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[00:15] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: there's a configuration file stellar.txt under every gateway with the address of the gateway (issuer). Here's the list:
[00:15] <stellar-slack> Ripplefox: https://ripplefox.com/stellar.txt
[00:16] <stellar-slack> [accounts] gP1f4UKHbvdNDZPYyjqFHTnaqGzCwyjm5E [currencies] CNY gP1f4UKHbvdNDZPYyjqFHTnaqGzCwyjm5E FMM gP1f4UKHbvdNDZPYyjqFHTnaqGzCwyjm5E
[00:16] <stellar-slack> Dividendrippler: https://dividendrippler.com/stellar.txt
[00:16] <stellar-slack> [accounts] gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy [validation_public_key] pGpV6ED8SJrqexFeEwtQYNbZyW1TBguCkpRCT4DkiykX9G9kggC [currencies] BTC gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy LTC gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy NMC gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy TRC gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy DASH gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy XRP gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy
[00:20] <sacarlson> cool thanks zealord
[00:21] <sacarlson> so are these static addresses or are they created just for your account login?
[00:22] <sacarlson> oh they must be static as I see the same thing
[00:22] <sacarlson> sounds perfect
[00:26] <sacarlson> and ya this works https://www.stellar.org/viewer/#live/gGpaZHzrhF4aX7Kz7BWeR7fSY7zCP7Vwoy
[00:32] <stellar-slack> :thumbsup:
[00:35] <sacarlson> wow no offers on ether of these gateways. I was hopeing to see more trafic
[00:36] <sacarlson> I have more trafic orders setup now on testnet then the live one ha ha
[00:39] <stellar-slack> just try STR/CNY pari in ripplefox
[00:39] <stellar-slack> pair
[00:39] <stellar-slack> there's quite a number of open orders at the moment
[00:40] <sacarlson> oh ok thanks
[00:41] <sacarlson> I asumed at the bottom of the viewer it showed all open orders for all
[01:29] <stellar-slack> Thanks GUys
[05:16] <sacarlson> meetreks you got what you need now?
[12:54] <stellar-slack> sacarlson
[12:54] <stellar-slack> This is what I am looking to do
[12:54] <sacarlson> ??
[12:54] <stellar-slack> I want to send 1 USD to account A from my account
[12:55] <stellar-slack> I want to know what is the best path in the market
[12:55] <stellar-slack> how do I simulate this
[12:56] <sacarlson> I now have the account numbers of the active live stellar gateways you can look at the static path of those
[12:57] <sacarlson> do you have logs of #stellar-dev you can see they sent me the links
[12:57] <sacarlson> I now understand what path does
[12:58] <sacarlson> the value path returns depends on how many orders it will hit to get the final value so it calculates at that moment the price
[12:59] <stellar-slack> no
[12:59] <stellar-slack> I dont have the logs
[13:00] <sacarlson> https://botbot.me/freenode/stellar-dev/
[13:01] <sacarlson> you would have to set curl to point to live and one of the accounts of the active gateways
[13:02] <sacarlson> I also have multi orders setup on testnet on that account we were using
[13:03] <sacarlson> if did a static path of say value 500 you should penitrate about 3 of my orders that are each about 100usd
[13:05] <stellar-slack> can you execute one and show me the path
[13:05] <sacarlson> the logs already show an excuted one
[13:06] <sacarlson> that scott sent
[13:12] <sacarlson> https://gist.github.com/nullstyle/5eb1ae3113f12ce45871
[13:12] <sacarlson> 11:11:10 PM) stellar-slack: scarlson: I haven’t followed the full conversation, but I wanted to just provide one note about your examples using `static_path_find`: It looks like in the query you were making where you received no `alternatives` in the response you simply had the destination issuer wrong. For example, the query
[13:13] <sacarlson> that's in the logs
[13:14] <stellar-slack> @meetreks: you can check slack archive here for older messages (https://stellar-public.slack.com/archives/dev)
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