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[05:24] <stellar-slack> @lab it's hard to tell without seeing how logs behave over time. it looks like it's seeing SCP messages but never moving to the "catching up" state, is that correct? If so, maybe your quorum set is not right?
[06:16] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: yes. it's allway "join scp" state
[06:16] <stellar-slack> my validators settings:
[06:16] <stellar-slack> [QUORUM_SET] THRESHOLD=2 VALIDATORS=[ "gTDZhQ14WuP8rQ9SrkS1EhWNhZyybv97cHNsGRADKQtBoJpTTk", "gsjjWTsQP5C2HpcetiLz4LDa9VECGvZMTyhPUDWi57ZKafV5sA4", "gSCB2HML88CvMwt2iryJGdS61gDr2nhMeYFVWF2B4m6w5js73T", "gsCLyCkb5UJZfmaGnSZDc9hGB7DesHgrwotEcNZfzbEs5wSyvRb" ]
[06:18] <stellar-slack> lab: where’s that gsCLyCkb5UJZfm coming from? one of your nodes?
[06:18] <stellar-slack> granted it seems like it should be able to get a 2-node threshold from the other 3 which I can confirm are testnet’s public validation keys
[06:22] <stellar-slack> yes, gsCLyCkb is pubkey of my VALIDATION_SEED
[06:24] <stellar-slack> I see. Have you tried just syncing a follower with no trusted validation seed?
[06:25] <stellar-slack> also in my testing of master so far the 3rd node in a 3 node cluster has a tendency to lose sync.
[06:26] <stellar-slack> if that’s happening to your node as well you’ll see "2015-06-12T06:09:34.106 7a641e [] [Herder] INFO Lost track of consensus"
[06:26] <stellar-slack> i had no consensus to loose. :)
[06:28] <stellar-slack> it's also wired the version "e3d25e4" doesn't exist in git repo.
[06:42] <stellar-slack> your copy is e3d25e4 you mean? That’s probably good. It’s the same sha testnet is on still
[06:43] <stellar-slack> so yeah, seems like it should work
[06:44] <stellar-slack> no, my version is "4db99ab"
[06:45] <stellar-slack> i saw the "e3d" from peers list and can't found the version from git repo
[06:48] <stellar-slack> $ git branch -v * master 203bd07 Merge pull request #534 from graydon/accelerate-history-probe-when-time-accelerated $ git show e3d25e4 fatal: ambiguous argument 'e3d25e4': unknown revision or path not in the working tree. Use '--' to separate paths from revisions, like this: 'git command [revision...] -- [file...]'
[06:50] <stellar-slack> not sure trying to get anything to sync to e3d25e4 other than e3d25e4 is really worth while
[06:51] <stellar-slack> yeah, I noticed it’s been removed. Not sure who did that
[06:51] <stellar-slack> what's the log?
[06:52] <stellar-slack> commit message
[06:52] <stellar-slack> it may be rebased
[06:53] <stellar-slack> "temp disable ItemFetcher tests"
[06:53] <stellar-slack> well, i found it in github
[06:53] <stellar-slack> oh yeah? interesting
[06:54] <stellar-slack> neat. Maybe origin/e3d25e4 will get you something? never tried accessing a remote sha like that. Might work
[06:59] <stellar-slack> it seems
[06:59] <stellar-slack> commit ed555197a63855fe958b4e763e681fa86d44b8ae Author: Guillaume Marceau guillaume@stellar.org
[06:59] <stellar-slack> pushed forcely
[07:05] <stellar-slack> lovely
[07:05] <stellar-slack> let me see if I can tag it with something
[07:06] <stellar-slack> actually I’ll just put it here for now https://github.com/matschaffer/stellar-core/tree/testnet
[07:11] <stellar-slack> fetched, thanks matschaffer.
[07:11] <stellar-slack> np
[07:12] <stellar-slack> why not deploy latest master in testnet?
[07:12] <stellar-slack> cause it doesn’t sync
[07:12] <stellar-slack> e3d is almost 1 month ago
[07:12] <stellar-slack> or rather doesn’t stay in sync
[07:13] <stellar-slack> in a 3 node test the first 2 sync, but the third one is pretty much DOA
[07:14] <stellar-slack> :scream_cat:
[07:16] <stellar-slack> David, help us~
[07:17] <stellar-slack> pretty sure https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/pull/535 is supposed to help address this but it doesn’t seem to hold sync yet either
[07:18] <stellar-slack> thank for point me there. i will take a look.
[07:21] <stellar-slack> if you’re curious to see for yourself you can use https://github.com/stellar/stellar_core_commander/
[07:22] <stellar-slack> what i see now is that monsieurnicolas have done a great ton of hard working on it.
[07:27] <stellar-slack> will get you an example command on the latest master of scc
[07:28] <stellar-slack> rebuilding my local stellar-core now to ensure scc can still do that. Most of our testing this week has been using the docker flow
[07:29] <stellar-slack> I see
[07:31] <stellar-slack> advanced transaction group and decentralization group are parallel :)
[07:32] <stellar-slack> if you see anything I’m sure monsieurnicolas would appreciate the feedback
[07:36] <stellar-slack> i have translated a little part of white paper into chinese(http://codeck.org|codeck.org) but paused for other projects. It seems i should continue study SCP to help.
[07:42] <stellar-slack> nice!
[07:47] <stellar-slack> finally it's "state" : "Catching up"
[07:48] <stellar-slack> thank you for let me understand the current status.
[07:50] <stellar-slack> fantasic
[07:50] <stellar-slack> yeah, sorry it’s a little bit of a mess
[07:53] <stellar-slack> it's normal when build something really cool.
[07:54] <stellar-slack> :) thanks
[15:11] <stellar-slack> I have start stellar-core and outputs New connected peer connectHandler error: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request. any ideas?
[15:18] <stellar-slack> It might be because the testnet isn't upgraded to master yet
[15:40] <stellar-slack> thnx
[16:33] <stellar-slack> @lab wow, that is awesome! I think it's the first translation of SCP, which is very cool. Thank you! :stroopy: :quorum:
[16:50] <stellar-slack> Whether there are nodes in the network with stellar-core software? I want to test connection with my node
[16:51] <stellar-slack> ...and where I can find API documentation for stellar-core?
[17:16] <stellar-slack> bohdan: https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/getting-started/
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