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[02:31] <stellar-slack> @meetreks: what repo are you using for the stellar_path_find test?
[02:43] <stellar-slack> This is my query
[02:44] <stellar-slack> sending account
[02:44] <stellar-slack> gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE
[02:44] <stellar-slack> receiving account
[02:44] <stellar-slack> gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA
[02:44] <stellar-slack> Issuer
[02:44] <stellar-slack> gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF
[02:44] <stellar-slack> I want to know, what paths are there
[02:45] <stellar-slack> for standard international currencies
[02:46] <stellar-slack> this is all on horizon-testnet?
[02:46] <stellar-slack> http://test.stellar.org|test.stellar.org
[02:46] <stellar-slack> 9002
[02:47] <stellar-slack> when I run it
[02:47] <stellar-slack> I always get the path empty
[02:47] <stellar-slack> Equivalent Ripple path finds return me values in the path fields
[02:47] <stellar-slack> ah stellard testnet
[02:47] <stellar-slack> Yes
[02:47] <stellar-slack> thats correct
[02:48] <stellar-slack> I sued it because
[02:48] <stellar-slack> technically I will only have to change the config
[02:48] <stellar-slack> to http://live.stellard.org|live.stellard.org
[02:48] <stellar-slack> to go live
[02:48] <stellar-slack> isnt that what it is supposed to be?
[02:48] <stellar-slack> it’s just that shouldn’t be much longer before stellar-core is ready and that network/API is deprecated
[02:49] <stellar-slack> both live & test?
[02:49] <stellar-slack> yep
[02:49] <stellar-slack> so any existing customers?
[02:49] <stellar-slack> all migrated to core?
[02:49] <stellar-slack> plan is to migrate
[02:49] <stellar-slack> yep
[02:50] <stellar-slack> but what do they use now?
[02:50] <stellar-slack> live
[02:50] <stellar-slack> surely they must connect to http://live.stellar.org|live.stellar.org isnt it?
[02:50] <stellar-slack> today, yes
[02:50] <stellar-slack> Ok
[02:50] <stellar-slack> so
[02:50] <stellar-slack> should I chnage my API calls
[02:51] <stellar-slack> to match this for stellar core?
[02:51] <stellar-slack> how can I make sure that I know I am getting the best path from stellar?
[02:51] <stellar-slack> I am willing to switch to live accounts
[02:51] <stellar-slack> if you can let me know any test accounts I can use for checking purposes
[02:53] <stellar-slack> so you’re using https://www.stellar.org/api/#api-find_path ?
[02:55] <stellar-slack> no
[02:55] <stellar-slack> I am using static_path_find
[02:56] <stellar-slack> client.call( { "id": row, "method": "static_path_find", "params": [ { "source_account": sourceAcc, "destination_account": destAcc, "destination_amount": { "currency": destCurr, "value": destAmount, "issuer": issuer
[02:57] <sacarlson> I have an open order you can play with on test.stellar.org for "CHP" to native
[02:58] <sacarlson> if you want I will setup other orders for you to play with
[02:58] <stellar-slack> That will be great
[02:58] <stellar-slack> So this is is want I want to set up
[02:58] <sacarlson> I havn't quite figured out how to find orders without the account
[02:59] <stellar-slack> Source Account: gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE
[02:59] <stellar-slack> Destination Account: gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA
[02:59] <stellar-slack> Issuer: Please let me know which Issuer I can use
[02:59] <stellar-slack> currncies
[02:59] <stellar-slack> USD:EUR: JPN:CNY:AUS:GBP
[02:59] <sacarlson> I setup the first issuer as the same as the account that sent it
[03:00] <stellar-slack> so issuer = from account?
[03:00] <sacarlson> it can be
[03:00] <stellar-slack> Ok,
[03:01] <sacarlson> I'm not sure if the issuer can't be just any random number
[03:01] <stellar-slack> SO will you set up some open orders so that I can try now
[03:01] <sacarlson> I can't setup the orders from your source account as I need the secreet key to do that
[03:03] <sacarlson> but I can setup with accounts that I have
[03:03] <stellar-slack> we can do both
[03:03] <sacarlson> I also found I needed a deposit of more than 30 str to do it
[03:03] <stellar-slack> sf2GCNjmvf5Ng8Dak4bAmuYqYBk9hkZuFqMMQiLYdEf3BRMX1GW
[03:03] <stellar-slack> secret key for the sending account
[03:03] <sacarlson> does it have any str in it?
[03:03] <sacarlson> you should deposit no less than 100_000000 I put 500_000000 in mine before I got it working
[03:03] <stellar-slack> I think yes
[03:03] <sacarlson> so what is the pair?
[03:03] <stellar-slack> OK
[03:03] <stellar-slack> pair?
[03:03] <sacarlson> acc sec
[03:04] <sacarlson> gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE sf2GCNjmvf5Ng8Dak4bAmuYqYBk9hkZuFqMMQiLYdEf3BRMX1GW I should assume?
