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[02:35] <sacarlson> can I access these lumens i've recieved on horizon-testnet.stellar.org from the test.stellar.org api or are they two different networks? the addresses I'm getting seem to be longer and I don't get a balance from them now
[02:37] <sacarlson> can I point my api port 9002 to another url to get it to work for horizon-testnet.stellar.org?
[02:39] <sacarlson> if not how can I get more lumens for the test.stellar.org:9002
[02:40] <sacarlson> eample this account seems to work with my software on test.stellar.org for me ghr1Bkm4RYLu3k24oPeQVsZ41rJiy9tNza but this address with lumens deposited does not gjEaiJ65eJuL4xT1E1hv3pmB4xkx18xb2RrNKK5VF9QJ9LJA3a
[02:54] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: two different networks. http://horizon-testnet.stellar.org|horizon-testnet.stellar.org is stellar-core (new) http://test.stellar.org|test.stellar.org is stellard (deprecated)
[02:55] <sacarlson> so how do I point my api software to horizon-testnet.stellar.org? completely different api format?
[02:55] <stellar-slack> both should have a friendbot that will provide lumens (on stellar-core) or stellars (on stellard) for new accounts
[02:56] <stellar-slack> yes, it’s a different api. There should be some clients available for the new system though
[02:56] <sacarlson> I can't seem to find the friendbot for the old one
[02:56] <sacarlson> no I wrote my ruby api to support the old one
[02:57] <stellar-slack> there’s a demo section on https://www.stellar.org/ that does the friendbot step. Looks like it’s https://api-stg.stellar.org/friendbot?address=

[02:58] <sacarlson> ok I'll take a look
[02:58] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-lib talks to the new API if that helps
[02:58] <sacarlson> no that didn't work when I tried it as why I wrote one that does
[02:59] <stellar-slack> gotcha. feel free to throw something on https://github.com/stellar/ruby-stellar-lib/issues - this is all very fresh code so likely some bugs around
[03:00] <stellar-slack> also until last week or so stellar-core testnet had some stability issues
[03:00] <stellar-slack> it’s been doing pretty well recently though
[03:00] <sacarlson> that's ok I just need more lumens to continue with what I have
[03:00] <sacarlson> it looks to have not been updated in over 30 days
[03:01] <sacarlson> it took me two days to install as it required uneeded gem packages also
[03:01] <stellar-slack> ouch
[03:02] <stellar-slack> scott may be able to provide some help with that. Not sure what the state is atm
[03:03] <stellar-slack> I’ve been mostly focusing on stellar-core for the last month or so and not looking at the client libs much
[03:06] <sacarlson> nope seems so far from www.stellar.org there are only links to https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/ that provide lumens to the new network only. your other link fails
[03:07] <sacarlson> I must have started my project on the wrong day just before they changed
[03:19] <stellar-slack> @jed: I had updated and set both peer and validation keys. It hadn't sync'd by 'age' posted above. Syncing on older versions has been possible without setting history so I thought perhaps there might be a minimal history requirement now.
[03:20] <stellar-slack> Just tried it again now using the testnet config from docs and caught a dump. Will upload in case @monsieurnicolas needs to take a look.
[03:26] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: if you scroll down on https://www.stellar.org/ a bit there’s a "Developing on Stellar” section where you can click through creation and friendbot funding. it worked for me just now
[03:26] <stellar-slack> you get STR not lumens on the old network btw
[03:27] <sacarlson> oh cool I'll look again
[03:30] <sacarlson> oh wow that must have been where I got it before but lost how to find it. ya that works thanks stellar-slack
[03:43] <stellar-slack> matschaffer, Hi
[03:43] <stellar-slack> can you help me with my query re: test accounts
[03:45] <stellar-slack> I can certainly try @meetreks
[03:46] <stellar-slack> stellar_path_find
[03:46] <stellar-slack> if I need to play with test accounts to see what is returned for different currencies
[03:46] <stellar-slack> what is the best way to do it?
