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[10:00] <stellar-slack> any idea on when the testnet switches to base32 ?
[10:38] <stellar-slack> fredolafritte: horizon still isn’t compatible, so that’s the main gate right now
[10:39] <stellar-slack> I believe that’s next up on s.cott’s list so should be pretty soo now
[12:29] <sacarlson> I'm not even using horizon and still not working with ruby-stellar-base seems broken even with last pulls
[12:35] <sacarlson> looks like the github changes are frozen I still have the latest pull for stellar-core that I now run commit 8babef..
[12:38] <sacarlson> also ruby-stellar-base that I run is still the latest as it's also frozen with commit 0d04692..
[12:44] <sacarlson> I continue to get this {"status"=>"ERROR", "error"=>"AAAAAAAAAAD////4AAAAAA=="} return from https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base/blob/master/examples/create_account.rb
[12:46] <sacarlson> I looked at the sqlite database file at the stellar-core files and checked to verify that the account seems to exist that are used in the ruby example above correct in base32
[14:46] <stellar-slack> @fredolafritte: Yeah, I’m presently updating horizon to support the latest changes to XDR, the base32 changes, and the database schema changes. Hope to have it done today, but it could be monday as well when it lands
[16:52] <sacarlson> @scott so will these changes you hope to have in a few days also effect the problems I presently see above?
[17:15] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: I don’t know what your problem is… provided that you have a working stellar-core network running locally it should work just fine. We test creating an account at several levels and it works fine as far as I can tell. In fact, the script you link to does not even communicate with horizon… fixing horizon cannot solve your problem. My hunch is that you have some misconfiguration of stellar
[17:17] <sacarlson> @scott ok I'll post my present stellar-core config for viewing
[17:17] <stellar-slack> sounds good, I can take a look
[17:19] <sacarlson> http://pastebin.com/a9SFjFnY
[17:20] <sacarlson> good to hear that it must be on my side then @scott
[17:21] <stellar-slack> well, it’s just on your side for now :) very well could be that you’re hitting some “should be valid but it bugged” code path :) I’ll try out your config now and see if I can get a repro
[17:22] <sacarlson> cool thanks @scott
[17:25] <sacarlson> I have upgraded stellar-core without fully deleting the database so I could also try that also, I just assumed it wasn't working as no one said anything about seeing anything work since last base32 changes
[17:33] <stellar-slack> Yeah, everything works fine for me, even with your config. Note: you do have to change the sequence number in that example to `1` when using a new database… but that wouldn’t cause a “no account” error like you were seeing
[17:33] <stellar-slack> This is running on rev: 3757063f5aac7252cfe2bde3cc0d1f18ca9d8123
[17:34] <sacarlson> that doesn't look like the git hash I"m running on stellar-core
[17:34] <sacarlson> what hash is that?
[17:35] <sacarlson> I'm going to try reset the database and then look to see if there is a new github release that I failed to see in ruby-stellar-base or stellar-core
[17:35] <stellar-slack> it’s the git hash: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/commit/3757063f5aac7252cfe2bde3cc0d1f18ca9d8123
[17:36] <stellar-slack> And I’m using the latest master of ruby-stellar-base
[17:37] <sacarlson> no mine was released 2 days ago your is 3 days old
[17:38] <sacarlson> this is what I see as latest commit 8babef09b5a3a9b24af8e3557de2a2cef6736e5b
[17:43] <sacarlson> @scott so what git hash are you running on ruby-stellar-base? am I running something different there also? mine is presently commit 0d04692f4147ad01cf07c149d4b383f3bc842c75 for ruby-stellar-base
[17:44] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: I’m using the latest master on ruby-stellar-base: 0d04692f4147ad01cf07c149d4b383f3bc842c75
[17:45] <sacarlson> @scott ok cool so that's the same. so maybe if my database reset fails I'll try pull the older version of stellar-core to see if that fixes my problem
[17:45] <stellar-slack> yes, please
[17:47] <stellar-slack> when in doubt, IMO you should be resetting your network completely, history archives, database and all. We’re not stable yet, and don’t guarantee compatibility from revision to revision
[17:47] <stellar-slack> We have acceptance tests that test compatibility, but we haven’t locked anything down yet
[17:47] <sacarlson> history archives I don't even see that file
[17:47] <sacarlson> maybe there is a step I missed then
[17:48] <sacarlson> I only see log and db file
[17:49] <stellar-slack> did you create your history archives using `—newhist ARCHIVE_NAME`
[17:49] <sacarlson> nope
[17:50] <sacarlson> must have been some reading I missed
[17:50] <sacarlson> is that after the -newdb ?
[17:51] <sacarlson> but stellar-core seems to run ok with no errors
[17:51] <stellar-slack> probably undocumented, but it is referred to at a minimum in the usage helper. given your previously posted config, just run `stellar-core --newhist vs`
[17:52] <sacarlson> with vs at the end?
[17:52] <stellar-slack> In this example, we use vs because your config-defined history archive has the name `vs`
[17:52] <stellar-slack> from your config:
[17:52] <stellar-slack> `[HISTORY.vs]`
[17:52] <sacarlson> ok
[17:53] <sacarlson> oh I will also have to add my config file in that
[18:03] <sacarlson> nope same error {"status"=>"ERROR", "error"=>"AAAAAAAAAAD////7AAAAAA=="} so I'll reset the data base files and start fresh
[18:04] <sacarlson> oh I didn't notice it's stuck so before I reset i'll -forcescp
[18:10] <stellar-slack> `AAAAAAAAAAD////7AAAAAA==` is a different error than before. That’s a bad sequence error
[18:11] <sacarlson> nope even after deleting and recreating new db files I still get the same error
[18:11] <stellar-slack> `AAAAAAAAAAD////4AAAAAA==` was your previous error
[18:11] <sacarlson> oh ok I have sequence at 2
[18:12] <sacarlson> sequence 2 sounds correct as it's getting it from master that is at sequence 1
[18:13] <sacarlson> I reset it in this sequence http://pastebin.com/2ZZiz345
[18:13] <sacarlson> I note after reset that it reset sequence that is now up to 75
[18:14] <sacarlson> I was up over 3400
[18:16] <sacarlson> oh I now note in database that account now starts at 0 not 1 GCEZWKCA5VLDNRLN3RPRJMRZOX3Z6G5CHCGSNFHEY so my sequence is now 1 biger than it should be
[18:19] <sacarlson> changed the example to sequence 1 now it works {"status"=>"PENDING"}
[18:20] <sacarlson> thanks @scott
[18:20] <stellar-slack> :+1: good to see we finally got all the ducks in a row :)
[18:21] <sacarlson> so my software will auto check for the correct sequence and I won't have this problem
[18:21] <sacarlson> done deal
[18:23] <sacarlson> I'll also add decodeing of the error numbers so I know what the error means
[19:07] <sup414> morning everyone
[19:42] <stellar-slack> morning sup414
[19:47] <stellar-slack> currently rebuilding history on testnet horizon, fyi.
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