[03:04] <stellar-slack> One Sec
[03:05] <stellar-slack> gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE sf2GCNjmvf5Ng8Dak4bAmuYqYBk9hkZuFqMMQiLYdEf3BRMX1GW
[03:05] <stellar-slack> one account
[03:05] <stellar-slack> Destination account is as follows
[03:05] <stellar-slack> gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA s3wXzQDc638s3dYrrfJbF1nNQSsUW1JATBinLGb8VjQuaXiay3F
[03:05] <sacarlson> for destination you don't need the secret key
[03:06] <sacarlson> I'll check the account to see if it's funded with enuf str
[03:07] <stellar-slack> Okies
[03:11] <sacarlson> ok I looked at the account it has 999999960 str with no lines of credit
[03:12] <sacarlson> so I'll setup usd:eur
[03:12] <stellar-slack> Can you teach me how you are doing this?
[03:12] <sacarlson> yes I've documented examples I can share with you
[03:13] <sacarlson> I've only done it one time with native so it might not be perfect
[03:13] <stellar-slack> OK, thanks
[03:13] <stellar-slack> I might need to learn it for future reference
[03:13] <stellar-slack> thanks so much for this btw, sacarlson - you know the stellard api much better than I do
[03:14] <stellar-slack> looking forward to seeing your examples for my own education
[03:14] <sacarlson> ya and bummer I will have to learn a new one ha ha
[03:14] <sacarlson> I was thinking of writing a back compatible lib so you can run the old with the new
[03:15] <stellar-slack> that’d be pretty amazing of you
[03:15] <sacarlson> so for quick change you just run it over that lib to the new core
[03:15] <stellar-slack> I’m sure other integrators would appreciated it
[03:15] <sacarlson> that's what you people that are writing it should have thought of from day one
[03:15] <stellar-slack> s/appreciated/appreciate/
[03:15] <sacarlson> otherwise it will take too long for people to migrate
[03:16] <sacarlson> but my lib will be in ruby and you don't even have a working ruby lib yet so I won't write it until thats working
[03:16] <stellar-slack> good plan
[03:17] <sacarlson> so maybe in 2 year?? ha ha
[03:17] <stellar-slack> yeah, pretty much everything is in flux right now. Even the core protocol
[03:18] <stellar-slack> hopefully not quite that long. But migrations like this do often have a very long tail
[03:18] <sacarlson> that's ok even the original is working quite well for what I need
[03:19] <stellar-slack> so Can I try now sacarlson?
[03:19] <stellar-slack> glad to hear it! I’ll keep this channel posted if we see anything totally out of whack there. One or two nodes at a time have a tendency to go out of sync for 10-15m at a time, but if you can still work with that, game on
[03:20] <sacarlson> meetreks sure let's give it a try
[03:21] <sacarlson> let me find my example doc
[03:23] <stellar-slack> OK
[03:23] <stellar-slack> ran it
[03:23] <stellar-slack> no change
[03:23] <stellar-slack> let me check
[03:24] <sacarlson> did you check "method": "account_offers",
[03:25] <sacarlson> I havn't added this to my ruby libs so I have to us curl
[03:25] <stellar-slack> no
[03:25] <stellar-slack> I am actually trying static_path_find
[03:25] <stellar-slack> I am checking for values in alternatives[]
[03:26] <stellar-slack> so I get alternatives as []
[03:26] <stellar-slack> this is the result I am getting at
[03:26] <stellar-slack> EUR::USD for 2 eur
[03:28] <stellar-slack> I am not getting any options for paths
[03:29] <stellar-slack> sacarlson
[03:30] <stellar-slack> can you try 2 EUR from source to destination asking for USD
[03:30] <stellar-slack> can you tell me if you are getting a path?
[03:32] <sacarlson> ok I've setup an order of usd:eur on your account
[03:32] <sacarlson> now lets check the account to see if it's seen on the books
[03:35] <sacarlson> "account" : "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE",
[03:35] <sacarlson> "offers" : [],
[03:35] <sacarlson> "status" : "success"
[03:35] <sacarlson> so I must have done something wrong?
[03:36] <stellar-slack> posible
[03:37] <sacarlson> I think what I failed to do is setup a line of credit with my issuier in this case "issuer" : "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF",
[03:39] <sacarlson> I thought it was only the one's buying them that required to have lines of credit but I must be wrong. oh and what I originaly did was give the money from the creditor to the one that setup the order
[03:39] <stellar-slack> you guys should just build on the new API. It will be out very soon
[03:40] <sacarlson> they should work about the same and if you had examples how it was done that so do show us
[03:40] <stellar-slack> they don't work the same
[03:40] <sacarlson> and don't worry we will have the back port lib to move
[03:41] <sacarlson> they will have the same features but a supper set of them that will be emulated in the backport
[03:41] <sacarlson> it you had a working ruby lib in the new core I would already be there
[03:42] <stellar-slack> Hey
[03:42] <stellar-slack> can you let me know how STR is represented
[03:42] <stellar-slack> lie 2000000 for 2 STR is it?
[03:42] <stellar-slack> I just want to try for STR and see if I get any paths?
