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[00:48] <stellar-slack> fyi, just restarted stellar-core testnet which had stopped making progress about 8 hours ago
[00:50] <stellar-slack> dzham: a login credential error would be better than just an error since that should mean the request is getting through. Seems to be working for me. Are you still having trouble?
[02:15] <derrend> help please, unable to log into stellar.org wallet. Just revieve error message "The server is reconnecting in a few seconds" over and over. It's been happening for a few days now.
[02:16] <derrend> any ideas appreciated :)
[02:24] <stellar-slack> derrend: have you tried in the last few minutes? Things look okay from where I’m sitting
[02:24] <stellar-slack> we’ve had some abuse recently that’s led to a bit of server trouble. Working on patching things up to avoid further occurances
[02:26] <derrend> Just tried now with chrome and firefox, I'm running fedora 22 if that is significant. Are there any special ports I need to have open other than 80 perhaps?
[02:27] <stellar-slack> problematic period was on June 18th from about 0300UTC to 1800UTC
[02:27] <stellar-slack> 443 for sure. Everything should be https
[02:27] <derrend> *443, that's what i mean
[02:29] <derrend> just tried again to confirm. i can log in but i dont see a balance just the word 'connecting' forever.
[02:35] <stellar-slack> derrend, ah right you’ll need to be able to hit wss://live.stellar.org:9001 as well that’s where the balance info will come from
[02:38] <stellar-slack> also http://api.stellar.org|api.stellar.org and http://wallet.stellar.org|wallet.stellar.org, but both of those are https on port 443
[02:48] <derrend> i just opened port 9001 on my home router but still no luck. i never had to open any ports in the past though. very weird this is :(
[02:49] <derrend> thanks for the directions though :)
[02:58] <stellar-slack> derrend: you may want to try 9002 as well. I see that stellard has both ports open and that the ws starts on 9001. But it might switch after initiating
[02:59] <stellar-slack> I don’t _think_ it does but in the interest of exhausting possibilities.
[03:00] <stellar-slack> @lab: heads up. stellar-core testnet reset coming up
[03:04] <derrend> Still no luck i'm afraid. I had an order placed on coinxgateway.com, could they have gone offline whilst my trade was placed and this has caused some error. Could it be that the stellar node i am logging into is misconfigured?
[03:06] <stellar-slack> can you at least connect to those endpoints with curl? If so then it could be some logical problem
[03:07] <stellar-slack> there are only 2 public stellard nodes right now so if something was misconfigured I think it’d be easier to reproduce on my end
[03:29] <derrend> `curl http://wallet.stellar.org|wallet.stellar.org` and `curl http://api.stellar.org|api.stellar.org` return `Failed writing body`. `curl wss://live.stellar.org:9001/` says `wss not supported`.
[03:30] <derrend> hang on, i made a mistake
[03:31] <derrend> copy and paste screwed me over. I can reach the first two end points.
[03:36] <derrend> crap i made another mistaks and didn't use https
[03:37] <stellar-slack> derrend: should look something like this https://gist.github.com/matschaffer/5fa6642d0f8cc17ac0c6
[03:37] <derrend> ok this is the real result this time - "{"status":"fail","code":"not_found"}"
[03:37] <stellar-slack> that’s good
[03:37] <stellar-slack> it’s just because the api doesn’t define anything for `/`
[03:38] <derrend> so is the problem with my machine/connection?
[03:39] <stellar-slack> depends on what your results are for those 3 endpoints
[03:39] <stellar-slack> if they look like my results then no
[03:39] <stellar-slack> if they look different then yes
[03:41] <derrend> results for both https addresses you gave me are "{"status":"fail","code":"not_found"}" but the wss one doesn't connect with curl or in my browser.
[03:41] <stellar-slack> you can just test the third one with `curl -v https://live.stellar.org:9001`
[03:41] <stellar-slack> the wss is just what shows up in the browser’s network console
[03:42] <stellar-slack> or put https://live.stellar.org:9001 in the browser
[03:42] <stellar-slack> should see "stellar Test"
[03:43] <derrend> * Rebuilt URL to: https://live.stellar.org:9001/
[03:43] <derrend> * Trying
[03:43] <derrend> * Connected to live.stellar.org ( port 9001 (#0)
[03:43] <derrend> * Initializing NSS with certpath: sql:/etc/pki/nssdb
[03:43] <derrend> * CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt
[03:45] <stellar-slack> is that all?
[03:46] <matschaffer> Kwelstr: did derrend leave right after pasting that? Wonder if a flood-kick occurred
[03:47] <matschaffer> oh… yep. nm. I can see it on botbot
[03:47] <derrend> i think i may have kicked myself out when i pastd the terminal output.
[03:47] <stellar-slack> yeah, I’d use http://gist.github.com|gist.github.com for that sort of thing
[03:47] <stellar-slack> freenode has flooding limits
[03:47] <derrend> ah.
[03:48] <stellar-slack> or http://pastebin.com|pastebin.com
[03:48] <derrend> did the output help at least?
[03:48] <stellar-slack> nah, not enough
[03:48] <stellar-slack> at least shows “connected” which is progress
[03:51] <derrend> my wifes ubuntu connected without issue :p
[03:52] <derrend> It's Fedoras fault.
[03:53] <stellar-slack> heh
[03:53] <stellar-slack> same account even?
[03:53] <derrend> yep
[03:53] <stellar-slack> then I’d definitely suspect something in your OS or browser
[03:54] <derrend> must be something to do with selinux or wayland or who knows what. well i do feel some releaf :)
[04:00] <derrend> thanks for the help, laterz :)
[04:00] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: I got in finally, most likely I had some scripts blocked
[04:30] <stellar-slack> derrend: no problem. Glad we got it sorted
[04:30] <stellar-slack> Also glad to hear that @dzham
[04:34] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: why offline testnet?
[04:48] <stellar-slack> @lab: it won’t sync and not sure why
[04:48] <stellar-slack> probably going to have to wait until m.onsieurnicolas is back online
[04:49] <stellar-slack> i c. thank you.
[04:50] <stellar-slack> it stopped when 1 & 2 crashed. Then I tried to restart but it wouldn’t sync. Then tried the latest master but still no action
[09:53] <stellar-slack> I can't really tell, does stellar-lib speak with the "new stellar" with new consensur protocol?
[10:31] <stellar-slack> nope, you need "js-stellar-lib” for that
[10:41] <stellar-slack> thanks
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