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[02:57] <bittrex-richie> are the sfd servers having problems?
[04:21] <stellar-slack1> @bittrex-richie: looking into it now
[04:30] <bittrex-richie> ty...
[05:35] <bittrex-richie> any news?
[05:47] <stellar-slack1> working on it :(
[05:47] <stellar-slack1> going to be so glad to be on the new code
[05:50] <bittrex-richie> ok.. tis cool.. new code isn't going to break compat is it?
[05:51] <stellar-slack1> yeah it is
[05:51] <stellar-slack1> it has a much simpler API
[05:57] <bittrex-richie> oh man..
[05:58] <bittrex-richie> is it already doc'd ? guess i should start working on it ;(
[06:00] <stellar-slack1> Ha it's time going back to school
[06:02] <stellar-slack1> ok old network should be working again
[06:02] <stellar-slack1> we have some preliminary docs
[06:02] <stellar-slack1> we are working on making them much better right now
[06:02] <stellar-slack1> Here are some links to the new docs: jed [9:45 AM] https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/getting-started/ http://stellar.github.io/go-horizon/guide/intro/ http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/# https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-lib/tree/master/docs
[06:03] <bittrex-richie> ty... so this is going to break all compat with xrp i assume
[06:03] <bittrex-richie> and i'm still not connected ;(
[06:05] <stellar-slack1> yeah no code shared with ripple anymore
[06:05] <stellar-slack1> it will take a min for the public servers to sync to the validator
[07:13] <bittrex-richie> is the public servers sycned yet? :(
[07:15] <stellar-slack1> bittrex-richie: looks like not yet
[07:16] <bittrex-richie> whats an easy way for me to check?
[07:16] <bittrex-richie> (outside from my code not working ;) ... want a second method of validation)
[07:19] <bittrex-richie> woot looks like its back alive
[07:24] <stellar-slack1> You should be able to call the server_info api
[07:24] <stellar-slack1> It'll report status as "full" when it's ready
[07:25] <stellar-slack1> My graphs show 1/2 full. Though there's some delay so could be both are full and my graphs don't show it yet
[07:25] <stellar-slack1> There are 2 instances behind the live elb
[07:31] <bittrex-richie> ahh k.. ty
[07:34] <stellar-slack1> Np!
[07:35] <stellar-slack1> Still only 1/2. Will try to keep an eye out and report back.
[07:42] <stellar-slack1> Hi
[07:43] <stellar-slack1> WHat is the open liquidity posistion of STellar Live
[09:23] <stellar-slack1> bittrex-richie: looks like we're fully operational again. Have been for almost an hour
[09:27] <stellar-slack1> Hi Matschaffer
[09:27] <stellar-slack1> a quick querry
[09:28] <stellar-slack1> lets say I would want to do payments using Stellar Live network
[09:28] <stellar-slack1> and want to use the Market makers
[09:28] <stellar-slack1> to determine the best rate, how much of a balance should I have
[09:29] <stellar-slack1> I'm definitely not the right person to ask. Not even sure what the market makers means
[09:29] <stellar-slack1> :)
[09:29] <stellar-slack1> OK
[09:29] <stellar-slack1> I'd try in general
[09:31] <sacarlson> metreks I think its' minimum 20 STR + (5 STR * number_of_trust_lines)
[09:31] <sacarlson> meetreks so it is dependant on the number of currencies your account plans to hold and trade
[09:32] <stellar-slack1> thanks sacarlson
[09:32] <stellar-slack1> so say
[09:32] <stellar-slack1> I have 250 STR
[09:33] <sacarlson> then you could hold 46 different currencies
[09:33] <stellar-slack1> I can basically look for the market to look how much USD 5000 will cost me in STR?