[03:43] <sacarlson> "TakerPays": "1000000000"
[03:44] <sacarlson> instead of "TakerGets": {
[03:44] <sacarlson> "currency": "CHP",
[03:44] <sacarlson> "value": "100.123",
[03:44] <sacarlson> "issuer": "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF"
[03:44] <sacarlson> },
[03:44] <stellar-slack> this is the commandline I am trying to simulate
[03:44] <stellar-slack> { "command": "find_path", "id": 1234567, "subcommand": "create", "source_account": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "destination_account": "gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA", "destination_amount": { "currency": "STR", "value": "1000000000", "issuer": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE" } }
[03:45] <stellar-slack> but i get
[03:45] <stellar-slack> results: { "error": "dstAmtMalformed", "error_code": 42, "error_message": "Destination amount/currency/issuer is malformed.", "id": 1234567, "request": { "command": "find_path", "destination_account": "gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA", "destination_amount": { "currency": "STR", "issuer": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "value": "1000000000" }, "id": 1
[03:45] <stellar-slack> "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "subcommand": "create" }, "status": "error", "type": "response" }
[03:47] <sacarlson> I guess this is the java lib format
[03:48] <sacarlson> just take out currecy and value and just put the number "1000000000"
[03:49] <sacarlson> or there is no issuer in str also
[03:50] <sacarlson> it's just "destination_amount": "100000000"
[03:51] <sacarlson> oh and yes STR ends up being value/1000000 as it's represented as an integer
[03:52] <stellar-slack> now I get the following result
[03:52] <stellar-slack> results: { "alternatives": [], "destination_account": "gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA", "destination_amount": "1000000000", "id": 1234567, "source_account": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "type": "find_path" }
[03:52] <stellar-slack> still not alternatives[]
[03:53] <sacarlson> well let me setup a line of credit with my creditor and send him some money to trade with
[03:54] <sacarlson> you must see the order on the books before you hope to see any paths
[03:55] <stellar-slack> Ok
[03:56] <sacarlson> so my guess the squence should be setup an account with credit from an issuer with the currencies you plan him to trade with
[03:56] <sacarlson> have the issuer send him some money in the curriencies you plan to trade
[03:56] <sacarlson> then setup the orders
[03:56] <stellar-slack> Well
[03:56] <stellar-slack> before that
[03:57] <sacarlson> check the order book to see that the books reflect the orders
[03:57] <stellar-slack> I want to know what are the paths so that I cna use the paths to return the money
[03:58] <stellar-slack> I mean prepare the payment and send the money to the destination using that path
[03:58] <sacarlson> then you setup another account with line of credit to that same issuer and again setup a ballance from the issuer with at least one of the curreniees
[03:58] <sacarlson> you need to setup orders before you play with paths
[03:58] <sacarlson> the paths are auto created anyway
[03:59] <sacarlson> all that is needed is the other account sets up an over laping order that will take the order already on the books
[03:59] <sacarlson> test that first
[04:01] <stellar-slack> no sacarlson
[04:01] <stellar-slack> this is exactly the same as Ripple_path_find
[04:01] <stellar-slack> it must return you the paths
[04:01] <stellar-slack> see API doco
[04:01] <stellar-slack> static_path_find Finds a path for a transfer.
[04:01] <stellar-slack> Results: alternatives List of path choices.
[04:02] <sacarlson> have you already been able to make one order on the books?
[04:02] <stellar-slack> No
[04:02] <stellar-slack> ok
[04:02] <stellar-slack> lets try with your account
[04:02] <stellar-slack> to find a ath
[04:02] <sacarlson> then start from there. this is testnet not live. you will have to setup the orders
[04:03] <sacarlson> no your account is fine I just have to figure out how to setup the line of credit
[04:03] <sacarlson> you need to understand simple orders before you progress to paths
[04:03] <stellar-slack> { "command": "account_offers", "id": 1234567, "account": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE" }
[04:04] <sacarlson> yes with no offers correct?
[04:04] <sacarlson> with no lines of credit you can't setup offers
[04:05] <stellar-slack> results: { "alternatives": [], "destination_account": "gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA", "destination_amount": "1000000000", "id": 1234567, "source_account": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "type": "find_path" }
[04:05] <sacarlson> I could be wrong
[04:06] <sacarlson> no ballance no trade simple as that
[04:06] <stellar-slack> But I have some balance rigght
[04:16] <sacarlson> no you have no ballance in USD or EUR
[04:16] <sacarlson> but I've just setup a line of credit for your account with "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF"
[04:16] <sacarlson> now I'll have "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF" send you some USD and EUR
[04:17] <sacarlson> lets say 10,000 each
[04:23] <stellar-slack> OK
[04:24] <stellar-slack> can i see my balances now
[04:26] <sacarlson> ok now you have money to trade with in eur and usd
[04:26] <sacarlson> people that want to buy them have to accept the issure that the money if from to buy them
[04:27] <sacarlson> so you will have to setup trust on another account that accepts usd and or eur from "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF"
[04:28] <sacarlson> and they need to have some money also to trade with that your "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE" will accept in return
[04:29] <sacarlson> so can you now see your ballances?
