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[01:44] <stellar-slack> sacarlson, Hi
[01:44] <stellar-slack> unfortunatley
[01:44] <stellar-slack> get a message saying that
[01:45] <stellar-slack> I need to keep sufficent balance to check path
[01:46] <sacarlson1> meetreks what on testnet?
[01:47] <sacarlson1> what's your ballance show?
[01:48] <sacarlson> test
[01:49] <sacarlson> you should keep at least 60_000000
[01:49] <sacarlson> STR
[01:50] <sacarlson> you can live with 30_000000 as I run my accounts with just 1 line of trust
[01:54] <stellar-slack> Well I am trying out in Live
[01:54] <stellar-slack> so this is what I have figured out
[01:55] <sacarlson> ok
[01:55] <stellar-slack> Stellar needs the balance to be over the amount you want to send
[01:55] <stellar-slack> else it returns to say
[01:55] <stellar-slack> you do not have enough credit line
[01:55] <sacarlson> yes as I said you need min ballance 20 STR
[01:56] <sacarlson> same in testnet
[01:56] <sacarlson> once the account is activated you can't withdraw that 20 STR
[01:56] <stellar-slack> Well
[01:57] <stellar-slack> for 20 STR
[01:57] <stellar-slack> I can only plan for paths less than that
[01:57] <stellar-slack> say for ex
[01:57] <stellar-slack> if I want to find the best path with an issuer
[01:57] <stellar-slack> for 1000 USD
[01:57] <stellar-slack> then stellar expects me to have that amount covered
[01:57] <stellar-slack> this is quite strange
[01:58] <stellar-slack> and is not in line with my expectation
[01:58] <sacarlson> do you have trust lines for usd?
[01:58] <sacarlson> ya I didn't know that
[01:58] <stellar-slack> well
[01:58] <stellar-slack> idea is
[01:59] <stellar-slack> I must find out what is available with the issuers
[01:59] <stellar-slack> before I chose to use my own trust line
[01:59] <sacarlson> ok
[02:00] <sacarlson> do you have a live issuer address?
[02:01] <stellar-slack> Yes
[02:01] <sacarlson> what is it?
[02:01] <stellar-slack> one sec
[02:08] <sacarlson> see https://dividendrippler.com/stellar.txt to start
[02:09] <sacarlson> there account is gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy
[02:12] <stellar-slack> noted it somewhere
[02:12] <stellar-slack> and doing a search to get it
[02:13] <sacarlson> I just gave it to you
[02:13] <stellar-slack> Yes
[02:13] <sacarlson> see above
[02:14] <sacarlson> I just did a check_bal on that account in live and see screen full of lines of credit
[02:14] <stellar-slack> but I stored some for my own ref a fewdays ago
[02:15] <sacarlson> I'll do a static_path check on the above
[02:15] <stellar-slack> ok
[02:15] <stellar-slack> my understanding is
[02:15] <stellar-slack> if you have necessary funds
[02:16] <stellar-slack> the issuer should give you a lot of paths
[02:16] <sacarlson> the path doesn't even have to have your address in it
[02:16] <sacarlson> and no secreet keys
[02:17] <stellar-slack> Yes
[02:17] <stellar-slack> for path
[02:17] <stellar-slack> you just need
[02:17] <stellar-slack> sending address
[02:17] <stellar-slack> receving address
[02:17] <stellar-slack> issuer
[02:17] <sacarlson> yes and it must have lines of trust that some how connect or you will see now path
[02:18] <sacarlson> now = no
[02:18] <stellar-slack> Yes thats correct
[02:18] <stellar-slack> very strange
[02:18] <sacarlson> so we don't know of any accounts with this on live so we can't do it
[02:18] <stellar-slack> :)
[02:19] <sacarlson> we can set it up on testnet where we know the address
[02:19] <stellar-slack> I presume you can
[02:19] <stellar-slack> like
[02:19] <stellar-slack> use testnet
[02:19] <stellar-slack> but for the issuer
[02:19] <stellar-slack> use this live one
[02:19] <sacarlson> or you can download and analize the entire live database and pull out accounts to play with path
[02:20] <stellar-slack> i think we need more integrating tests
[02:20] <sacarlson> yes the issuer has people come to him giving him address
[02:21] <stellar-slack> the js-stellar-base can't even sign a simple transaction.
[02:21] <sacarlson> I agree with lab
[02:21] <stellar-slack> then may be better to do this in live
[02:21] <stellar-slack> although it was tagged 0.3.0
[02:21] <stellar-slack> but where would I get some accounts to try that?
[02:21] <stellar-slack> would be better if someone from stellar stepped in
[02:22] <sacarlson> you can spend real money and create an account on live and setup trust lines with all the known gateways and play there
[02:23] <sacarlson> again you will have to create your own accounts and you would need at least 2 or 3 for tests
[02:23] <sacarlson> send me some live STR and I'll set them up
[02:29] <stellar-slack> the content to be hashed was prefixed by SCP/TX ( https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/transactions/TransactionFrame.cpp#L57 )
[02:29] <stellar-slack> wow, the offset 1 bug of pub key hint was fixed
[02:30] <stellar-slack> I supposed to create a pull request for it.
[02:32] <sacarlson> I'm going to raise my offer to have someone write me a sample 3 party and 4 party stellar escrow script for live stellard in curl, first to deliver will get 300 STR
[02:38] <stellar-slack> @scott: can you fix this line https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-base/blob/master/src/transaction_builder.js#L112 ?
[09:31] <stellar-slack> Do I have any possibility to run my very own network based on new stellar-core? Where can I find a guide? I mean I don
[09:31] <stellar-slack> I mean I don't want to be conected to global blockchain and I wanna start from 0 state
[14:42] <stellar-slack> @lab: definitely. My first goal is to get horizon back up and running after all these breaking changes, then I’ll circle back onto js and add a regression test and get that fixed.
[16:33] <stellar-slack> @naumenkogs: totally possible to run your own private stellar network. Let me write up some notes for you…
[16:40] <stellar-slack> Im fine now, thx. I have another problem
[16:41] <stellar-slack> My goal is to test my own network so I need to launch horizon. It seems like the hayashi_development database is missed in horizon repo.
[16:41] <stellar-slack> Do you have any ideas where can I find this database.
[16:42] <stellar-slack> you simply have to make it yourself using the normal postgres tools
[16:42] <stellar-slack> `createdb hayashi_development`, for example
[16:43] <stellar-slack> Where can I get the tables used by it?
[16:43] <stellar-slack> they get initialized by stellar-core when you run `stellar-core —newdb`
[16:44] <stellar-slack> Thx I'll try it right now
[16:44] <stellar-slack> you’ll need to have an appropriate configuration file for stellar-core, such as my own development config: https://gist.github.com/nullstyle/be73bed2e51959b558aa
[18:39] <stellar-slack> yay! horizon and friendbot are running again on the testnet
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