[03:47] <stellar-slack> I'd probably use one of the client libs against testnet
[03:47] <stellar-slack> can you explain client libs a bit more please
[03:47] <stellar-slack> Or a private cluster could work too
[03:48] <stellar-slack> currently I connect to http://test.stellar.org|test.stellar.org
[03:48] <stellar-slack> I sue a couple of accounts, but they do not have enough balance to emulate path find in all currencies
[03:49] <stellar-slack> That's stellard so you'd want one of the older clients
[03:49] <stellar-slack> what is the diffrence?
[03:49] <stellar-slack> @jed, @monsieurnicolas terminate called after throwing an instance of 'xdr::xdr_overflow' what(): insufficient buffer space in xdr_generic_get Core: http://lilfile.com/fLpYDB stellar-core.log: http://lilfile.com/6WGI5T shell copy/pasta: http://pastebin.com/xkcZuxkH
[03:50] <stellar-slack> You may be able to have friendbot give you more STR
[03:50] <stellar-slack> :)
[03:51] <stellar-slack> how can I contact friendbot the robot :)
[03:51] <stellar-slack> @meetreks: stellard is the old network, stellar-core is the new one. We're nearing transition to the new network but not quite there yet. The two are separate in most every way (accounts, API, code base)
[03:51] <stellar-slack> OK
[03:51] <stellar-slack> this helps a lot
[03:51] <stellar-slack> thanks master :)
[03:51] <stellar-slack> So any reference to stellar-core?
[03:52] <stellar-slack> Like docs? Still working on those
[03:52] <stellar-slack> so that I can download the necessary and close the loop
[03:52] <stellar-slack> Though the repo has some fledgling docs
[03:52] <stellar-slack> hey, @matschaffer is core ETA close-ish ?
[03:53] <stellar-slack> OK
[03:53] <stellar-slack> 2 things
[03:53] <stellar-slack> As fast as we can. But it's a "done when done" thing. Wouldn't want to rush and cause trouble after launch
[03:53] <stellar-slack> for now, let me try with stllard
[03:53] <stellar-slack> stellard
[03:53] <stellar-slack> and play around with it
[03:53] <stellar-slack> I will read about stellar-core
[03:54] <stellar-slack> Sounds good!
[03:54] <stellar-slack> For stellard, where can I request friendbot for some friendly stellars
[03:54] <stellar-slack> there’s a demo section on https://www.stellar.org/ that does the friendbot step. Looks like it’s https://api-stg.stellar.org/friendbot?address=

[03:54] <stellar-slack> core is amazing -- can't wait :)
[03:54] <stellar-slack> any URL to core?
[03:55] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/
[03:55] <stellar-slack> Yeah that
[03:55] <stellar-slack> thanks Epsilon
[03:56] <stellar-slack> it's so resource friendly for what it does. Seems like magic.
[03:56] <stellar-slack> It's definitely getting there. At least some of the full stack acceptance tests are passing
[03:57] <stellar-slack> compared to the predecessor it's a killer
[03:58] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/ also has a lot of docs on the new stuff
[03:58] <stellar-slack> or at least links to docs
[03:58] <stellar-slack> epsilon: yeah, I think doing less also has a lot to do with it
[04:00] <stellar-slack> not a c++ guy myself, but it is definitely very light weight. I actually installed a monitoring agent last week and the total memory footprint on the box was mostly the agent, not stellar-core
[04:00] <stellar-slack> haha yeah
[04:13] <sacarlson> so this stellar-slack must be some kind of a gateway to IRC?
[04:14] <sacarlson> I thought I was chating with one guy ha ha
[04:41] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: haha, yes. It’s a bot that bridges our slack & irc channels
[04:41] <stellar-slack> the slack name should show up at the front of the irc message
[05:40] <sacarlson> I just did my first successful transaction of my new currency CHP in the test.stellar.org network. I'm very happy
[05:40] <sacarlson> no my poker network will have it's own money
[05:41] <sacarlson> no = now
[05:59] <stellar-slack> hey congrats!
[06:02] <sacarlson> matschaffer thanks
[06:20] <stellar-slack> why is the seed of an account generally stored?
[06:20] <stellar-slack> doesn't the seed just generate the public, private key pair?
