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[12:08] <stellar-slack> so now I send payment from gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA to gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE
[12:09] <stellar-slack> or do I need to set up the issuer again
[12:18] <sacarlson> you need another account to send to as gpHUKt... is the isssuer
[12:19] <sacarlson> your other account would also point at gpHUK... as the issuer then they could send each other money or setup orders bettween currencies
[12:29] <stellar-slack> I need to run this again is it
[12:29] <stellar-slack> so what is the From pair and what is is the To pair
[12:29] <sacarlson> I gave you details yestarday
[12:30] <sacarlson> look in the logs
[12:31] <stellar-slack> you said this
[12:31] <stellar-slack> the to_pair will be changed but the from_pair will stay the same sacarlsonBOT [10:41 PM] your from_pair will be your primary issuer
[12:32] <sacarlson> yes so you need another account set for the to_pair
[12:32] <sacarlson> then run it again
[12:32] <stellar-slack> Just the to pair
[12:32] <stellar-slack> what will be the from pair?>
[12:32] <sacarlson> yes the from_pair it your issurer
[12:32] <stellar-slack> which is?
[12:33] <sacarlson> gpHUK... is the issuer
[12:34] <sacarlson> think of gpHUK... account as the simulated gateway address
[12:34] <sacarlson> it's like the bank that you give real money to and they send you credit in the currencies they deal in
[12:36] <sacarlson> with there credited money you can trade it by seting up orders to others that accept trust in that gateway
[12:38] <stellar-slack> ok
[12:41] <sacarlson> so you ready to send me some money meetreks?
[13:26] <sacarlson> meetreks you should be able to send money in USD to my account "gHVS8kkZVfhUcbv11hpRVGMB7r8gEwhzKm" that has trust in your issuer "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE"
[13:57] <sacarlson> I just found that with only 30,000000 STR I can only hold two trust lines to hold currency in this case it was CHP and USD as I tried to also add EUR it didn't work
[13:58] <sacarlson> I thought it was timing but with an added 30,000000 or total 60,000000 STR I can now hold at least 3 currences
[13:59] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: https://www.stellar.org/faq/ > Minimum balances help protect the network from the creation of spam accounts. You can fund an account by sending 20 STR to it, or by claiming rewards from the Stellar Development Foundation. Unfunded accounts cannot establish trust lines; each trust line requires a 5 STR reserve in addition to the 20 STR minimum balance. To establish trust lines with three gateways,
[13:59] <stellar-slack> reserve, for example: min balance 20 STR + (5 STR * 3 gateways) = 35 STR reserve.
[13:59] <stellar-slack> you had 30 STR so you were able to establish only 2 trust lines.
[14:00] <sacarlson> bartek yes I had it reversed I thought it was the gateway or issure side that needed the funds
[14:01] <stellar-slack> ok
[14:01] <sacarlson> bartek thanks
[14:01] <stellar-slack> no problem!
[17:02] <sacarlson> and for meetreks I added a tool to create accounts just as you seem to have so much trouble creating them to setup you tests https://github.com/sacarlson/pokerth_accounting/blob/master/create_account.rb
[17:05] <sacarlson> this will setup random test accounts with trust to your desired issurer with as many currencies as you desire
[17:56] <stellar-slack> @lab: the bucket list is basically a leveled snapshot ; the math on it gives us quite a bit of room so I don't know what you mean by this not being "high throughput", this should hold well to several thousand tx/s on billions of accounts in a ledger . Without a way to pick up from arbitrary snapshots in time, nodes would have to replay from genesis, which is much more hardware intensive if there is a
[17:56] <stellar-slack> allow to keep specs reasonable in iops, CPU and bandwidth. There might be better hashing schemes for the ledger but we think that this particular scheme should hold for some time.
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