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[06:36] <stellar-slack> Hi, quick question
[06:37] <stellar-slack> would appreciate if someone can help with that
[06:37] <stellar-slack> what part of the network does stellar run
[06:37] <stellar-slack> and what is that we have to do running our own stellar core servers
[06:38] <sacarlson> I guess it runs on the world wide web maybe the question is what ports does it listen on?
[06:40] <stellar-slack> well my question really is
[06:40] <stellar-slack> what really does stellar-core does
[06:40] <stellar-slack> and why should I run my own version
[06:40] <stellar-slack> for ex
[06:41] <stellar-slack> Bitcoin nodes -- I can mine and get some BTC
[06:41] <stellar-slack> Ripple -- no use as there is no mining concept
[06:41] <stellar-slack> Stellar -- ????
[06:42] <sacarlson> only reason I can think of to run your own node as far as I'm conserned is maybe added security, I'm not sure what the benifits would be
[06:43] <sacarlson> but I think I've heard of them offering payments to nodes if they meet some standards
[06:44] <sacarlson> I might also see faster transaction speed and reliability if I had my own node
[06:44] <sacarlson> if I was a bank or gateway I would want to run a node
[06:47] <stellar-slack> would the bank not want to connect using a gateway
[06:47] <stellar-slack> likefor ex
[06:47] <stellar-slack> Fidcor uses Snapswap
[06:47] <stellar-slack> as the gateway
[06:48] <stellar-slack> why would a bank want to use its own node
[06:48] <stellar-slack> and provide consensus across the entire network
[10:49] <sacarlson> meetreks banks and companies like snapswap are or would be gateways and would want to run nodes to allow faster transactions and more security
[10:50] <sacarlson> and to improve the performance of the network
[11:18] <stellar-slack> So basically, I build a mode to run stellar-core and the rest is automatically taken care by the software within stellar-core?
[13:50] <sacarlson> meetreks I originaly tried to install stellar node I think stellard but failed to get it running due I think to the setup configs. I later found I didn't really need it for what I'm doing and it's more important to learn how to use it before installing a node
[13:51] <sacarlson> the api to the local node is the same as that of the remote one I now use
[16:16] <stellar-slack> an entity, like a bank could rely on another one for network access, but then it puts the bank in a weird situation where they put full trust that this other entity is not lying to them about balances etc. The bank can decide to run its own validation scheme (like compute hashes of transactions sets against headers or call many entities to come up with some consensus), but they would just be re-inventi
[16:16] <stellar-slack> does (and probably with weaknesses).
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