[09:34] <sacarlson> however you also have to account for how many transactions you plan to make but the cost is very small
[09:34] <stellar-slack1> So
[09:34] <sacarlson> yes you can trade STR for USD
[09:34] <stellar-slack1> my querry is
[09:35] <stellar-slack1> I have 50 STR in my account
[09:35] <stellar-slack1> but I am reaching out to the open market in stellar to check how much STR I need to 5000 USD
[09:35] <stellar-slack1> is the balance OK
[09:36] <stellar-slack1> or will stellar look at my balance and determine I am not serious with the transaction
[09:37] <sacarlson> no to look at market price has nothing to do with your present holdings
[09:37] <sacarlson> the planed order size will influence the final price paid
[09:38] <sacarlson> or the price given
[09:38] <stellar-slack1> so then
[09:38] <sacarlson> todays spot price on STR I see is 0.00319259
[09:39] <sacarlson> usd
[09:39] <stellar-slack1> OK
[09:39] <stellar-slack1> from where do you get it?
[09:39] <sacarlson> google
[09:39] <stellar-slack1> I mean programatically
[09:39] <stellar-slack1> :)
[09:39] <stellar-slack1> yeah
[09:39] <sacarlson> I"m not sure there are so many places to buy it
[09:40] <stellar-slack1> yes, that is the question
[09:42] <sacarlson> I just purchased some yestarday at https://bx.in.th since I can't use the internal stellar market until after I have an account
[09:42] <stellar-slack1> I am looking for offers within stellar network
[09:42] <stellar-slack1> for USD
[09:42] <stellar-slack1> for my STR
[09:42] <stellar-slack1> do I need to hold a balance to get a quote
[09:42] <sacarlson> even a small order of just $20usd or in my case .07btc was enuf to change the price on the very iliquid market place
[09:43] <stellar-slack1> when you say very liquid market place
[09:43] <stellar-slack1> this is inside stellar?
[09:43] <stellar-slack1> stellar network
[09:43] <sacarlson> you can't buy or sell anything on stellar without a ballance
[09:43] <stellar-slack1> yes, but how much balance should I have
[09:44] <sacarlson> iliquid I mean not very liquid not much volume available on the exchange I used
[09:45] <sacarlson> I don't plan to hold much in my active issuer accounts, just 60,000000 should be enuf as they won't be doing any transactions
[09:46] <stellar-slack1> so
[09:46] <sacarlson> trading accounts I plan on the same 60,000000 or 60str
[09:46] <stellar-slack1> OK
[09:46] <stellar-slack1> 60 STR
[09:46] <sacarlson> on my software it's all in integer
[09:46] <stellar-slack1> and I can reach out to the stellar market makers
[09:46] <stellar-slack1> 1. Enquire about rates
[09:46] <stellar-slack1> 2. Prepare a payment
[09:47] <stellar-slack1> 3. Fund the amount
[09:47] <stellar-slack1> 4. Submit the payment
[09:47] <stellar-slack1> 5. Update the Ledger
[09:47] <sacarlson> I tested my software on the live.stellar.org just a few days ago
[09:48] <sacarlson> it's working ok
[09:48] <stellar-slack1> which one?
[09:48] <sacarlson> my basic class_payment libs work the same on testnet as on live
[09:48] <sacarlson> all of them
[09:49] <stellar-slack1> cool
[09:49] <stellar-slack1> so from you are telling me
[09:49] <stellar-slack1> you actually need a lot of balance to look for an offer for amounts more than the balance you hold?
[09:50] <stellar-slack1> sorry
[09:50] <stellar-slack1> I actually menat
[09:50] <stellar-slack1> you do not need a lot of balance
[09:51] <sacarlson> no you just need about a 0.20usd ballance
[09:51] <sacarlson> at todays price
[09:52] <stellar-slack1> OK
[09:52] <stellar-slack1> and I can ask for 1000USD
[09:52] <stellar-slack1> select the best offer
[09:52] <stellar-slack1> and then commit to the transactions ?
[09:52] <stellar-slack1> Yes?
[09:52] <sacarlson> at that quantity you will spike the market so I suggest puting in limit orders and buy over time
[09:53] <stellar-slack1> Alright
[09:53] <stellar-slack1> but it is possib;le
[09:53] <sacarlson> or find a more liquid market than mine
[09:54] <sacarlson> ya I guess so
[09:54] <sacarlson> so you going to send me $100 of it ?
[09:55] <stellar-slack1> Yes
[09:55] <sacarlson> ha ha
[09:55] <stellar-slack1> so I always thought path find will find me the best path
[09:55] <stellar-slack1> but now
[09:56] <stellar-slack1> what is the API which will look into open market for me?