[04:29] <stellar-slack> this is what my account_info says
[04:29] <stellar-slack> { "result": { "account_data": { "Account": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "Balance": "999999930", "Flags": 131072, "LedgerEntryType": "AccountRoot", "OwnerCount": 2, "PreviousTxnID": "5CDFF1AF394B72005D1B14A937D54D2022AA3A39D3ABAE5F27962412133FA9B3", "PreviousTxnLgrSeq": 969085, "Sequence": 8, "index": "C747C9C372DC0A6D60DB4F14BCA79F1A73A2E9
[04:29] <stellar-slack> "ledger_current_index": 969162, "status": "success" } }
[04:31] <stellar-slack> and when I run accoun currencies
[04:32] <stellar-slack> it says
[04:32] <stellar-slack> { "result": { "ledger_current_index": 969181, "receive_currencies": [ "EUR", "USD" ], "send_currencies": [], "status": "success" } }
[04:32] <stellar-slack> so which means I can send EUR and USD
[04:32] <stellar-slack> will try my destination now
[04:33] <stellar-slack> My Destination currencies says
[04:33] <stellar-slack> { "result": { "ledger_current_index": 969188, "receive_currencies": [], "send_currencies": [], "status": "success" } }
[04:33] <stellar-slack> which means my destination is not equiped to receive any currency other than native currency
[04:35] <sacarlson> no when I checked "method": "account_lines" I see you have two lines but no ballance in ether currency so my payment didn't work for reasons I don't know
[04:36] <sacarlson> I thought I could send you the money from the issuer. so I had setup a transaction that looked to have worked but no balance on your account
[04:37] <sacarlson> so there is a step that I missed?
[04:38] <sacarlson> no it seems you can reciever currencies from my account but you have none deposited so you can't send any
[04:39] <stellar-slack> Yes I realised it
[04:39] <stellar-slack> so I initated a 2 EUR from your account to mine
[04:39] <stellar-slack> still I dont get path
[04:39] <sacarlson> you can't send money from my account you don't have the secreet key
[04:40] <stellar-slack> { "result": { "alternatives": [ { "paths_computed": [], "source_amount": { "currency": "EUR", "issuer": "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF", "value": "2" } } ], "destination_account": "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE", "destination_currencies": [ "EUR", "USD", "STR" ], "status": "success" } }
[04:40] <stellar-slack> I mean I am trying just the static_path_find
[04:40] <stellar-slack> I am not sending real money
[04:41] <stellar-slack> how can I get the values in paths_computed[]
[04:41] <sacarlson> don't just ahead of your self you can't trade without a ballance
[04:41] <sacarlson> so fix that first
[04:41] <stellar-slack> how do I fix this
[04:42] <stellar-slack> How do I get some balances in my account for EUR and USD
[04:42] <stellar-slack> also
[04:43] <sacarlson> I think the problem may be that I have not enuf str in my account to do the transaction
[04:43] <stellar-slack> I dont think for receiving money I need a balance
[04:43] <stellar-slack> OK
[04:43] <sacarlson> you need str to do transactions as they cost
[04:43] <stellar-slack> shall I try ine
[04:43] <stellar-slack> 1
[04:43] <sacarlson> send my account some str
[04:44] <sacarlson> "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF" needs some str ha ha
[04:44] <sacarlson> just 500000000 should do it
[04:48] <sacarlson> also there is a minium deposit on the number of assets that you hold that I'm don't recall the number off the top of my head
[04:48] <stellar-slack> Hey I dont get it
[04:48] <sacarlson> what don't you get?
[04:48] <stellar-slack> Is there a way I can get some Balances into my account
[04:49] <sacarlson> yes that's what we are working on doing
[04:49] <sacarlson> don't you have any str to send my account?
[04:49] <stellar-slack> Yes
[04:49] <sacarlson> I can go dig some up if not
[04:49] <stellar-slack> how do i send it?
[04:49] <stellar-slack> from command line?
[04:50] <sacarlson> don't you know how to send money? that's step one
[04:50] <sacarlson> first learn how to send str
[04:50] <sacarlson> how every you want
[04:51] <sacarlson> seems you skiped a few classes before you attempted this task
[04:52] <sacarlson> when you figure this out your going to teach me how to setup a multi signed escrow transaction in exchange
[04:53] <sacarlson> and your going to help me test my P2P poker system
[04:56] <sacarlson> oh and don't send the money from "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE" as it will need money too
[04:56] <sacarlson> str I mean
[04:57] <sacarlson> or native or ....
[04:57] <stellar-slack> but it says i have got 9999999950
[04:57] <stellar-slack> in native
[04:57] <sacarlson> yes I know lets keep it that way
[04:57] <sacarlson> don't you have other accounts?
[04:59] <sacarlson> I"ve used most of mine to autocreate poker player accounts
[04:59] <stellar-slack> I have one account
[04:59] <stellar-slack> gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA
[04:59] <stellar-slack> but it has got nothing
[04:59] <stellar-slack> I guess
[05:00] <sacarlson> well you can't do transaction to accounts with nothing so maybe that's anther of your problems
[05:00] <stellar-slack> well my previous one had a lot of balance
[05:00] <sacarlson> I'll go dig up some money it will just take more tim
[05:00] <stellar-slack> but it also didnt work
[05:01] <sacarlson> you should keep you ballance to at least 500000000 in these transactions remember the rule of minimum ballance per asset
[05:01] <stellar-slack> AH OK
[05:01] <stellar-slack> yes
[05:02] <sacarlson> in my poker player accounts I provide them 30000000 each to start
[05:02] <stellar-slack> so what is the procedure to get ones balance to 500000000
[05:03] <sacarlson> you get money from the faucet and transact that account to what you need the money in
[05:03] <sacarlson> my poker players only hold one asset of "CHP"
[05:04] <stellar-slack> OK
[05:07] <stellar-slack> No, I give up
[05:08] <stellar-slack> looks too much of an issue to get some stellars in to my account to find a path
[05:08] <stellar-slack> can you do me a favour
[05:08] <sacarlson> ok I'll dig some up then
[05:08] <stellar-slack> can you kindly try this
[05:08] <sacarlson> must I do everything ha ha
[05:08] <stellar-slack> Hey, just help
[05:08] <stellar-slack> :)
[05:10] <stellar-slack> can you ping 2 USD from one account to another using static_path_find to another account
[05:10] <stellar-slack> and share what paths were computed
[05:11] <stellar-slack> you can send it to a EUR or any other equivalent account
[05:11] <stellar-slack> so that I can work out if paths are really computed
[05:11] <sacarlson> ok I got the money deposited
[05:12] <stellar-slack> to which account?
