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[05:58] <stellar-slack> welcome jakecart
[06:49] <stellar-slack> upgraded and be catching up.
[06:55] <stellar-slack> it seems cann't get .xdr.gz files
[07:20] <sacarlson> I could have sworn this was working yestarday https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/accounts/gWRYUerEKuz53tstxEuR3NCkiQDcV4wzFHmvLnZmj7PUqxW2wn
[07:20] <sacarlson> did I add a typo at some point?
[07:21] <sacarlson> oh I think you all mensioned you reset something so this account is no longer valid?
[11:29] <sacarlson> so assuming the problem I'm having above is due to reset, then I will need new funded accounts to try. At one point I knew where the faucet for galaxy stellar was but I seem to have lost it
[11:36] <sacarlson> I"m getting the same 404 error messages in return!': 404 Resource Not Found that I get on my software here: http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/#reference/default/effect/all-effects?console=1
[11:36] <sacarlson> { "type": "not_found", "title": "Resource Missing", "status": 404, "detail": "The resource at the url requested was not found. This is usually occurs for one of two reasons: The url requested is not valid, or no data in our database could be found with the parameters provided.", "instance": "horizon-testnet-001.prd.stellar001.internal.stellar-ops.com/hCYL7oezXs-196108" }
[11:40] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson yes, it was testnet reset. get some stellars to create an account at https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/
[11:40] <stellar-slack> I’ve just funded mine so this link „works” again: https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/accounts/gWRYUerEKuz53tstxEuR3NCkiQDcV4wzFHmvLnZmj7PUqxW2wn
[11:41] <sacarlson> ok I thought I was look at the galaxy but failed to find the faucet
[11:42] <stellar-slack> it’s under: "Building on Stellar is easy. Create a test account in 3 steps.” you need to generate a new address but in the next step you can fund another one if you want
[11:42] <sacarlson> ya that's what I was looking for
[11:42] <sacarlson> I have accounts now
[11:43] <sacarlson> seems my google search took me here https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/getting-started/ that had no links to https://www.stellar.org/galaxy
[11:47] <sacarlson> ya and the new account has fixed my other problem
[12:03] <sacarlson> seems even after adding the sequence number to my payment transaction I still get this return {"hash"=>"43befe24ce5c84b609a4c2ddf21f758757ad17fce1498b505b443f1d7e2b2cae", "result"=>"failed", "error"=>"0000000000000000fffffffb00000000"}
[12:04] <sacarlson> I'll pastebin the code I'm now running to get these results
[12:04] <stellar-slack> "The sequence number must be 1 greater than whatever the account's sequence number currently says in the ledger."
[12:04] <sacarlson> oh ha ok let me try add 1
[12:05] <sacarlson> ha ha it now works {"hash"=>"436d6b81f70f429e6b6450fcb2c4cf6c8f4c43b4301dd0294a4ae1ba28820eca", "result"=>"received", "error"=>nil}
[12:06] <sacarlson> ya da man @bartek thanks again
[12:06] <stellar-slack> great!
[12:06] <stellar-slack> no problem
[13:03] <sacarlson> I'm not finding any info on how to setup credit lines on this galaxy version, don't credit lines still exist? I'm looking here http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/#reference/default/transaction is there better docs?
[13:03] <sacarlson> trust lines
[13:06] <stellar-slack> you need to submit ChangeTrust operation: https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base/blob/e24d8587149dbc8ea3328379aab68cac432d24b3/examples/non_native_payment.rb#L48
[13:07] <sacarlson> oh I should have looked at that thanks
[14:13] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: as a rubyist you might also get some value out of the examples here: https://github.com/stellar/stellar_core_commander/tree/master/examples We use stellar_core_commander to drive a bunch of our acceptance tests for stellar-core and ppopulate test fixtures for horizon. Those examples have much more complicated and complete interactions with the network, and they can give you an idea about how to
[14:13] <stellar-slack> types.
[14:13] <stellar-slack> For example: https://github.com/stellar/stellar_core_commander/blob/master/examples/pathed_payment.rb shows how to make a payment that routes through an offer to convert between two credit types.
[14:14] <sacarlson> @scott thanks I"ll take a look
[14:18] <sacarlson> @scott I took a quick look at some in that directory for example this one https://github.com/stellar/stellar_core_commander/blob/master/examples/non_native_payment.rb and don't see any require statements in them so I assume they are not ruby
[14:18] <sacarlson> or not run alone
[14:19] <stellar-slack> stellar_core_commander is a tool that runs a recipe written in ruby. https://github.com/stellar/stellar_core_commander#usage-as-command-line-tool
[14:20] <sacarlson> ok so they are like scripts that run from something else
[14:20] <stellar-slack> If you install it, you can also run `scc` to get help output
[14:20] <stellar-slack> yes, those are examples of scripts that can be input into scc
[14:50] <sacarlson> I not sure why I'm seeing this "balance": 99900000799999990 from this account I just created https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/accounts/gspbxqXqEUZkiCCEFFCN9Vu4FLucdjLLdLcsV6E82Qc1T7ehsTC
[14:51] <sacarlson> I only deposited 20 stellar
[14:51] <sacarlson> it's still at sequence 1
[14:56] <sacarlson> I guess I will never need the faucet again?
