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[02:00] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: my suggestion is remove hard-coded secure key and get it from enviroment
[02:01] <sacarlson> environment of bash?
[02:02] <sacarlson> I just started to read https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-lib/tree/master/docs it also looks good but I don't see any multi sign examples in it yet
[02:04] <sacarlson> the hard-coded secured keys you mean in the examples of my payment class? in real operation the keys are kept in an sqlite data base
[02:06] <sacarlson> oh I found a multi sign example in this last document that is looking good
[11:53] <stellar-slack> Hi Ya
[11:54] <stellar-slack> can someone suggest a way for me please?
[11:54] <stellar-slack> I am looking to explore stellar_path_find
[11:54] <stellar-slack> but I need some accounts which can operate in different currencies so that multiple paths can be returned
[12:04] <sacarlson> sorry I'm not that advanced yet. I'm just starting with native transactions at this point. I thought any account can work in any currency as long as it was activated with funds
[12:08] <sacarlson> my problem at this point is I"m creating accounts and sending transactions of just 20,000 and I get returned balance fails from the accounts I sent it too. the I account that sent is only down 10 from each transaction
[12:09] <sacarlson> I'm guessing there is a minimum balance before a balance inquiry returns with success?
[12:23] <sacarlson> yup my guess must be correct as I increased my multiple to 1000000 * chips and now some accounts are showing up in my return scan so it's working
[15:56] <stellar-slack> yes, the minimum balance for an account is (2 + ownerCount) * baseReserve, where baseReserve is 10000000 and ownerCount increases with every additional entity attached to the account (signers, trustlines, offers)
[17:03] <sacarlson> stellar-slack ok thanks. so now I'm ready to try another currency I'm going to try sending CHP to one of my other accounts
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