[05:12] <sacarlson> so lets see if the transaction works now
[05:12] <sacarlson> facet money
[05:12] <stellar-slack> gBuYT5AQpjw1mEiDBJNJshtV3GyV5A2UKA
[05:13] <sacarlson> no I'm trying to send it to "gpHUkTY9c7qviqSbAkPMm5v9ZyTDho9GAE"
[05:13] <sacarlson> did you setup gbuy... with trust lines ?
[05:13] <stellar-slack> no
[05:13] <stellar-slack> no trust lines
[05:13] <sacarlson> well that also has to be done
[05:14] <sacarlson> trust lines to "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF"
[05:14] <sacarlson> ok let me try the transaction in hopes it works this time
[05:14] <stellar-slack> Ok
[05:16] <sacarlson> the transaction I don't see any errors so lets check that ballance
[05:17] <sacarlson> still no ballance seen with "method": "account_lines",
[05:17] <sacarlson> so I was wrong
[05:18] <sacarlson> what did I forget?
[05:20] <stellar-slack> :)
[05:22] <sacarlson> I"ve had my ruby program create at least 30 accounts with "CHP" what would be the difference
[05:24] <sacarlson> maybe I also have to setup trust lines on "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF" to trust myself?
[05:25] <sacarlson> I originaly did this but thought I didn't need to so I took it out of my code
[05:25] <sacarlson> but maybe the account had it already so didn't mater
[05:26] <sacarlson> let me try this
[05:30] <sacarlson> it seems to accept the trust myself thing
[05:30] <sacarlson> so lets see if that fixes the transaction
[05:32] <sacarlson> nope wrong again still no ballance
[05:32] <sacarlson> I must be brain farting or something
[05:32] <sacarlson> this should be simple
[06:07] <sacarlson> I don't know what it was with your account that causes it not to work as I can do the transactions to another account ok
[06:07] <sacarlson> it must have some flags set that I don't know about
[06:07] <sacarlson> I will setup a fresh account with the needed ballances
[06:26] <sacarlson> ok meetreks I've now been able to create an account with all your currencies with 10000 ballance in each including USD:EUR: JPN:CNY:AUS:GBP
[06:27] <sacarlson> so this will be your new trading account "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT"
[06:27] <sacarlson> it's beyond me what you might have done to your account to make it not posible to transact money on it
[06:29] <sacarlson> with all the effort I've not put into this account to set it up I'm not sure I want to send the secreet key on the open channel
[06:33] <sacarlson> I also learned that I had to wait 10 or more seconds on each transaction before another currency was accepted in payment
[06:48] <sacarlson> in my second attempt to setup another account with the same currency and ballances it only worked for "CHP" and "JPN" the others didn't transact
[06:48] <sacarlson> not sure why
[06:48] <sacarlson> more time needed between transactions?
[07:01] <sacarlson> it must want more than 15 secounds as it seems only the first transaction each attempt is clearing
[07:01] <sacarlson> all the transaction results looked good
[07:07] <stellar-slack> sacarlson, sounds like could be related to the ledger close rate which I’m pretty sure is 20s
[07:08] <sacarlson> cool I'll try up my time to 25 sec then
[07:08] <sacarlson> I thought it was about 10 sec so I uped it to 15 sec
[07:09] <stellar-slack> I at least have a graph of what the server reports for ledger age
[07:09] <stellar-slack> it varies quite a bit but the max is 18
[07:09] <stellar-slack> guessing the variance is due to the zabbix polling rate
[07:10] <stellar-slack> actually I see 20 if I back out to 7d view
[07:10] <stellar-slack> so guessing it’s indeed 20
[07:26] <stellar-slack> Sacarlson
[07:27] <stellar-slack> let me try this now
[07:31] <sacarlson> ??
[07:34] <sacarlson> when I put in 30 seconds I got the last 2 transaction to get in
[07:34] <sacarlson> even 25 seconds didn't do it
[07:36] <sacarlson> but this might be due to the fact that the first 2 transactions didn't have a delay between them then it waited 25 seconds for the last transaction and was still stuck
[07:36] <sacarlson> ok now I have two accounts with all the currencies
[07:36] <sacarlson> but I guess for your experiment you would need more to test for paths
[07:37] <sacarlson> but we can now start to set up orders
[07:38] <sacarlson> the new trade account with funds is "gnumeDpUqqim44a5Hi94wxDeVV3ofhc28x"
[07:41] <stellar-slack> sacarlson, hi
[07:41] <stellar-slack> to find the best path between Point A to B
[07:41] <stellar-slack> why must I set up on order
[07:42] <sacarlson> with no orders there will be no path
[07:42] <sacarlson> there is no a and b without orders
[07:42] <sacarlson> I've now setup an order "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT" for usd and eur
[07:43] <sacarlson> see if it's on the books
[07:45] <sacarlson> ok now we have an open order
[07:45] <sacarlson> as seen with "method": "account_offers",
[07:46] <sacarlson> so now how do we setup a chain of transactions?