[14:59] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: that’s the master account, the account that is imbued for 100 billion lumens at the creation of a ledger
[14:59] <stellar-slack> you can tell because it’s paging_token is 0
[15:00] <stellar-slack> I’m betting you simply copy pasted some keypair from a different example. What script did you use?
[15:00] <sacarlson> oh ok so I now have the secret password for that so I now have unlimited lumens in testnet
[15:01] <sacarlson> @scott yes I did from https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-base/blob/e24d8587149dbc8ea3328379aab68cac432d24b3/examples/non_native_payment.rb#L48
[15:01] <stellar-slack> until the next reset. The secret is in the source code for stellar-core, it can’t be protected. In the live net, we will move those funds to a private secret prior to launching it
[15:01] <sacarlson> I thought it just created a random pair from the seed, I didn't know you used that seed any other place
[15:02] <stellar-slack> allmylifemyhearthasbeensearching is the raw seed for the master account
[15:02] <sacarlson> yes
[15:02] <stellar-slack> I’ll add some notes to the example
[15:02] <sacarlson> IC now I thought it was a bug as I didn't put the native in it
[15:04] <sacarlson> I have the example some what rewriten so that it works
[15:04] <sacarlson> almost
[15:04] <stellar-slack> yep, sorry about the misunderstanding: in general, those example scripts aren’t meant to be run directly, especially from the ruby-stellar-base repository where the sequence number cannot be loaded from the network. They’re meant for illustrative purposes on how to use the api for you own scripts.
[15:04] <sacarlson> well it was the best example for what I needed
[15:05] <sacarlson> I've added a utility that gets the sequence numbers
[15:07] <stellar-slack> What I’m saying poorly (sorry, I’m fairly sick today); those examples are only meant to be workable against "http://localhost:39132”… once you change that host the state is unknown and as such breakages happen
[15:08] <sacarlson> well until you show me examples that are any better that do non_native_payment this will have to do. I've already have a working native send function using the same examples
[15:09] <sacarlson> this is the last step I need to have my p2p poker ported to your new horizon network
[17:03] <sacarlson> it seems I was wrong my native payment is not working
[17:03] <sacarlson> {"hash"=>"f8bacbaaff68cd935dda185ac84eb7e13f3cd4718d1f2145bbbc98fe721eaa72", "result"=>"received", "error"=>nil}
[17:05] <sacarlson> is the result of native payment but when I check balance the destination address returns with 404 error like it didn't get it
[17:13] <sacarlson> so I must be missing something? http://pastebin.com/bfYEuLWa is the code I ran
[17:14] <stellar-slack> what was the destination address you were sending to?
[17:15] <sacarlson> @scott this is one of them gDdwC1bAR5KgquoKU5A2Zt8VXck4kL5U6fK1GnszD7kQt13udL
[17:17] <sacarlson> I guess you will also need the utilities to run this
[17:18] <stellar-slack> not necessary, I’m just going to check the db.
[17:19] <sacarlson> ok but for anyone else this is the ./stellar_utilities.rb that's a part of the last pastebin http://pastebin.com/hC0Yup3A
[17:22] <stellar-slack> There error is “payment_no_destination"
[17:22] <sacarlson> ok
[17:22] <stellar-slack> which makes sense, since you’re just trying to pay a random account. sorry I missed that
[17:23] <sacarlson> yes it's a new account that should be funded with the master has has funds
[17:23] <sacarlson> that has funds
[17:24] <stellar-slack> When horizon is finished, by default a tx submission will wait around for consensus and return the final submission result, which will make things simpler to understand
[17:24] <stellar-slack> Where do you fund the new random account? Your script doesn’t have that.
[17:25] <sacarlson> the master account was from the faucet
[17:25] <sacarlson> it checks out with funds
[17:26] <sacarlson> the random account destination is created with destination = Stellar::KeyPair.random
[17:26] <stellar-slack> both accounts must exist, both payee and payer. In this instance, the master account exists, but the payee (the random keypair you generate) does not exist. You must first post a “create_account” transaction.
[17:27] <stellar-slack> Stellar::KeyPair.random just rolls a random keypair… it doesn’t create an account for that keypair automatically in the ledger
[17:27] <sacarlson> oh I should read the create_account.rb I think it's also contained in the examples
[17:27] <sacarlson> I thought to activate an account you just deposited native 30 in it
[17:30] <sacarlson> oh so me not knowing that the other account existed already made me think my program worked
[17:30] <sacarlson> I found this tx = Stellar::Transaction.create_account({
[17:30] <stellar-slack> to activate an account you need to successfully post a `CreateAccountOp` operation. https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/xdr/Stellar-transaction.x#L30
[17:30] <sacarlson> yes I'll try this example after it's reworked a bit
[18:03] <sacarlson> well tried the createAccount example and it also returns error 404 http://pastebin.com/H5EShNjc
[18:04] <sacarlson> {"type"=>"not_found", "title"=>"Resource Missing", "status"=>404, "detail"=>"The resource at the url requested was not found. This is usually occurs for one of two reasons: The url requested is not valid, or no data in our database could be found with the parameters provided.", "instance"=>"horizon-testnet-001.prd.stellar001.internal.stellar-ops.com/hCYL7oezXs-219531"}
[18:51] <sacarlson> any idea's @scott ?
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