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[02:33] <stellar-slack> sacarlson, Hi
[02:33] <stellar-slack> I will try that with node JS today
[02:33] <stellar-slack> and see if it is fine
[02:34] <stellar-slack> will provide feedback
[02:35] <sacarlson> I await your test to send USD to my account "gHVS8kkZVfhUcbv11hpRVGMB7r8gEwhzKm" when you do
[03:09] <stellar-slack> Sure sacarlson
[03:16] <stellar-slack> I also have made note of your create account procedure
[03:16] <stellar-slack> will run it and see
[03:33] <sacarlson> meetreks I'm also adding tools in my class for offer create that should be done in a few more minutes
[05:04] <sacarlson> meetreks I have now integrated into my stellar payment class the functions offer_create, offer_cancel(offersequence), static_path_find
[05:07] <sacarlson> I will pubish it when I've also writen sample code that uses the function classes, it what will be called offer_create.rb and will be in with the reset of my github stellar stuf
[07:37] <stellar-slack> superb
[07:37] <stellar-slack> I am doing the same as well sacarlson
[07:37] <sacarlson> meetreks I just tested it and it seems to be workings
[07:37] <sacarlson> I'll publish what I have now
[07:42] <sacarlson> changes now published https://github.com/sacarlson/pokerth_accounting
[07:43] <sacarlson> see if you did it in ruby you would have been done already meetreks ha ha
[07:55] <sacarlson> and where is your code published meetreks so we can take a look at what you have so far?
[08:43] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson, @meetreks there's screen sharing feature on cloud workspace (http://www.nitrous.io|www.nitrous.io or http://www.koding.com|www.koding.com; free plan) that might help you guys on speeding up the troubleshooting process. ruby & node.js are ready on any of these two platform (it's actually a linux box)
[09:27] <sacarlson> zealord cool, http://docs.nitrous.io looks to be something like virtualbox on the cload. I don't see that I have much need for it but in the event you were afraid of what some code might do it would also provide security
[09:50] <sacarlson> zealord and oh ya if it has screen sharing that would help if he ran my code on it that I could see the output to see what the problem was
[12:16] <stellar-slack> :) rubs is not my game sacarlson
[12:17] <sacarlson> it still privides the process you need
[12:17] <sacarlson> you just need to learn the process to put it into the envirnment you want
[12:17] <stellar-slack> Yes
[12:18] <stellar-slack> that is what I am interested in
[12:18] <sacarlson> so what's stoping you?
[12:18] <stellar-slack> just got the Zip
[12:18] <stellar-slack> what is the class file for Path
[12:19] <sacarlson> https://github.com/sacarlson/pokerth_accounting/blob/master/class_payment.rb
[12:21] <stellar-slack> ok got it
[12:21] <sacarlson> to see an example of how an order offer is created https://github.com/sacarlson/pokerth_accounting/blob/master/offer_create.rb
[12:21] <stellar-slack> can we try
[12:21] <sacarlson> I"ve already ran it with my accounts that now have open orders
[12:22] <stellar-slack> let me try as well
[12:23] <sacarlson> so for you to get orders setup you would need to add that account you created and put it into the offer_create.rb
[12:24] <stellar-slack> OK
[12:24] <stellar-slack> ran class_payment
[12:24] <stellar-slack> it ran
[12:25] <sacarlson> class_payment is not a program it's a library
[12:25] <stellar-slack> :)
[12:25] <sacarlson> offer_create.rb uses that lib
[12:25] <stellar-slack> Ok
[12:25] <stellar-slack> AH Ok
[12:26] <stellar-slack> let me check offer create
[12:27] <sacarlson> I created the static path function but without orders it can't be tested yet
[12:28] <stellar-slack> ok
[12:29] <stellar-slack> it is complaining about the YAML file
[12:29] <sacarlson> yes I can't publish that as that has my secreet codes in it
[12:29] <stellar-slack> ./sceret_meetreks_issuer_pair.yml
[12:30] <sacarlson> but that does contain codes that are already public so I guess I could provide it
[12:30] <stellar-slack> :)
[12:30] <stellar-slack> unless real money is invloved
[12:30] <stellar-slack> you can publish it
[12:30] <sacarlson> no it's just testnet
[12:31] <stellar-slack> OKies
[12:31] <stellar-slack> I saw code that
[12:31] <sacarlson> but all my poker runs on testnett
[12:31] <stellar-slack> you have made provisions in class file
[12:31] <stellar-slack> payments
[12:31] <stellar-slack> that http://live.stellar.org|live.stellar.org is also mentioned
[12:32] <sacarlson> yes it can be switched to real live stellar at any time
[12:32] <stellar-slack> OKies
[12:32] <sacarlson> but my code defaults to test
[12:32] <stellar-slack> yes
[12:33] <sacarlson> I don't have any accounts in live stellar with STR
[12:33] <stellar-slack> Can i tweak the code with the keys or are you going to publish iit?
[12:34] <sacarlson> I"m not going to publish it on github
[12:34] <stellar-slack> OK
[12:34] <stellar-slack> so how do we about about testing this
[12:34] <sacarlson> it's a file with just this:
[12:34] <sacarlson> ---
[12:34] <sacarlson> account: gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE
[12:34] <sacarlson> secret: sf2GCNjmvf5Ng8Dak4bAmuYqYBk9hkZuFqMMQiLYdEf3BRMX1GW
[12:35] <sacarlson> you could just edit the offer_create.rb file and just put the numbers in there if you want as you don't plan to publish it as I did
[12:37] <sacarlson> all that's really needed is that account number in the offer_create.rb as it doesn't use the secreet in this proccess gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE
[12:37] <sacarlson> that is your issuer
[12:39] <stellar-slack> I got that
[12:39] <stellar-slack> its now the same for from_pair
[12:39] <stellar-slack> what have you used for from pair?