[07:46] <sacarlson> I guess I'll setup a counter offer on the other account that doesn't cross this order
[07:46] <stellar-slack> can you explain what this order does?
[07:47] <sacarlson> look at the order
[07:47] <stellar-slack> OK, I get it
[07:47] <sacarlson> curl -X POST https://test.stellar.org:9002 -d '
[07:47] <sacarlson> {
[07:47] <sacarlson> "method": "account_offers",
[07:47] <sacarlson> "params": [
[07:47] <sacarlson> {
[07:47] <sacarlson> "account": "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT"
[07:47] <sacarlson> }
[07:47] <sacarlson> ]
[07:47] <sacarlson> }'
[07:47] <stellar-slack> so someone like in the open market has made an offer
[07:47] <sacarlson> yes
[07:48] <sacarlson> 130 eur for 100 usd
[07:48] <stellar-slack> does this have to be instaneous
[07:48] <sacarlson> if you look at the order that's what you would see
[07:48] <stellar-slack> or you can open an order and stellar will use this the next time a request comes
[07:48] <sacarlson> when a cross order happens then this order will be transacted
[07:49] <stellar-slack> it becomes the path
[07:49] <sacarlson> I could cancel the order or set it to expire
[07:49] <sacarlson> yes I guess so
[07:49] <sacarlson> so paths are auto created
[07:50] <sacarlson> I guess you would want to look at them to find out what you want to bid
[07:51] <stellar-slack> ok
[07:51] <stellar-slack> so this is what i intent
[07:51] <stellar-slack> I am using source as this account
[07:51] <stellar-slack> gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT
[07:51] <stellar-slack> Destination as this account
[07:52] <stellar-slack> gnumeDpUqqim44a5Hi94wxDeVV3ofhc28x
[07:52] <sacarlson> yes they both are funded so can trade bettween each other
[07:52] <sacarlson> and they both trust the same party
[07:53] <stellar-slack> Ok trying now
[07:54] <stellar-slack> OK
[07:54] <stellar-slack> I tried this
[07:55] <sacarlson> if you start to play with this with your own accounts I suggest you get new clean ones as I don't know what you might have done to that last account I was stuck on for so long
[07:55] <stellar-slack> curl -X POST https://test.stellar.org:9002 -d ' { "method": "static_path_find", "params": [ { "source_account": "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT", "destination_account": "gnumeDpUqqim44a5Hi94wxDeVV3ofhc28x", "destination_amount": { "currency": "EUR", "value": "1", "issuer": "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT" } } ] }'
[07:55] <stellar-slack> and the result was
[07:56] <stellar-slack> { "result": { "alternatives": [], "destination_account": "gnumeDpUqqim44a5Hi94wxDeVV3ofhc28x", "destination_currencies": [ "GPB", "EUR", "USD", "JPN", "CHP", "STR" ], "status": "success" } }
[07:56] <stellar-slack> does not work again
[07:56] <sacarlson> still no path without 2
[07:56] <sacarlson> or more
[07:56] <stellar-slack> yes
[07:56] <sacarlson> you have no destination if you are already there
[07:57] <stellar-slack> so not sure if this works at all
[07:57] <stellar-slack> Not sure if static_path_find works
[07:58] <sacarlson> I'll have to look up your static-path_find to get an idea what it is you can hope to see
[07:58] <stellar-slack> works as a treat with Ripple
[07:58] <stellar-slack> well it must be similar to Ripple
[07:58] <sacarlson> I assume ripple already has open orders to see
[07:59] <sacarlson> you don't seem to understand there must be order to be seen
[07:59] <sacarlson> orders
[07:59] <sacarlson> I'll setup one more order with the same or oposite exchange
[07:59] <sacarlson> to see what we see
[07:59] <sacarlson> I won't cross the orders
[07:59] <sacarlson> so they will both remain open
[08:04] <stellar-slack> no
[08:04] <stellar-slack> I guess stellar is not equiped to do this
[08:06] <stellar-slack> The ripple documentation is quite clear
[08:07] <stellar-slack> I have source and destination
[08:07] <stellar-slack> here it is very linmited
[08:07] <stellar-slack> anyways
[08:08] <stellar-slack> giving it up
[08:08] <stellar-slack> will try and work out other things instead
[08:09] <sacarlson> oops I crossed the order so it exicuted
[08:09] <sacarlson> still have part of the order on one side open
[08:22] <sacarlson> ok finnaly I have two orders of oposite direction open
[08:38] <sacarlson> the static_path_find as far as I can tell seems to require a chain of trades to make any sense of it
[08:39] <sacarlson> what you might want to look at is "method": "book_offers", that shows what price bids are at for an issuer and currency
[08:43] <sacarlson> I wonder what we would use to look at all open orders of say EUR to USD from all issuers?