[06:26] <stellar-slack> yaseenhamdulay: typically I see the private key referred to as the “seed” if that’s what you mean
[06:26] <stellar-slack> like if you hit `curl -X POST https://test.stellar.org:9002 -d '{"method":"create_keys”}’` you get `master_seed` as the private portion of the key (afaik)
[06:27] <stellar-slack> stellar-core -genseed has the same convention
[06:27] <stellar-slack> ``` ❯ stellar-core -genseed Secret seed: sfSLrc6GxnxBMVYGELM42AATtC54prot1vbUPLdi1qrWP1o7PYh Public: gsvwYMLGrSGjJUK1EUJ6HYzzZK3qvcsdd4ULxXSLeJRizXQZJE9 ```
[06:27] <stellar-slack> in js-stellar-base there is a seed, private and public key
[06:29] <stellar-slack> digging in it appears to just be "Returns a new signing key pair generated deterministically from a 32-byte seed. " from tweetnacl
[06:30] <stellar-slack> this seems to have the same convention where the “seed” is the private portion and publicKey is the public portion
[06:30] <stellar-slack> the public and private key is a function of the seed
[06:31] <stellar-slack> I’m looking at https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-base/blob/c56ff738d54e35a4ff062a370a25c99c73d00cd9/src/keypair.js#L10 where I don’t see anything about private
[06:31] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-base/blob/c56ff738d54e35a4ff062a370a25c99c73d00cd9/src/keypair.js#L18
[06:31] <stellar-slack> calls
[06:32] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/dchest/tweetnacl-js#naclsignkeypairfromseedseed
[06:32] <stellar-slack> which generates a key pair
[06:35] <stellar-slack> from looking at https://github.com/dchest/tweetnacl-js/blob/24b9b3b3773f5e728745ed6f77add2cd7a584206/nacl.js#L1144 I think the seed is what tweetnacl calls the secretKey
[06:35] <stellar-slack> looks like it just copies it into a Uint8Array
[06:36] <stellar-slack> ah, ok
[09:23] <stellar-slack> is there some sort of interface i can use to send transactions on the testnet?
[09:24] <stellar-slack> matschafer
[09:24] <stellar-slack> hi
[09:25] <stellar-slack> as you said, I used friend bot and it helped me generate a couple of accounts with STR
[09:25] <stellar-slack> but when I try the path
[09:25] <stellar-slack> it still comes unstruck
[10:15] <stellar-slack> yaseenhamdulay: https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/ has an in-browser thingie
[10:15] <stellar-slack> curl simulator thingie
[10:16] <stellar-slack> meetreks: unstruck? Not really sure what you mean. I also haven’t tried pathed payments myself yet so maybe there’s some vocabulary I’m missing
[11:18] <sacarlson> after I setup a trust path do I have to wait 10 secounds or 1 update cycle before I can recieve a transaction to that trust or can I do it imidiatly?
[11:58] <stellar-slack> matschafer
[11:59] <stellar-slack> Hi
[11:59] <stellar-slack> This is what I want to emulate
[11:59] <stellar-slack> I want to try emulating 10 cross border transactions
[11:59] <stellar-slack> across different currencies
[11:59] <stellar-slack> what is the best way to go about doing this in http://test.stellar.org|test.stellar.org
[12:00] <stellar-slack> can you kindly help me
[12:03] <sacarlson> meetreks sounds cool can't wait to try it
[12:03] <sacarlson> and from what I learned it seems you don't have to put any delay after you add a trust before you do a transaction or at least it worked at least one time in test
[12:16] <stellar-slack> sacarlson: as long as the tx’s are submitted in the correct order it’s fine
[12:17] <stellar-slack> meetreks: you need to create 10 gateways, set trust, issue credits, submit offers
[12:19] <sacarlson> dzham cool, I originaly thought the trust would have to propagate before it was accepted so had originaly added delays but now have them removed
[12:20] <sacarlson> also seems I can perform the same trust commands on the same account without a problem even after it was already done before
[12:21] <sacarlson> I had planed to write a test to see if it was already set before I ran the trust command but now I'm skiping that
[16:36] <stellar-slack> @epsilon: easiest when reporting crashes that you just send out a stack trace. Do you know how to do this?
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