[12:40] <stellar-slack> or can I use one for my own
[12:40] <sacarlson> I used another account that I created there
[12:40] <sacarlson> you already have a setup account you could use there
[12:40] <sacarlson> your other account
[12:41] <sacarlson> pair
[12:41] <stellar-slack> gGCqR4jGVGD11LkCwj7NcgTXRqMgiHLNcE s3GVFLHj6R8YuxxeUYZcJZujey2QmiVPaksz8Mn5oYcdBapZJEU
[12:41] <stellar-slack> is this fine?
[12:43] <sacarlson> it it was created with trust setup it would be
[12:43] <sacarlson> otherwise you account set that you already have already has trust set and account ballances to play with gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA s3wXzQDc638s3dYrrfJbF1nNQSsUW1JATBinLGb8VjQuaXiay3F
[12:44] <sacarlson> that is the user account that will be doing the trading
[12:48] <stellar-slack> Yes
[12:48] <stellar-slack> I used this yesterday
[12:48] <stellar-slack> for offer create
[12:48] <stellar-slack> good now
[12:48] <stellar-slack> SO
[12:48] <stellar-slack> here is what I have got
[12:48] <stellar-slack> engine ran
[12:48] <stellar-slack> and got good results
[12:48] <stellar-slack> might have to put this in a XML or something like that
[12:49] <stellar-slack> so before i do that
[12:49] <stellar-slack> can you explain how this is connected to the libpayments
[12:49] <sacarlson> are you talking about how you plan to port it?
[12:49] <stellar-slack> and how path comes here?
[12:49] <stellar-slack> Yes
[12:50] <sacarlson> I tried to explain that path only provides the price
[12:50] <stellar-slack> Yes
[12:50] <stellar-slack> but am keen in that
[12:50] <stellar-slack> In an environment I work
[12:50] <stellar-slack> price from open liquidity makers is important
[12:51] <sacarlson> you will have to setup many orders at different prices then run a path ammount that will need to buy all the orders or at least more than one
[12:51] <stellar-slack> sure
[12:51] <stellar-slack> does you documentation cover what each file does?
[12:51] <sacarlson> so setup some orders now you have the tools to do it
[12:51] <stellar-slack> or is it just from your Poker game
[12:51] <stellar-slack> Yes
[12:51] <stellar-slack> wil do
[12:52] <sacarlson> no the files are the documentation
[12:52] <stellar-slack> just to confirm
[12:52] <stellar-slack> if I run offer
[12:52] <stellar-slack> create wiht multiple from pairs
[12:52] <stellar-slack> then it will automatically create orders right
[12:52] <stellar-slack> and when I issue static path
[12:52] <stellar-slack> these will show up
[12:52] <stellar-slack> yes/no?
[12:53] <sacarlson> you can have many orders from the same pair
[12:53] <stellar-slack> no
[12:53] <sacarlson> but a different prices
[12:53] <sacarlson> yes
[12:53] <stellar-slack> I will be using diffrent pairs / diffrent amunts
[12:54] <sacarlson> you can look at the order book of my account gHVS8kkZVfhUcbv11hpRVGMB7r8gEwhzKm that has several open orders on USD to EUR
[12:54] <sacarlson> yes you can do that also
[12:54] <stellar-slack> OK
[12:54] <stellar-slack> thanks
[12:54] <stellar-slack> that way
[12:54] <stellar-slack> it will show me diffrent paths
[12:54] <stellar-slack> :)
[12:54] <stellar-slack> else I will be confused why same pair is coming up
[12:55] <stellar-slack> but with different prices
[12:55] <sacarlson> they have a bad name for path in my opinion or at least what you will see with it in this instance
[12:55] <sacarlson> when you setup the orders and run the path I think you will see the light as you seem confused
[12:56] <stellar-slack> Yes I am
[12:56] <stellar-slack> thanks for the help
[12:57] <stellar-slack> let me play now
[12:57] <stellar-slack> and will revert back
[12:57] <stellar-slack> any email I can contact you?
[12:57] <sacarlson> I am always here
[12:57] <stellar-slack> do you work for stellar?
[12:57] <sacarlson> no
[12:58] <stellar-slack> does BOT mean you are a BOT program :)
[12:58] <sacarlson> I'm working on my own project for poker
[12:58] <stellar-slack> Ah alright
[12:58] <stellar-slack> OK,
[12:58] <stellar-slack> thanks for that
[12:58] <stellar-slack> will link up tomorrow
[12:58] <sacarlson> but I just started like 12 days ago so I'm just learning too
[15:07] <stellar-slack> @meetreks: the “BOT” label on sacarlson’s profile is due to the fact that they are connecting to the slack room via IRC. It’s a side effect of the bridge.
[16:38] <stellar-slack> Can anyone tell me if things like https://gist.github.com/thejollyrogers/b114b5a98fa11a5a4ad0 are still relevant in the context of Horizon? I can’t quite work out how or if they fit together
[16:43] <stellar-slack> hmm that link isn't working for me?
[16:45] <stellar-slack> Here are some links to the new docs:
[16:45] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/getting-started/ http://stellar.github.io/go-horizon/guide/intro/ http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/# https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-lib/tree/master/docs
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