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[00:23] <sacarlson1> I just had some thoughts about this RPC client i've setup. It has to transmit the secreet key to perform some transactions so that I would assume is open for man in the middle attack?
[00:24] <sacarlson1> I guess to use this without fear you would have to connect to your own local stellar node
[00:39] <bittrex-richie> local sign it and just send the signed transaction
[01:40] <sacarlson1> bittrex-richie: I'll have to look that up thanks
[01:42] <sacarlson1> bittrex-richie: so to sign it then It would require that I had the ruby libs to sign installed
[01:42] <sacarlson1> libsodium I think
[02:05] <sacarlson1> what's the probability that if I send a native STR transaction that it takes more than 20 seconds to be registered? I now have a loop that checks every 10 seconds wonder how many times I should try to loop
[02:09] <sacarlson1> I'm auto creating new accounts so I have to wait for them to be active before I can perform other transactions with them.
[02:11] <sacarlson1> with my present wait time of 10 seconds without check loop I get 6 out of 7 accounts created in 10 seconds on test.stellar.org
[02:26] <sacarlson1> from my test of only 5 transactions so far I found that 1 out of 5 went through in 5 seconds 3 out of 5 went through in 10 secounds only 1 out of 5 took more than 10 seconds on test.stellar.org
[02:40] <sacarlson1> I've now detected one transaction that failed to register after 35 seconds so maybe I have a problem?
[07:20] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: new Ubuntu box, disabled apport and have gdb watching it.
[07:20] <stellar-slack> stellar-core d5257bb test cfg from docs
[07:22] <stellar-slack> -c scp is reporting just {"you" : "000000"}
[10:00] <stellar-slack> rake testnet:fund_friendbot gives me "bad value of v in _ext_t” any ideas?
[10:41] <sacarlson1> I as I have managed to create a new currency on test.stellar.org I thought I might as well see if I can test selling some of them for STR on any offers?
[10:41] <sacarlson1> my currency at present is CHP
[10:43] <sacarlson1> I want 20 STR for 1 CHP on testnet
[11:06] <sacarlson1> are the value in "TransactionType": "OfferCreate", in integer or int/1E6 or floating point?
[11:10] <sacarlson1> well it didn't work I get Unable to parse request
[11:10] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson1 https://www.stellar.org/api/#api-amount "An amount of stellars is always represented in microstellars (the smallest divisible stellar unit).”
[11:10] <stellar-slack> however: "An amount that represents a currency credit is a triplet of the following parameters: value: the amount of credit. currency: the 3 letter currency code, USD, BTC, EUR etc. issuer: the Stellar account that issued the credit."
[11:10] <stellar-slack> "When directly submitting transactions to stellard, make sure to quote the numbers. Normally, numbers would not be quotd in JSON so that they are interpreted as a number. However, when used to sign transactions, stellard is unable to parse JSON integers greater than 4,294,967,295 (2^32-1). This can cause transactions (such as one with more than 4294.967295 STR being sent) to be rejected by the stellard you
[11:10] <stellar-slack> accepts quoted numbers and correctly interprets them."
[11:11] <sacarlson1> cool thanks bartek
[11:12] <sacarlson1> I'll try again
[11:16] <sacarlson1> I found my first error I had left a comma in the "STR" part
[11:17] <sacarlson1> now I get "error_message" : "Field 'tx_json.TakerPays' has invalid data.",
[11:18] <sacarlson1> "TakerPays": {
[11:18] <sacarlson1> "currency": "STR",
[11:18] <sacarlson1> "value": "1000000000"
[11:18] <sacarlson1> }
[11:20] <sacarlson1> oh I think value has to be changed to "amount"
[11:21] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson1 check examples here: https://www.stellar.org/api/#api-amount for STR you simply need to pass the amount, like: "TakerPays": "1000000000"
[11:22] <stellar-slack> brb
[11:23] <sacarlson1> well I tried replacement above with "amount" still same error "error_message" : "Field 'tx_json.TakerPays' has invalid data.",
[11:25] <sacarlson1> also tried taking out "currency... with just ammount still same error "error_message" : "Field 'tx_json.TakerPays' has invalid data.",
[11:26] <sacarlson1> "TakerPays": {
[11:26] <sacarlson1> "amount": "1000000000"
[11:26] <sacarlson1> }
[11:27] <sacarlson1> sounds like it should be correct
[11:27] <sacarlson1> maybe too many zero?? I'll try make it smaller
[11:48] <sacarlson1> after a million trail and error it was as easy as "TakerPays": "1000000000" ha ha so my first order is now on the books
[11:49] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson1 exactly like in my message :) check it out above ;)
[11:49] <sacarlson1> so for 1000 str I guess you get 1000 CHP
[11:51] <sacarlson1> I thought I did try that but by that time I had already removed too many {} ha ha
[11:51] <sacarlson1> so any body here ready to buy them?
[11:52] <sacarlson1> I'll have to figure out how to buy them from myself
[11:52] <sacarlson1> I won't buy them all to leave some for you guys ha ha
[11:54] <sacarlson1> "issuer": "gLanQde43yv8uyvDyn2Y8jn9C9EuDNb1HF",
[11:54] <sacarlson1> "currency": "CHP"
[11:57] <sacarlson1> I don't see my order with "method": "book_offers",
[12:08] <sacarlson1> "method": "account_offers", also doesn't show my orders
[12:48] <sacarlson1> I got it up now. I guess the account didn't have enuf funds for that operation, I added 500 str now the order shows
[12:51] <sacarlson1> "gPG3YuL7fXA4BtGrW5ZgaQ3JbGsENVj2Jn" has CHP for taker_gets 100.123 CHP for 1000_000000 str
[13:11] <sacarlson1> my first transaction to buy 50 CHP with 500 STR between two accounts was a success. I left 50 CHP on the books
[16:23] <stellar-slack> @epsilon: if you're running under gdb then on crash you should just be able to grab the stack for all threads. Version wise, testnet is running c0cbef4 right now. I've been making changes to the wire format so that we can easily perform upgrades and have a good experience for forward/backward compat, I have more changes coming this week. While those changes are happening, you probably want to be on
[16:23] <stellar-slack> changes is done, the version should not matter as much.
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