[10:21] <stellar-slack> this is so so diffrent
[10:21] <stellar-slack> from Ripple
[10:21] <stellar-slack> in Ripple
[10:21] <stellar-slack> there is an response straightaway
[10:21] <stellar-slack> but here
[10:21] <stellar-slack> it is a bit diffrent
[10:37] <sacarlson> meetreks so ripple has the same curl interface as stellar I would assume?
[10:38] <sacarlson> do we have any known active issuers gateways on stellar live or testnet that I can analize as I can't seem to find a way to search for orders without issuers address
[11:17] <stellar-slack> not sure sacarlson
[11:17] <sacarlson> does the legacy stellar and or stellar core have this gateway lock feature as noted in this article? http://insidebitcoins.com/news/not-so-decentralized-ripple-freezes-1m-in-user-funds/31862
[11:18] <sacarlson> if so maybe that's why I couldn't do the transactions on your account meetreks
[11:19] <sacarlson> I haven't seen any such mention of this feature in the api docs
[11:37] <stellar-slack> Hello
[11:38] <stellar-slack> Can I have a non STR issuers account?
[11:38] <stellar-slack> I just need to check if book_offers
[11:42] <sacarlson> I'm not sure I know what you mean as I thought by default all accounts had STR
[11:42] <stellar-slack> Look
[11:42] <stellar-slack> when I simulate book_offer
[11:43] <stellar-slack> for an EUR::USD
[11:43] <stellar-slack> Iand use this issuer
[11:43] <stellar-slack> gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF
[11:43] <stellar-slack> I get result like
[11:43] <stellar-slack> expecting non STR issuer
[11:44] <sacarlson> "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT" ?
[11:46] <sacarlson> curl -X POST https://test.stellar.org:9002 -d '
[11:46] <sacarlson> {
[11:46] <sacarlson> "method": "account_offers",
[11:46] <sacarlson> "params": [
[11:46] <sacarlson> {
[11:46] <sacarlson> "account": "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT"
[11:46] <sacarlson> }
[11:46] <sacarlson> ]
[11:46] <sacarlson> }'
[11:47] <stellar-slack> book_offers
[11:47] <stellar-slack> says expected non STR issuer
[11:50] <stellar-slack> does anything work in stellar
[11:50] <sacarlson> curl -X POST https://test.stellar.org:9002 -d '
[11:50] <sacarlson> {
[11:50] <sacarlson> "method": "book_offers",
[11:50] <sacarlson> "params": [
[11:50] <sacarlson> {
[11:50] <sacarlson> "taker_gets": {
[11:50] <sacarlson> "issuer": "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF",
[11:50] <sacarlson> "currency": "EUR"
[11:50] <sacarlson> },
[11:51] <sacarlson> "taker_pays": {
[11:51] <sacarlson> "issuer": "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF",
[11:51] <sacarlson> "currency": "USD"
[11:51] <sacarlson> }
[11:51] <sacarlson> }
[11:51] <sacarlson> that shows the order now on the books
[11:53] <sacarlson> problem I'm having is looking for all orders with any issuer
[11:53] <stellar-slack> post me the results please
[11:53] <sacarlson> don't you have a term just cut and paist it
[11:54] <sacarlson> it's telling me I sent too much too fast last time
[11:56] <stellar-slack> it says unable tpo parse
[11:57] <stellar-slack> is your command currect
[11:57] <sacarlson> in short it says this
[11:57] <sacarlson> "Account" : "gDoa5X5WKvgrdX94pGkT48GfDoMc13tAxT",
[11:57] <sacarlson> "Sequence" : 7,
[11:57] <sacarlson> "TakerGets" : {
[11:57] <sacarlson> "currency" : "EUR",
[11:57] <sacarlson> "issuer" : "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF",
[11:57] <sacarlson> "value" : "68.75"
[11:57] <sacarlson> that's as much as they allow me to send here
[12:05] <stellar-slack> OK
[12:06] <stellar-slack> now I get a sucess message
[12:06] <stellar-slack> but
[12:06] <stellar-slack> I get [] as offers
[12:07] <sacarlson> above is what I see in offers
[12:08] <sacarlson> maybe I should paistbin it to you?
[12:10] <sacarlson> http://pastebin.com/qbKVMNZD
[12:10] <sacarlson> I'm not sure what your doing
[12:10] <sacarlson> but that's what I do and see
[12:13] <stellar-slack> ok
[12:14] <stellar-slack> I see the same as well
[12:14] <stellar-slack> but
[12:14] <stellar-slack> this is just the market rate right
[12:16] <sacarlson> I added 3 more orders
[12:16] <sacarlson> http://pastebin.com/HL8pDkVP
[12:16] <sacarlson> that's all the orders seen for that currency pair on that issurer
[12:36] <stellar-slack> Yes
[12:37] <stellar-slack> Cool
[12:37] <stellar-slack> would be helpful if you can check the static_path_find in a similar way and share some results
[12:38] <sacarlson> I don't fully understand what I'm looking for with static_path_find and cant understand the results
[12:39] <sacarlson> my guess is that you need a chain of orders like a wants b b wants c c wants d d wants a
[12:39] <sacarlson> then you will see a path
[12:40] <sacarlson> but what are you really trying to acomplish with it?
