working on my stand-alone instance but I'm using test.stellar.org as a reference when something is not clear or does not work as expected ;)
[13:39] <stellar-slack> no I mean this: https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/
[13:39] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/getting-started/
[13:49] <ikaspero> nice, i'll get trough the docs, thanks
[20:17] <stellar-slack> Restarting testnet and wiping history
[20:32] <stellar-slack> ok 1 and 2 are synced. waiting for 3 to catch up
[21:00] <stellar-slack> horizon has now been reset as well
[21:00] <stellar-slack> friendbot is funded
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