[09:56] <sacarlson> I guess those are the tools you will need to write
[09:56] <sacarlson> the avalable needed data is present
[09:56] <sacarlson> you just need to organize it
[09:57] <stellar-slack1> what will be the sequence
[09:57] <sacarlson> find the paths, check each paths books, plot the data
[09:57] <sacarlson> I could be wrong
[09:58] <stellar-slack1> no
[09:58] <stellar-slack1> that is the right approach
[09:58] <stellar-slack1> just on the path
[09:58] <stellar-slack1> I am not sure
[09:59] <stellar-slack1> if there is enough liquidity
[09:59] <stellar-slack1> for it to retunr me an path
[09:59] <stellar-slack1> ** return
[09:59] <sacarlson> being the path only contains one issuer at a time, it doesn't provide the entire market
[09:59] <sacarlson> those are tools I think that have yet to be created
[09:59] <stellar-slack1> so how do I get the book orders of all the issuers
[10:00] <stellar-slack1> I hguess you asked this 2 weeks back isnt it
[10:00] <sacarlson> as far as I know to get books on all issuers would require haveing access to the entire database of the network that I think is in sqlite and process it
[10:02] <sacarlson> but as far as I know all trusted entities publish there issuer address and as there are not very many known at this time it's not much of a task
[10:12] <stellar-slack1> Yes
[10:12] <stellar-slack1> may be
[10:13] <stellar-slack1> but might be worth getting an opinion from Stellar folks itself
[10:14] <sacarlson> when you find a better way let me know
[11:51] <stellar-slack1> sacarlson
[11:51] <stellar-slack1> I will let you know for sure
[12:23] <omar2> Quick question. Why are no stellars being given when someone signs up with a new account?
[12:28] <stellar-slack1> Omar2 ,"Educational Giveaway Program Temporarily Paused" https://stellartalk.org/topic/7157-educational-giveaway-program-temporarily-paused/?view=getnewpost
[12:29] <omar2> Thanks for the link.
[12:34] <omar2> Any updates on when it will resume again?
[12:35] <sacarlson> omar2 you can play with testnet for free
[12:38] <omar2> Actually when I tell people about stellar, I mention that they can get some free stellars. Now, it's not true anymore.
[12:40] <sacarlson> omar2 I guess I can give you 20 STR if you test out my software
[12:41] <sacarlson> that will activate an account for you
[12:42] <sacarlson> I'll give you 40 STR if you write an example script that does an escrow transaction
[12:45] <sacarlson> boy you can't even give this stuff away ha ha
[12:45] <stellar-slack1> :+1:
[12:46] <omar2> I don't need any more stellars. I signed up when about 5000 STR was being given to new accounts. I just wanted new people I introduce to stellar to get some.
[12:46] <sacarlson> omar2 well tell them they can get it from me then
[12:47] <omar2> Thanks for the offer. Although it's not the same.
[12:48] <omar2> What worries me is what is going to happen to the reputation of stellar if they don't continue the give away program. I thought it was a mandate.
[12:50] <sacarlson> omar2 as developer we don't need free stellar as we have testnet. why don't you tell them they can get free testnet STR they are the same thing as what you had before
[12:51] <sacarlson> as some will see testnet STR as worthless now I don't
[12:52] <omar2> Testnet is for developers to play with. These people are not developers they are end users.
[12:53] <sacarlson> omar2 who's to say what testnet is for? I use it with users to keeps score of there poker chips
[12:54] <sacarlson> althoght it would be very cheap for these poker players to spend 0.20usd to open and use real Stellar for the same thing. they prefer it to be free
[12:57] <sacarlson> omar2 you are also free to spawn your own network of Stellar clone nets to do as you please with them as it is open sourced and FREE
[12:58] <omar2> Has the stellar foundation mentioned anything about when the giveaway program will continue again?
[13:27] <stellar-slack1> omar2 https://trello.com/b/Clb1VMP5/platform-roadmap
[13:34] <omar2> Thanks for the link eno.
[13:35] <omar2> I haven't been following stellar for awhile. Looks like there are some major changes planned in the near future. Very exciting.
[20:48] <stellar-slack1> I'm restarting testnet
[20:59] <stellar-slack> ok its back
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