[12:41] <sacarlson> so for b to get c a chain of orders would happen for everyone to get what they want?
[12:44] <sacarlson> as far as I can see the results static_path_find is a direct trade from a to b no chain is needed so none is seen in the orders I now have setup
[12:46] <sacarlson> show me the results in a busy market and maybe I will get a better understanding
[16:11] <stellar-slack> scarlson: I haven’t followed the full conversation, but I wanted to just provide one note about your examples using `static_path_find`: It looks like in the query you were making where you received no `alternatives` in the response you simply had the destination issuer wrong. For example, the query https://gist.github.com/nullstyle/5eb1ae3113f12ce45871 works.
[19:33] <sacarlson> yes scott that's the results I get also but I don't understand what the results represent. to me it looks like path a direct path from a to b, I guess in a more complex market it would have value?
[19:50] <stellar-slack> sacarlon: I may be speaking out of turn since I don’t have a ton of experience with the way the legacy system handles pathfinding, but in my experience the values returned from path finding (in this case the `paths_computed` field) simply need to be fed into a transaction that is being constructed. If you are interested for curiosity’s or analytic’s sake, you can find some reference here: https://wiki
[19:50] <stellar-slack> still matches the legacy stellard behavior.
[19:52] <stellar-slack> Usually the only thing I care about for a given path is the `source_amount`, which is the predicted cost for a given source currency on then sending account, i.e. “If I follow this path, I will pay 100USD"
[19:53] <sacarlson> yes I think it's working fine oh I think I get it in the event it had to buy more than one order to end up with the full amount
[19:55] <sacarlson> so to get a good output we just need to put in a biger value to show more paths in the output
[19:55] <sacarlson> good being more than one paht
[19:55] <sacarlson> path
[19:55] <stellar-slack> yeah, exactly
[19:55] <sacarlson> ok then meetreks should be happy then that it works
[20:06] <sacarlson> scott might anyone know of an active gateway address on the live.stellar.org that I might analize paths on? or a way to get a path from all issures instead of just one?
[20:32] <stellar-slack> I think @eva would know about what accounts are used by one of the gateways, but I’m not sure. Regarding getting a path from all issuers, I believe you would need to do the analysis yourself, which will be tough given the legacy network’s state. Normally you would want to run your own node, sync with the network and then do analysis on the sqlite database that your node is writing to, but AFAIK getting s
[20:32] <stellar-slack> frustrating at the moment.
[20:36] <sacarlson> thanks scott and any different on the stellar.core software then? does it have features that allow searching paths over all issuers?
[20:37] <stellar-slack> I'd try any of the active gateways listed here, @scarlson https://stellartalk.org/topic/84-known-exchanges-and-gateways/
[20:37] <stellar-slack> (top section)
[20:37] <sacarlson> but I guess your statement of the sqlite database would be about the same in stellar.core
[20:38] <sacarlson> I looked at that but that only had there URL address not the stellar address
[20:39] <sacarlson> I'm looking for example an address like "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF" that's on one of those active exchanges
[20:40] <stellar-slack> depends on the individual gateway - they will each have a different address (that will usually be listed on their site. For example, with Ripple Fox, if you click through their homepage you can see that the federated address is mailto:str@ripplefox.com|str@ripplefox.com.
[20:40] <stellar-slack> to get the unfederated version of that address you could type it into the Stellar Viewer: https://www.stellar.org/viewer/
[20:41] <sacarlson> oh cool that might be what I'm looking thanks
[20:41] <stellar-slack> :)
[20:44] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: `stellar-core` takes a bit of a different tactic for path-finding… it provides none. However, the horizon api server that interfaces with stellar-core will have a pluggable path finding system that will allow others to improve or change path finding for their own specific needs. The experience will be roughly equivalent to “doing the analysis yourself” in the sense that the data exposed to
[20:44] <stellar-slack> which you can use to find available paths.
[20:46] <sacarlson> ok thanks
[20:47] <stellar-slack> anytime!
[20:48] <sacarlson> and so far https://www.stellar.org/viewer/#live/str@ripplefox.com is stock on loading so maybe I don't understand if the viewer parses addresses like these
[20:53] <stellar-slack> re: viewer, it's probably just slow due to ongoing connectivity issues, but it should still work
[20:53] <stellar-slack> afaik
[20:54] <stellar-slack> are you using chrome? connecting to stellard through chrome is busted at the moment
[20:54] <sacarlson> ok thanks and yes I'm using chrome
[20:54] <sacarlson> ok I'll try firefox
[20:55] <stellar-slack> good thinking @scott
[20:55] <stellar-slack> also, an alternate tool (community-developed) to try: v
[20:56] <sacarlson> no same problem on firefox
[20:57] <sacarlson> v?
[21:07] <stellar-slack> hmm, okay. looks like they must have rolled out the same ssl change. We’ve got some people in the office working on a solution, we’ll update here when resolved
[21:11] <sacarlson> ok
[22:51] <stellar-slack> Got the PR out for it https://github.com/stellar/stellard/pull/195
[23:55] <sacarlson> to me it looks like a parse problem as this works https://www.stellar.org/viewer/#test/gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF but this is stuck in loading https://www.stellar.org/viewer/#test/"gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF" due to the added quotes just like when str@ripplefox.com is entered
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